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> > > > Caperberry Restaurant and Tapas Lounge

Caperberry Restaurant and Tapas Lounge

Dickenson RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 25594567, 9845177162
  • 48/1, Ground Floor, The Estate, No 121, Dickenson Road, Bangalore
  • European, Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 3200

64 Reviews / 65 Ratings

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Caperberry Restaurant and Tapas Lounge Reviews






So Good

The presentation is simply superior and the food quality is unbeatable. Friendly staff and great food, perfect combination.









We were in Bangalore for a few days for work in mid-October, and were very keen to try Caperberry. The food did not disappoint. We started off with two cocktails: The Cryo (a Long Island Iced Tea cooled with liquid nitrogen) and a compressed watermelon martini (gin, watermelon, basil, lemon and rock salt foam). The martini was amazing, and the rock salt foam in particular was a wonderful touch. We then tried a tapas dish, the tuna tartare with kikkoman soy, gari, toasted sesame, nori and wasabi sauce, which was excellent. This was followed by a shellfish bisque with shrimp timbale and brandy flambe, which was even better, and easily the best bisque I've ever had anywhere (and I've previously had some superb bisques in New England). Then came the "New Age Salad Caprese," made with spherified mozarella, assorted lettuce, balsamic jelly, and tomato basil sorbet, which was enjoyable as a concept, but somehow didn't come together well. The pan seared Atlantic scallops with salmon roe, angel hair pasta, lemon dill dressing and arugula were good, but the crab sponge cake with mixed greens, pickled vegetables, aioli, salmon roe and crispy noodles lacked flavor oomph. For the mains, we tried the 48 hour cooked Brazilian pork belly with cinnamon star anise infusion, grilled string chorizo, roasted apple, turnip puree and sage flavored red wine sauce, which was outstanding, and the Roger Langbour Duck (pan seared breast, leg confit, pommes lyonnaise and red wine poached pears), which was my favorite dish of the evening. The leg confit was especially delectable. For dessert, we tried the "New Age Tiramisu," prepared live table-side, using kahlua espresso frappe, almond extract, savoiardi biscuit and mascarpone espuma, which was easily the best tiramisu I've ever had anywhere (and I've had it all over the world). The meal cost about 7 grand, but was a decadent candlelit experience which unfolded over the better part of three hours, and was worth every penny. The molecular gastronomy techniques (spherification, use of liquid nitrogen, etc), while in evidence, took a back seat in the most successful dishes, which was as it should be. The only thing I would criticize is the recorded music played on a short loop; they need to freshen up the music.


gsr747 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

March 10,2013


Highly Disappointed !

Went to Caperberry , after hearing of various good reviews , thought i knew it was going to be a still hungry and pocket burner affair !
Good things first, the decor and ambience make it a very nice fine dine place to at.
The courteous behaviour of staff is a great plus for this place too.
However, we ordered non veg tapas to start with, which only drove my hunger through the roof with its arrival time. !
and this was with the place being less than half full !!!
Food also took its time , the starters being just fair on taste.
Ordered Chicken Cappaloci ....highly disappointed !
Paid a big bill, still had to eat left overs at home.....
Sunnys is a Far Better option , im afraid !!


dheepak  - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 04,2013


had low expectations... was delighted!

I had an impression that this is a pretentious continental cuisine place from some high flying bong chef... and thought that this will be dud.

However, I have to admit that it is a cracking good place with excellent food.
Pricey - Definitely... but given the location and the glitz, they cant do without it.

Must try :
a) Corn Velvet -- FANTASTIC! The broth was just excellent. I was pissed to see that it is 300/-. but when it arrived, I felt this is definitely worth the money.
b) Complementary starter - Excellent Again.
c) Spinach on a filo roll?? didnt know what it was... but was very delectable and presented very well in a vodka shot glass.

Main Course :
a) Gnochi pasta - excellent... But quantity is a rip off for 450 or 500/- odd buck... To the restaurant people... stop being cheapskate and increase the serving... when you observe big hitters self.
c) Arrabiata Penne Pasta - Was a let down... was very average... Good... but you can get the same quality even in Pizza hut... why pay 400/- bucks for it.?

Dessert :
a) New Age tiramisu - dont know what is new age. But was very well created... My wife enjoyed it very much.

Staff / Service - EXCELLENT. If you are a continental food ignoramus... they dont look down on you. The Maitre D - is also a really nice lady....
The guy who served us was also a pleasent , pretty decent and knowledgeable guy and not a show off..
I definitely recommend this as a special place...if you want a fancy dinner.
But always go with low expectation... or you will be let down as mentioned by other reviews.
I will definitely visit again... But for dinner for 2 - be prepare to shell out 2500/- (without drinks and without packaged water).




A classy place, good food.

As another reviewer rightly said, this is the kind of restaurant you can save for the special occasions. The restaurant is very tastefully decorated in muted colors, there's seating at the bar, where they only serve drinks and tapas, and inside of course, the fine dining bit.

We walked in on Saturday evening, without reservation, but were seated right away. The service is well timed, making sure they don't rush you. The menu has a selection of liquor and food, and they have different tasting menus which are set 4 course meals, and the recommended specials for the day. We started off with apperitif, choosing Campari and Cockburn Port, as they didn't have Sherry, which was disappointing. But that didn't stop us, we started off with a chicken and avocado cornet, and grilled lamb chops. Food was served pretty quickly as we were finishing the apperitifs. The cornet looked very interesting, while the lamb was fabulous! For the mains, we picked the sea food linguini, a very well made and filling pasta, which had prawns, squids and clams. And finally we ended with their live Tiramisu, which is an experience in itself!

The place has a perfect ambience and layout. The service is cordial and helpful. Fine dining is a slightly expensive fare, 2 drinks, 2 starters, 1 main and a dessert was 2800 rupees, which seemed totally worth all of it. I would definitely recommend this place, and go back to try more. It's a place aimed at the classes.



Great expectations...dashed

We went in to this place after having heard a lot about it, especially the cryo-food part.
Also I had checked the various restaurant review sites, like this one, before going and needless to say it was highly rated with many gushing reviews to toot.
So we went to this place with great expectations and if my short life has tried to teach me anything repeatedly it is that - whenever expectations soar, great disappointment almost always follows.

On that last count at least I wasn't disappointed...
The disappointment with the place started with the ambience, it wasn't as 'awesome' as I had pictured it would be in my mind. To make matters worse the hotel staff were playing the Olympic events on the wall mounted TVs, the sport streaming in live at that time was the women's weightlifting event, that too of the highest weight class (75 kg and above I guess).

** Note to Caperberry staff: If at all you have to play an Olympic event on the wall mounted TV - take a quick scan of the crowd and play something which might be palatable to the crowd; you know, something like Figure Skating or Synchronized Swimming get the picture right :) **

The food was pricey but that I was expecting, you can't get uber quality food at run-of-the-mill prices right? But the problem was that the food was a few notches below uber, especially the vegetarian fare. The starters and seafood fare was pretty good though.

And towards the end the much awaited cryo dessert was ordered and we were eagerly waiting for it. The pomp and show that goes into making it was impressive (they make it at the table); however the dessert per se was unimpressive. In other words the dessert was impressive until it came in contact with your taste buds.

But the best part hadn't come yet. We were a bunch of garrulous people and we weren't keeping track of who ordered what, which meant that the final bill was going to be a surprise. And surprised we were. Like my friend who travels by car from the heart of the city to Peenya for work said - "This cost me as much as my monthly Petrol bill" (which in Bengaluru is quite a lot).

Lesson learnt from this experience - Don't trust most (all?) of the gushing reviews on such review sites.


raraj74 - Burrp User


12 Reviews

November 21,2012


7 stars

I'd give Caperberry 7 stars if burrp allowed it! We went for their tasting menu & were more then pleasantly surprised. Food is top notch, well cooked meats using their suos vide technology & the cryo dessert made right at our table was simply fantastic. We thought the pasta was a bit overdone & soggy but who in India prefers their pasta al dante? The imported wine selection though limited on the tasting menu was refilled more then once making for a very pleasant experience. Service was super efficient with the captain educating us on how they prepare their food, etc. All this takes a lot of time & effort and needless to say costs a lot and so while Caperberry might just blow a hole in your pocket, I would say its well worth every penny - after all where else in Bangalore can you get a 7 star experience and come away smiling even after paying a small bomb?


dumbs - Burrp User


8 Reviews

November 18,2012


The best place I have been

This is the best restaurant I have been in Bangalore. The ambience is nice, the waiter very friendly,presentation very inviting, the food is exceptionally good and there is parking.
We were ready with the order and the waiter took some time in suggesting other dishes. All his suggestions were great. The dessert that they prepare at the table was unique. It was overall a very memorable experience.


Oh. My. Flying Spaghetti Monster.

What an experience!!!

Random disconnected non-chronological memories:

* Limoncello. Limooooncelllooooooo! It's funny.
* Polite waiters who know their stuff really well. Really, really well! Mine taught me about the various forms of pesto! Whackadoodle!
* Sous vide meat is so lovely, you want to break down and cry poignant tears of realization and enlightenment!
* The breads served at the start are perfection. Warm, spongy, flavorful, crunchable, pesto, onion-herby-filled, et cetera et cetera.
* Dessert! Is! LORD!!! Macaroons on top of cheesecake with tiny dribblings of sauces! Oh the wondrous ways in which His Noodliness answers my prayers!
* The cooking is perfection. I want to perform 1008 namaskarams to the kitchen staff and praise them with glorious praise.

