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Cake Walk

IndiranagarEast Bangalore    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS


34 Reviews / 36 Ratings

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Cake Walk Reviews







Cakes For All Occasions

Whenever there is a Birthday , Anniversary or any occasion in the Family, the first place we think of is Cakewalk. They are known for their delicious cakes and pastries. My favorite cakes being the Cakewalk Chocolate Truffle and the Ferrero Rocher cakes. As for the pastries I love the gooey chocolate and tiramisu, which according to me is out of this world.
I suggest everyone must try this place if they love desserts.


alokmr99 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

February 18,2014






Good Food and Ambience

They are like an alrounder. Not just a bakery but also have good eat's when you are hungry. Love their club sandwich and coffee. You should order a cake from Cake Walk when there is a birthday in your family, you will not be disappointed.



Too Pricey

Why you guys are priced so high? This certainly isn't gourmet! Even your basic daily bread is double the cost of your normal bread. The price of cakes also seem to be increasing in no logical order. Service is awful! A snazzier outlet doesn't necessarily make for better taste and value for money. You guys can do better on taste and price. And come on, don't compare yourselves with the Leela's, Taj's and the Oberoi's; they are five-stars with gourmands at service.


Too expensive !!!

Never visit this place for their cakes. I went there 2 days back to to buy plum cake. The manner in which the staff treats you is as though they are doing you a favor by serving. They just stand there and choose to ignore you. We then asked for 1 kg of plum cake and the fellows told me that it is priced at an exorbitant 700 rs per kg. I was shocked at the price. We could have bought a cake at this price in a 5 star hotel like Taj. I then asked them the reason for this exorbitant price. The reason given was that it was full of 'nuts and rich plums'. I think the management feels that customers are 'nuts' to buy plum cake at this price. I walked out of this place and decided never to come back.
Next door was a Niligiris outlet, one of the pioneers of the plum cake in Bangalore and India. We bought a 1 kg premium quality cake at 300 rs.
You can now imagine the margins that Cake Walk is making and duping the general public. Bad practice!


Anoop Balan - Burrp User

Anoop Balan

2 Reviews

November 25,2012


You can eat everything but cakes here!

Incredible as it may sound, an outlet predominantly selling cakes wont allow its customers to eat purchased whole cakes from within its premises. And this despite all the tables being unoccupied! There are other reviews on burrp! that state the same, but they are dated and I thought this would be a thing of the past with them having opened a snazzier outlet. But not checking with them on this policy while ordering was a mistake.
The cake that was ordered, a cheese cake from their premium range, was just ordinary. Places with such appalling customer service do not deserve to be patronized


tsmenam - Burrp User


8 Reviews

August 16,2012


Super Super Yummy

Loved the cake selection! With no doubt - The best place to go for birthdays!


Best cakes in bangalore

This place has best cakes in bangalore I have tried this place many times some times for snaks, some time for dinner. They had good veg patty, good burger etc. But when ever or what ever cake you order it's excellent we have all birthday cakes etc from here only..

All points are out of 5
Food : 4
Decor : 3
Service : 5
Music : 2
Value for money :4
Over all :5


Strictly OK not impressive

Tried their pastries and mousse. Its not bad, but maybe for that money you are not expected to get top class!!!


Ashish  - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 23,2012


Decent place/price/service

Have been going to Cakewalk for couple of years. Their USP is, obviously, cakes so they have a limited menu of burgers/subs/sandwiches/salads/drinks/sides. They do a decent job of churning out the food/drinks. Price-wise, they are enough to keep the college-crowd out. Service is patchy at times depending on the server you get. Love their Grilled Chicken Salad and Bruschettas !


nivedj - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 26,2011


pathetic manager..

He was really rude and completely demented. I payed for the cake..and shouted at him to shove the cake up his backside... I wonder what the management is doing about this.. We want respect first, and then the cake.. i have advised many of my friends never to go there..infact the quality is going down by the day too.


Good Food

Ordered a pineapple cake, burgers & sides. All were ready in 10-15 mins, Manager was quite polite & helpful. All the items ordered were above par!Definitely visiting again!!! Nice Work - Cake Walk!!


