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> > > > Cafe Pascucci

Cafe Pascucci

MalleshwaramSouth Bangalore    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 23316363
  • 2nd Floor, Mantri Square Mall, 1st Cross, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 750

7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Cafe Pascucci Reviews

Never Again!

Very disappointing. I picked a "special of the day" tomato and feta salad -- 8 slices of thinly sliced tomato, literally a 5 mm drop of melted feta on each slice -- NO dressing, NO olive oil, no herbs, nothing. And the garnish on the side was zucchini PEEL! The pizza was stale. The pasta, to be fair, was decent. The oregano, which I demanded, was stale. The olive oil, which also I demanded, was some non-extra virgin olive oil (maybe not even olive) masked with garlic.
The service was pathetic -- the waitress handed over the knife and fork by sticking it in our faces, with the sharp sides pointed at us! But I think I should blame the owners rather than the kids they hire -- I guess the kids receive no training.

And the website is equally bad -- I tried to leave feedback, but I found the link broken. I then tried to mail the proprietors -- my mail to all three of them bounced back.




My first visit to Cafe Pascucci started off as an attempt to get away from the claustrophobia-inducing crowd in Mantri Square. A brand new eatery then, the white furniture looked really impressive although it resembles the Taj Mahal now. Not complaining because I of all people know how hard it is to maintain white. :|

My friend wanted to try their yogurt-based dessert which turned out to be really good. I went for the express meal, which was basically a canned juice, chef's special pizza and a raisin-cinnamon roll dessert. The pizza was very good but the cheese dries and pulls off very fast. Maybe they could use a softer mozzarella? The raisin-cinnamon roll was amazing!

On our second visit, we tried a starter (potato gold coins? Don't remember the name) which was tasty and came as a decently large portion. The risotto was well made, although a little low on salt but good nonetheless. The Greek salad was a hit with us this time, with my friend drooling over the Parmesan. :)

On our third visit, we ordered the express meal again. The same pizza and starter but the waiter forgot to get us the dessert! We were having such an intense conversation at the table that we forgot to ask for it ourselves and left, only to realise the best part of the meal stayed back at the cafe. So yeah, I'm undecided about how to rate this place.


Greatest Pizzas ever, great service

I discovered this place a year ago and I have been here more than 70 times already. They make the finest thin crust pizzas in the city without doubts. Not to mention their extensive coffee menus and great pastas. To top that, the service is extremely good and accommodating.

If you haven't tried Pascucci at Mantri Square yet, you are definitely missing out!


Pseudo-Italian fare with average service

Ambience: Ambience is pleasant, but it can get a bit noisy because of the mall around it. Seating is comfortable and elegant.

Taste: We tried only the vegetarian fare. We had a salad and some bruschetta and both were very flavorful and delicious. For the main course, we had a shock awaiting us. They did not have any pizza to offer that day, which was strange (and disappointing to our kids). So, we had 3 pastas and a grilled veg sandwich. The pastas were not exactly al dente. They were a bit overcooked. Portion sizes were quite good. Taste was about average, but not authentic Italian. The flavor of herbs/spices did not really stand out. Presentation was so-so. The sandwich was very good; the pastas, not as much.

Service: Service was about average or slightly less than average. The server was very nice, patient and helpful. But, he did not really know the items on the menu very well. Also, we asked him to add mushrooms and olives to two of our pastas and he agreed, but we didn't find any when we got them, so I'm going to dock them a couple of points for it.

Price: We chose not to have dessert in Caffe Pascucci, because we were not very hungry and because the portion sizes of our main course were quite large. Our total bill for the four of us came to roughly Rs.1700.


Decent food.. Decent service.

I was in the mall the other day to catch a movie. This is one of the best places to eat in Malleshwaram. Of course, this being only a coffee joint - it speaks volumes about the poor quality of restaurants in and around Malleshwaram. On its own though, the place is just above average. The menu is mostly Italian, and these guys specialize in wood fired pizzas.
We were disappointed with the food though. We ordered a sausage and shredded chicken pizza, and to our horror, the Pizza was basically cheese and chicken. While the pizza itself wasn't bad, the lack of any topping, besides chicken and cheese, made the pizza really dry. My friend ordered some kind of pasta which was good - but nothing to write home about. My biggest grouse with the place is that the food menu is not descriptive at all, and half the names are uncommon Italian words, making it really difficult to make a choice.
We tried a few drinks, and all of them were great. The drinks menu, fortunately, is pictorial which helps a great deal.
The service was good - everyone spoke good English, understood us, and no one disturbed us. However, the place is understaffed. We had to wait quite a while to place our orders etc. I had to pay at the counter because i couldn't catch the attention of the limited staff.
The place is quite big, and the tables are well spaced out. One rant in general though - if you have free wifi (they do), please secure it with a wep password and give the customer the key when he occupies the table. I love the idea of WIFI, but I am not going to connect to an insecure network.
Overall, I'd recommend the place if one wants to grab a quick bite. Please get a description, of whatever you order, from the attendant. It is slightly more expensive than the coffee days, but the quality of everything is way superior. Recommended? In Malleshwaram - yes!


Nice place to catch a relaxing cuppa

And more than just that. We had a couple of coffees and a roll and the pizza. The coffee was nice but the roll and the pizza were even better. Certain the place at Mantri mall to hit if you want to relax with a nice steaming hot cup. Make sure you try the pizza if you like the wood-fire variety.



Relaxing...though i have some suggestions

I often visit Mantri Mall and after shopping or going through the entire mall, one's gotta eat and relax...and not many of us see it that way but the food courts at malls are somewhere everyone who is anyone can go...but what's the fun in that...if u ask me to go to the food court i'd say, eeeeeh never mind u carry on...
if u r not one to mind your pockets getting a little stretched every once in a few weeks then i'd say go to a good place. Not criticizing anyone but its about your personal choices.

What I like about the place:
I went to Cafe Pascucci first in March of 2010...and i have been going there since for the amazing variety of coffees and desserts....the food there is also good...i like to make my own pasta(by which i mean choose the vegies/meat and cheese, just like make your own sunday) ,
the wood-fire pizza they make will be liked very much by those who are not much into dominos and pizza hut (coz their definition of pizza is different) again there is an option to make your own pizza....the pizza is thin crust and prepared on wood-fire and not in the oven which gives it a smokey taste...there is a dessert called jamaica which i highly recommend....the staff is polite too...also though not a Great Deal but the wifi is free...but a few guys and gals know me face now so getting a better service...i find it a very good place to go with friends or even alone, take a novel, eat relax and enjoy

What I don't like about the place:
well i do not like the Ice Tea and there are limited options in its replacement...the staff though polite seems to forget that you are there...and needs to be reminded...also it seems that they work in a pack and sometimes there will be plenty of them where you are sitting and sometimes there'll be none...i say this because i had to wait for water for like 15 minutes while i was eating ...also the fact that often the staff tried to take back the olive oil flask and the chilly flakes and oregano seasoning from my table while i was still eating...and that doesn't go very well with me...Otherwise a wonderful place...i hope u enjoy