The only downside to our anniversary lunch was the tiramisu, which is deconstructed. In the same way that a messy construction site is deconstructed. Ingredients thrown together, none gelling with each other, just assembled. Like a bunch of mercenaries. It was neatly delivered, though.
Also, they should clearly state that the tiramisu does not have cryogenically-made espuma. Just normal espuma.


jstryde - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 07,2012


Oh man! :)

Cryo-cooked dessert?! damn!
That's almost Master-Chef-Australia level.
One of a kind in 'glooru!


Foodie92 - Burrp User


13 Reviews

September 02,2012


Definitely a MUST VISIT restaurant

Firstly, hats off to the presentation, divine and delicate! The food tastes brilliant, It was like every element was crafted to perfection and fit so well together. For the foodies this is a must try. And even if you're not one. JUST GO.Do Try the nonveg tapas platter and the salmon..



Delicious Beyond Belief

I just typed out a long review that buurp, for lack of a better term, swallowed, so I've decided that it's sending me a message to keep it short :)

I had the vegetarian tasting menu:
Tomato Consomme with Tomato Jelly Spaghetti and Mozzarella: Light refreshing consomme - the jelly was nice and the mozzarella fresh, Delicious!
Tofu Cake with Wasabi Sauce and Crispy Rice Noodles: For a non-fan of asian food, I think it's telling that I didn't leave a single crumb of this dish behind
Mushroom Textures: I HATE mushrooms - I think this was evident from my face, so some way through the dish the servers actually replaced my dish with another one they thought I'd like better (free of charge and, more important, judgement).
Corn Chowder with Corn salad: This was the replacement dish - thick creamy, flavorful corn soup and the salad added another textural dimension. Lovely.
Pineapple Sorbet - A tasty palette cleanser that did exactly that.
(Main) Saffron Risotto with Steamed Asparagus: Creamy and cooked to perfection. Couldn't finish it though (tip? DON't be like me and fill up on the bread sticks with aoili. Even if the bread is freshly baked. And the cheese sticks melt in your mouth).
Dessert: (Some type of) cheese melted onto a bread crouton, green olives, a passion fruit jelly and a slice of zuchinni.
I didn't understand this dish but I liked the individual components.
A bit of a magic trick (or rather science) performed right at the table) - liquid nitrogen "cooked" litchi foam. A delight to the senses.
Petit Fours:
Some kind of walnut dish (this is when my review becomes more and more foggy - I was in a food induced stupor by this point). They were like packets of flavor! Brilliant.

The person I was with had a deconstructed salad which was also good.

My recommendation? GO! Leave right away! If you don't your body will hate you for ever. That is a promise.


ravim84 - Burrp User


46 Reviews

August 10,2012


It's good, but not the best surely!

Well, after hearing lots abt this place, me and my wife finally decided to drop in here for dinner on a saturday night.
The place is conveniently located and has a simplistic decor. Seating is entirely indoors.

As for the food, we had an all veg meal, and here's how it was-
Tomato and Avocado salad was too sour for my liking
The veg platter was quite nice, and my wife really liked the taste
The potato gnochhi was good, and filling too.
The rice dish (forgot the name) was a total disappointment.

Service is prompt and helpful, waiters are aware of what they speak and recommend.
The question now is, is it worth the hype?? There are many equally good restaurants in the city serving similar fare... i'll let you decide, it deserves a try atleast :-)



To Die For!

After having dined here twice, I must say Caperberry has something very different to offer. For starters, I love how wonderfully they marry european cuisine with oriental ingredients. The Wasabi soup in a MUST TRY! Absolutely brilliant stuff. The highlight of the meal, however , was the Silken Tofu Duet.
Agreed its expensive, but the food is worth it!
Full points for Service & Ambience!


My favorite independent restaurant all over India

Best sangrias, Best desserts, most polite and knowledgeable waiters and above all perfect ambience and food. It doesn't get better


Great experience

Bangalore's restaurant scene is incomplete without mentioning Abhijeet Saha , the co-owner of Caperberry.He had amassed quite a fan following while being the executive chef in park and so naturally when he ventured into entrepreneurship, expectations were high.Caperberry which as of date is around 6 years old has consistently garnered superlative reviews from the food critics and fans alike.It showcases Abijit's mastery in unifying food science with art.The items on the menu are creative , exemplary plated and never cease to surprise.

Coming straight to the restaurant experience , the ambiance is classy and chic.The servers very knowledgeable and courteous.Deconstruction of caprese salad was the automatic choice for the first order.It is an interesting take on the classic caprese salad and comprised of spherification of buffalo mozzarella, so decadent and delicate, along with tomato basil sorbet and balsamic jelly.
For mains the orders were oat crusted salmon with caviar and duet of cornfed chicken cooked suis vide.Here clearly the focus was on taste and texture and there wasnt any surprise element included just for the heck of it(which was comforting).Both the dishes were great in terms of taste and presentation.
For the last course, we selected two separate desserts, making sure we had one type of cryo dessert (dessert with liquid nitrogen thing). The first was a trio of custards , chocolate, mango pannacotta, and creme brulee with Spanish flan around it. I loved the mango pannacotta most, while the others were above average.
We had reserved the best for the last and so came the trolley with liquid nitrogen.The waiter in a very dept manner scoops out a portion of mouse and then drops it in the liquid nitrogen.The result is almost a rock like solid piece which needs to popped in the mouth immediately.I shall leave it to guys to figure out how it tastes once popped in the mouth(my overall rating of this place should give the hint. :-))
Overall Caperberry is a place best visited with a open mind and chances are high they you will return satisfied.



Is This Bangalore's Best?

My initial plan was to dine in this avidly praised Bangalore restaurant in the immediate euphoric aftermath of our cricket team's great 2011 World Cup victory, but Caperberry was hosting an Italian food festival (at least a week long) at that proposed span of time,at the end of which I had to leave dear ol' Bengaluru for a long hiatus.But the afore-mentioned win is a phenomenon whose joy transcends later tragedies and which extends over epochs and stretches into eternity, so I came back eventually for my tryst with this restaurant's multi-course full-blown affair which is the considered one of the elite gastro-romps the city has to offer.

It is surprising that Caperberry is the only place in Bangalore popular for serving the cuisine of molecular gastronomy- this involves stunts like encasing flavoured liquids into quivering "spheres", using liquid nitrogen to make desserts of novel texture and temperature, employing foams instead of conventional sauces,and "deconstructing" classic dishes and cooking each of its components innovatively. Super-Chef Ferran Adria masterminded the legendary El Bulli (now closed) - the restaurant which ignited the trend of this neo-cooking. Now, Heston Blumenthal's 'Fat Duck' and Grant Achatz's 'Alinea' reign as the champions in this tricky category. But I wanted both classic excellence and modern flourishes for my meal in Caperberry. Would Chef Abhijith Saha succeed in proudly putting Bangalore on the world's fine-dining map?

So one sun-baked afternoon, forgetting the fact that Indian cricket team was getting mercilessly pounded by the Aussies, I set out towards the one place that I'd have chosen over all the other restaurants in the country for lunch that day.

The Grand Non Vegetarian Tasting menu with 12 courses was the target of my adventure. Its primary cost on the menu was Rs.2450. That rate would later be garnished with a 25% tax. There is also a Vegetarian version similarly priced. An attractive a la carte menu also competes for your attention -one can peruse all of this on the restaurant's well-designed website. The average cost for a meal for two from the regular menu is Rs.3000. Tasting portions,it may be clarified, are smaller than the regular menu's dishes so that one can sample a wider variety of dishes in order to understand the length and breadth of the kitchen's ability.

The following is a review of my experience....Please pardon its length. In trying to cater to those who crave the concise, I cannot deprive others who dig detail.

Ambience- Stepping off a busy plebeian road, and walking into a big undistinguished compound ,one sees the restaurant's signage "Caperberry- Fine European Cuisine and Tapas Lounge" mounted on the wire grill which houses a transformer. Walking into the plain atrium on the ground floor of the building and seeing the restaurant's modestly designed entrance, one hopes that the elegance missing outside will be found indoors. A hostess,noting my reservation,guided me to my table. The air is relaxed - a cool mix of tropical and temperate climes. The design is elegant but restrained - don't expect here the full-throttle frippery of royally opulent restaurants. A large chrome grid of glass and green triangles is suspended from the ceiling. Black marble forms the floor, while the chairs made of blond wood and without arm-rests, are reasonably comfortable. The table-top arrangements are unremarkable, and the space between the tables should have been wider for more privacy. One side of the main seating area has glass walls with white latticed shades. A separate smaller domain marks the lounge for nibbling tapas and quaffing premium liquor.

Service- It's good but does not pamper you out of your mind. Restaurants which are truly detail-obssessed go to the lengths of treating their patrons like kings, while here the service merely makes you feel like a duke. There's a distinct difference between troublesome over-attention and tactfully exact vigilance- Caperberry comfortable avoids the former while not enforcing the latter. Nevertheless,the staff here do behave with graceful respect. My steward for the afternoon was Varun, a young man who conducted himself with the right amount of professional focus and sincere concern. Chefs Saurabh Arora and Sharad Rao operated the kitchen while the man himself- Senor A. Saha -was seen moving around attending to business and even giving an interview.We exchanged brief pleasantries as he walked past to chat with a nearby party. He evidently didn't realize who the real dignitary was..