Good Food

Ordered a pineapple cake ( cake was soft & freshly baked, could have had more pineapple filling though), burgers, salad and garlic bread. The Manager was very polite & courteous, had the food ready in 10-15 mins as a take away. All the items were above par, am definitely visiting again! My better half - who is a picky eater enjoyed the food too. Overall, thumbs up!


Bad service and behaviour

It was birthday of my wife and I ordered a cake in the morning over the phone. I confirmed about the the cake almost 4 times through out the day and told the manager over the phone that I will collect it at night 9 O' clock as I was busy in office. And the manager confirmed. But when I walked into the shop at that hour of the night the manager made me wait for 15 minutes only to say that the cake is not ready and they can not prepare the cake at that time.




manager is very very rude. We got a cake of Rs 1000. Wanna cut it at thr place. Manager demanded tat one needs to buy some eatables of Rs. 100 fr tat.. We went n took eatable of worth 100. We waited fr around 20 mins fr the order bt ws futile. We inquired abt it, so again we were informed tat nw eatables of Rs 100 per head shud b ordered fr availing d facility. This ws really disgusting. At last we urged him fr Bday celebration, bt he refused. N moreover we had to fight fr the remaining change given fr order.. WELL THIS IS SHAMELESS... Boooooohhhh... V recommend nt to go thr n eat.. Unbearable service... Cake Walk Indira Nagar Blore should be ashamed of thr action.


Unethical Management & Insensitive People..

I had ordered a Rs 1500/ cake. Went there with a group of 4 ppl, sat on the chair to cut the cake... As we just started cutting the cake and singing b'day rhymes. The manager came jumping that we need to order something more costing Rs100 per person to allowed to celebrate here. He started abusing us and ruined or B'day surprise for my friend.

Truly disliked the behavior. We just came out of the cakewalk with our half cut cake and went to Domino's who greeted us really nicely and had some nice time.

When we came back to our car parked next to cakewalk, this manager again came with anguish and not allowing us to take our own car saying that it was parked in his area. We have to fight to take our car and had to leave in real bad mood. And the guy did not had sense at all to talk and respect girls.

From here on I take a oath not to go to cakewalk ever in ma life..
-- Anshuman


Amazing cakes

Given the sameness of ccd, just bakes and sweet chariot, I was very surprised with Cakewalk. One of the few bakeries which bake the cakes there and always fresh. Personal favs are choco mousse and rum & raisins. Given its a standalone bakery its popularity can simply be judged by the crowd in it at any point. The service can be improved though, you tend to feel ignored unless you speak up.


Its goood

I have had the cakes from here
The best is Chocolate truffle.
Just love the taste of it
It is reasonable as well.
It's worth ur money :)


burp_anish - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 10,2010


Not as good as they used to be

I have been ordering cakes from Cakewalk for a few years. They used to be smacking brilliant. But my last two cakes were quite a disappointment. The pineapple cake ordered had too much cream and not much cake. Get your act together guys!


vidya.inala - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 06,2010


they speak very rudely

they are not talking politely with the customer.they speak very rude and bad attitude.this is not the only cake shop in bangalore.its loss for them not for the customers




i have been acquainted with cake walk in chennai, for first time i tried and to start with i ordered a butter scotch cake , it was perfect, flawlwes AND REASONABLE....whni entered to pick my order the display i felt like buyig all , a must i would recommend


Kevin  - Burrp User


25 Reviews

January 30,2010



Looking for a pastry or cake that you had tasted at a five star coffee shop but not the same price? This is the place...beautiful Oreo Cheese cake!! That is a must ever i had tried the Chocolate Celebration and it was just fantastic...i went back a week later and they said that they no longer make it? I would strongly suggest that you get back into the Bakery and whip some up cause that was just a celebration in the mouth!



