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> > > > Casa Del Sol

Casa Del Sol

Residency RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 41510101, 43504350
  • 131, Devatha Plaza, 3rd Floor, Residency Road, Bangalore
  • Continental
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Casa Del Sol Reviews

Awful, Dirty, Shabby, Worst Customer Service

I remember going to Casa Del Sol about 5 years ago & having good food & a good time there. I went there a couple of days back with the same memories & expected the same experience. How wrong was I?!

The place is worn down & dirty. Honestly, I couldn't even bear to sit on the chair because the cushion was so dirty, you could see it clearly!

We said ok fine, let's hope the food is good atleast... we sat down & ordered the starters & main course together at 8:20 pm exact. After a very long wait, we got our starters at 9:30 pm! Yes, 50 minutes wait when there were exactly 2 other tables full, the retaurant was empty other than 3 tables in total. And by the way, the starters were cold.

That is not all, at 9:30 pm, after a wait of 50 minutes, the waiter tells us that the fish I had ordered had gone bad & we should choose something else! We were shocked that they made us wait 50 minutes to inform that... Pissed, I said I dont want anything else & would just have the starters & go, no need for a main course.

Now, when anything like this happens, you expect the manager or atleast the head waiter to come & apologize but no. No one came to apologize or even acknowledge the error.

This has been the worst experience of my life in any restuarant & I curse the minute we decided to go to Casa Del Sol! If you really want to be served cold ordinary food, by waiters who are not bothered, after an hour of waiting, in a derelict place then Casa Del Sol is for you. However, if not, then I suggest you avoid this place like a plague!


allhail - Burrp User


33 Reviews

November 30,2010


Spanish brightness gone grey...

Casa del Sol started as an upgraded version of Bangalore’s Casa Piccola a few years ago .

On the rooftop of Devatha Plaza with its Mediterranean flavor , strong Spanish influence in the open air and seating , it was a lovely place. Charming setting , good view of Residency Road and all the trees , cool breeze, a little quirky ambiance , and great service . We thought it was a great idea.

The tapas menu ( first tested at Casa Piccola ) was fun, introduced by Chef Vijay ( at the time) with stuff like cheese jalapeno poppers and the batter fried prawns were awesome. Rs 450 for three starters and Rs. 550 for 5 starters is what it is now. It’s the only thing that’s passable in this place now. Please pass on the main course ! .

The couple of times I went back in the last two years were mediocre to say the least . However, last Saturday was pretty much the pits. The place looks down and out . The main hall was being prepared for a birthday party and it looked really weird. At 2 pm on a Saturday, we are the only guests, till one more couple stroll in fifteen minutes later . Everywhere you can see the edge of disuse and poor upkeep. The painting , the furniture the little artificial water body that looked so pretty on its launch , the roof cover that leaks, and the semi open barbecue which had some lost souls. Even the bathroom , with its zero watt bulb looked neglected, although it was ( hard to see in the light !) reasonably clean.
The manager was smart , helpful and pleasant . I passed up a stuffed chicken breast main course saying that I just had one in Toscano’s last week and would try something else. He actually confidently said that I SHOULD try it so I could get a chance to compare . Yeesh - in light of the awful food that followed, all I could say was ‘Toscano’s???! And this ? Some cheek!’

The tapas was alright, but the batter fried prawns were so-so, covered in Indian-ny batter rather than the crisp tempura I recalled. The Chicken Kiev were just a chicken kheema ball with no taste or granularity , forget the butter inside. When I mentioned to the is Chef Tomas, he said that is how they do it now, They don’t use cheese etc and they mainly barbecue. Wha-aat? After that I passed on further conversation. .

M husbands seer fish steak at Rs 325 came in well marinated but poorly cooked. Just pedestrian stuff. My chicken ( the same price I think ) with olives and jalapeños came in with two slices of garlic bread and a tired peppery sauce ( no Madeira mushroom base that I could see ) The worst was the pieces of chicken – they had given chicken thighs instead of breast which is fine, but it was uneatable - covered in half cooked gristle and sinew , and one could barely locate the meat . The chicken itself was the worst part of the entree , and he barbecued vegetables along with it were passable. We could not finish our meal . Husband and I are clear that the place has run its course , its falling apart at the seams . The physical disuse , obviously extends to the ( sadly , so ) the kitchens . But the food is a sad reflection on the redoubtable Casa ( whether del Sol or Piccola!) standards.

After we finished and climbed down, we passed the original Casa Piccola in the basement – it looked buzzing and prosperous . And probably , unlike its fancier cousin on the top floor , it had a darn good basic menu , and far more value for money.

