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> > > > Cable Car, SFO Hotel & Suites

Cable Car, SFO Hotel & Suites

JayanagarSouth Bangalore  

  • 42977777
  • , SFO Hotel & Suites, 24, 46th Cross, Jayanagar, Bangalore
  • Italian, Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

39 Reviews / 39 Ratings

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Cable Car, SFO Hotel & Suites Reviews

aseem02  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 01,2014






Not Worth the Money

I went with my family for dinner. Though the restaurant was not very crowed but to serve the starter or dinner, they had taken too much time. They charged Rs 150 for plain vanilla with chocolate sauce. After dinner while taking out the car for wallet parking, they scratched the car.



No Cable, No Car

They have placed 2 tables inside a chamber giving them the look of a Cable Car. We had great expectations from this place with the name and theme in mind, but were not very impressed. The taste of the food was not that great compared to the rates they are charging. The service was also okay okay types. Some Italian starters were good, but Indian food was not that great. I feel, we made a mistake by trying our hands on Indian Food, but they made a bigger mistake by keeping it on the Menu, when they can't cook good Indian food. The ambience was good, but they played some lousy music and that too loud which puts you off.

Would recommend you to try only if you have deep pockets, else there are many better places in Bangalore to dine in.


Pathetic Service, Very Average Food

We went there in a group of 15+ people and paid a bomb but were highly disappointed with the food and service. On top of that, it seems like a restaurant where no one is ready to listen to you. I hate the place.


STONES in the food

just had a horrible time here...thought of taking my grandparents for a lunch for dove decent Indian food...turns out that they managed to plant no less than 4 large stones in the rice, all of which my grandparents felt in their teeth.
quality of food seems to have deteriorated to that of a roadside vendor.
overpriced waste.



Not worth the price

I agree with previous review that this place is way too expensive for the food it serves


zabin7 - Burrp User


41 Reviews

January 03,2013


No Value for money

I have seen it in burrp that it is expensive, still I thought let me try. The reason was I have been to pure vegetarian restaurants with expensive tag and they serve really good food. I don't have problem paying high for good food. But Cable Car failed me. The food was a normal which you can get in any sagar restaurants, my sister even compared the food with a local "jhopdi" food outlet. She may be exaggerating but the point is it was not upto the mark in compare with the price they charge. For a single roti the price was Rs50. I was wondering what they must have used to prepare it. We were 3 people and believe we did not have much food still the bill was Rs2000. What the heck. On top of that the servicing was pathetic. Will never go there and will not suggest anybody. There are way better vegetarian restaurants in jayanagar.



Not disappointing

Food was good ..preparation was nice though bit delay we suffer in serving.Staff was helpful and cheerful.Desserts has very less variety.
Being ITALIAN food lover I can say something was missing and Little Italy have clear edge here.
But u won't disappoint for sure.


Decent Italian Fare

If you are in for some veg Italian food this is the place...the crowds can get very loud over the weekends...ambiance is nice and food is decent and no complaints about service...


Ranjiny - Burrp User


6 Reviews

August 20,2012


Tasty food but more on the expensive side

Visited the place on Sunday for late dinner, was not very crowded, but still slow in serving.
Good plays for kids to play and enjoy food. No variety on desserts, but excellent Italian food, loved the pasta here.


Never wanna visit again

Ncy abt Cable car is it has got a good ambiance but the service and food both are vry vry bad.upon dat it is dammm expensive
i had been on 27th May had the worst experience ever
i would not recommend this restaurant to anyone
visit @ your on risk



Very poor customer service - AVOID

Very poor customer service. Totally disorganized and discourteous staff. Perhaps owner is a first-time hotelier. Can't even seat 8 people together - and thinly staffed. The folks tested everybody's patience by trying to put together a table of 8 and then conveniently seated another group only because we were way too civilized. There are much better places and with this kind of service, matter of time before it winds up!. Very disappointing and a real bad experience.