Not giving a second try

My husband and me went 2 weeks ago to this place. I am addicted to chocolates and cakes, so after reading all this good reviews, I was full of hope to find tasty, delightful cakes with good quality.
I am german, so I know if a cake is good. Unfortunately Cake Walk really disappointed me. I had a piece of blueberry cheesecake, which had a strong artifcial flavour and had absolutely nothing to do with a cheesecake. The second try was a piece of chocolate-rum torte..the same again. They are using too much of gelatine, I suppose. My husband tried the chicken lasagna, which was ok tastewise, but also not a originally one. We ordered a coke - and it came a thumbs up.
Come on. Dont try to sell something. People taste the difference. Anyway, I will keep on searching for good cake in bakeries. If I can suggest something : Spend your money for cakes at the restaurant "Only Place". I had there the best cake in whole Bangalore!!!!!!!


shabz - Burrp User


15 Reviews

September 02,2009


Definitely not Creme de la Creme

After reading several reviews of this place, I was happy that perhaps this was the patisserie that has been long eluding me. With a lot of expectations, my friend and I got there and perused at their offering. Nothing really was extraordinarily presented, so we settled for a blueberry cheese cake and another chocolate pastry with a fancy "angel" name or something.

One scoop at the pastry and we were looking at each other with the "what-the-heck-is-this-again" look. Strangely, both the pastries tasted similar, except for the blueberry jam on mine, cos it was only cheap sugar frosting and nothing else. After trying two more attempts, we gave up. These pastries reminded me of those I have eaten at Nilgiris which are only fluff and no stuff. After the bitter experienmce with their pastry, I was scared to try their pastas, the pricing for which I could head out to any Italian joint. I am not going back there again and would definitely not recommend this "bakery" to anyone either. Iyengar bakeries serve better pastries than Cake Walk.


priya.gautam - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 01,2009


My second home

I love going there, i can never get saturated with the Cream of chicken soup and the salads there.
Great place to stop by when u are in no mood to have heavy dinner... or just a simple coffee with cookies..yum.


Best Pastries, Brownies and Sandwiches

I've been a regular at cake walk for the past year or so. They have never disappointed.

Pastries are always fresh. Choco Walnut brownies are the best i've had and sandwiches are amazing too.:)

Things to try

1) Choco Walnut Brownie

2) Choco Delight

3) Choco Almond Pastry.

4) Roast Chicken Sandwich.


Move over sweet chariot's and local bakeries

Cake walk is in town.

Best cakes I have ever tasted within India. Highly customizable cakes according to ones choices (eggless etc). Cakes can be delivered within half an hour.

Service is exceptional. Unlimited styles and varieties to choose from.

Location: The place is excellently located. Its very near to the junction of 100ft road & CMH road, in indiranagar. Parking space is available in front of the shop. Otherwise parking is available on the street. Because of Metro construction, these days its slightly messy on road though.

Ambience: The shop is small in size. It has a seating capacity of 6-7 people. The ambience is average. Their major business is takeaway cakes for birthday and different occasions.

Speciality: Cakes, Cakes and cakes. There is a big catalog to choose from. Rates start from 300 per kg. I have tried a 3 KG, train cake for my kid's birthday and everybody love it. I have been ordering cakes here for last 2 years now, and have always seen them to be very consistent.

Service has been excellent, and has not dropped in last 2 years. More than once they took a order from me on phone, without taking a advance, and I just went and picked up the cake. So easy and convenient.

Also I hate the cakes of other places where instead of pineapple flavour, they put sugar syrup.

Its a good value for money proposition. If you are ordering cake for any occasion, Look no further.


Best Cakes in Town

I have eaten cakes from cake walk for nearly 3 years now and I can safely say that they bake the best cakes in Bangalore.

And more than the cakes themselves, they keep on innovating in terms of their presentation and flavors and are the best if one wants to make a customized cake (I know of a friend who had made a mickey mouse shaped cake and it looked fabulous).

And to top that, they are very reasonably priced. A similar bakery in Delhi/Mumbai would be at least twice as expensive.

My vote for cake walk, anytime! Keep it up guys!

PS: I have not tried many other stuff they make, but for sure their fresh baked cookies are delicious and their cold coffee is quite okay.



