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Richmond Road  


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Caramel Reviews

alleon  - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 03,2010


Terribly Disappointing

A colleague of mine had ordered a photograph cake from here and when she got it it was really well done and I was extremely impressed with the quality of work and the whole idea. I went to the website and had seen some of their 3D cakes which were also very impressive. Excited by what i saw on their website I decided to order a photo cake for a friends birthday surprise. The website clearly states place the order two days in advance however i placed mine four days in advance. I filled out their online form and uploaded the image finishing which i was notified that a the order would be confirmed with a call. Barely an hour later i received the confirmation call, so i expected to receive my cake on the day of at the time i specified, however half an hour prior to the expected delivery time i receive a call from these guys telling me that they can't deliver the cake at 1pm (the time which i had asked for it) they can only deliver it by around 2.30 or 3. So i agreed and said deliver it by 2 at the latest. Ten minutes post this call i receive another call from these guys asking me what cake I had ordered, they also go on to ask me what photograph i had wanted on my cake. Obviously this time around I was not very pleased, but none the less i explained the picture to them and told them the order had also been confirmed three days ago, in response they have the audacity to tell me that they have no record of it. In all honesty if there was no record of it how did they know they had to call me about the delivery of a cake? Finally i called the guy who runs this place and explained the situation to him, he said he'd look in to the matter and get back to me since there seems to be some confusion regarding the photograph on the cake (I'm still waiting for him to get back to me) in the meanwhile his employee calls me and tell me the photograph i sent wasn't opening so therefore they could only deliver a plain cake to me not a photograph cake. (If this was the case what exactly was the confirmation they did when they called me three days earlier? shouldn't they be looking into all the details, especially if it's a photograph cake?)
I eventually had to cancel the order and order an ordinary cake from Just Bake.
To think the owners have let such a good concept get destroyed by just skimping on details and as a matter of fact another friend of mine had a fairly similar issue with a 3D cake she had ordered but despite this i went ahead an ordered the photo cake keeping in mind my colleagues experience with these guys.
It's terribly unfortunate, I was going to recommend their cakes to a friend who's getting married but now I'll think twice before recommending them to anyone I know.


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