The Meal - I opted for a Cryo Signature Cocktail in form of a Mango Margarita (Rs.475) to kick things off. Cold smoke arose from the liberally portioned drink which had the 'reserves" waiting in a nearby beaker. It had an iced full-bodied sweetness ,cut by the rim of salt. Suitably "whetted", with a steeled stomach and primed palate,I got ready for the tasting course to commence- the Amuse Bouche was a melon spherification - an eggyolk-like shape placed on a soup spoon. The melon-flavoured liquid was encased inside a think translucent skin. It tasted ,unfortunately,like a shy rasam.

Next,thin tubules of spaghetti ,actually made of tomato gel, swam in a chicken consomme topped by four quenelles of mashed chicken. The idea was to take the tomato sauce which usually covers the pasta and use it to make the noodles itself. But the dish lacked a developed sense of taste and remained just a technical stunt.

Steamed Sponge Crab Cake then endeavoured to make a tastier case. This carried only a scintilla of the star player's essence,while the egg-endowed fluffiness was more evident. When this was used to sponge up the wasabi sauce, an agreeable savouriness arose minus the spicy kick. Fried rice noodles added crisp bite.

Course 4 - Foie Gras Mousse in petite swirled layers and foie gras powder sprinkled like a snowfall ,evoked a parmesan-cheddar redolence and were arranged over the sweetness of figs cooked in red wine. A salad's foliage was added to undercut the richness. Like the previous course this one too could be polished off without the risk of fantasizing about it later.

Before the trio of main meats- Mushroom Duet- I had several sips of the Mushroom Cappuccino before wryly noting that if this was indeed what it was claimed to be,then I must have unknowingly tasted Cream of Tomato Cappuccino and Mulligatawny Cappuccino before in my culinary odysseys. A faintly mushroom-scented froth which topped the drink did little to justify the name. Its neighbour was more coveted- intensely smoky porcini mushrooms packed a real umami hit ,enriched by caramelization. The custard below had a milder flavour and when both were tasted together, the latter swirled around the former creating a gradation of taste and texture.

A palate cleanser was served by way of a Watermelon Sorbet- 'twas cool,refreshing and adequately served its purpose.

All the heavy hitting had been left to the middle order. Would they deliver?...A fillet of Norwegian Salmon was roasted with soy sauce and ginger. Both Scandinavia and China did nothing to shame their respective domains. The accoutrements were a cheese-laced lemon puree and small circular cuts of what looked like banana chips but which were actually fried potato.I soon started the fairly enjoyable practice of tasting triple deckers of potato chip topped with salmon crowned with lemon-cheese.

After chugging through valleys and plateaus, my pleasure-train now ascended the peaks of pleasure. The succeeding dish showcased some of the finest lamb that one will come across in a Bangalore restaurant. It was as tender as first love and almost as memorable. The sauce composed of red wine and lemon oil was superbly balanced with just a dulcet hint to balance out the savoury fullness.The vegetal component was caponata- the stacked slices of cooked brinjal,eggplant and aubergine could certainly have benefitted from more finesse and less of the hard skin, but a sauce-anointed spoonful of olives cashewnut and raisins synthesized a delightful medley of flavours.

The last main course presented Sous vide Smoked Duck breast,saffron couscous and orange sage sauce. To put it plainly,it was the tastiest aquatic fowl that has ever graced my tongue.'Twas a master-class in the sous vide technique which cooks the meat in a vaccuum-sealed bag- all the moisture is locked in. The final product still retained a fairly natural appearance, but it was far from being undercooked or rare.While the meat will not get a crisp exterior by this method, it had been coaxed into a textural state of carnal gentleness, and soft fullness of'd have made a fine case for being the Maybach of Meats. Blue cheese offered fleeting suggestions of creaminess, and while the couscous by itself was unremarkable,when it was sauce-soaked and given peripheral presence on the same spoonful, it performed a midly amusing tap-dance around the duck.The perfectly blended orange sage sauce tied everything together. Jaunty strains of Spanish music played in the background and I found my head nodding in contented rhythm with the festive notes. Varun coasted by and asked "Do you like the dish,Sir?". I have to hand it to him for making a solicitous offer that one can't refuse.

These last two mains were like polished centuries by Kohli and Raina. Happy and hankering for more, I wanted the tail too to wag...

As a bridge to dessert,the next course served was Manchego Cheese Melt with Passionfruit jelly ,olives pickled cucumber choco mud and garlic crouton. Many disapppointing rounds of tasting permutations and combos later, I flagged down Varun and quizzed him. He replied that,yes,he was familiar with the taste of all the dishes and that in this particular one, he felt the cheese went well with passionfruit jelly and the garlic croutons..

Dessert - The Tiramisu Sandwich was a pastry comprised of alternating layers of espresso cake,kahlua jelly and mascarpone cream.It managed to become enjoyable after being slathered with the mascarpone cream which was spread around the central slice.

The theatre of molecular gastronomy then promised to perk things up after I beholded a vessel with cold vapours billowing out of it. A trolley drew up beside my table . Varun with panache enacted the role of the modern icecream-wallah. From a jug ,he poured liquid nitrogen (at minus195 degree celsius) into the mixing vessel.From another contraption, a small dollop of cranberry-flavoured mousse issued out and this was dropped into the liquid nitrogen.After constantly moving this mass around in the "smoking" pot, Varun fished out about 4 of these smoking-cold meringues onto my plate and I quickly popped them into my mouth.The outer shell was solidified but soft and pliant ,quickly giving way to the liquid swirl inside. This Cryo Espuma dessert was a novel joy filled with "chilled" dissolving mouthfuls.

The very last offering was the "petit fours"- 2 small units of a fruity sponge cake were served. They were tame and disappointing -I'd have prepared these myself after asking the chefs to take a rest. Having done all the hard work,you are still obliged to chart the finale by continuing to wow the customer.Even the coda has to crescendo- the kitchen needs to understand this.

The quality of my meal thus assumed the appearance of a bell curve. Those two splendid main courses still give hope that this restaurant is capable of serving a meal of consistently exceptional quality. Saha and Team put on a good performance that day but they have to stage a tighter show,a more dazzling display of talent in order to merit a truly world-class label. For me, it is heartening to note that such a restaurant of high ambition exists in my own home-town, which is why I will return to it with a renewed sense of great expectations.


dinendash - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 22,2012


Ooooh la la...

Went to Caperberry's to celebrate our wedding anniversary. And what an experience it was...left us spellbound ! We ordered the tasting menus so we could experience the famed molecular gastronomy. Every dish that came was exquisite. Looked beautiful and tasted amazing ! The service is definitely the best I have come across in any restaurant in bangalore. Helpful without being intrusive. It was truly a memorable experience. Definitely on the pricey side, but worth it !!


B2011B - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 15,2012


Best in Bangalore

I tried Caperberry for the very first time on valentines, after listening to alot of good reviews from family.

I can safely say, i was not disappointed one bit and it totally exceeded my expectations!! The food was absolutely mouth watering, and one of the best dinners ive had in bangalore, and you could say one among the top dinners ive had period!

Its a must visit restaurant! Keep up the awesome service and quality of food!


E Khan - Burrp User

E Khan

11 Reviews

January 25,2012


Am I judge on Masterchef?

That is exactly how I felt as the waiter served us course after course. The food was unique- beautiful to the eyes and scrumptious to the mouth. We were served a complimentary tasting of caviar made from pears- (what? you may be thinking. well you will just have to go see for yourself).

The environment at Caperberry is what I like to call "Chillux" chill and luxury and the same time.

It's a little on the pricy side but you're paying for the memorable moments you will surely experience.

Buon Apetito!


Just plain wonderful!

What can I say? Well, the ambience was good. Service was good. The amouse bouche that we were invited with into the place was delectable. The mango guava rosemary mocktail was nice. The breadsticks were okay. The gang and I were hungry and ready to stuff ourselves. Then came the pear, asparagus etc salad...nice work, chef!

The vegetarian tapas platter was great. The wife who hates spinach wanted more of the spinach tart in the veggie tapas. It was that good.

As the token carnivore in the gang, I decided to go with the sous vide cooked chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms. One look at the dish and I was in love. One bite and I felt a foodgasm in my mouth. I was speechless.

The gang went for a bell pepper, artichoke coca (pizza) and a paella. I dug into those dishes also and was amazed at the handiwork of the chef.

I just had to ask the waiters to bring out the chef. We thanked and congratulated the chef on the great dishes we were served.

Then came the desserts. The blackforest deconstruction? Wonderful. The mango semi freddo? Great. The chocolate cake? Amazing!

This is the best fine dining place that I have ever been to in Bangalore. 5 stars all the way (from me and every other person in the gang!)



Consistently so good.

We got a table without making reservations beforehand. A fine-dining restaurant like this in New York or Bombay on a Friday night would have starved me until 10:30pm before they would offer us a table or even worse, turn me down because reservation is full for the next few weekends to come. Rest of my review and photos here:


Great stuff

Expensive but excellent in it's intricacies. Go here if you are willing to shell out for a good evening with your family or partner. I dont know or subscribe much to molecular gastronomy and such, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And it is good! Mushroom risotto was ok on the first bite but towards the end, we wished it would never finish.
The service standards need to improve though. Had to request for water as well as a steak knife after I got my steak at the table.


great food

i live in mumbai for most of the months in the year and come to bangalore to visit friends and family. this time went to caperberry after hearing so much from firends in mumbai. I was a bit skeptical but the ambience and the food was magnificant. my partner went for tasting menu and i ordered ala carte. it was just perfect !!! to add to the food experience is the art they have on the wall ,some equiste works from well know artists. it was a visual as well as gastronomic treat of the day!!

well done caperberry team, when r u coming to mumbai.



