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> > > > Cafe Mozaic, Vivanta by Taj

Cafe Mozaic, Vivanta by Taj

MG RoadCentral Bangalore  


14 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Sunday Brunch Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Enjoy a leisurely Sunday with your family and friends over fabulous food and drink. Relaxing over the Sunday brunch of delicious food accompanied by refreshing cocktails and mocktails offers a perfect way to spend the day.

    Day: Every Sundays

    Time: 12 noon - 3.30pm

    Price: Rs. 1700 + taxes


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Cafe Mozaic, Vivanta by Taj Reviews


Good Service But Expensive

Had quick and easy service. Place is a bit small. May have to wait for a table on weekends. Else food is good but bit higher on your pocket.

I am a veggie and selection was good. Would have preferred more north Indian curries.


Completely Disappointed!!!

This is a favourite place of mine. I have been going here for ages (since Southern Comfort days) ,before the glitzy makeovers and name changed to funky one.
I had a terrible experience on 25.05.2013 (early hours) where we got a completely burnt milk filter coffee. Upon being told it was taken away only to be replaced with a lesser burnt milk filter coffee.
Please ensure the quality before serving.


Excellent Dessert ... Wonderful Service ....

First of all Thanks to BURRP for giving us the opportunity to enter Taj Vivanta, without spending one penny from our pocket. I won the coupon as part of a review writing competition. Lunch Buffet for two.

Since this was my first opportunity to be in a class place like this I made sure that I tasted as many things as possible. There were all variety of the common stuffs like Fish Varuval, Hunan Chicken (excellent), Paneer, variety of Indian and foreign breads. Few of the starters were very good. The different kind of salads made you wonder that - there can be salads from ingredients that it was made from. For instance - Apple and Chicken. Forgot to mention they were very good. Main course was nothing so much to talk about. Lets now come to my favorite area - Dessert - it was worth all the money that it costs for the lunch buffet. So many varieties of delicacies ( I have no idea what you call them) and the common things like moose was so DAMNN GOOD!!!! The term "melt in mouth" was experienced here by me.

Last but not the least - the service, I never felt so relieved going any hotel like I did in Cafe Mozaic. I guess 5 STAR has its own advantages. You feel like a king.

They say the lunch buffet is Rs.1100/- per person. Is it worth that much? Well I dont want to say this - but I guess NO. That is a lot of money.

But yeah you should go here to know what 5 STAR experience feels like. Specially if you are not one of the Business Class travelers. :-)




Fine Dining Experience

Its a truly delightful experience to visit this restaurant after a long time...True to its lineage and heritage it definitely did not disappoint a wee bit; on the contrary its a refreshing experience.
Ambience: nice n cozy, yet understated
Food: beautiful spread, even for the vegetarians..would certainly recommend their fresh panneer slivers lightly grilled and smeared with delicate masalas...
Service: prompt, courteous, ever proactive, and non-intrusive: exceptional
Overall: fun to be there...


sashni - Burrp User


70 Reviews

February 17,2012


Does not live up to the standards

Rs.1100 for a lunch buffet and at the Taj! What would one expect??
If you have a choice, then skip this restaurant. Well, we were kind of forced to go there, with the gift coupons that we had!
Salad bar is ok but without the labels, veggies have a tough time. There were some pita and hummus around, but the waiters despite request said the customer needs to create the end product himself. I would have expected someone to help me make it! There were no Indian starters in the menu expect the paneer tikka! Main course consisted of 2 colored rice, rot is and some yummy gravies (saving grace). Desserts were decent and perhaps the only satisfactory part of the meal. Regarding the service, most of the waiters or whatever they are called in star restaurants had such a sad and disinterested look on their faces. Occasional smiles would have helped us digest the meal better. Overall, the restaurant does not live up to the Taj standards !!



Not Worth it ! seriously

I went to taj on 24th for christmas dinner.... The ambiance sucked! the air was so heavy with smoke that eyes were burning. The food was not consistent at all, Gravy was too spicy across the spread...infact what was apparent was that all they had done was add overboiled vegetables to precooked gravy... infact in the sabji miloni the water was even uncooked!!!! not worth it all....dont waste ur money



Everything average - not value for money

First things first. Cafe Mosaic is an expensive place to dine at. Does the cost justify the food, ambience and place?

Food: Food is average, very average. Except for the main course consisting of Pizza, nothing lived up to our expectations. Minestrone soup was average - just about lukewarm when served. The salad was ho hum, but it was the Kebab platter that was an absolute disaster. Even darshinis serve better hara bhara kabab than the gooey mess we were served.

Ambience: We asked for a place by the pool. The place is good enough, but the traffic on the other side of the road is pretty ear-numbing.

Service : Not bad. One person taking the order at all tables outside, and he was doing the best he could. More like, "now that you are here, you might as well be served" attitude.

One would probably go here for just the snob value, or as in our case, to use up the gift voucher that was running its time.