harshashak - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 15,2012


Very bad service

We were a group of 8 people...we went for family gathering...i had heard a lot about the restorant and wanted to take my friends to some new place...we ordered our startes and were waiting for the same to took them 20 minutes to bring the starters...tht too..not all the items were served...whn i asked about the rest of the stuff...i was told tht some mistake was done during the order taking and wl bring it now...we waited for another 20 mins for the rest of the stuff to the mean time we ordered for main course to save time....whn the main course was served...i was horrified to see stale naan's and roti's were served to us...whn i raised objection...managers asked waiter to re-heat and give it to us...this was not at all wht we expected...another objection from our side and finally they agreed to bring fresh nutshell...i would not recommend this restorant to anyone else...
Please note: all the starters and curries tasted very well....but the service part made our experience horrible


great food good ambiance

one of my friend told me about cable car food, i went with my family the Indian food was excellent, its is value for money, great ambiance.



Stay Away from this place !!!

I was there last week end with my family. The restaurant advertises itself as an Italian and Indian one(strage in the forst place !!) But when we went for the buffet, there was one pathetic pasta with raghu sauce in it !!!

The Indian food was absolutely crappy and every single dish in it was bad. Even the dessert was not up to the mark. My advice ...stay away from this place!!



Not up to the mark

We had dinner at Cable Car - ordered couple of starters including soup. The soup was cold and we asked them to heat and bring which they did. The other starters took a long time to arrive and the main course was also not up to the mark. Service was not good.
Would not like to go again!


deecee - Burrp User


25 Reviews

January 09,2011



Being a non-veg lover, I rarely like vegetarian food in restaurants. But this place totally surprised me. The tastes and flavors offered are good and very unique. They have recently re-vamped their menu, so it offers a lot more options.
In the Indian section, they have experimented well with vegetables like arabi and lotus stems which is a rarity in any menu. The Italian main course with their distinguished sauces' do very well with the well picked vegetables.
The minuses, they take a long time to serve. So if you are in a hurry, this is not the place for you.


Yummy Vegetarian Food :)))))

Our Team had been to Cable Car....had nice experience... ambience is pretty good... But the best part was Food..... being a typical Non Veggie.... i really enjoyed the veg dishes along with few Italian dishes....Service is good ...they can improve even better......:)))you can suggest this place for ur Vegetarian friends :))


Good Italian

The Italian was very good, but not so with the Indian menu. The ambience is a little too noisy. And they can also improve theri service efficiency though its not so bad.


Decent veg italian fare

I've been to cable car couple of times, Its expensive, meal for 2 will go anywhere between 800 - 1000 bucks. I've always tried the Italian dishes, the variety is limited for Italian food hardly 3 or 4 soups, starters are not so great. the main course pastas are good worth the money you pay specially lasagne and tortellini. Desserts again a dissapointment, few to choose from.
service can is good but few things can be improved like through out the dinner like getting a fresh pair of spoons, fork and knife with each course, if they are used.
The ambience is nice, with the display of old tools and the cable car coach, but seating in a cable car coach is limited only to a family of 4-6 , plus the there are hardly three coaches in the whole restuarant.
Overall the place is good if you are planning to take your family for a nice dinner outing , where you have a different kitchen for veg food plus no alcohol served.



Need to improve service significantly

We visited Pier-39 today(Cable car and Pier-39 share the same phone no) - we were looking for new places, that we haven't tried. In my group the veg to non-veg ratio is 4:1 - and we decided this place. My experience would rate them as below(I would rate them in 6 aspects):

1. Ambiance: 6/10
2. Overall satisfaction: 3/10
3. Vegetarian feedback is "ok" or "average": 6/10
4. Non-vegetarian feedback is "not-good":3/10
5. Service: 3/10.
6. Value for money: 4/10

Feedback: Need to improve service significantly and there should be some more dishes for non-vegetarian.


Yumm Food

I was on a trip to Bangalore and on my way from Airport a passenger was describing about the cable car.
I was amazed to know that they had cable cars in the restaurant. I told my friend and all three of us went for a meal in the afternoon.