3.5 on a scale of 5

Went there with a few people. Food was good but portions were far from adequate... i mean considering the pricing after having appetizers and main course we were still a bit hungry. The food was certainly good in terms of taste, visual appeal but where it fell through was in the accompaniments which were practically non existent... we had dessert to fill us up.. again good stuff but rather expensive... our bill without any drinks and sharing desserts came to around Rs 4500 for 4 adults! Since we mentioned we were visiting for our anniversary they kindly brought us a chocolate cake portion which was yum on the house... Overal felt the pricing was steep especially if you are left slightly hungry after spending that kind of moolah. Would I visit again... possibly ....but only after having a heavier breakfast( we visited at lunch time)


rbhalu - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 28,2010


Definitely Bangalore's Finest !!

Is a Gastronomic delight always - Is a family favourite since the first time we visited few months ago. Highly recommend the Deconstruction caprese salad, the lamb chops are to die for, and the deserts Tiramisushi and the cryo espumo are out of the world !



Good A, F, S!

Yeah, you got it right! Good Ambience, Good Food and Good Service!

Ordered a Pear and Asparagus Salad with Arugula and it was just superb! Rarely have I a eaten a salad with light dressing of Olive oil and lemon juice! In Bangalore most restaurants add salad to the dressing!!! Anyway, Ordered an assortment of Tapas and all of them were good.

Service was impeccable right from being seated onwards till I was done with the meal, no intrusion from over enthusiastic waiters. Just one visit to find out if I liked the meal.

BUT, hardly one other table was occupied during the lunch hour! Just wondering what the reason could be. Prices are OK and location is great, but?

Have a good time!



K A - Burrp User


13 Reviews

November 17,2010


Go for the Smiles!

It's been ages since I've been to a restaurant that's managed to keep a smile on my face from start to end...and a bit more even! Do allow me the indulgence of 'deconstructing' the journey that led to this fantastic experience that ended just over an hour ago.

My new found enthusiasm for fine dining places can be attributed to my recent obsession with Masterchef Australia (please, don't even bother with the Indian version). Having seen so many gastronomical delights prepared on the telly, the Missus and I decided that it's time to take a break from our usual haunts (Chinese Hut, Fishland, Pascucci) and try something 'nice' for a change. The toss up was between Caperberry and Via Milano (Sunny's would have been an option if we hadn't been treated so rudely awhile back) and as we'd never been there, Caperberry was selected.

Reservations made, we landed up around 8:10pm and were very cordially seen to our table. The decor of the restaurant, table setting, lighting were all very easy on the senses (tables are close to each other but due to sparse occupation, didn't bother us tonight). Well then...onto the food!!

1 - We were greeted with a melon amuse bouche on a soup spoon, and a cup of fresh breads accompanied with a delectable tartar'ish dip.

2 - Coming in from the nippy evening, we decided to warm ourselves with soup - Porcini mushroom soup for Ma'am and a Seafood bisque for me. The mushroom soup was a mushroom puree` and not with chunks of mushroom. My seafood bisque was just shy of hitting the spot as it was just a tad over salted, but nonetheless, warmed the cockles of my heart!

3 - It'd be a pity if we went through our meal without experiencing any of the famous techniques the restaurant is known for, and to prevent such travesty, ordered a deconstruction of Salad Caprese. The presentation of the dish reminded us of Masterchef Australia - it had a sorbet of tomato & basil with a very crumbly bit of pita'ish bread, two soup spoons with spherical mozzarella and some arugula with balsamic jelly - each of these components was a delight in itself and ensured that the palate didn't wander off from the original Caprese flavours!

4 - Onto the mains!

4-a - Mushroom stuffed breast of chicken with stir fried veggies, lemon grass - ginger potato mash, and hot basil sauce. An awesome dish - the chicken was cooked really well but the ginger potato mash alongwith the veggies was clearly the star of this dish (atleast for us :-) )

4-b - Miso crusted white Basa with tofu, pak choy and wasabi sauce. I cannot recall when I last had such well cooked fish that I closed my eyes, shut out everything else and just gave in to the soft, buttery flavour that engulfed my palate and overwhelmed my senses! The wasabi sauce, truth be told was a bit of a let down as it didn't have any bite whatsoever. The pak choy was cooked very simply and tasted fantastic.

Couple of additional points on the mains - the presentation was made us feel that we were in a proper restaurant after so long, having gotten used to much lower standards in other restaurants. Another delight factor was how the food retained its heat - unlike stuff that is reheated and served and cools down quickly, our food was warm right to the end...and it was a pleasure to not race against the clock for a warm meal.

5 - For dessert, we tried the special of the day – a cryogenically treated litchi mousse foam that formed a cold sphere, which when bitten into, filled the mouth with a delectable litchi flavour. However, as it was reallllly cold, we declined further servings (the server gets the liquid nitrogen to the table and it’s prepared in front of the diners).

While awaiting our bill, we were served a couple of petit fours which were chewy almond cookies – really good!

Our bill for the evening came just shy of Rs. 2,000 (including service charges of 7.5%, to which I added 3% because the service was spectacular). A bit steep but worth every Re., without a doubt. It’s the kind of place you want to not just experience, but ENJOY!



Provacation of Desire. Almost

Let me start by saying this is a pretty good restaurant given the number of continental restaurants we have in Bangalore. Its not shy on the price though.

6 of us went to Caperberry. To start with I must say the place is a little smaller than you might think from visiting the website and I'll tell you in a bit why that's important.

Regarding this review, I am comparing this with what I have had at other fine restaurants some in Bangalore and some in Boston. While this may not be fair given the challenge to source ingredients I think it'll give you an idea of what to expect.

We had empanadas and chicken skewers which were good. Though, I felt the chicken could have perhaps been more tender. The fig skewers were superlative! Our crostini was a little off. The toast was limp and the chorizo was terrible! Please get a better source for your chorizo.

Next was the vegetarian and seafood paella. I felt the seasoning was a little off. However the cheese platter was a delight! The Gambas were good, so was the Halibut and Tenderloin (I had it well done, sorry I am not going to risk it :-)! Nice job there!

While I am being critical here on some of the dishes make no mistake this restaurant is way ahead of many other restaurants out there in Bangalore and gives a small plate experience that is comparable to a mid range boston restaurant. I would put my experience here a little behind Fava (their sister restaurant) and Olive Beach. Which is not bad at all considering how difficult it is to source consistently good meat in this country.

Now to my point earlier. After a long hard day, I ended up right next to a really loud group who had their own party. To make it worse the lounge had some live music. So in essence I was caught between 2 streams of "noise" and there was no escape. That did dampen the ambience a bit, but we stuck it out with gusto and it helped that the captain was kind enough to relocate us. Full marks to service! its a well oiled unit!

Our evening for 6 with drinks set us back by Rs. 9000/-. All in all, a good restaurant to visit if you are looking for that spanish touch! I will be going here again.


peachplumpie - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 21,2010


Perfect Sundays!

Caperberry is one of my all time favourites for a relaxing sunday lunch.
From the food to the service-everything is well planned and designed for your comfort.
Their Alacarte and Buffet lunches are eloquently crafted for a mouthful of rich experience.
I cant stop going back there!



Best Food Ever

I have been dying to try this restaurant out, for a very long time and finally, my friend and I made it here last weekend. We had a little difficulty finding the place, as it was tucked away behind the Tanishq showroom but, find it we did and slowly ambled in. We were met by the hostess who smilingly ushered us into the restaurant, past the Tapas lounge and offered us our choice of seats. We chose a quiet corner table and sat down happily. The waiter then presented us with the drinks menu and I looked through the extensive array on offer. Choosing was difficult and I finally settled on the Caperberry special - a mix of Pinky Vodka, Caperberry and Wine Mist. My friend chose a Plum cocktail. The drinks arrived quite quickly and were excellently mixed. Sadly though, I found mine too strong and after a few unhappy sips, gave it to my friend to finish. The bread basket was a greater success and I sampled each of the different bread sticks on offer, along with the really nice dip. Then came the worry of choosing food. The food menu was also extensive and had many fancy items listed. Having read a good deal about their tasting menus, my friend and I pitched on the 6 course non vegetarian one and ordered one each. What a fantastic choice that was. We enjoyed every single bite of every course and were further thrilled at the complimentay goodies which we received - Cryo Espusa which turned out to be Cranberry and, Petit Fours. Finally after an absolutely delicious and luxurious experience which lasted more than 2 hours, we paid the bill which was as luxurious and trotted happily out into the dark and drizzly night. The place is fine - the ambience is the same as pretty much every fine dine place I have visited over the past 6 months. Nothing remarkable or extraordinary about it. There was no music but maybe that's reserved for the lounge. The service was fantastic. The waiter for our table was amazing - helpful, knowledgeable, courteous and discreet. The food is outstanding. Abhijit Saha, if he is still the chef here, is clearly amazing. I have to date never tasted such well presented or well prepared food in any other restaurant - well save for Fava which he owns as well. The prices charged are a little on the high side but well worth it. This is certainly a place which I intend to return to and dont think I can tire of in any hurry. Definitely worth a visit but make sure to carry at least 5000 Rs if you want to have a good time and not worry about the prices.


vandyke - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 18,2010



Visited Caperberry after a long time.. This place just keeps dishing out good food everytime you visit them!!! And the servers are as attentive as ever!!! Caperberry is one place which can truly maintain the consistency!!! Wow!!!



