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> > > > Calcutta Tiffins

Calcutta Tiffins

DomlurEast Bangalore  


2 Reviews / 2 Ratings

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Calcutta Tiffins Reviews

Very Bad Experience

I called Calcutta Tiffins seeing the amazing reference below. And the guy expalined to me all the rates and the way it works for the food to be delivered. He told me that he would send me a sample of the food and after which i had a choice of continuing with the tiffin service or not. Forget about the food i did not even get a sniff of the, And i had to call him and i repeat I HAD TO CALL HIM to ask whether i would recieve the sample today or not and he gave me some lame excuses like "sorry sir i forgot" and :the delivery man met with an accident". This happened on Thursday and Friday respectively. And Monday i have recieved no call from him asking whether i still want the service or not or the sample or any such call.

I would not recommend anyone this place even though their food might be very good, because who knnow whether after paying the money we will get our food or not. If you order from here u might have to stay hungry becasue you might not get the food and neither you will get a call from them.

Very bad customer experience. They might be doing very well and that they are not interested in new customers.



Excellent Bengali/ North Ind food in Airport Road

I got reference of these guys through an office colleague, and decided to try out - and man, they are awesome. They offer real variety of Bengali/ North Indian cuisines, and I guess that the oil and ingredients they use are good, as oi always felt the aroma of home food. The place is run by a software engineer who runs this business for sheer passion and hence they do not do cost cutting on the quality front. They charge Rs 1400 for 30 meals -25 non veg and 5 veg. They have an alternate package of 30 pure veg meals, for the same price. The contact no is 99860 36588.