As soon as I entered i liked the theme and replica's of the cable car. The staff was polite and friendly. Though it was almost time for their kitchen to close they provided us a secluded table in the cable car. We ordered all Italian food. for starters their Italian platter is a wonderful way to start, plus the Italian gardenia salad was amazing with the wonderful sauces.
They were even polite to refill the sauces on our demand.
We ordered the pene arabiata pasta which was quite tangy and chilly. Also vegetable lasagna which was creamy and just perfect. The service was good and food was yummy what else one needs. :)



Glimpse of SFO in Bangalore

I was really surprised to see a Cable Car inside the restaurant with Hyde and Powell St written on it. San Franciscan themed restaurant also has a Pier 39 restaurant on the roof. They server Indian and Italian food. I had veggie Kofta, they actually make it better in SF :) About the ambience, totally SF themed. Service was very good. They have an apple store next to this restaurant, so that there is too much of California in the same place in Bangalore. I would definitely go back there to try Italian and if I feel i miss SF.


Complete flop show ....

We ( 4 of us ) were thinking of trying some new place last weekend , my friend and his wife suggest about this one. When u try soemthign new u go in with no expectations at all, most of the times u find a place to be okey dokey , very few times exceptionally good , and some time exceptionally bad, this one belongs to the 3rd category.

We ordered couple of starters ( stuffed potatos and some stuff mushroom dish ), the potato one was ok, and the mushroom one was served tad cold, we asked the head waiter if its served like this or you need to heat it, he gave us a confused look and then took it to heat it, after a poor start to the show we were not so upbeat about the place so we desided to order simple dishes, Veg Lazagnia and some other simple cheese gravy pasta, which as expected turned out to be flow, the Lazagnia tasted like a vegetable which can be easily eaten with roti or nan, while ordering we asked the head waiter few questions about the dishes and evertime we got an ans " this is a english vegetable sir ... " We paid about 1300/- for 4 , which is 325 per head, which is not a huge amount but is not a small amoutn either and when u come out half empty and least satisfied with the meal it does feel like a huge amount.

It was a complete flop show that evening


Yep this ones deserves it...

At the risk of getting an e-beating, I rate this place a 5.

When people go out to eat, they're looking at places that DON'T remind them of home food - thick with creamy gravies swimming in fat, fried goodies and sinful desserts. For the small minority that I constitute, we prefer home style food, just made by someone else :-)
I'd read the reviews of the place, mostly average for Italian food. I wasnct keen on Italian considering I?d just made some fresh ravioli a few days ago with my homemade ricotta (had to boast :-P). We were a bunch of 7 adults and 3 kids
-all foodies to a fair degree, wanting some plain decent food. The place has some great décor with stained glass panels and tiffany lamps, not overdone, but reminds someone of an Applebee's environment.

We ordered almost completely India (yes, North Indian - ambrosia for the southy) apart from a thin crust pizza. Instructions to the chef were plain and simple-no spice at all i.e. no chilli. The waiter argued that it wasn't possible, but an indomitable relative took charge and cajoled the chef to give it a try. The food that followed was magic. The tandoor platter, followed by a vegetable with waterchestnut(singhada), roti's , pulao, raita and some cashew curry dish were all superbly done. All of us felt we could taste the vegetables more than the spices - something you probably get at an upscale place. Just goes to show that good food does not have to be drenched in various cookery powders to taste wonderful. Wish there were more places of this type.
The place is quite kid friendly with a cordoned off play area on the 1st (or 2nd) floor. We took the cable car and on a Thursday at 7.30pm were bereft of company at the other tables.


sashni - Burrp User


70 Reviews

August 01,2009


Worth a try

While i wouldnt rave abt the food, this place is a defn try.
I loved the ambience esp since my momories abt SFO came flooding back :-). When it comes to the food, u cud try the pasta / mediterranean pizza from the Italian stable. The north indian is pretty decent as well. Atleast veggies dont have to worry too much abt menu, this being an All-Veggie place (which i am very happy abt), To watch out for - waiters here hardly understand what u ask them for / they cant even explain their menu well !!
All ins all - Defn worth a visit.


good italian in jayanagar....finally !!!