Best Ever!!

Walked into Caperberry last thursday evening. Had heard about this restaurant a lot and also abt the renowned chef who owns this restaurant (Chef Abhijit Saha). We were informed at the reception that it was a Barcelona Nite with live performances by djs, dancers, singers. The music was awesome, food & drinks- eclectic. Its was a different trip all together!!! Then me & my partner were escorted to the dance floor by one of the dancers!!! Havnt enjoyed ourselves this way for a very long time. News Flash Caperberry-- you guys got yourselves a couple of regulars!!!



Get more than what you pay for!!!!!

This place i told was to be a good place for lunch by few friends who have visited some time back. So i did listen to my friends this time around for the person I am and voila..... what a super place to have great spanish food.... I tried the tapas lunch and my partner tried their 3 course meal and to say not more we just came out with one word..... AWESOME!!!!!!




Being a foodie by nature and checking out the mixed reviews about Caperberry, I was itching to find out the truth about this place myself. And I am NOT dissappointed!!!! This Spanish joint does more than living upto its name!! Starting from the food, the ambience, the people, to the entire experience of molecular gastronomy...this place keeps you wanting more! Awesome! Difinitely worth many many visits..




I am a fan of Caperberry. Its uniqueness lies in its approach to cuisine. The new menu is another showcase of the surprises it has and keeps adding. Not mention the value proposition.


oh no, not again.

Its pains me to do this. Only a few months ago, i was raving about this place and even wrote a very positive review.

The last 2 times I went there, there was a drastic drop in the qulaity and standard of the food. I dont know why this happened, but it happened. And trust me, there is tear running down my cheek as write this...

I went there for dinner with a couple of friends. I ordered the foie gras for an appetizer, it was terrible and completely bland. Worst foie gras i have eaten. Such a let down from the 1st time i ate it here. For the main course I had the lamb shanks with saffrom rissoto, Again under seasoned and just lacking any flavor what so ever. And for desert I had the Creme Brule, having it loved it the last time i came here. It was over cooked and just blah.

So Caperberry has fallen to a problem faced by many restaurants, inconsistency.

What a pity



Highly over rated

To get priorities right, I am a chef by choice and a food aficionado. That means I know what I'm talking about.
Heard aplenty of the ambient, gourmet cuisine and the like caper berry offers. Well this is how I see things-

1. Decadence- simple and cramped. The bar is no great shakes with people literally towering over you or jostling for space. The drinks okay. Tapas or side dishes- morsels rather. Hardly any value for money. Add to this- a waiter with terrible body odor is simply blasphemous.

2. Restaurant- Not a very evenly balanced menu. The dishes are again very small in quantity and the prices exorbitant. High price is fine as long as there is value. I saw no value for the 5 grand two of us food pros spent.

3. More of an expat & P3 folk hangout so probably anything goes. We had Prasad Bidapa sitting next to us goes. When I compare this place with a vio milano, Fiorano, I-italia, elements etc etc- It surely does not live up to the hype. Can't see what the fraccas is all about. The chef A . Saha should do better.


Team Lunch was never so good

My first visit to Caperberry, I must admit that my perception of a "super expensive" restaurant was not true. The prices are in the range of any other fine dining place like Via Milano, Sunnys or 100 ft.
I had a Four Season's Shiraz along with a 3 course fixed menu priced at 425/- the caesar salad was nice and full of fresh ingredients. The Bhetki fillet was usual, would have preffered a different side rather than mashed potato.The orange custard was soothing if not anything great. I myself didnt understand much of the molecular gastronomy experience. But overall good food,good service and uncluttered ambience.
Few grudges: The desert selection was very limited and the valet was unmanned


Fine dining comes to bangalore

Caperberry - Bangalore's only independent fine dinning restaurant.

When you walk into caperberry, you feel that sense of intimidation that you normally get from a fine dinning restaurant. But the best thing about this place is the fantastic service. By far the best service I have ever received in a very long time.

My expectations were high given that the chef was from Italia - my favorite restaurant in town. But I was surprised to see that standard was as high as it was at the Park. The food was really fabulous and the wine selection was breath taking. The tatsting menu seemed very tempting, but maybe for another time. My friends enjoyed their food as well and also raved about the service. Attention to detail by the staff as well as on the plate was very satisfying.

The deserts were good but nothing great. I guess they have some room for improvement in that area. But overall a very pleasing experience.

I willl definitely return to this place very soon.

P. S - The ambience was very drab. Not to my taste, but the lighting was perfect.


Whats all the fuss about?

Abhijit’s Saha broke away from The Park as Executive Chef and creative head of I.talia last year to debut his baby – Caperberry. The restaurant, self proclaimed as the only in Bangalore to serve up molecular gastronomy caused quite a stir, so much so that the news of Saha’s latest venture made it to me in Australia, and at that with great fervour.

Naturally, Caperberry was amongst the top 5 must- eat-at places during my two month holiday and being a fine dining restaurant, I was relishing the experience to be had, saving it up for a special moment. One such evening came by last week, and finally it was time to see what all the fuss was about.

Having ordered, an amuse bouche or palate teaser designed to excite the palate in anticipation of the meal to come was presented to us complimentary as part of the dining experience. A skewered quartered fig with a drizzling of balsamic reduction and an olive oil glaze garnished the little plate it was served upon along with a scattered sun dried tomato – altogether a nice idea, but missing the characteristic, unforgettable flavours associated with these classical Italian ingredients.
Since my partner is a teetotaller I saw it silly to order a bottle of wine or relish it on my own, so I sampled two of their cocktails. A vanilla and nutmeg concoction with vodka that was interesting and then I tried a ‘design your own cocktail’ – a concept I rather liked, one opts for their desired glass size, spirit base, mixer and flavour.

Get the rest of the review and pictures @:


Donn Liles - Burrp User

Donn Liles

1 Reviews

December 13,2009


Absolutely love it!

It was a great pleasure and privilege recently to join some very dear friends for brunch at this oasis!
Caperberry is totally unexpected in the middle of Bangalore. I have travelled much of the world and eaten at some of the most coveted venues. This one is world class! (Expertise evidenced by my girth :-)
From the instant you pass through the doors, you realize that you are in a very special place. Its beautiful environment is elegant… but understated and sophisticated. Caperberry is right-sized with tables well placed for conversation and privacy.
It is also a gallery. The art is exclusive and limited prints. Correctly spaced and ever changing, the theme is “bringing art to the masses”.
Being a water snob, I was blown away by 'la lista de aguas'. It is perhaps the best and most complete ever seen. San Pellegrino (large format) is my favorite and it was there! (Rarely found in India)
The cuisine is absolutely excellent! We enjoyed tapas (small dishes). Each one was better than the one before. The chef has absolutely maintained, in every way, the integrity of this Spanish delight. I do not recall any better in- or outside of Spain!
All-in-all, it’s a lifestyle. Caperberry is a gastronomic destination not to be missed. I am getting back as often as I can! Try it!!


pricy but awesome!

went here several months ago, and i should say the food was lip smackingly good (even for a veggie like me!) the interiors were not exactly acoustically well done, but nothing jarring either. The price is a little easier on the eye, once you've sampled the food and the amusements :)



Good presentation but rest of the stuff lacking

Like most others, after seeing people rave about Caperberry on Burrp I was dying to go there. We ordered a long island iced tea and espresso, chocolate, cream to start with. My drink was so plain, I could make a better combination at home with these ingredients. Then came the started - while was a filo filled with spinach, pine nuts and raisins which was remarkable. That was the only saving grace of the whole course for us. The main course, I ordered some catalonian style veggies with flan. They were baked veggies and the choice of vegetables and portions left me quite astonished. I had pumpkin, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant in the veggies and it was just ok. The flan was a new thing and I could not enjoy it much. Despite the small portion I had to leave most of the stuff on the plate. My husband ordered an australian fish preparation which was pretty good. After hearing people rave abt the desserts there, I was expecting atleast that would be great. We took the tasting custards which has a spanish vanilla custard, chocolate pots de creme and blueberry pannacotta. Very average fare. Not even the chocolate pots de creme was something to write about. Indi joes and many others make much better desserts. Ya, I think there is a lot of hype. There is creativity in the presentation and the choice of ingredients and combinations, but I'm not sure how many of us can have a proper,satisying meal here.


What a terrible place !!

everyone, please do not follow the people who burp'd below. I am sure they are the grand grand son's of the owners of Caperberry.. lol..
We ended up being at this place on a sat nyt cz of "Burp Reviews". I was firstly happy cz of the ample parking area and of crs great mnc's like ESPN Star Sports being in the same complex. .
Got a nice place for 7 of us right in the centre. Then this guy comes up with the menu !! wtf is that ???? Spanish festival with all the Spanish dishes.. i could not figure out a single thing from the menu.. We ordered for some chicken, mushroom pelia or paila (whateva dats called_ which was utter crap and the worst eva rice i ate in my entire life. Ohh i forgot about the "so-called soup" , it was served in a Tequila shot glass with hardly like a spoon of soup in it !! Noraml main course would cost about 400 (one meal) and starters about 300, The only thing i luv about this place is the liquor menu, one of the best in Blore, u can find everything in here !! a small wld cost you about 300, and beer about 175 ,


Fine dining - appreciated only by those who know

Something very striking about some of the past reviews seems to be the fact that some of the reviewers didn't seem to have an understanding about the concept of fine dining and have rated the restaurant poorly. While I can't comment and cast aspersions on the level of service that was meted out to them, I can certainly say that the food was good and worth the money that was being charged, quite simply because (a) The unique concept, which you wouldn't find elsewhere in Bangalore, and (b) The fact that the food was brilliant!

