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> > > > Cafe Y

Cafe Y

Langford RoadWest Bangalore  

  • 41144561
  • 2/2, Langford Road - Eagle Street Intersection, Langford Town, Langford Road, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine

12 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Cafe Y Reviews

Miss the place!

This place was so wonderful! I have been there some 4 times when I was staying at Berlie street at Langford Road. The staff was just wonderful!



I spent an amazing Christmas Evening and a Dinner date. The company surely matters...along with the venue,food and ambiance. More than anything, a good host play a great roll.
The Place: Very Neat with indoor and outdoor sitting area. brightly Lit up and subtle music beautified the place with a lot of greenery.
Food: Fresh food, simply yummy. The chicken and vegetable soup in white sauce tastes great. The yummy garlic bread basket has remained the same ever since, The sizzlers and steaks are great. Add up a Cold Coffee to the dinner and its like lip smacking heaven. the cold coffee here can give any of the big brands run for their money.
Host: Superb hospitality. The service is very quick and the waiters always smile you through your enjoyable food journey.


What's with the Cheese Sauce

I like Cate Y - small neat place, tucked away in one of the busiest sides of town. The cheese cakes are must must have on your every visit. Service is good enough.

My only disappointment was the cheese sauce. For some reason they grate cheese into the white sauce and that is what they call the cheese sauce. It makes anything you order with the sauce rather lumpy and weird. Their cheese bread was also rather disappointing...grated and un-melted cheese on toasty bread...

It's back to infinitea for me...the food is the same genre - but in a different class!



Small restro with great continental food!

This restro tucked away in Langford Town with brightly coloured walls and interesting wall photos serves some great dishes. I have visited this place several times on my way back home and it never failed to leave me with a content tummy! The chocolate mousse is a must-try and the salads too are worth exploring. A meal for two will cost approximately Rupees four to five hundred without desserts and appetizers. If you can, try the tables outside, its quieter (when most tables inside are occupied) and you can watch life go by as you dig into your food..


Good Continental and Italian

We often crossed Langford town to get to our place while returning from MG Road but, never had a chance to stop by at Cafe Y. Some days back we went to our dentist in that area and decided to have lunch around the locality when we remembered Cafe Y. We thought of trying it out as it looked very cozy from outside and the best option at that time.

The place is pretty decent and the staff is very good. The menu has good variety of Italian, continental and Chinese items. We ordererd garlic bread, Lasagne and pasta. All the dishes were very tasty and the service was very quick.

The place is reasonanly priced and must be a blessing for people living near by :)


Loved it!

Guys you must try the Caramel Custard! its delightful.... :)


Quaint Little Place

This is a nice place for people looking out for something different. The menu is varied and the side orders are quite good and the price is resonable.


Small can be good

This little cafe tucked away off Hosur road near Bangalore Military School (on the side road near Prestige Elgin) is one of the few treasure troves of Bangalore. It so happened that the traffic around Langford Town/Shantinagar was pretty heavy, and I remembered that Cafe Y is supposed to be around here someplace, and so I decided to park and look for the place and hop in for an early dinner. Although this place is on a street that's pretty heavy when it comes to traffic during peak hours, it's interiors and decor and more importantly the colours used inside certainly transport you to Enid Blyton's's almost akin to a toy house, like Noddy's, with bright colours like yellow and orange.

The menu primarily comprises of European, especially Italian, with a good variety of choices for both vegetarians and the meat eaters. There are soups and salads, sizzlers and pastas, and a section for kiddies. They also have a separate menu card for Chinese, which I didn't try. I started off with a minestrone soup, which was good. But the stand out feature here was the accompaniment of two pieces of bread in a basket and some small cubes of butter in a small tray covered with a lid! This was a first for me anywhere, so I was pleasantly surprised, and tucked away into the soup, and polished it off with the bread and butter.

For my main course, I didn't want to try anything meaty, and so settled for something that I thought wouldn't be too large - a veg lasagna, Boy, was I wrong! Once the lasagna arrived and I started digging into it, not only did it taste heavenly, I also realised that there was quite a bit to finish! I had a good book with me and so leisurely ate, while the staff were content watching Tom & Jerry as there weren't any other customers at quarter past 7. By the time I finished my lasagna, I didn't think I had any space left for dessert, but I had seen a blueberry cheesecake on the menu, and so just had to have one - so a blueberry cheesecake it was. The portion served was large, and I don't think I've ever had a cheesecake that's tasted this good in a long time. At 100 bucks for a cheesecake, this one is well worth the money, although I'm certain I've had similar cheesecakes at cake shops for slightly less. Nevertheless, this place is really nice and perfect if you don't want to end up shelling out more than 500 bucks for a complete meal similar to what I ate (a touch below 400). The ambiance inside is nice, and although they do have a couple of tables outside, I'm not too sure if people would fancy those at night with vehicles zipping outside the compound (but I could be wrong).

Pictures at:


CAN TRY IT........

Good place at even better price......

i had heard a lot of this place n was quite curious to try out t place....finally t day did not leave a lasting impression

t food is no doubt good.....but i don't think i would travel far of distance to dine there......

It falls in t class of CAsa's n i feel it's better than many of t casa outlets in town......

if u happen to be around Lanford road, then must try it......


jothegreat - Burrp User


19 Reviews

September 10,2008


Full Paisa Vasool

A lovely place, tucked in a corner. Totally non pretentious & has very friendly staff. They always have a smile on their face & are ever willing to help you through anything. Coming to the main point ... the food here is simply Excellent!! fully worthy of each penny you pay. One soup, 2 main dishes would be around 900. Each dish would be at an average of 250-300. The serving is just right for people with a wholesome appetite. (including the dishes on the kids menu). You can eat anything from sizzlers (Mexican, French, Chinese & Indian), pasta, lasagna, burgers, sandwiches, soups, milkshakes etc etc. This place is diagonally opposite to the Elgin off the Hosur road, beside the iSqueez store.


foodie  - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 26,2007


Small Place... Great Food

It is a small restaurant tucked away in Langford Road. You have the option of outdoor or indoor seating. The waiters are attentive and enthusiastic. The menu is really good! You have the option of tasting food from different regions of the world. A kid meal menu is also offered. The non- vegetarian dishes offer plenty of variety. Try the salads, they are nicely made.


Foodie Das - Burrp User

Foodie Das

6 Reviews

February 05,2007


Must try the Chinese

Cafe Y in Lagford Town is one of our favourite in Bangalore.Must say that the restaurant is quite underrated compared to the great food it serves. Cafe Y has introduced the Chinese food recently and quite liked the taste especially the chicken with corriander and lemon sauce. The prawns and the fishes were fresh and had a great time with Salt & pepper Prawns and London Fish & Chips.