True Cafe

It was very nice experience, the pasta is really nice even though the food is very good really appreciate.I 'll recomended to all of mine colleague and friends, truely very good service and food the staff is vey nice.. fell like we are eating at one of the region in Italy great going pls keep and maintain ur standard. will visit soon



Delicious Pizza....

First, I am not going to write a detailed review.

Pizza was brilliant to say the least.
Service was comforting.
The cocktail I had could have been a bit stronger, again, this is my perspective.
Overall had a nice time at this place.




Fantastic Place, Shall Return

My friend and I decided to try out a 24 hour coffee shop as we had planned to watch a late night show. Our choice was Cafe Mozaic. We arrived at the hotel and after going through the mandatory security checks and valet parking formalities, walked inside and headed to Cafe Mozaic. We were greeted very politely and ushered to the table of our choice, a corner table for two. After ensuring that we were comfortably seated, the waiter brought us the very extensive menu, from which, after a lot of consideration I chose a seafood and fennel soup and a starter. My friend also chose a nice soup, with quenelles and we decided to split a pizza. The soups came very promptly and were lovely. I enjoyed every mouthful of mine, though I did leave behind the pieces of prawns and calamari since I am not fond of chunks of food in my soup, however well -cooked they are. My friend too enjoyed his soup and spooned up every quenelle in it. Next came the starter - a traditional salmon with capers and melba toast, accompanied with a salad of lettuce with drizzled salad dressing on it. This was lovely. Then came the pizza (our main course). We had ordered a thin crust pizza with prosciutto (a dry cured ham) and mushrooms. This too was done to perfection and was lovely. Sadly, I was too full for dessert, though my friend suggested we split one and so after paying the bill we left. Not trying out a dessert however, gives us an excuse to go back and there were a number of very interesting- sounding desserts on that menu.
I liked the coffee shop, considering it very tastefully decorated. The low music in the background was very pleasant and easy on the ears. It didn't impede conversation in any way. The lighting was perfect and the seating was very comfortable. Though they were armchairs, they were designed in such a way, that they could be pulled up beneath the table and so leaning back comfortably didn't mean not being able to converse easily (in a lot of places, the furniture is poorly designed and so relaxtion and comfort usually render a conversation, other than a loud, shrill one impossible). The service was excellent. The waiters were quick, courteous and came when requested. We didn't feel hurried in any way and left slowly, a little after 1 am in the morning. The price, ah... now that's a bit steep, but then for a five star hotel, it is only to be expected and the ambience, music, food and courteous waiters made it worth the cost. Definitely a place to go back to.



Pathetic service

Really bad experience at the Taj Residency... which is surprising as they have such a good reputation.

Started with them closing down their restaurant at 10:50 pm. Then directing us to the coffee shop. Then from there rerouting us back to "Memories of China" saying that they will serve us coffee shop food there instead of Mosaic.

Soiled table cloth? Different table. Bar closed before 11:00 pm.

service was apalling... no water served, food stuck to the bottom of the glass, getting ignored by the waiters, 45 mins for cheese poppers. Taking 15 mins for a bill?

To food then... biriyani was very average, cheese poppers was bearable (no sauce served though).

It was a nightmare night, punctuated by the "valet" not knowing he's being watched rips the car across the road, screeches to a halt and then reverses into the parking lot over the speed breaker at a high speed.

never again.

PS: please go to the Coffee Shop at Le Meridian. They were excellent... almost indulgent.



After a late night party

The coffee shop is the best in business.

The only one which has life even if you are going ther at the oddest hour.

The prices are too steep though and hence do spoil the party a bit.

Try the thin crust pizzas there. Even at midnight they still make it the best.


Mmm... Bacon!

I don't care much for the other food served here, but the bacon and eggs here is pretty good. The best bacon I've had in Bangalore. My buddy and I used to go here way too often, almost always late in the night, so we could get our daily dose of bacon and eggs.

The guys at Mozaic know us well enough that they'd serve us bacon and eggs any time of the day.


Fourier - Burrp User


33 Reviews

October 03,2008


Good service + borderline average food

So, it was the 2nd October holiday and after sleeping till almost 3PM, I decided to hunt for a restaurant to brunch at. The options were limited and I wanted to try out some place I hadn't visited in a while.

In any case, went to Cafe Mosaic - I used to like their pool side lunch long back - thought I'd revisit the place and see how they fare during odd hours.

We ordered the pizza Dello and pasta with mushrooms. The pizza was not bad, but nothing out of the ordinary either. It wasn't bad or inedible - but not gourmet either. O well, wasn't bad. The fettuccine with mushrooms was ...umm...NOT GOOD. The fettuccine was floating in oil and the mushrooms were either out of the can or preserved by the Taj chef for a bit longer than it should be!

The service was good and I didn't have to ask around for refills which came very promptly without me asking for it. I guess I'd stick to Cafe Mosaic for normal hours from now on - not worth the odd hours.