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IndiranagarEast Bangalore    & IN 7 MORE LOCATIONS


11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Breadworks Reviews


Good Varieties but tad expensive

Being a patron of another famous bakery in Bangalore I tried Breadworks (Koramangala) for the first time. Excellent staff service but the items are little expensive. The chocolate croissant was nothing but nutella inside pastry and it cost Rs 60 and it tasted normal.

If the price is normalized I am sure it would attract a lot of customers...


honey i shrunk the breads

a couple of months back these guys reduced the prices. should have known if was too good to be true. the breads have shrunk in size to nearly 1/3rd of what they were previously. the multigrain rolls, the baguettes - everything.


December 1, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Honey, you seem not to have noticed that the rolls are the only product ( because our customers thoght it is too big and pricey ) that we reduced the grammage. Also the prices were brought much lower. Making generalized comments without clear knowledge to damage a company's reputation as one of the best in this business is not so much appreciated. You dont seem to have an understanding of bread prices in Bangalore -- for that reason a MASALA DOSA costs 55 RS on a dirty pavement in Indiranagar and you dont want to pay for a multigrain roll half

December 2, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

can you please indicate where in my comment above have i used street language? also can you please define what street language means? in the future please avoid responding in an agitated frame of mind.

December 2, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

the prices of the rolls were reduced few months back and the size of the rolls remained the same then. there was no follow up price reduction when the sizes of the rolls were reduced some weeks back. please correct me if I am wrong.
resorting to personal comments about language and education isn't the solution. neither is asking someone to stick to masala dosas - are you trying to indicate that someone who eats dosas is inferior to someone who buys multigrain bread from your high end establishment.

December 2, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Street Language - ' These Guys " I said we are Men and Women and not 'these guys'- which in our
openion is street language. I eat a lot of masala Dosa's - and i love the one on the street as well. If you think that is inferior to multigrain or eating masala dosa is inferior it is your wish and openion and not ours.

If you want to get rolls in the same size - no problem - Please place a special order and we will deliver if it could be fitted into our production. You commented that we reduced sizes of baguettes, everything which is

December 2, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

you are the one who suggested that if i don't understand the bread prices of multigrain bread then I should stick to eating masala dosas. this is a forum where i am within my rights to give my feedback to other consumers. you are well within yours to dispute it. the baguettes I picked up were thinner and smaller than usual. the prices of the rolls were reduced first and then the rolls became smaller a few weeks later - i did point this out to your store manager. you can check with him. anyway, your prices or sizes of the bread never bothered me

Superb !!!

I recently visited your store, and tried the Rost Chicken Sandwich.I also bought 1kg Rich fruit cake.It was really worth paying for the tremendous effort put in by your staff.We had a very different experience altogether.The store ambience is also good and commendable!!!


insanely overpriced

the breads are very good no doubt but the prices are insane. same applies for the sandwiches.155 bucks for a chicken sandwich - I don't think so. daily bread is a much better option. 80% quality for 40% price.
and careful about the cheeses - be sure to check the expiry dates.


May 24, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Unmesh, I am not sure when you visited our outlet. Our Non Veg Sandwiches are 99.00 Rs ( choice of any bread ) and Veg Sandwiches are priced at 89.00 Rs. ( We agree the initial prices were higher and still shows up on our menu) / Also please make your comments after you make a one to one comparative and be specific to let us know which bread is more expensive in your openion. We will definitely take your feed back when we revise our prices next./ Thank you and visit us again.

May 24, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Our Cheeses have expiry dates printed and removed prior to those dates if not sold. We dont understand what you mean to check expiry dates. If you happen to pick up something with a date closeby you may return it for full price though we doubt that would have happened/thank you.

May 25, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

I visited your outlet 2 days back - on Sunday. I make my comment based on what I see on the menu - the Sandwich still shows up as 155 Rs. So if you haven't bothered to update your menu please don't complain if I base my opinion on the prices I see in the menu. Why don't you do your due diligence in this regard first? The price mismatch between the menu isn't restricted only to breads/sandwiches. Your staff charged me 75 Rs for a brownie which was priced 55 Rs in the menu. I realized the mismatch only after I looked @ the bill & compared it agai

May 25, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Thanks Unmesh again for your valuable time. We appreciate your inputs. Our pricing revision is a work in process in the last 2 weeks and

May 25, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

currently the corrections were made on the menu manually. I am not sure how an uncorrected menu was given to you. We are also using feedbacks such as this to refine the prices and ultimately it is the market that decides the prices irrespective of the cost and our intention is not to overprice ourselves out of the market.

We do remove any cheese that is not within a reasonable expiry date and if there is an error that will be corrected.

Once again thanks for your inputs and appreciate if you could keep writing to us more and

August 24, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

thanks for considering the feedback. the prices have been reduced for almost all items.