Of course, it's been a while since I'd been to Caperberry, so things could certainly have changed since I've been there, but the fact that somee people have rated it poorly just because they didn't like a particular dish doesn't naturally imply that the food was actually bad. Taste is a very subjective matter, and it's not fair to slam a place by saying you don't like a particular dish without mentioning what's wrong with it.

The tasting menus at Caperberry (1 veg, 2 non veg) are pretty good. The non veg menus are priced at Rs 1600 (4 course) and Rs 1800 (6 course), and the veg is priced at Rs 1400 (4 course). At least, back when I visited the place, those were the rates. All 3 menus had superb food, with fantastic presentation, and the icing on the cake was the liquid nitorgen frozen desserts, that 'pop' in your mouth, and make the tongue go numb for a couple of minutes. For a more detailed description with pictures, you can check out the folowing blog post:



Refreshing addition to Blore's dining-out scene

I understand some of the negative sentiments expressed in other reviews, but do not necessarily agree with them. I do not recommend the bar for a casual weekday after works drinks get together (too expensive for that, even taking happy hour into consideration). However, the one dinner experience we had was spot on. A complete meal (starter, main course and dessert) definitely did not feel one wanting for more food (those portions were deceptive). The dishes themselves were well-executed (I had a steak), leaving me feeling pretty happy with myself.

Be prepared to shell out the moolah, though.


MissD - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 24,2009



Ok, so maybe I don't know Gazpacho, but I do know what I like. And on my likability index, I'd rate Caperberry somewhere between 'Stab Self in Eye' and 'Inflict Oneself with Swine Flu'.

Major Fail. Avoid.


yumyum - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 22,2009


great place, great people, unbelievable food!

i've been to this place a few times now, and it's yet to disappoint. the drinks are fab, the tapas are great, but nothing (and i mean NOTHING in bangalore) compares to the food that is served in this restaurant. i'm terrible at names but i do remember that the duck is by far the tastiest thing i have had in a long while. i've loved almost everything i've eaten here. you can't beat this kind of quality and the presentation is so creative and beautiful. i've never felt as guilty eating as i do when i dig into a piece-of-art dish at caperberry, especially the desserts. to top it all off, the service here is incredibly friendly. though a little over-eager at times, ask them a question about the menu and they will give you a straight-forward knowledgeable answer, no problem no hassle. i forgot to mention how cool the foam cooked in liquid nitrogen is. you have to try it to believe it! great place, great people, unbelievable food (and surprisingly vfm)... what more could i ask for?


jlnblr - Burrp User


52 Reviews

September 12,2009


Good Concept, Poor Service & main course

I love the concept - a buffet with tapas style items - tiny portions of unique dishes with excellent eye appeal. The main course is served on the table (just 1 or 2 options for vegetarians). Almost all the items on the buffet were very good - the main course was a huge disappointment - just did not fit into the overall scheme of things at this place. The service staff are too focused on VIP guests - they literally ignore you even when the place is not crowded - we had to ask for water refills a dozen times. I then grabbed a water pitcher from a side table and poured it myself.


sugarside - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 04,2009


Classy !!

last fortnite we all friends were in ""The Caperberry"". The restaurant has been the talk of the town for a while and we felt left out so we decided to go.
To our surprise the place was actually buzzing with people and I loved the ambience. Infact they have this lovely ceiling which one of my friends mentioned was new addition as she had been their before.
As we sat we saw the Chef on the floor talkig to guests and when we inquired we came to know they were having a special evening with 30 people called tasting table. Very Impressive !!!!!! ( Only heard of tasting table abroad) The server was prompt enough to suggest us to take the same. 2 of us opted for the tasting menu and the remaining ordered ala carte.

The presentation ,food on the palate was so beautiful that one didnt want to touch it. We had the sous vide tenderloin which the server explained was cooked in slow tempreature was the best I have eaten in India. My friends had seafood paella which was to die for. Their pasta dishes were impressive as well.
Then came the desserts ,we had the chocolate dessert with nitrogen mouse which was the ultimate.

We all had a wonderful time and experience and sure if you want to try something new must go to Caperberry. The service staff knows what they are doing which is not too often to find.


BurpingSam - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 04,2009


Mostly Hype

Caperberry is a great concept..just continues to be plagued by poor execution. It has sunk like a rock in the 2-3 months that it has been opened.

Food and Service, 2 things that a restaurant should be built on have both on a downward trend over the past few times that I visited.

In my most recent visit, the head waiter, or maitre d'restaurant as he would like to be called, was just spoiling the experience. Even if I ignore the fact that he was wearing sun glasses at 9:00 PM he kept intruding on the 4 of us, asking us for drinks and making suggestions about what we should eat, when the waiter was quite nicely taking care of us. When we actually asked about a gastronomical question..he just blinked at us and ran in to ask the chef!

Re: Food - The bread platter is still superb, but the ingredients in the food is sub standard.. The salad does not always have the cheese that is listed on the menu and the pesto is just a basil paste.

Overall, poor experience and certainly not value for money (not that that is what Caperberry is intended to be) but at every price point there is a concept of utlility and at this price, I would rather take my $ to a better place


one of the best in the city

One of the most written about restaurant on this site, with so many positives and quite a few negatives. So here are my added views to confuse the readers :) good or bad, just go there and decide for yourself. My experience was absolutely FAB.

In my opinion this is one of the best tasting conti food in bangalore city. Easily in comparable to the likes of olives and sunnys be it in quality of food or in pricing.
Ambiance is subjective. I liked the minimal white feel with a splash of colour on the ceiling and black and white on the walls.
Quite buzzing unlike most places in the city.



what a joke

I took my girl out on a date to this place after reading burrp.
You guys are sick, what a let down. bad drinks, empty restaurant and food from mars.
We paid crap loads of money and left hungry, forget how bad the food was. The waiters are like school teachers.
Never again, no matter how much money I make.
Bad news people, stay away. Also remind me never to trust Burrp again, a sham.!!!!!
Thank you Monsoon for saving us.
stuff the fine dining face.


The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire

A bit too sudden in the case of a Restaurant where I had had an excellent meal the last time around. It was newer so everyone seemed to be trying harder it seems, but I went with a lot of hope and convincing several colleagues away from their favourite jaunts to here.
My colleagues I must add are very restaurants dream, on expense accounts and die hard gourmets, for price seldom matters.
To pay a price for mediocrity however is criminal, and that is what unfolded here, much to my dismay. We walked in at 8:00 into a noisy crowded bar (happy hour? in a fine dine?) and were quite taken by teeny boppers all in a row. We were escorted to our table for 6 and sat at those uncomfortable chairs (never did like em). Alas the boppers got the better of the acoustics of the place. We had beer instead of wine to keep with the spirit.
The appetizers were mostly good, but the paella was disappointing. The beef was sent back by a friend who preferred it cooked through, but was given some explanation about technique. Much as he appreciated the technique, he told the waiter that I would rather put something I was comfortable with in my mouth, and it's a fitting thing with the beer and the ambiance. The waiter missed the humor.
The desserts were mostly unmemorable, and the meal largely forgettable, service friendly but inattentive. This was vastly different from the Caperberry of a couple of months ago, but I could see more tables this time around. Another one bites the dust it seems, sizzlers next?
I'll wait a few months at least before visiting again, my other colleagues are in no rush either.


Weird but true

Having been an avid diner for the past 10 years at establsihments low end and high end, I msut say that I have reaffirmed my faith in the fact that I just can't cook. So I continue dining out. In fact if I lost my day job, I may just take to writing about restaurants, if anyone is willing to print the. Burrp seems to be a good platform, so as I write about my experiences, let me start with a very recent one.
Caperberry was touted as the biggest thing that has hit the bangalore food scene in recent times, I could not disagree more. Sure there has ben a flurry of articles and Bangalore times giving it 5 stars, but a lot of this hype seems to have been misplaced. What about us poor non page three diners? do we always leave with the short end of the stick? I left with a hollowness that I seldom feel after a meal, and I did not exactly get away cheaply. 3200 per head, including wine in my mind is a fairly steep price, especially on the Bangalore chart anyway.
Perhaps I was irked by a rather noisy group at the lounge which is only half a wall away, or perhaps by an overeager waiter who was asking us after each bite how our food was (seemed almost afraid that we would not like it - guilty ??)
My boyfriend started with a martini, highly recommended by the bar, chocolate and truffle something. It was sent back instantly, tasted weird, smelled even worse. We then opted for a perennial favourite, the Green Apple, which was just fine. The noise levels had grown and I found myself shifting uncomfortably in my chair, unable to relax on a celebration dinner. The chef too had joined the party now, so who was cooking my food?
Out came a salad and soup. The soup I believe was okay, but the salad was limp, poorly dressed (not in an overdressed sense) and quite blah, between the noise and the salad I had a sense that tonight was not my night.
The 'super-fresh' seafood platter and a steak arrived next. I'm a mangalorean girl, and know my seafood when I know it, this was freezer fresh, which is fine if it does not smell all funny, and the mussel was just off. The steaks accompaniments were polished off, half the meat left. The bf is not too discerning. I would have hoped someone would have taken notice to my mostly full plate, and I loathe complaining. Nothing happened. The food was removed and dessert menus presented. I think everyone was too buy with the bar by now, mustve been some celebrity bash, because all the warmth was with the page threes, and the cold miniscule dessert portion with us. I let boyfriend have it all, and kept the cheque for myself, it was his birthday afterall.
There has been a lot of talk about the scientific food at this restaurant, but if the fundas are so skewed then fat chance I'll b returning to be experimented on. You need to have my utmost trust for that, and I am a VIP as any other, I am a paying customer.
Capeberry has transformed itself off late to gear itself to the party savvy banagalorean, part club, part restaurant. Us foodies therefore carry on our quest to find other places. If they are really good, then the cold decor and an awful building are seldom deterants.



