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> > > > Cafe Masala

Cafe Masala

Brigade RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 41118433, 41118477, 41118466
  • 5th Floor, Shop No. 60, Eva Mall, 60, Brigade Road, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 900

55 Reviews / 56 Ratings

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Cafe Masala Reviews






Never Again

Went to Cafe Masala after reading some reviews and the rating here. Considering that their buffet starts around 12 noon, at 12.30 p.m, starters, pulao, and roti (which was served at the table) were already cold. Non veg starters were hardly cooked. Taste is very ordinary.

Definitely a never again for me.


Nice spread - Mix of Continental and Indian

It has nice spread of Indian and continental food , but the sad part is the service has come down from wat it used to be earlier :( the best part is , i feel its one of the cheapest buffet in town , with high quality food and their kulfi s are must have


Excellent Buffet Spread. Average Service..

I have been to this place twice and feel the Service has gone down from what it used to be.. My 1st experience with them was in Oct 2011 and I loved the restaurant. The buffet was well spread and the starters & Desserts were excellent (I am more of a starter person). The overall experience was fabulous.

My most recent visit was last Sunday (Easter) and It was highly disappointing. I had called in to make a reservation and was told that reservation need not be made and I can directly walk-in and there would be maximum wait time of 10Mins. We a group of Six reached there and were given a wait time of 15Mins which eventually took about 20Mins. But my concern is not the 20Mins wait.. It is rather the waiting Area which is overcrowded and there was no Air Conditioning or Fans to make you comfortable(The Barbecue was beside the Entry which added to the heat). Somehow after sweating it out for 20Mins we were given a table. The service was slow. We were not asked for Water or Starters rather were handed the Bar menu after 5 Mins. After some waiting someone cared to ask about the starters and they started getting the starters one after the other. What followed was very unusual of the Cafe Masala that I had visited 1.5 years ago. Service was slow and a lot of Main course Items were off the counters. By the time i reached at the Desserts just a Mousse Cake, Chocolate Fondue and just one flavour of Ice Cream. When I asked them to refill the Vanilla Ice Cream I was blatantly lied that "Vanilla is over" but when there was another group of six wanting it they opened a new pack. And all this was not when it was late.. I was at the dessert counter by 3:15PM and buffet closing time is 3:30PM. The same dessert counter had offered me some 6-7 varieties of desserts the last time I had visited them.

All in all this was my last visit to the Restaurant and I would prefer not visiting it again


Sumptuous Buffet...

Been here a couple of times in the last few months. A delicious spread of salads, pizza, chaats, pastas and desserts. It’s a nice mix of continental and Indian food. Great place for a group dinner or lunch. It’s always crowded , so it’s best to do a reservation and go. The candle light buffet is a really pleasant experience.



Average Menu, Bad service

Had been to Cafe Masala on Diwali day. The service was very poor, guess it was because they were under staffed that day. They ran out of quite a number of items on the menu half way through the buffet time. The manager, Mr. Ignatious, had no clue what was on the menu and was not in a mood to listen to the feedback.

Overall the Diwali lunch ended up as a bad experience for us.



the best buffet in town!

I love this place as the buffet is true value for money!
everything on the menu is delicious
their kulfi is a must have!
the cheesecakes are a bit bland and pasty
the starters are all delicious
i really like the ambiance and service here



Dessert to die for!

amazing ambience, good food and great service. what more could one ask for?
this is my absolute first choice of buffet restaurants!
the first time i visited here, i had to take a walk to make space for more of the yummy food.
the dessert menu is endless and spectacular
the kulfi here is one among the best i have ever had.
the buffet has a large variety of food ranging from indian to italian to chinese and it isn't like the "jack of all trades". the food is actually delicious!



buffet worth the buck ;)

straight from d starters to the desserts, there is everything to tickle ur taste buds
like all other restaurants of the bjn group cafe masala also sports a good ambiance
and the buffet spread is placed very well..
the chocolate fountain is something to be fond of,the starters n desserts wer top class
the main course was decent enough
give cafe masala a shot ,i bet you wouldn be dissapointed !!!



Great buffet!

One of the best buffets in Bangalore for this price. Great ambiance and decor.
Spread is really vast. Starters are served on table and tasted delicious. The prawns were amazing. Salads and chaats were also good. Decent main course as well.
Very good desserts - Indian sweets, pastries, chocolate fountain!
Overall a nice place for a weekend lunch buffet!