we were greeted in courteously and got a table for 4 quite easily (considering it was a weekday afternoon).....i was actually quite enthu about the place.
food was actually pretty good. for soup we had an asparagus soup which was pretty decent...nothing great. next we had the Italian platter which would have been just enough for 2 was good...they served some breads with a nice chutney.
we had a potato salad, which was good and the quantity
was not too bad either. for main course we had a mediterranian pizza which was BAD. it was horrible....oily, cheese not fresh and too much of something which i was just not able to put a finger upon. the pasta was decent....rather bland....after that we din wanna experiment with the desserts and walked up to a close by daily bread and had a wonderful blueberry cheese cake :D
the final bill came up to 1200 for 4 people...which i thought was pretty decent (but my companions begged to differ). average food but i'm glad that a decent Italian restaurant has setup camp in the j.p nagar- jayanagar area :)

food.. 2.5/5 ( PLS DONT HAV THE PIZZA!! )
ambience... 3/5
price...slightly steep
easy parking on a weekday :)



Only good for Italian food

The challenge with this place is
1. Waiters are ignorant about both indian/italian food.
2. Waiters confuse the order of multiple people - this is purely lack of training.
3. They try to converse in english lang even when they are not comfortable - they could/should easily switch over to kannada/telugu/tamil so that customer is better served. Heck you in jayanagar for god's sake.

Food - Only few italian things are good. Nice place to get thin crust pizzas.
Worst is the Tiramisu - It is a chocolate pie with icecream and warm chocolate and cashew nuts/pista !



Decent food, good service

My wife was told this place was good, but reviews here weren't so great. But for lack of a better option, we ended up going here.

The service was pretty good, and the food was pretty nice too. We tried only the Italian.
- Tomato basil soup, SF Corn Chowder were both pretty good
- The platter appetizer has an assortment of starters, and most of them were nice. There were a couple pieces of garlic bread, which was a bit plain.
- Penne Primavera was good, not great.
- Spinach ravioli was a little flatter than I expected. In other places, the ravioli is more plumped up. Tasted decent, but wasn't what I was expecting.
- Didn't have room for dessert.

It was a Monday evening, and the place was full. Jayanagar really doesn't have too many non-Udupi eatouts, so I guess these guys will do well.

The final bill was right around Rs. 1000 for 2 adults, and a kid. A bit pricey considering we didn't order any drinks, not even soft drinks. Btw, the place has no liquor and is all-vegetarian.



indo - italian resto

it was a rainy sunday evening. i cald them to book the seat for 4 but they told there is no tele booking. we went there it was full we had to wait for 30 mins before we cud get the is purely an indo italian resto.the service was quite gud but the food wa okie & i felt a bit expensive. The seating capacity is very limited.once a person can try it out.




The food was so-so. The service was average - they had no clue what they were doing. I would not go there again, niether would I recommend it to anyone else! Not writing a long review, because I feel it is just not worth it. :(


I’m ambivalent about this!

I heard some very good things about this restaurant and some equally bad ones from a few others. Later, somebody else told me - for Indian, its good and for Italian, its still a long way to go!

That’s when a friend suggested we should try this place and when it comes to trying food and restaurants, most of the times my head nods vertically and its ofcourse yes!!
We booked the table and we were told, if we don’t turn up by 7:45PM, we may have to wait longer to occupy the same. We were there on time and without any delay, occupied out table. The dining hall is pretty small and can max occupy 46 people.
They’ve tried and explained about the SFO cable cars with some pics and on the table mat. The last 2 tables in the dining hall which can accommodate 6 people each are the only tables which look more like a cable car. In no other tables would you get such feeling. The chairs are without cushion. So, if you are sitting for long having the meal, you may end up with a pain in the wrong side.
The waiters were in jeans and white T-shirt with a cap trying to look cool and casual. The manual like menu card has Italian listed on one side and Indian listed on the other side. Isn’t it a weird combination? Indian and Italian cuisine?? Atleast I felt so!

Keeping in mind the reviews of others, we ordered Khasta Aloo Tikki Chaat and Bharwan Shimla Mirch for Starters. The Chaat was good but, the starter, they definitely need a lesson. The Shuimla Mirch wasn’t stuffed. It was cut into smaller pieces and the stuffing (supposedly) was placed on it. This was no where close to good. Neither in the presentation nor in the taste.