Outstanding dining new fav restaur

I don't even know where to begin to describe how much I LOVE Caperberry. I'm sure this post will not even do it justice- you will simply have to go and try it out for yourself!

To begin, I went with a French food snob and my husband based upon reviews from burrp! and in particular when I noticed they were hosting a Truffle Promotion. My French friend and I are absolutely spoiled when it comes to fine dining in the US and Europe so of course we could not resist a taste of Indian Truffles- and it exceeded our expectations!

As soon as we walked in the door we were able to enjoy a few cocktails in the hip little lounge (come during happy hour and you get 2 drinks for the price of 1). The Classic Sangria is very good but I thought the Pineapple and Sage Sangria even better. The sage adds a unique dimension to the beverage. It was very unexpected and refreshing.

For appetizers we ordered the Fois Gras with truffles, Creme Oliveta (casserole with mushrooms), and a Spanish-style Chicken dish. All were simply delicious!

For entrees we then tried the Truffle Risotto, Duck Confit with Truffles, and the Tenderloin. Everything was prepared absolutely perfectly and just melted in our mouths! The Tenderloin was pink and moist (as it should be) and the Duck was crispy and decadent. Even my French friend could find nothing wrong with the meal!

By now of course we were very full but it was such a delightful meal we had to sample the desserts as well. We ordered a chocolate cake, mango sorbet, and a cheese plate to round off the meal. Again, very tasty as we had expected.

The only blip in the evening came when we tried to settle the bill. We wanted to split it 2 ways (1/3 on one credit card and the remainder on the other credit card) which seemed to cause a lot of confusion, a mistake in addition, and multiple void slips. But in the end it all worked out just fine and we were still very pleased with our meal and experience.

We will be returning to Caperberry often as it is one of our new favorite restaurants in Bangalore!


Ready for Molecular Gastronomical Attack?

It was en evening I was waiting for! There were too many good things I'd heard about Caperberry and I was waiting for my friend who was equally excited to see this place. I was losing patience and the excitement to go there on a Friday had already put me on a high! The rave reviews, fine dining and molecular gastronomy all attracted my attention so much; I had no choice but to visit this place.

It was drizzling, not too cool and not too hot, making it more apt to go and have a wonderful meal and enjoy the experience. Luckily, that day the roads were not too crowded and we made a quiet entry into the complex. It's in the same building as that of Tanishq Jewelry Showroom. The entrance through which we need to get into the restaurant isnt too pleasing. As we went in, the whole scene changed. It was totally different entity. A different league altogether.
The ever smiling and the pleasant receptionists took us in and checked with us if we would opt for The Tapas Lounge or the Restaurant. My friend wanted to get into the restaurant straight and get the drinks there. So, we moved ahead and chose the corner most table.

Here, The Tapas Lounge and the Restaurant is divided by a wall in between but, both showcases different ambience. The lighting, the wall color, everything was different and it gave a different feel. As we made ourselves comfortable there, the waiters helped us with the water, the serviette and the wine list. They a huge exclusive wine list, the most comprehensive and exhaustive I've ever come across.

The waiter served us the complimentary breads and the butter with herbs. This, they continued to replenish till we started with our main course. The waiter also gave us the complimentary Amuse Bouche, a popsicle of a melon which looked more like a thin ice candy but was a good way to start our dinner.

We had two options to choose from. One, the regular a-la-carte menu. The other was the tasting menu. There were 2 options here - 4 course and 6 course meal. The vegetarian 4 course meal was priced @ Rs.1400 and the 6 course @ Rs.1800. The non-veg 4 course meal was priced @ Rs1500 and 6 course meal @ Rs.2000.
Though we were too tempted to go for this option, the a-la-carte menu was equally tempting and we ended up with that.

When we started to place our orders, the waiter and the manager explained us a few things about Caperberry, the way they cook and what's their specialty. We also got a chance to eat the Caperberry fruit. It's green from outside and pink from inside having a little tanginess to it. They have something called as Deconstruction which is a modern interpretation of cooking with the same ingredients but in different techniques. Then, there was Cryo, a method of cooking using Liquid Nitrogen. At -196 degrees, liquid nitrogen cools the surface of the food but, maintaining it soft from within. Sous Vide, is a slow cooking under vacuum at a precise temperature. Espuma, its sauce incorporated using nitrogen canister. Caviar, this is something complicated which I could not understand much but, its about containing liquid by itself. Gazpacho - Its chilled soup. Paella - Spanish rice flavored in Saffron and Paprika. There were a few more called Al Ajilo, Jamon Serrano, Escalavida Catalana, Cocas and Chorizo and at this moment I can't recollect what those are!

My friend wanted it to be simple and neat and just ordered for a Fresh Pomegranate juice and I was sure of a Classic Sangria. The Sangria was indeed Classic. It was a perfect blend of too many things which I'm unable to recollect now. My friend loved it too but, he was a non-alcoholic that day.
For the soup, we ordered Three Styles of Gazpacho - Cucumber and Basil, Grape and Almond, Tomato and Red Wine. This was served in the small Tequila shot glasses. I loved the Grape and Almond soup compared to the other two. This was the first time I ever had the chilled soup and it was a hit indeed!
For the starters, since both my friend and I love mushrooms, we ordered Saffron and Paprika infused Savoury cream Crema Catalana with Porcini, Shitake and Button Mushrooms. With these 3 different kinda mushrooms, we were blown away so much, we wanted to have more of it. It was creamy, cheesy rather mixed with full of variety of mushrooms and tasted great. I did feel, the quantity was a little lesser though. With the love for mushroom, we ordered Mushroom Paella with Garlic and Parsley. Paella is a Spanish rice preparation with seafood, meats or vegetables and flavored with Saffron and Paprika. The flavor and the taste were so different from the other regular European Food. The rice was thick which may not be liked by the Indians who'd prefer the regular thin rice.

I was in a mood for yet another drink. Just blindly went by one of the reviews and ordered a Classic Shooter and believe me this was classy too! I totally, thoroughly enjoyed the drinks here.

The two satisfied souls, wanting to satisfy ourselves more, ordered the Cryo Espuma; Chocolate - Raspberry Monte Carlo with Gold Leaf. Is it the writer's block or is it that I'm running short of words? This was the best dessert of my life till date. The combination of the chocolate and the raspberry in it was the best combination and the very thought of it itself is making me drool over it all over again. its not just the food here. The presentation is so beautiful; one would feel like staring at their food for longer!! After we were done with it, the waiter came with a trolley containing different dishes in it. One had froth in it which the waiter claimed is as light as the froth you get on the sea shore after the wave hits the shore. He took a spoonful of froth and put that into the container which contained Liquid Nitrogen which was at -196 degrees Celsius. As he removed it after a few seconds, I could see the froth being solidified from outside. As I put that into my mouth, there was a small burst in my mouth and the flavor spread all over. And Raspberry was the flavor of the day! This was excellent and if I'm not wrong, I ate it atleast thrice. The waiter was explaining to us about the liquid nitrogen at this temperature is as good (bad) as boiling water and can burn your finger if you dip a finger into it to experiment.

A Meal for two if you are opting for a-la-carte menu, would approximately cost around Rs.2000 plus.

The patrons consist of Expats, Corporate and Friends and Families. The restaurant gets completely crowded by evening. Hence, please book the table in prior if you do not prefer waiting.

So, for Berrying, sorry Merrying around the Cape, the lovely Caperberry is the place to be!! A place where Art meets Food!



Piece of art

This place is a chef's delight.

We went on a Tuesday night and the service was good. They came with entree's which we were told are with compliments from chef. Who doesn't mind an extra tit bit.

The main course we ordered a creame sauce penne. It was out of the wonderful.

Will love to go again and again.



Great Spanish Food at a price

Last weekend i had been to Caperberry with my wife and nephew and i found the food simply great. Ambience is not value for money. It is a expensive restaurant where one is never disappointed on food.

Premises in which this place is located is lousy. Could do well in a better building and then it justifies the cost. Place is claustrophobic, the way seating is arranged...

We are veggies and did not have any problem finding right food or the choice. Spread is simply superb and very wide.

Summary: Great for food quality; could do well with better ambience and same or lower cost


Has Bangalore seen better ???

The answer is NO. I’ve been to some of the finest restaurants in the world during my vacations, the list is exhaustive ranging from Fat Duck to French Laundry to WD-50 to Tetsuyas among the fancy Michelin Star Restaurants to even the lesser known places that serve some of the tastiest food iv ever eaten. Caperberry ranks at par with the best that I have ever seen.

