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> > > > butter side up - Theme Based Cakes & Cupcakes, Bangalore

butter side up - Theme Based Cakes & Cupcakes, Bangalore

BellandurSouth Bangalore  


4 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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butter side up - Theme Based Cakes & Cupcakes, Bangalore Reviews


little gem

Just came back home from BSU!!! yummm i am munching on one of their incredibly good cupcakes while i write this review....Been here there twice now and love their cold coffee, spinach corn sandwich and the vanilla balls.(yet to try the rest) met sarada last time and met her partner today. They usually strike up a easy conversation and the feel of the place is overall cozy and fun. Their baked stuff is certainly the best..the cakes..yummmmm you feel the effort and the good ingredients that went in as soon as you take the first bite :). The prices are decent . With all the road and building construction ..its quite an adventure getting there..but its certainly worth it. Suggestion/Question?? Do you bake your own bread too? if not please do so and have options like wheat bread. Overall great idea and great going going girls:) there certainly is sunshine in every mouthful!!!


July 21, 2012response from management at butter side up - Theme Based Cakes & Cupcakes, Bangalore:

Hey Ashwin!
Feedback such as yours just make our day :) So kicked that our food excites you! As of now we do not bake our own bread. We hope to make that a part of our repertoire soon enough - keep watching this space and our FB page for updates! But brown bread / whole wheat bread is an option we do offer. Ask and you shall receive - that's the rule of thumb we follow at butter side up. We aim to please :) Thanks again!

Sending loads of bsu sunshine and love your way...


Good things come in small packages.. Defined!

Came across Butter Side Up through FB and my-oh-my what a discovery! My initial days were spent just drooling over their confectionary pics on FB and then came a chance in the form of my mum's b'day to test waters.

I ordered a regular coconut cake (half kilo for INR 295) and two German chocolate cupcakes and Banana cupcakes each. I didn't want to go for any theme based cakes (which btw they are pro at!) as it was my first time and I wanted to stick to basic stuff. But I not only did not go wrong about my choice of cake but was also pleasantly surprised by the enterprising/entertaining duo. The cake was PerfecT to the T and the cupcakes... well they just melt in your mouth! I had grown quite sick of eating old and crumbly cupcakes across several confectioners in Bangalore. But this was simply heavenly! My order was delivered well within the time I had asked for and duo even sang a b'day song for my mum which was absolutely sweet of them.

Well done girls! Keep the goodies coming in and you girls are certainly a talented duo :)


July 19, 2012response from management at butter side up - Theme Based Cakes & Cupcakes, Bangalore:

Thank you so much Reshma for the love and appreciation you are sending our way :) Really stoked that you loved our food... Looking forward to keeping you well fed and life generally "butter side up" for you for a long long time to come.

A whiff of freshly baked cupcakes and loads of love

Sarada and JP
Partners @ butter side up

Cupcakes and Sausage Pizza

These were the best Cupcakes i have ever had!!! Fresh from the owen with chocolate frosting on top.... Ridiculously Good. The Sausage pizza was juicy and the people are very warm and friendly. Will surely go back for more.... and they delivered it to my work in a cute vespa :).


July 19, 2012response from management at butter side up - Theme Based Cakes & Cupcakes, Bangalore:

Thanks a ton Nikhil for making us see the stars we do on the review :) Means a lot to us that you loved our food. Looking forward to feeding you loads more of our very best!!!

July 19, 2012response from management at butter side up - Theme Based Cakes & Cupcakes, Bangalore:

Thank you Sarada! :)
Nice to hear from you


butter side up - just what the doctor ordered :)

The first thing that struck me was yellow :) Sunny, happy and sunshine filled yellow!!! And thats not just to do with the walls at this place...

butter side up is a wonderful, warm and honest to earth kind of place. The food is as charming and fun as the name of the cafe. And this place is ALL about the food. True to their name, their food fills you (and mind you, I am not just talking about the tummy!) with a lot of happy, positive vibes. I absolutely adore their cup cakes and their sandwiches are yumm! Their fragrant corn and spinach tart (or tartlet as they refer to it) were just to die for. With some cutting chai to go with my order, the place just did wonders to my mood :) Ask me... Went there the first time one grumpy Wednesday evening post work :) and was back a couple of days later and back again the next week and... ya am sure you get the picture :P

I believe they take up catering orders as well as orders for cakes and the like. Hoping to try it out sometime soon.

Now for the bummers... It is not open on Sundays and they shut by 7 :( And it is located a bit out of the way and I dropped in / discovered butter side up ONLY because a friend asked me to check the place out. BUT all this DOES NOT take away from the attraction the place holds. Its hard not to get hooked to butter side up!!!

Highly recommended for your (daily?!) fix of fresh and honest baked items and quickie meals... so the key words here are - TUCK IN!!!! :) :)


July 19, 2012response from management at butter side up - Theme Based Cakes & Cupcakes, Bangalore:

Hi Keyura!!!
Better late than never eh? We are really grateful for the kind words you send our way - really touched. Don't let the location bother you too much - our food will get to you wherever you are in Bengalooru :) So just call us and let us know what you are in the mood to eat :)
Much love