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> > > > Cafe Mondo

Cafe Mondo

JayanagarSouth Bangalore  

  • 42088686
  • 2/2, Patalamma Temple Street, Diagonally Opp Anugraha Vitthala Hospital, Jayanagar, Bangalore
  • Cakes, Snacks

16 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Cafe Mondo Reviews


Bad experience

Could not find a listing for their new HSR Layout unit, so using this one.

Went there for dinner one night and must say that I will never step into this place again. The service is so bad that we sat for nearly 10 mins without anyone even acknowledging our presence. We finally managed to place the order after a lot of requests! We ordered for a mushroom pizza and some garlic bread. The garlic bread came in first.. 4 small, thin slices of bread with some cheese on it.. ok.. so we thought that the pizza may be better.. but no luck. It was soggy and chewy and stuck in the mouth! When we told the waiters that it was not good.. they said that their manager was not available so they could not do anything about it.

What was most irritating was the manner in which their staff handled the situation. He condescended to give us a small pizza free but was not ready to replace the original! Ended up paying 400 Rs for not eating anything!! and the best part.. when we walked out, the manager was very much in his seat at the entrance!!

Well..guess the customer means nothing to them..


AlphaSu - Burrp User


11 Reviews

December 04,2012


A shade over-hyped

Cafe Mondo is really close to my office, and such cafes are rare to find in south Bangalore. The good- the desserts and coffees are to die for. The chocolates are yummy too. The service is nice, and the ambiance is chilled out. The bad - the main course food is simply not authentic, and feels like its been thrown together by someone who has no idea whatsoever about the original recipe. Their Mojitos had no mint, and their pasta sauce is always watery. It is most invitingly described in the menu card, but I am yet to find a pasta or a burger which actually tasted nice here.


srinivast - Burrp User


145 Reviews

November 16,2010


Just about OK

Hi. We have tried out this restaurant today. Here we go on the experience:
1. Service: Good; attentive, smart.
2. Ambience: cozy little one, could be better on the music.
3. Menu: Good variety
4. Menu Card: the script is interesting...maintained consistency of typeface
5. Lead time: could be better. It took a while to get a portion of Chilly garlic bread.
6. Taste: Not all that good. Definitely it needs improvement. Nowhere could we find the "authenticity" that is made out as it is in the Menu card...definitely it must have the flavors of Italian or Moroccon
7. Benchmark: for the typical variety of menu that is presented, they may benchmark with the offerings at Herbs n spice, which we felt as absolutely delicious, salivating and consistent
8. Value for money: does need to improve...a lot
But a good beginning... specially in that part of the city...which is suffused in the plethora of options with nuanced and elevated tastes catering to the south indian palette..


Fancy- for this side of town!

Having spotted this cafe for sometime now, we decided to give this place a visit one evening. It seemed quite fancy for a cafe in the south of the city. Classy ambiance, with the menu written on a black board and some trivia about story of cafeterias. Claims to be a self service system, but people come over to take your order anyway. We tried some potato smilies for starters and had a pizza and some garlic bread, all of which tasted fine. The lemon iced tea tasted like peach iced tea, and that was disappointing. One exciting try would be the Chocolate Mousse which is served in an edible chocolate cup!
However, I would suggest you visit this place only if you are loaded. Quite a pinch on the wallet!



Good food

For the way the place looks, you wouldn't expect the food to be so authentic and well-made. Highly recommended. Prices could be a little easier for the ambience and location. But it is totally worth it. We loved the chocolate mousse dessert! Good service also.