Even Warren would have a Buffet here

Like most burrpers have already written, its one of the best buffet places in the downtown. Go on. Experience it


Very good spread on buffet

I like this place simply becos of tasty food and spread they have. Ambiance too is simple and decent. Must try for buffet lunch.



Best Buffet

Great spread right from starters to desserts, value for money. Only thing is I you are particular about starters being served at the table make sure you check with them because it is not available on all days



Good Buffet

Good spread of items.. Tasty too.. Pretty expensive though.. Desserts are awesome YUmmy yummy.. Waiting times are high on the weekends.. Ambience is fine...



Lovely spread

Have been to this place quite a few times and the buffet spread never fails to impress me. Has a good spread for vegetarians as well. Just ensure you don't indulge too much into the main course and miss out on the desserts - They are really good !

A good place for lunch/ dinner with a large group of friends



Big Bang Buffet

Went Wednesday afternoon for Lunch Buffet. Spread was humongous. The starters were not served at the table, they were included in the buffet. Only the soup was served.

Starters: Pizza pieces, breads, fried chicken legs, chicken dry, fish tawa fry, and other veg items.

Salads: Good spread (tuna pasta, okara salad, biscuit and cheese etc).

Main Course: Mutton biryani, mutton curry, spaghetti in napoleon sauce, palak paneer, stuffed brinjal, mixed vegetable thai gravy, jeera rice, and many more.

Chats: Dahi bhalla, sev puri etc.

Desserts: They were delicious and exotic - Lemon grass pudding, mango mousse, custard, kiwi cake, kheer, chocolate eclairs, cut fruits, marshmallow, chocolate fountain, kulfi, strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

Nice ambiance. Service was prompt. The experience was really good. Rs 325 + taxes = Rs 419 (totally worth it for the quality and quantity of food). Will definitely visit again. Its a MUST try.........



Best of all places!

Delightful Deserts!!!!! Superb service!! Try the buffet!! Awesome ambience ! Nice place to hangout with your friends. I recommended this place to anyone and everyone.A must visit.



Yummy buffet

Went for dinner and was not disappointed. In fact, I recommend it!


webgenius - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 15,2012


Amazing buffet for lunch

Went to this place on a weekday with a friend. The buffet was just awesome. Starters are served right at the table, which is good.
Buffet has everything: salad, rice, curry, chats, dessert, sweet and much more.
Will definitely visit this place again.


Nancy Drew - Burrp User

Nancy Drew

11 Reviews

February 02,2012


One of the best buffets in town!

Amazing variety of food...excellent starters, biryani & an array of desserts both Indian & continental with reasonable rates & impeccable service. Even though the place is always crowded to the core, their staff is always pleasant & try to accomodate you at the earliest. The starters are continously bought till u have had ur heartfull...

Repeat visits are both for the food & the service...!!!



Buffet to the core

I liked the amazing variety of starters and sides. Everything was very good and no doubt, sumptuous meal suited for brunch. Must go again type.


Deepreets - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 02,2012


Dinner on New Year's eve

This was one of the restaurants which was there on my list for a long time :)
One word for the buffet would be "OMG", I was stunned to see the varieties, the ambiance was too good; the candle lights did make a difference.

I surrendered myself for the taste of each and every food (especially for the yummy pasta)

**TRUST ME PPL - No food contained MSG/Ajinomoto - Thanks to Cafe Masala

Suggestion - Not all the foods were hot all the time, try something innovative.

The Cuisine & the varieties were definitely a pleasant surprise but not the bill :)


bangon123 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 29,2011


Best buffet in Bangalore till now!

Have been to this place thrice in past 2 years.... consistently sumptuous buffet...
Yummy starters and desserts with a pretty decent service :)


Vinay  - Burrp User


9 Reviews

September 11,2011


Yummy spread

The buffet spread is very good and the starter selection has a good range for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians esp for the latter there are a few options elsewhere. My only complaint was that it gets stuffy in here and warm due to the tandoor. The dessert selection is adequate and the pot biriyani has just the right proportion. The rotis / kulchas are served hot and make eating delectable. It does not have a very crowded feel and overall a yummy experience.


1satish - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 03,2011


I liked it!

We went from office on on Friday afternoon about 15 of us. Most of us loved the food, the varieties were good. I will definitely go back again. 4 *s from me.