The location can’t get better for a single restaurant, right in the heart of the city. I started my evening iat the Tapas lounge while I waited for a friend to join me. The Bartender recomended the Classic Sangia to be his personal favourite, a choice that I wouldnt regret. Simple, smooth and flavorful with ample fruit. A fine concoction indeed. We were served a container of warm popcorn, with Australia V/S South Africa being screened in the background. Reminded me of the days I would sit at home with friends and watched Pakistan win the Cricket World Cup. The list of Tapas to choose from was plenty including a tempting sherry marinated chicken and minted lamb chops. Though tempting, I decided to save my appetite for dinner, considering the quality of the Sangria, expecting the food that would follow to be as delicious if not better.

Once my friend came in, we were escorted to the Restaurant area. Totally different from the colorful lounge. White table cloth, clean décor and eagerly waiting staff. The excitement and anticipation for a wonderful dining experience had begun. We were seated in a cosy corner, not the kind I would like to be seated while meeting a guy friend, but I guess there are few options that one has when the restaurant is full. As soon as we were seated the server came to us with a water menu card. Something that I haven’t seen in any restaurant in Bangalore. Quite a start. Even before we had finished with the water a mini appetizer which the chef sends to all the tables I guess with his compliments, the server defined it as ‘something to get you started’ –fancy I must say !!!

The sommelier then approached us with a trolley full of wines where unlike many restaurants offered quite a selection of imported wines that we could choose from by the glass. We were choose to have a glass of Bouvet Brut. Not Champagne but still from France . The server then suggested the option of a Tasting menu, interestingly this had the best selection of food from the menu ranging from Foie Gras to Salmon to Lamb Shanks, a combination of 2 Cheese as a course paired with a apricot chutney and a chocolate and gold dessert with a cyro espuma.

The regular menu gives the diner endless options and spoils them for choice. Foie gras, scallops, sous vide (slow cooked) meats…. Worth a try for sure…. Well we ordered for the tasting menu and since wer poor eaters without any doubts went for the 4 courses…..

So came the foie gras, delicate and soft, well matched with a pear chutney, for someone who loves foie gras this aint a bad start at all. The next came a mini shot of cucumber gazpacho with basil, interestingly refreshing, though Im not much of a basil fan, unless in form of a pesto (unlike its Bengali posto.. BAD one.. I know.. )
A paella with chicken and chorizo came in next. ‘Watch out. The pan is hot said the server’ The brilliant aioli with the rice made the dish even more heavenly. By this time I had no doubts that Caperberry is culinary mecca for European food in Bangalore. A MUST TRY !!!

I opted for the lamb shanks and my friend not a lamb fan opted for the Norwegian Salmon. For those who don’t like the lamb, U must try the lamb here, soft as butter and tastes better that any lamb ever. My friend who doesn’t eat lamb was willing to switch, although the salmon in his words were very good, being a Bengali m sure he knows his fish better that his lamb.

The dessert was heavenly… Chocolate and raspberry monte carlo with gold leaf with a mousse cooked in liquid nitrogen, meticulously explained by the server as Cyro cooking. “Pop the whole thing in one go” said the server, “the flavor changes daily, can you guess whats the flavor today??” Even a blind person could guess the explosion in the mouth was pineapple. WHAT A NIGHT.. is not something I thought I would have ever said after eating a meal.. that too in Bangalore.. but I said it..

Wait.. this wasn’t the end, when we asked for the bill, we were given a mango pate and a pepper crisp. This was the sweet part of the bill eh?? None the less, every rupee worth the experience, every experience worth the rupee.

All I can say is that this place is a must must try.. Great food, Great service, perfect location.. a nice place overall. Does this place deserve a Michelin star ??

Writing about this I AM FAMISHED !!!!



makes you feel cheated

It is one of the true rip off places!!! the quantity is too less, veg options are very few, most of all it is a place that is too cold & inhospitable. Gourmet meal does not mean you find some few pecks of food on a decorated plate. A complete let down, not a vibrant, happy place meant for true Bangloreans. May be just right for some snooty people like the owners themselves!


Does Bangalore deserve Caperberry?

So, as seems to be customary of my reviews, I will start with a disclaimer. I was very schizophrenic about the choice to try out Caperberry. I understood the concept ~ Molecular Gastronomy ~ and the Park's iTalia had been a favorite of mine for many, many years (Chef/Owner of Caperberry used to be at the Park), and I had missed the opening, so there was a strong desire to check it out. But at the same time, it was a day that I had not eaten a big lunch, and I know how these places can often be heavier on the ornate than the gut. To add to this, we were going with two Italian friends who are insufferably orthodox in their food limitations (read: they like only Italian food). But hell with it, lets go.

I was suspicious from the moment we parked. It is in that shabby building where Tanishq is located next to the Manipal Center~ pan stains on the stairwell, you know the drill. But then walking in to the very tastefully decorated and lighted restaurant was an oasis. It is a good size, not too large and the tables are situated in a way that it provides privacy along with the clear social aspect that one wants at a restaurant. It was full as we arrived, and seemed a mix crowd, very representative of the Casablanca that I have come to know Bangalore as.

My next negative hit was to look at the wine menu. I always like to look first at the price of Indian wines as that gouge will usually tell me exactly how bad you are being ripped off if you go for the imported wines. Grover Reserva at Rs 1800. Please. I do not understand why every place in Bangalore seems content to have the few idiots that will spend this and miss out on the much larger crowd if they were to take a smaller profit margin on the wine. Even more strange was that by the glass it was Rs 400, meaning that it was less by the glass, assuming that they pour the traditional measure for a glass which would be four glasses for a bottle. Massimo and I ordered a beer, the ladies got a glass of white wine each.

The food menu is split into a set menu for trying out different things and an ala carte menu. I wished that we could have gone for the taster menu but I was shot down by the rest of my crew and if a table wants to do this, then the whole table must do it.

Now for the goods. It is not as important what we ate as it is to know that you MUST be open minded when you try this place out. At first I was tempted to just see another gimmicky idea or a elitists view of what food should be. Much like I think that the Park's iTalia went south because they started trying to get too "authentic" in their interpretation of Italian food and lost the point. But, the moment that I lost my appetizer to my wife (apparently a wife's prerogative is to be able to switch with husband if she does not like what she ordered) and I got her Insalata Caprese Deconstruction, I realized that this was not a gimmick but a very high form of art. Like any high form of art, not everyone will get it, and it will mean something different to everyone. But it was food taken to another level! Deconstruction is as it sounds, the concept of deconstructing a known dish and reinterpreting it's ingredients in a novel way. My "accidental" caprese was a perfectly gorgeous plate of greens with a wonton spoon of something white (later found out that it was the gelification of mozzarella that one drops into ones mouth) and tomato granite (like ice shavings with a strong tomato flavor). My main course was an eggplant involtini (rolled with some incredible cheese inside), stuffed eggplant that was delicious and a shitake cappuccino. The Italians across the table could not stop giggling at my mushroom cappuccino that was sitting on my plate in a large espresso cup. I could not get them to try it, but it was actually wonderful. Everything was fantastic.

I have to say that I always felt Abhijit Saha was a bit too much of a "toot my own horn" kind of guy. But that might be my own thing because he typically always talks to my wife and not me:-) But there is a huge difference between a good cook (a category I would put myself into) and a Chef. Saha is an extraordinary chef and this venue is something that Bangalore would do well to take pride in. I might not watch Orson Wells, Bunuel and Fellini movies all of the time, I may even choose a mainstream comedy over the opportunity to see the latest Spike Jonze movie. But I know that when I watch a great film makers movie, it has not only been for the enrichment of my eyes but for the development of my intellect. Caperberry is the culinary equivalent to a journey to the Museum of Modern Art in LA. You may not get it, but you will certainly be moved to try to understand it a little better next time. I for one am looking forward to the education.


Berry Berry Good!!!!

You order your drink... the mixologist mixes your drink, pours some vapourising liquid into your glass of cocktail, suggests you to wait for 30 seconds before you take a sip... you wait.. take a sip... Voila... you find your drink utterly chilled, the way it should be and tasting outta this world...

Somewhere during the course of your dining.. a trolley comes to you.. a spoonful of foam made out of vanilla, lime and cream is put into a bowl of liquid nitrogen... after a few seconds it is taken out and is offered to you... you take it and eat.. it literally explodes in your mouth leaving a pleasant sensation....crisp outside and soft inside.

This, then folks, is the experience you are likely to have in Caperberyy, the new restaurant opened in the city.

Molecular Gastronomy, is the latest fad, catching up around the world and Caperberry is perhaps the first of its kind, offering us a hint of of what molecular gastronomy is all about! Believe you me, some of the stuff coming out of Chef Saha's kitchen will be something like you have never tasted before!!!

Particularly, the lamb shanks. Utterly soft, falling out of the bone, this was the best lamb I have had in a long long time. And the sauce accompanying the lamb was heavenly.

And another dish which needs special mention. Deconstrucion of Caparese salad. May be the only restaurant serving something like this in the city.

There is no doubt food is phenomenol in this place. But what makes it even more pleasant is the kind of service they provide. Very courteous, though at times it was a little slow. But this was the first weekend crowd they were having and it was a full house. So no cribs there.

The interiors are no great shakes in this place, may be the promoters want us to concentrate only on the food!!! This, and the fact that they charge 175 for pint of the local favourite KF, are the only two complaints I have on this place!!