My friend wanted to try something in Italian now. So, after some discussions, we decided on Fusilli Nepolitana. This was presented with a small piece of garlic bread. When asked, we were told, “This is how we serve”
We shared the bread and the pasta too. The waiters hardly know about the different kinds of Pasta. They only know to take the orders and serve what the chef has made. At times, the waiters there are confused about taking the orders too. Since the portion of the pasta we ordered wasn’t too filling, we decided on something Indian again and ordered Nawabi Tarkari Biryani. This was something I’d really talk good about. I liked the aroma and the taste and was happy with the portion as well. This was something I relished and raita was a good complement with it.

How can the day go without desserts? We felt the most safest to try would be American Mud Pie. This was based on reviews of other desserts available here. And believe me, this nothing special. Just another thing with a slab of vanilla icecream sandwiched between a chocolate bar on the top and a slice of biscuit un the bottom. This was listed in the Italian section of the menu. They need to really catch on their Italian menu.

Since Cable Car is one of its kinds in this part of the Bangalore, one could see many people crowding this place as a part of their culinary journey. A meal for two would cost around Rs.700. patrons consists of families, college goers and kids.



Limited choice, very expensive, pathetic service

I had been to this restaurant with my family. The choice of north indian food (and the Italian as well) was very limited. Though we went by 7 pm with the restaurant pretty much empty, we had to wait for 30 minutes even for our starters. A while after the first person took the order, a second one came to take the order overruling the first one!
The waiters are very cold and unfriendly (at least the 2 that I was forced to interact with). The folks reminded me of the monster ads about "caught on the wrong job"! I hope the owner reads this review and has the rightly trained people in place.

The food taste was OK. Nothing great. Not bad either. The price is damn expensive for the quality of food and the service (i guess around Rs 165 for a sabzi).



best italian fare

i was looking for such a place for a very long time.
good ambience, good a/c and good freshly prepared food(worth thelittle wait)
i visited this place this week with my son, the true judge of all kinds of food, being a college goer and all that. I was little apprehensive about the food because of previous experiences with the other so called italian restaurants with their non fresh reheated fare and the voice from my side telling me mom this place sucks. but surprise surprise, the place was full, which is a best testimony of a good place to eat and we liked its looks.

now for the food, we ordered a cable car platter which was excellent and but good things were yet to come. My vegetable lasagna was truly delicious with balanced flavours with a crisp garlic bread on the side and my sons penne arabiata was even more excellent. dessert american mud pie was good without being too sweet with a drizzle of chocolate.

the service needs a bit of fine tuning but guys give them a break for the tasty food compensates what ever shortcomings in this dept and also they are a very new place. the pricing is also along the expected lines so there no surprises in this dept. i would like to go to this place again and again and try
all their different stuff on the menu. a truly delightful discovery in this part of bangalore


U would repent for going there...

I personally did not like this restaurant. This restaurant was doing rounds since many days since it had opened, but once you go there you would repent because, nor the service is good where they take their own sweet time to serve food neither the food which is not so tasty. My honest suggestion is to better avoid it...



Average Food, Pathetic service

After hearing a lot about new Italian restaurant i decided to give it a try. After 2 failed attempt to get a reservation on weekends, i decided to try on a week day.

I must say ambience is very good and they have a decent kids play area. But service was absolutely pathetic even on a day when restaurant was half empty.

We ordered a starter, pasta and biryani. Starter and biryani was good enough and we were eagerly waiting for pasta to be served. However after 20 min of waiting, we were horribly surprised to see our waiter come up and ask if we were waiting for anything else. After reminding him of the pasta, again we waiting for another 20 min only find the same person return and check if we wanted anything else !!!! This time we did not even bother to ask except that pay the money and come back half hungry.

As i was walking back, i heard several other customers complaining their woes to restaurant owner. I did not even have the energy to fight with them.

My sincere advise is not to try this one out. Even though food is good, service is absolutely bad and at the end of the day you will come back disapointed.