Same food every time

I have been to Cafe Masala thrice for buffet lunch in last 1 year. I found the same items in the platter. This place may be good for non-vegetarians. For vegetarians, there were very few options. The rotis are not so great. They don't have good variety of desserts. Moreover, they put a red or green dot on the dessert items. On all my visits, I had to ask them of which items contained eggs or gelatin. I expected them to rectify this on my second visit after I notified this to them. The waiters though not rude but are unresponsive. I had to ask multiple waiters about whether the dessert items contained eggs. The waiters scorned at me when I asked them such a question as if I had asked a young girl her age. The seating area is not so big and is a bit congested. Moreover, the waiters keep roaming around you for nothing. This adds to more congestion.
I would suggest the management to make a note that there are people who don't eat eggs or gelatin in anything and mark the items accordingly.



Great food and ambience, poor service.

I had gone there with friends on Sunday (Dinner). The food was good but the service was bad. The waiters looked arrogant and the overall service was poor.



Parking fee after dining here??!!

Cafe masala is one of the few BJN group dining places that I had not visited before
I must add that I like all the other places run by BJN ( with a special liking for Khansama)
Now back to Cafe Masala Experience: Six of us went for Sunday Lunch and we were provided valet car parking at Eva Mall. good enough!
Then we had our lunch ( buffet)
The ambiance was below par and its a noisy place
Starters were average
Veggie Salads were average
The Indian bread was below average
Main course and desserts failed to meet our expectations

After lunch, we came down and asked for our car.
After getting our car, the valet person asked us to pay for parking.
When we asked him that does not we dining in the restaurant get us parking fee waiver? He then asked for our dining bill and did some talking to people in the who were handling the parking and then said that we do not have to pay
This sorta haggling I would expect from some other inferior restaurant and not from a restaurant belonging to BJN group



poor service

went to cafe masala today !
gud food, great place !
but the service was very poor !
we felt dat it wasn't very hygienic also !
the waiter der were very rude !
i would definitely NOT go back there, were they dont respect the customers !




Went on a Sunday, Surprisingly not too crowded because we reached by 12:30.
and had a table reserved and also India match was on.

Amazing variety. The ambiance is okay nothing great. very good customer service.

Very reasonable even on a weekend,
Extremely tasty food.

Will definitely go back


Nice Buffet

Have been to Cafe Masala twice. Both times for the Buffet lunch- its sumptous. Great straters, nice salads, good main course and decent desserts. Gives a good fight to BBQ Nation...



Consistenty Excellent!

This is my fourth visit to Cafe Masala and it has been an excellent experience each time. There is plenty of seating - indoor and outdoor and the buffet is absolutely splendid. On this visit, an acquaintance and I decided to sit in the airconditioned section of the restaurant and no sooner were we seated, than the waiter appeared bearing the drinks menu. My acquaintance ordered a large Antiquity Blue Whiskey with Soda and I contented myself with peering at the prices of the drinks on offer. Starters (an unlimited quantity of them) were served at the table and we settled down to enjoy Prawns, Fish, Chicken, Sheek Kebabs and Paneer. After downing a few of each type of starter, I made my way to the buffet tables and helped myself to the Herb Chicken soup. It tasted lovely. Visit two to the buffet table, ended after I had filled my plate with a papad and some sort of chaat. The salads, though quite numerous weren't to my liking and I had been eating out too often of late, to be able to appreciate the numerous main courses available. However, they all looked tempting. After munching my way through the papad and the chaat, I trotted back to the buffet table and helped myself to dessert. The desserts here are numerous and really yummy. I chose about four of them and enjoyed every mouthful. My acquaintance, who was now on his second Whiskey, declined to even taste the buffet (much to my surprise) but filled up on the starters of which he ordered quite an amazing quantity. Meal over we called for the bill, paid it and left. The ambience of the place is great and the service is excellent. The music is lovely if you like old 80s music. The crowd is quite good. The place fills up quickly, especially on holidays and the weekends and so it would make sense to reserve or to do as we did and arrive there as the doors open. Definitely a place I would recommend and would go back to.


Best Buffet in town

I have been to this place so many times now that I have lost count. Whenever I am in a mood to just indulge myself without having to think of a particular cuisine, I come to Cafe Masala.

It has one of the best buffet's around and the waiters ensure that your plate is never empty.... they just keep coming at you with the starters (which are pretty good, both the vegetarian and non veg options) and they actually enjoy feeding you ! Once you've had your fill, you have an amazing spread of main course dishes, including mutton biryanis in small individual handis, and of course an extensive dessert counter.

I am sure that once you've been here you would always want to come back....cheers to Cafe Masala!!

P.S. and for under Rs.500 per head, its quite a bargain.



Great Spead!