Good, but expensive

Good, creative food but a little too expensive. What we got did not seem worth the price we paid. The roasted vegetable sandwich was delicious, but the burger was terribly skimpy. The staff is lovely -- helpful and flexible. We are vegan so they replaced the butter and cheese with a delicious pesto. They also have whole wheat bread, which for us was the most exciting thing about the place! If the prices were a little lower, we would surely be regulars here.


rahulz12 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 13,2009


great ambience

Nice palace to go with famiy,has very warm interiors with nice images based on a cafe theme.The staff are very friendly and the service is prompt.Roasted veg sandwich is to die for and so is the Veggie bomb pizza. They have Mama Mia Gelatos,I think it is just great to have gelatos in south bangalore as I think nobody has Gelatos.Kudos to Cafe Mondo.
Well done and hope you guys last for a long time to come.


nothing great!

Another cafe...! But at least it is not a chain :-)
good place for a coffee...but the food is just ok...prices too are high for food...!
New place...lets hope they improve!
(bad exp - my carrot cake had fungus on it!)


studzz - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 24,2009


welcome change!

I am truly amazed with such a place in south bangalore! Cafe Mondo has bought about a welcome change to this part of town, My son and wife have become very much daily regulars to this cafe...the vegges filled pizzas are mouth watering...reminds me of the times i have had such gourmet pizzas in the west...the advantage is also for me that it is 100% veg which is very hard to find especially with authhentic taste,thankfully they have not indianised the taste.I only hope this cafe stays clean and maintains the taste.


padmak - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 24,2009


Worth it

The ambience is very casual.Variety is less, but yes the taste is good. neat place to hang around with friends.


ankithalder - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 18,2009


Gud according to jayanagar standards !!

Welll a nice place to go and simply chat...its an ONLY VEG is very gud over here...and even the desserts...they gud have done it better if they had some couch to sit...the sitting isnt really comfortable...self service isnt gud here...pricing is decent ...a cold coffee wud cost approx 70 rs...


vinkan - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 17,2009


Some refreshing difference

walking inside Mondo itself we figured it is going to be different...sat on the table just opposite to the cash counter got the complete the definition of cafe and was enlightened by the write up...just like I always do I asked the guys there about what is good n was directed towards pesto bonanza pizza...ordered it right away as my husband and I are complete fans of pesto...went in for a caprese sandwich....along with a lemon crush for me and a mixed bag of berries...asked the staff to not add any sugar if they did so...along with that we went in for a serve of fries. once the food arrieved the only topic on table was how refreshingly the food was different from the other places....completely full of flavor...each bite into pizza n we could not get enough of it.Not too cheesey like any of the commercial places like pizza hut or the likes...loads of veggies...even though not a big fan of eggplant i totally ate it all up.
The caprese sandwich went down quickly a lovely treat if one is looking for a light sandwich packed with flavor.
lemon crush is my fav to order always...mixed bag was also good but the crush did it for me. Fries were good....with some chillie sauce on the side to add the heat. for dessert we went for the brandy flourless and that is something we are definatley going back for more...we ended up eating 2 pcs when we initially oredered for one!!! with the cake we ordered the peeking pecan ice cream and that was also very good.
over all the place is lovely...relaxed...refreshingly different from the normal 'CAFE' which was known to serve only coffee n some short eats.....rather we enjoyed some lovely hot food.



Went here on a weekday evening. A lot of promise with the reviews read. Guess we were asking for too much.
We were hungry and it was past 9pm so ordered a couple of sandwiches. One with pesto, the other with feta. The pesto was layered as you would gold-thin and almost non existent. It did not taste like it was made the same day, something I seriously ding this place for. The one with feta had it missing. Did not want to ask the waiter for it so just went ahead and ate it. Accompanying fries were limp.
Followed this up with a smoothie, which was ok. too much sugar for the evening.
All in all, not a cafe to go to. I'd choose Cool Corner for the sandwiches any day. Have to complement them on the decor though. Suggest they use some good bread rather than plain old triangle loaf sandwich bread. That would help to start, along with better food presentation.
You have a great location, away from the crowd on a relatively peaceful stretch of road, dont blow it away with the type of food you serve. On a side note, I overheard what people at other tables were ordering. All wanted chilli or spicy food. Dont change your food to accommodate these Illiterates. Stay a cafe true and blue, you will get your loyal followers


dia3das - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 05,2009


Good Food ...