We tried the mocha chocolate slice, only because I spent 15 minutes staring at the wide range of selection in front of me and could not make up my mind. Finally my boyfriend made the decision for me. And though he also suggested I try the lychee cake, I, being the wise one, thought it may be too sweet! ugh! i should have tried it! Anyway, the cake was good, not great, but i will definitely go again to try their other stuff, it did look delicious. we tried the chicken quiche, which i refuse to accept as quiche. Quiche is a predominantly egg recipe, this thing was more like a chicken in italian sauce baked in a short crust pastry tart shell. so really, quiche? no. but cakes? yes!


Good Cakes

After reading few reviews on Burp, I decided to order a birthday cake from Cake Walk. This was like less than 2 months back and I have been frequenting this place often. I just loooove this place!! Cakes and Dessert are awesome ...the other stuff they serve is good as well...and not expensive as well


Fourier - Burrp User


33 Reviews

November 02,2008



Read a few reviews on burrp and took a chance and ordered a birthday cake over the phone without having tasted anything at the Cake Walk.

The cake was amazing! The quality of chocolate used in it was good and far-far better than the Daily Bread. Everyone loved the cake! Thanks!!

Went there a 2nd time a month later for a quick bite and to try out a few more of their desserts - nothing was bad - though the spaghetti was very homely and had loads of butter, it was sinfully good.

Would highly recommend!


pamin - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 19,2008


Amamzing Choclate truffle

I can's even explain the experience, awsome, amazing, delightful. I went all the way from sarjapur road to this place to buy cake for my hubby's Bday. i ordered choclate truffle cake. one of the best cakes i ever had !!! i dont mind the amount i paid on Auto. would like to there again and taste all the yummiest looking pastries. A must for all cake lovers.


Great cakes

Cake Walk makes possibly the best cakes in Bangalore! They bake fresh cakes, on short notice, and as per customer requirements. They also offer a lot of variety in terms of flavours, and the ambience of the cake shop is very good.

Other than cakes and pastries, Cake Walk also has a mini-restaurant, with a good variety of dishes. Their cakes are very reasonably priced, and just melt in your mouth!

All in all the experience with Cake Walk was so good that I went back to them the very next day for another cake :)


smart joint. enterprising proprietor.

It was an emergency cake. We'd forgotten a birthday. Sourcing a good cake before the birthday boy went off to sleep. 1.5 hrs of travel. It was always going to be difficult. We tried our luck at Cake Walk. On display the number of cakes were 4-5. All big ones. My heart sank. I only wanted a small one but looked like I'd have to buy one of these. I guess the proprietor saw my drooping face. He asked my requirement.
Me: "Small Cake"
Him: Sure, Gimme half an hour and I'll bake it for you
Me: Whaaaaaat? In half an hour?
Him: Yes!
Me: Uh Huh! Okay. (You can bake one so quick??)
Me: (Already sensing victory) can you make that eggless?
Him: Sure thing!
Clock ticks. I wait outside. Admire pastries. Half an Hour up.
I turn around and to my disbelief, the cake is ready. A great looking chocolate cake with simple but elegant decoration and the text written as I wanted. Amazing!!
Him: How long to go before you hit home?
Me: 1.5 hours
Him: Then please give me 20 minutes so that I can freeze it. It'll stay untouched during your journey.
I gladly waited. 20 minutes up. Frozen cake is delivered. Amazement part2. These guys sure make cake-baking look like Cake walk :)
He had candles too. And the packet had a small plastic knife.
Was floored by the service.

Got home and the immaculate looking cake brought smiles to the 59 year old birthday boy. The eggless chocolate cake was sure a super hit.And by the way it was really Yummy :)

what i bought:
chocolate cake | 700gms | Rs 279.00
the small attached cafe has some great stuff too. the donut was too good. Coffee was passable.


Alex K - Burrp User

Alex K

4 Reviews

January 23,2007


Definitely a place to walk into!!!!

For those who don’t care about calories, an awesome place. Good variety of pastries, fresh and yummy yum.
The prices are reasonable, haven’t checked out their bites and drinks. Looks impressive though.