There are many things detailed by some of the reviewers below like the pizza and onion rings etc which are not available now but still the spread is fantastic, especially the starters and the dessert list.

I went there for the weekend special and was really overwhelmed with all the food. Even though the main course is quite good I stuffed my tummy more with the starters and the desserts.

Must try's: Marshmallows with chocolate sauce and actually all the starters!!!!


Excellent !

I've always enjoyed anything that the BJN group has to offer. Cafe Masala is no exception.
The buffet is scrumptious and well laid out. The Kulfi must never be forgotten and one bite of it - will make you crave more in the days to come. The Mutton Biryani, Chicken Wings, Pan-fried Fish, Onion Rings, Dal Makhani - should always be on your plate !
A beautiful and friendly place to have a celebration with a large group !


angshu1201 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 02,2010


A nice surprise.......

I have read about Cafe masala and decide to try it one saturday noon.
The starters were good..we had chicken Tikka prawn pakora , a fish starter along with paneer and mushrooms
The main course looked great but I didnt try as alredy i was full
Then came the deserts...dere were wide range of deserts .Among them the jalebi n rabdi was really out of the world. Rest were also good though the ice cream could have been better
To wind up it was a nice experience ..all the more btter beacuse we werent expecting the food to be that good



Go for the weekend buffet!

You would be overwhelmed with the variety at the buffet. The unlimited kebabs brought right to your table make for a great start. If you don't end up stuffing your tummy with the kebabs and other starters, the salads, main course and the desserts (lovely marshmallows) will inspire awe for this place!

A must visit for all Bangaloreans.


teju666 - Burrp User


36 Reviews

September 27,2010


Good for a buffet

Buffets, generally, hoodwink people. Average food with too many options at high prices is what we get.

Cafe Masala has high prices, lots of options but....good food. We tried the place for a tram lunch. The cuisine is predominantly Indian but just for variety they have a pasta and some non-Indian salads.
The spread is good for both veg & non veg. I generally go for the salads so cant comment much on the main course. The mutton biryani was ok and mutton could have been cooked better.

You have good options of chicken & mutton & even fish. The dessert spread is good with cakes and mousse along with ice cream. Best part is that they have some real good quality kulfi.

For the area and the food, it is is priced ok. Should check out if dinner is better.


Once is not enough!

My mum and sister are in town, and while frantically searching for lunch buffet options last night, we decided on Cafe Masala because I had read about it recently and the name had stuck with me.

The 4 of us reached Cafe Masala 20 minutes later than the time we had made our reservations for, but we promptly got a table of four after we gave a few dirty looks to the slightly rude manager who almost rebuked us for being late (defence mechanism I guess, because he assumed that there were no free tables) and hence paid more attention to a customer (or someone else, for all I know) on the phone than he did to us. Unfortunately the tables in the sit out area were all taken and we had to make do with one in the airconditioned part of the restaurant. What followed was sheer pleasure, to put it mildly!

As a family, some of our biggest kicks come from good food and today was no different. We decided to go for the huge Sunday lunch buffet spread, but of course, and our starters were served on our table. I must mention here that I have had terrible luck with seafood, especially prawns, here in Bangalore. But the golden fried prawns served as one of the starters at Cafe Masala was mindblowing. Succulent, well cooked, and delicious. The chicken too was absolutely brilliant. The wide variety of salads and main course was to die for. I generally don't get anything above mediocre biryani at most North Indian buffet spreads and I was not expecting much from the mutton dum biryani here too. But I was wrong. Let me just put it this way - the food was really, really good.

The desserts were to die for. Chocolate was actually chocolatey and not just loaded with sugar, the pastries were very well made. I can't name a lot of the desserts I ate at Cafe Masala today, but for someone for whom dessert is the real main course, I can tell you I was "extremely satisfied". The jalebi could have been better, but I am not complaining. There was gajar halwa too, but sometimes, just sometimes, I get too full to not want to look at food too. Unfortunately, this happens only at buffet outings :-)

At Rs 375, the lunch outing today was worth every penny. Let me warn you that they charge both service tax and VAT, so please don't come running after me if you find the place a tad bit too expensive when the bill finally arrives. Happens. The feel good factor in this place was enough to leave me very happy with my Sunday! Perfect 10 for me!

Original post at


huff fine dine at cafe masala...