Once bitten twice shy

Living around Jayanagar, it was a delight to find an Italian joint around here being an italian foodie fan ourselves.
But alas it came all crashing down we walked in to find a room full of 5 tables and 3 booths, two of which were in a theme based cable car. But anyways the decor as appealing with an appealing arc in the beginning to remind you of the SFO bridge and a lot of carpentry and masonry tools used by many of the legendary workers in the numberous pics of SFO!

The person at the reception seemed to be quite well trained for welcoming customers and accomodating the tables. Inspite of being a Monday it was crowded and we were seated in the waiting lounge right next to the restaurant.
We started with the starters.Cricinto SFO, which sounded very appealing until we found out that our waiter had no idea that the dish had choices to make from! Until our saviour backup waiter in a special yellow tee (the other guys were given white tees, so we assumed him to be a level up or somethin!), until we found out he knew no more than the previous one. We could chose from either tomatoes/pestos and mushrooms/olives in the dish, but naah he was stuck that we would get a tomato, a mushroom, a pesto and a olive cricinto!!! D-U-H!
Anyways we gave up the idea and moved on to order a Bruschetta instead, expecting a cheesy delight, until again we needed to be reminded by our waiter that the bruschetta wont be with cheese. Now I know there are many types of bruschettas, but the one in their menu had cheese in bold!!! He had no idea what was in the menu! He did get us the cheese although it wasnt melted but just topped over the toppings. BTW i think they forgot to add the olive oil in the bruschetta!!!
Anyways, our waiter dint know much difference between a pasta and a ravioli. We asked him to suggest us a good pasta and he pointed at the ravioli!!!!! We knew where this monday dinner was goin!
We ordered a ravioli and a penne arabiata. The ravioli was a little bland, but I guess I felt so cuz I ordered the arabiata (its fiery indeed!) Not the bestest tomato sauces have tasted in a while though they could do better am sure. The attempt was good.
We moved on to the desert to order a tiramisu (btw they are pretty short on the options cuz they are usually out of stock!), even though I really wanted to order the american mud pie but they were out of it. I personally liked it, most that it was quite close to the italian original with the strong coffee essence and not sugar loaded like most served around.

Overall not the very best experience, but we are giving it a single star only because we felt the owner is trying to make an honest effort in making it at par with the Italian food. He personally came and got the feedback from each table. Atleast one person who knew what was served, he even offered to serve the main course on the house to which we refused, but he still ended up giving us a discount on the next trip.
Oh btw we literally left the place with a pain in the butt!!! Nope the food dint go that bad, but it was the pure wooden furniture with no cushions and not the largest of legroom under the tables for tall people or mr/ms long legs!!

Definitely not worth a second trip.


Italian food - OK

Today I tried the Italian food here.

Interiors and ac is wonderful - worth a visit.

Salad and starter were good.

Main course pasta was average. There was too little spices like oregano and too little vegetables. I can rate the food as average. The MD was enthusiastic to make every customer happy. At our displeasure he also offered us a pasta on the house.

The deserts were poor. The mango cheese cake was frozen and very hard for a cheese cake. Here also he offered a desert free.

MD Mr.Srikant was complaining that his executive chef was on leave. May be that was a reason. But still ........

This place lacks qualities of a topper.

May be I will visit again to try North Indian food and for the lovely atmosphere.



Nice Decor, Good Food

I was looking at the restaurants that have come up recently in Jayanagar area and chanced upon Cable Car from a review on burrp. It is conveniently located in Jayanagar 5th block. I made reservations to ensure we don't have to wait and that was a good decision. We were seated in the cable car decor (there are just 2 of them), we saw few groups waiting for the table later on and advice to make reservation to avoid any wait.

The restaurant have Indian and Italian food and we decided to go completely Italian. We ordered Zuppa (Tomato and Basil), Italian Bread Wedges and a Pasta Salad to start with and all three were good, the soup had a nice and full tomato flavor. The bread wedges are topped with Olives, Mushrooms and Eggplant. We wanted to order a Pizza for the kids but they were not yet ready to make Pizzas (either the oven is still not setup or the chefs are still in training).

We then decided to order Pasta and chose Spinach and Cheese Ravioli and Spaghetti Pesto. We were 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) and thought of ordering more based on serving size. Well, we did order one more (Penne Arabiata). The dishes were very good, although the Spaghetti Pesto had a heavy butter feeling. Our kids liked it a lot and without saying they ate most of the Spaghetti.