Well if your looking for a quaint little place with Good food, Just head to Cafe Mondo.

What struck us most about the place was the fact that they had some really interesting desserts. If you are a chocolate junky like me you would be pleasantly surprised about the number of chocolate treats they had. :)

A definite one time visit i'd say .


Can get better

Bored by the evening, and some nice weather calling us out, made us make sure we go for a walk. Since my friend and I always looked at Café Mondo and told ourselves we should go here someday, this was the obvious choice.

Itâ??s a corner place on Patalamma Temple Street and close to Armugam Cirle. Nicely done up interiors in yellow and some good pictures hanging on the walls. Here, you need to place your orders at the cash counter, pay and theyâ??ll serve the food to your table.

I was in a mood for some salad and my friend wanted to take a drink. We finally ended up with Fasta Pasta Salad, Peach Iced Tea and Garlic Bread with Cheese.

Well, nothing can beat garlic bread with cheese from a Pizza Hut or any other Italian restaurant. This one here was just average. Since my friend loves cheese, she had the most part of it. I was in for the Salad and the Fasta Pasta Salad was on bland and nice but the amount of oil in it could be reduced.
2 slices of Garlic Bread was given along the salad.

The iced tea my friend had was more tasting like syrup than iced tea. One sincere advice would be, they really need to work on their basics and make things better. Iced tea was a total flop and can surely be missed.
After this, we wanted to have something nice and sweet. So, a slice of Honey Almond Cake was on the table after the order. This definitely tasted good, but, it could have been much softer.

The total damage for the 2 of us was around 300 bucks. A nice warm place to chill out in the evenings and its well located. If they can pay heed to the smaller things and set it right, am sure, this place is gonna be much better with the kind of location theyâ??ve made their presence.



Cafe Mondo - true to its promise

After two days of serious binging, my parents and us decided that it was time to go easy and treat ourselves to some nice salads and sandwiches. Cafe Mondo was the first place that came to mind.

We went in for the Greek Griller, which was greek cheese melted around kalamata olives, roma tomatoes, red onions and oregano. Served with coleslaw and chips, the sandwich was filling and yumcious. It took a really long time in coming, almost till the rest of us finished, but in the end it was with the worth it.

We also decided to have a 5" pizza - Pizza goes boom eggplant, zucchini, red peppers, mushroom and mozzarella. Lovely thin and crispy crust and the pizza was loaded with the filling. Hot and right on the spot.

There was also the Roasted Veggie sandwich which was zucchini yellow pepper, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, cream cheese in herbed panini. and it was a brilliant dish.

The Mondo's Italian salad - Lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers, black olives, red peppers and cheddar in Italian dressing. Totally loved the tangy taste of the dressing, though as it progressed the tanginess seemed to over power all the other ingredients. Maybe a tad lesser dressing would do the trick.

I went in for a second salad. Chickpeas Tomato Cucumber salad. The description goes thus - greens, lemon dressing, chickpeas (which were nice and soft, just the way I like them), tomatoes, olives, onions, carrots and feta cheese. The dressing on this one was seriously overwhelming and the cucumber pieces had turned bitter, perhaps from the lime juice that was squeezed on it.

We also had the Fasta Pasta salad that I had the first time round. This was shell pasta with cherry tomatoes, black olives, cucumber, chives with a garlic dressing. As yummy as the first time.

Between all of us, this was washed down with Crushed lemon - lemon and orange juice blended with ice. Fruit blend, mango blended with honey and nut of orange. Also Mixed Bag of berries - a blend of mixed berries with yogurt, milk and ice. All of these were really very good. Also on the table were orders of French fries and cheese garlic bread. Irish coffee was ordered too. The verdict remains the same - lovely place, a few minor tweaks here and there.

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