Had been here for a team dinner close to 20 of us, Well if you want a seat there book in advance and better if its on a weekday.... Buffet is just yummy collection of deserts, north Indian veg and non veg cuisine what was more tasty was the starters which they serve usually if you go to a buffet lunch Veggies feel discriminated, well thats not the case at cafe masala veggie folks who came with us had a good time is quite big as compared to any other buffet with 5 starters each of veg and nonveg and 3 curries each and 4 varieties of rice and Hyderabadi dum biryani was just awesome and the deserts too.. Price 560 inclusive of tax since it was dinner....



Buffet Starters... yum yum :)

Had been to Cafe Masala for a dinner buffet on a week day. Just like any BJN joint, the food here is amazing. Especially the starters for non-vegetarians has real good variety like fried prawns, tandoori fish and awesome dishes for mutton and chicken too. Main course had quite an authentic flavour(specially the dum biryani in handi). Desert was average because it missed the indian sweets like kheer, halwa or shahi tukda. Drinks were made and served well. The service too was friendly. A huge thanks to BJN group for having such lovely restaurants across Blore.


abcd  - Burrp User


29 Reviews

February 10,2010


Phew...what a place!!!!

I have been trying out quite a few restaurants which serve buffet found CM. phew..what a place!! do they have variety..oh yeah!! You’ll keep forgetting what you ate 10 mins ago!! the day i went they had 5 veg and 5 non-veg bbqs..once you are tired of eating served with soup, salad'S', Pizzas/chats occasionally, then the main course which includes 2-3 non-veg dishes along with rotis, Biryani/curries and Rice verities and Veg section is equally crowded with variety..wait thats not the end..There are umpteen number of desserts too :) like sweets,cakes,ice-creams, tarts, fruits. What i like about the food is it is well cooked, not too spicy and oily. On my last visit I saw few Indian sweets added to the dessert section which i thought goes well with the general theme!!
The service is quick and efficient!!! The seating is pretty nice. it does not look crowded and is well lit!

My 2 cents: Try to taste everything on the menu!!..take my'll not be able to ;)..
Overall it’s an outstanding place if you ready to pay the price!!


nonbeing - Burrp User


10 Reviews

October 19,2009


a real smorgasbord

Not many restaurants have an average of 4/5 from more than 10 reviews, so Cafe Masala had a lot to live up to. After getting lunch there today, I can understand how it deserves all these accolades, and some more...

I went in quite famished (having missed breakfast), and thought I'd easily sample everything on the buffet. But despite my best efforts (3 rounds of starters + 3 main course helpings + dessert), I couldn't manage it - such is the diversity of foods!

Being a herbivore, I was happy to see the clear separation of veg and nonveg items. Every dish (except the veg shorba and paneer bhurji) was a treat for all the senses.

At 350 (excluding taxes) per head for the veg buffet, it's an excellent option if you're hungry enough to do justice to the variety of dishes. I'd recommend getting there early (lunch starts at 12 noon), as it gets uncomfortably crowded around 1 PM.

The only downside to an otherwise flawless lunch was the slightly drab service: the only reason for withholding the 5th star.


Rakshita - Burrp User


30 Reviews

September 24,2009


A decent lunch buffet option...

Went there for the Sunday lunch buffet. The place was very noisy and crowded. Your typical Sunday family types with noisy kids. The place gives you a very outdoorsy feel as it is located on the terrace, which is nice.

The spread: had a few nice salads. The dal makhni was quite good, and so were the other vegetarian dishes. Mutton biryani looked appetizing. The rotis were brought to the table and were hot and well made. Skip the pasta that's part of the buffet - bland and flavourless.

Hot kebabs were also served at the table. There was aloo tikki and paneer for the veggies. In non-veg, there was a really nice fish tikka, some prawns and chicken.

We were quite stuffed after the first course + kebabs so returned to the buffet counter only for dessert. They had hot crispy jalebis with rabdi. Yummy. Freshly cut fruits, ice creams, halwa, and a few mini pastries were also on offer. The fudge brownies tasted more like Pillsbury chocolate cake!

And oh! A free drink should have been part of the buffet I'm guessing. But no one asked us what we wanted. We had to wait even for water to be served which finally happened half way through our meal. The kebabs also reached our table after asking for it more than once. But otherwise, the service was reasonably pleasant. Will consider going back on a weekday, perhaps.

Rating: 3.5 on 5.


newsingh - Burrp User


23 Reviews

September 05,2009


Choices galore...

The buffet has huge huge variety and spoils you for choices. The thin crust pizza is my personal favourite in the buffet. Even the dessert has like 10-15 choices.

The cuisine is continental so chances are everybody will get what they plan to gobble up.

Always book early in the day for lunch buffet as the office-goers are after it even on week days.