We finished with a Mango Cheese Cake. The cheese cake was topped with a frozen mango shorbet layer and a drizzle of chocolate sauce, it was nice. The MD came along and mentioned the mango was overpowering the cheese cake and wanted to reduce the mango layer.

Service is good. The waiter who served the main dish clearly didn't know the different pasta dishes and was pointing to Ravioli as Spaghetti. The Manager came along and corrected him. Given that it is newly opened and the staff is still under training, I presume these things will be corrected over time. Few dishes on the menu are still not available (Tiramasu and Pizzas to name a few).

We had a nice time and will definitely go back!!!


CARving Cravings.....

After restaurants with themes like forests, trains, metros etc, it is time we welcome cable cars too.
Cable car, a restaurant serving Indian and Italian food, opened less than a week ago. The theme of this restaurant has been to replicate the famous and reliable means of transport which is the San Francisco cable car system.
The building facing the main road indeed grabs some attention with its tall and gracefully done architecture. There are two doors, the one on the left leads you to the restaurant and the other makes way to a beautiful white spacious reception hall. On the white wall to your left, you’ll see the monuments and a brief story of San Francisco. The reception desk also depicts the famous golden gate bridge. I had a look at the rooms and they were of some good taste, very tidy and fragrant.
They are priced in the range of Rs. 3500, 4500 to 6000/- On the corridors they have hand paintings and depictions of San Francisco and some beautiful photo frames collages. A picture with the night view of San Francisco was beautiful!

The staff is more than glad to offer valet parking and welcome you into their newly built cable car. In to the door on the left and you are in the restaurant- Cable car. I must say that my journey in the cable car was a very pleasing experience!

The interiors are nicely done with light wood, the floor, the ceiling everything is out a wood. The hall is small and accommodates not more than 10 mid sized tables.
The place is doing well and was over crowded on a few days. They had to send a few guests because of unmanageable numbers. Nevertheless they are prepared and are more accommodating with a bigger floor on the first level. I did take a look at it and it is indeed quite spacy. They also have a corner dedicated for the children’s play area. Both the halls are designed in such a way that you have look-alike cable car at the end of the hall. There are two mid-sized tables placed inside this replicate.

The staff dressed in denim and T-Shirts with a stamp reading San Francisco Municipal railways, the menu which is a 4 folded sheet with offerings of the Indian cuisine on the facing and Italian on the back do have the taste of rustic cable car theme on. The menu has sketches of the cable-car, people traveling and compliments the theme well. The Italian menu is categorized into beverages, Antipasto (Appetizers), primo (main course) and Dolce (Desserts). I didn’t really taste anything Italian, my preference was mostly weighted towards Indian cuisine.
I quickly turned over the menu and decided on starters. The Hara Bara Kabab and the Tandoor Dingri were my picks. Before this arrived some complimentary roasted crispy papads with some green mint chutney, was hungry when I reached there and they were over within no time! The Hara Bara kabab good but something that was more appealing was the button mushrooms equally sized chosen carefully to soak in the perfect Tandoor masala were mind blowing!! Button after button, they just melted in my mouth!!
I totally relished and loved this with the chutney and salad it accompanied with. These tandoori items never fail to steal my heart away! For the main course it was some kulchas with paneer lababdar!! No clue why I chose this, but I so made the right choice, this was spicy and had an amazing flavor, every bite was so sumptuous and we just kept appreciating that with some unending Mmmmm….mmmms.

One of the partners spoke to guests and checked on their opinions. He recommended we have desserts and exclaimed they were equally good.
Without much thought I chose Tiramisu but unfortunately it was out of stock and so chose the American Mud pie, this was frozen and didn’t really have cake in abundant that it is originally suppose to have. However the chocolate, walnuts and vanilla are always welcome and did sooth me on the hot afternoon!
The prices are reasonable and meal for two would cost you approximately Rs. 600/- A lovely place with some delicious food and a distinguishing ambiance.
I am sure to go there again and again!!