Great Sandwiches

Went out here to pick up a few sandwiches for an evening snack at home. Tried out their Tuna and Grilled Chicken Sandwiches. Both were very good and filling. Will be back to sample more of Bread Works' wares :)


May 21, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Hello vinu/ Thanks for your comments.. We are happy to have another Fan of our sandwiches. Do look us up on Facebook - become a fan to recieve exciting offers / also follow us on twitter and visit our blog on blogspot. Thank you and do visit again..


Favorite place to buy a baguette

I'm a frequent visitor to Breadworks, probably at least once a week, if not more. Usually it's for their french baguette, which has a nice crusty outside that seems to be hard to find in Bangalore. It's best if eaten the same day- otherwise it gets hard as a rock. I've also tried their quiches, brioche, sandwich, french cheeses, and sweet pastries which all are very good. The only downside is that their prices are a little high, compared to places like Daily Bread and French Loaf.


March 16, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Thank you for your comments. We are happy to find another fan of our baguettes/ As you know baguettes are always eaten fresh and made fresh everyday - you can always warm this up in an oven to make it softer. Our prices are in line with the quality we provide but will always try to ensure that you are delivered value for your money. Thank you again..

April 9, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Here is some good news : Become a fan of breadworks boulangerie on facebook and avail 30% discount on our breads, pastries and sandwiches. The offer is now open with no specific closing date to reach more customers. We will soon be coming up with a loyalty card which will enable you to get our products at a discount in future as well. you could also follow us on twitter.. just type breadworks or breadworks boulangerie.. Thank you for your patronage.

in response


Thanx for writing back...i really appreciate that. I cant tell you the date and was some months ago and there is really no need to compensate for the same...nice of you to offer though

About the payment...the lady was not able to swipe the card and I had to go to an ATM...and when i returned she had disappeared somewhere without the payment...I had to wait till she returned to pay., did feel i bit irregular that I had to run from pillar to post to pay for food :)

I am sure it works better must have just been a bad day


April 9, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Hello Purnima/ Become a fan of breadworks boulangerie on facebook and avail 30% discount on our breads,pastries and sandwiches. Only at our cafe outlets in indiranagar, lavelle road and esteem mall. Take advantage of this offer.. thanks..

Nothing much

I didnt have a great experience...i went early one morning and the service was very confused and i had to swap my own card and pay :)

The food was just ok...really nothing much...i threw away most of it so that speaks...!


February 23, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Hello Purnima- We are not very happy to hear that our cashier did n't know how to swipe the credit card- We have several transactions every day and they are trained to do that- Kindly let us know the time and date. Also if you let us know your contact we will be happy to make good for your inconvenience. Thank you for letting us know



The bread is alright, and the sourdough isnt that great at all.It's nothing compared to the European variety.Full stop.
The sandwiches are just about average.I think they concentrate too much on making it gourmet, and forget to make it tasty!
The cakes/tarts arent usually fresh, and dont look too appetizing as well.I would rather go to a Daily Bread for average bread ( atleast I'll know its relatively fresh)
And oh yea, they ruined my espresso.They gave me a Cafe Americano and tried to tell me that it was a Single shot of espresso like I had asked.Never again for the coffee and sandwiches, maybe again for some of the bread on offer.


January 22, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Mr. Damani, Tks for your comments.. We will try to live upto your expectations.. In the meanwhile read also the other reviews on breadworks as well.
By the way we only sell bread baked fresh every day. Any bread ( except multigrain which stays for one more day) is passed on to various orphanages in bangalore. No one gives you bread more than us..

tks./ breadworks team.

January 22, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

" bread more fresh than us is what we believe.

breadworks team



The right way to start a lazy Saturday.

You're in bed and staring at an empty day. No office and Monday is a long 48 hours away. You think of many things to do. Have a haircut. Wash the bike. Clean the room and so on. Nothing is compelling enough to get you out of that bed. And then, you think of Breadworks; their big, fat roast chicken sandwich, their hot banana muffin, their chocolate croissant and their hot cup of coffee, you tear yourself away from the evil clutch of the bed. You are ready for the weekend. A great weekend.


January 22, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Thank you / We are so happy to have you as our customer.. Let us know when you will be there again and send us a mail to for a surprise gift..

tks./breadworks team

Sourdough to die for...

@70 bucks for a small loaf, its not cheap. For those who have had the real deal, this is THE best in B'lore - beats any cakeshop of the five stars hollow.
Wonderful texture with crisp outside and chewy inside with that amazing taste of superb sourdough. Had it with some cold homemade cheese spread--super combo for a rainy afternoon :-)


January 23, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Thank you for your comments/ please send us your future reviews and how we could make the experience even better..
mail to
Tks/breadworks team

April 9, 2010response from management at Breadworks:

Hydromojo// Thank you for following us on twitter..

Avail 30% discount on breads,pastries and sandwiches at our cafe outlets in indiranagar,
lavelle road and esteem mall by signing up as a fan of breadworks on face book/follow us on twitter. look up breadworks boulangerie on facebook /tks.