I used to be a regular for the lunch buffets until one day I had dinner here. The taste gets better in the evening. The veg-pulao was like nothing I had before. Is'nt the veg-pulao kind of thing supposed to taste similar everywhere? Donno wat these guys do to it.

Seating capacity is on higher side, cost(except buffet) on the higher side, ambience is OK and fast-paced.

Waiters although not rude - hardly have time and appear mostly disinterested.

Cafe Masala is my favourite for lunch buffets.



place iss beautiful.. nice ambience.... good for bufffet get to try evrythng ... spread off manyy items.. evn veg is greatt....
get starters on da table.....barbequed fish n prawns n chicken... simply beautiful....
dum biryani n motton n fish curry ... juss greattt
filling worth the price.... 433 wid tax....
deserts are amazing... mouth melting marsmaloows.. n many cakes... u vl get confused... go on an empty stomach... topmost floor of eva mall


dessert effect

The review will only cover the dessert spread of the buffet, which was absolutely amazing! From what I remember, there was chocolate cake, fresh fruit cake, strawberry cheese cake, ginger bread, kheer, brownie pudding, marsmallows, kulfi, vanilla and strawberry ice creams with chocolate sauce. The list surely goes on, but the complete list escapes me. We ordinarily go here just for the dessert spread since it totally rocks!


Hats off 2 another BJN Gem

For about 1000 rupees for 2 people ( including taxes and mineral water) this place provides the widest and best quality food you can think of. The service is excellent, the place is great and as I said the food is good enough to make you keep going back for more... I don't think they could have planned this place any better.


Soumya KS - Burrp User

Soumya KS

6 Reviews

December 20,2008


Strawberry Surprise, indeed!!

My first visit to Cafe Masala for their lunch buffet involved an hour long wait. By which time hubby and I were too hungry and irritated to really form a balanced opinion of the place.
Which is why I decided to give it another go, this time with a group of 45 of my teammates.
The lunch buffet was quite a crowd pleaser.. with a large variety of items, of above-average quality. A sort of expanded version of the Indi-Joe buffet, with similar dishes, and a discounted tag of Rs.309. (I think the regular price is about Rs.350)
Any one who's had the typical BJN buffet doesn't really need a description of the food... so let me skip over to the real point of this review.
I was struck during the lunch by the fact that the waiters were very, very aggressively pushing the soft drinks. In fact, they ignored several requests for rotis at our tables, but kept badgering every guest, individually, to "have something to drink".
Back in the office, when it was time to split the tab, we received the shock of our lives.... a fruit punch was Rs225! one glass of Coke for Rs.115.. A lime soda for Rs.145!! We were disgusted, to say the least. The restaurant exploits the fact that buffet guests usually do not ask for the menu, and order drinks on the fly. And it almost seemed like the waiters were trained to be nasty to those who didn't succumb to this tactic!
We certainly expected better from the popular BJN chain of restaurants. Not going back for sure.....


The Big Bang Effect

After reading so many good things about the buffet at Café Masala on burrp! I had no choice but to try this out :)

I went there with a few of my colleagues for dinner and you bet I was completely bowled over at their big bang buffet spread!
In total agreement with ashwinsid’s review, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it specially the starters and the dessert.

A few of my colleagues who had come here before, after the starters, headed straight to the dessert section coz’ they dint want to have lesser space in their stomach for desserts by eating the main course.

I made sure I tasted everything though I had to eat all little less. But, this resulted in me not having enough of all that I wanted. They had a spread of amazing salads and starters. The starters were grilled live on the table (little Barbeque Nation effect) and was served. The rotis were soft and mushy, the gravies were tangy and super. Navathna Kurma was one of the best I’ve had till date. It was just so amazing; I was relishing and talking about it for quite a while.

I wanna talk more about the desserts. “Umm” - that was all we were saying in between the hogging session. I have no words to describe the spread of desserts they had. I gave up my dieting completely for that night and relished eat bit of the desserts. The chocolate truffle, the jalebi, marsh mellow, butterscotch pastry, walnut brownie, jamoon, rosagulla, rabdi – I literally stuffed myself with it coz it was so good to taste!

I got too busy and was so engrossed in eating, I dint pay much attention to anything else there. For dinner, its 399+tax which came upto Rs.450 per head.

Completely overwhelmed, after the experience here, I’ve never been satisfied with any other buffet. Don’t know if its wrong to compare, but, unconsciously I do!
This I call – The Big Bang Effect!!

I’d surely go there again soon with an empty stomach :)


Cafe Masala - not the best from BJN

I had visited Cafe Masala when they had a special dinner buffet for Rs. 399/- which had unlimited kabas and curries starters. When we entered the place, it wasn't too crowded, but we were ushered into seats very close to the tandoor where the kabas were being made, and that didn't make us feel warm and cozy, it made us feel hot! The starters that came along were nice, the lamb cutlet being especially good.

The soup was nice, but nothing special (no wow factor), but the salads that were kept were available in small bowls which was a good idea, so that diners didn't dig only into the salads and leave no place for the main course.

The main course was again nice, without any dish standing out particularly. The biryani came close with it's presentation-it was in a small earthen pot sealed on top with some dough. And although it didn't taste bad, I've tasted better biryani. With dinner done, the desserts were a thing for sore eyes. Like most BJN restaurants, there were several desserts, ranging from pastries to mousse, cut fruits to ice creams and kulfi. All in all, I've had better at other BJN outlets like Indi Joe for less, so I'll have to give this place an average rating.



Crowded cafe

The first time I went to Cafe Masala, I had only a sandwich, but my eyes were drawn to the kabab platter that a waiter was carrying to the neighbouring table - they looked delicious. I went there for the dinner buffet recently, and I was struck by how crowded it was. By the time we left at 10 pm, people were still coming in.

We were seated in non-smoking, but it was not a separate room. Thankfully, no one was smoking, or smoke would have drifted over to the non-smoking area. I wish restaurants would be more serious and committed about providing a truly non-smoking environment for those who hate the death-stick. After all, what is the point in paying a hefty bill for a meal if the pleasure is completely taken away by being forced to breathe someone's second-hand smoke?

First came the kababs. Quite a selection and quite delicious, though the vegetarian kababs leaned rather heavily towards paneer - there were at least three kababs made of paneer. The buffet spread had a variety of salads, of which only a few were really nice. There was chaat as well, but not very nice. I didn't eat much of the main course dishes as I wanted to concentrate on the desserts. But they were disappointing - there was a stale, hard chocolate cake, some oversweet jelly, very oily badam halwa, and a 'shahi jharna' which tasted like Horlicks. The saving graces were the kulfi, jalebi-rabdi, a mousse and a pastry. Overall, only the kababs were really a hit. My comments are about the vegetarian food, I don't know about the non-veg stuff.

The service was quite slow, and the waiters need more training on how to pick up dishes without dropping spoons, etc. They also need to be less in-your-face and need better communication skills.

Saving the best for the last - the restaurant has a live singer. Bhanu plays the keyboard and croons both English and Hindi songs. By the time our dinner was over, he was singing golden oldies by Kishore, Rafi and Manna Dey. I felt like sitting there for some more time just to listen to him....



A glutton's paradise!

Looking for a place to chill out on a sunday afternoon??? Want to hog on to plenty of food of multiple cuisnes???Then my friends you should head straight to CAFE MASALA.
USP : a "SUNDAY" lunch buffet, which very few places in bangalore have to offer....unless you are ready to burn a hole
in your pocket at the five stars.this place offers you a grand
buffet and a variety of cuisines to gorge on at an affordable price of 249 + taxes.
For starters they have soups(1 veg and 1 non veg),chesse and crackers,croissants,and not to forget the yummy cheese balls.
Next , you can try the salads,pastas,pizzas,spaghetti,etc..
The non vegetarians can devour on the grilled fish(not all that
great though) n the excellent chicken hariyali kabab.
And what's more...there was a counter for chaat lovers too, a DIY(do it yourself) one at that....
The main course includes a couple of vegeterian and non-
vegeterian of most scrumptious dal and rice and delectable chicken..
And last but not the least the elaborate Dessert
has a plethora of items to select from...truffles, cheese cakes, chocolate fondue, ice creams, halwa..and the list of the mouth watering desserts goes on!!!
So if you are gifted with an appetite, are born epicurean or just plain love food...treat your gastronomical senses here!
Ambience is good.
Mostly family crowd.
Moderately priced.
Only let down is the that the hard drinks are very expensive and the not-all-that-friendly staff .
The lunch buffet starts at 11-11:30pm and closes at 3:30pm. So be sure to be there by noon so that you don't miss out on
savouring the gourmet journey *wink*wink**
I had a great time here and hope you do too.
I sure would like to add my compliments to the chef and BJN group.
(Although I do not have much idea about the à la carte as I had visited the place for the lunch buffet only, this sure is a place worth a visit!)

Till then keep burrping :)



Good Value Buffet

I dont think the a la carte is worth it at Cafe Masala. Their buffets however are a great value for 249 + taxes but be there early. Parking is not a problem weekdays but is a torture on saturdays....

However be warned - sometimes, large groups keep streaming in and you have to wait for your favourite food to be refilled. So being there by 12.30 is a great idea..

Wish the management could absorb the parking ticket charges..




Cafe Masala, part of the BJN Group's plaza at Eva Mall on Brigade Road, is a great restaurant with a focus on North Indian cuisine, a department in which it has really been able to hold its own.

Let's start with the decor; it's very nicely done, with a Bollywood masala theme, and the seating is pretty comfortable. The tables are a bit on the smaller side, but I suppose that helps bring people together! :-) The service was very pleasant and extremely friendly, and this really set the mood for the wonderful meal that followed.

The menu is officially multi-cuisine, with a wide selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches, but there's no doubt that North Indian cuisine holds center stage. I thought Cafe Masala does a really good job of presenting hearty Punjabi and tandoori fare in a vibrant and casual setting. It's pretty reasonably priced, especially considering the quality of the food and the size of the servings. The authentic and flavourful Shorbas cost about Rs. 90. Starters are priced between Rs. 175 and 245, vegetarian main courses will set you back anywhere between Rs. 150 and 200, and the decent variety of breads are between Rs. 35 and 60 apiece. So all in all, it's a pretty competitively priced place. Cocktails are on the pricier side, and be prepared for damages anywhere between Rs. 250 and 350, if you're so inclined.

The food is prepared pretty quickly, and is at your table in a jiffy. In fact, one of my companions had to send her salad back twice because she hadn't worked her way through her shorba yet! Still, that's a good thing; it beats waiting endlessly for your order to come in at any rate!

Now to the food. It's solid and hearty, and will certainly fill you up! The rotis and naans are well done. A special mention must be made of the tender Roomali roti and the superb stuffed kulcha with onion. Two of us split a dal makhani, which was tasty and authentic, and lasted us through the meal. We also ordered aloo gobhi, which was spicy and solid, and a vegetable jalfrezi, which was perhaps the weak point of the meal. That's relative, however, because it was a really filling meal, and we were struggling to finish everything at the end of it. That's always a good thing, in my opinion! My other friend had a Mexican salad, which was also pretty filling thanks to the generous helping of beans and penne.

We were too full for dessert. But if you have room left in your tummy, there's a pretty extensive selection, backed by an attractive display counter. We could have had a post-dinner drink here, given the friendly and laid-back environs, but decided to go upstairs to Vaayu, another BJN establishment that markets itself as a 'sky lounge'. That was an experience in itself, but I suppose that's a story for another day.

So Cafe Masala's a great option for a casual evening out and a tasty and filling North Indian meal. Parking's never an issue at Eva Mall, and there are a number of great bars and lounges in the area to relax in after your meal. This is a pretty spunky and friendly place!


Mouth-watering Indian Food

When I first went to Café Masala, I thought that it was another Indian/Continental/Chinese/Italian joint where it's suffocatingly multi-cuisine. But one glance at the menu cleared all my doubts. Filled with delicious Indian dishes and drinks to satisy my parched throat, I would say the first impression was good!

I live for chicken, so I ordered a chicken starter called Murgh Kalimirch. Oh my god, the first bite led me into another world where I was in a heaven of flavour. Even thinking about it right now is making my mouth water. Moving on, after the delicous starter, I ordered for some naan and two chicken dishes, Murgh Makhani and Murgh Kalra. Needless to say, it wasn't dissappointing at all! I was almost weeping at how good the dish was. Ah, I can still feel the taste in my mouth!

Overall, the experience was a great one for me. And what added to it was the great service, great music and the ambience.
The service was prompt and the waiters very helpful and suggestive. My waiter, Mr. Saji, was very helpful when it came to suggestions on quantity and choice of dish.
There was a live performer who was playing the keyboard and singing, who was pleasant and sang lovely melodious slow songs that sent you into nostalgia.
The ambience was cosy and well-lit unlike some restaurants where you can barely see your food and other restaurants where you get blinded. Perfect lighting, a good view from the balcony and also a very classy atmosphere.

Overall, I think that Café Masala offers a delicious variety of food for quite a reasonable price.
The starters range from about Rs. 125-185, the main dishes from about Rs. 185-230 and dessert ranging from 100-200.

All of us know the BJN group is minting money, well all I can say is Café Masala is definitely contributing to it.