Next time if I have to choose a Casa, the basement it shall be.


alabjarus - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 28,2010


Bad attitude for an almost empty restaurant...!

Landed up at Cada Del Sol after a gap of 2 yrs for brunch today. The menu has changed...its not the usual Paella anymore (it was a constant for over two years...!) and that's the reason we decided on a re-visit. They have some new North Indian & Chinese dishes. Just about passable with one or two dishes of each kind...if you can call it a spread for Rs 600...! The restaurant is almost empty on a Sunday...sad for a restaurant that boasts of Sunday brunch...! But they do one thing good...evict you curtly at 4.00 pm. :-(. This they do citing a busy evening (LOL...!). Impersonal service and a curt Chef ...! That's what you get at Casa Del Sol these days. So, try at your own risk....!


agata - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 28,2010


great ambience

I was spending some months in India, Bangalore lazying around when suddenly my friend from Germany asked me to take over her regular tango "meetings" in Casa del Sol. I was delighted to hear that there was a tango scene in Bangalore and I could take part in this serving music :)
So I went there and met very friendly people open to our initiative. Thanks to their help we had great time in Casa del Sol. Actually I met there a huge bunch of professionals from Finland sharing our love to tango, some German, Italian people, and so on. I had a lot of very heartening meetings there. The patio outside is the best place to drink red Sula during monsoon season :)
Greetings from Poland,
Agata Hajkowska


epicure007 - Burrp User


52 Reviews

September 17,2009


Pretty nice and neat

I have a weakness for restaurants that have an outdoor section. Casa Del Sol is in the same building that houses Casa Picola on Residency Road.

It has a semi-outdoor feeling to it and most of the seating is low down which gives it a relaxed feeling. The food, as you must guess from the name - is European. Have been here two times

Not been disappointed with either service or food. I have not found it crowded too often though. Try their steaks - most of them are good and quite authentic


nice place, normal food

When we went to this place for lunch on a weekday, we still thought it would be heavy on our wallets. But we got a decent lunch (as good as Tiffany's above) for almost the same price. We expected at least a bit of Spanish which was missing. As well as not too many choices on the menu, especially if you're a veggie. Heard the pastas were also not great, but the deserts were good enough though again lacking much choice. On the whole it was a decent lunch worth for the 160Rs + taxes.


Por favor, este no Español

I'd heard reviews about this place saying it wasn't all that great, but my friends and I decided to try it out ourselves first hand. Let me say straight away that the place is really nice, but the food isn't anything to rave about. The Sunday brunch consisted of unlimited wine, beer and sangria (a Spanish drink, which is a mixture of wine, brandy, orange juice and fruits). Well, this one tasted like fruit punch with a tiny, tiny bit of alcohol that you could feel when it slid down your throat. The soup and the starters served at the table were nice, and the mushrooms and the minced lamb balls (trust me, it's not what it sounds like) were particularly good.

The soup was good, while the contents from the salad table were, ok, at best. For the main course, there was a sea food paella, which didn't taste like the real thing, while the chicken roulade was bland. The only saving grave was the fish in white sauce which was good. For the veggies, there was ricotta and stuffed capsicum, and a couple of other items that weren't particularly interesting.There was counter where we could make our own sandwiches, and a pasta counter, which was also not that much of a hit with us. They only had spaghetti and another coiled pasta with a red sauce and a white sauce; quite a disappointment from what we were told - "you can make your own pasta from the counter by askiung the chef". Hm, can't do much when there isn't too much to work with, now can we?

The desserts were the only saving grace for the place, but I'd have liked it if there was a lil more variety. Ice cream, lemon mousse, and two types of cake (with cream) and a dry cake, with some shakes. Also there were waffles and syrup.

The whole setup is supposed to be Spanish, but going by the food alone, there were a few dishes that could be called Spanish because of the dish that was attempted, but certainly not by the taste. The inside is pretty spacious and there were a bunch of foreigners and their kids were running all over the place. One thing's for sure, for the Rs 725 they charged, there were enough items on display, but not too many of 'em struck the right chords with the stomach.

For pics, check


clauds - Burrp User


9 Reviews

April 26,2008


nothing spanish about it

We went there for the Sunday lunch buffet (Rs. 550 plus tax), which includes unlimited beer, wine and sangria. Unless you drink LOTS of wine and beer, its totally not worth it. Almost all the food was inedible and not at all spanish. I've been to Spain so I should know. The Sangria had gone bad, the milkshakes were really Nandini bottled flavored milk, the made to order spanish omelet was burnt and extra salty with huge lumps of potato thrown in, the made to order pizza was as thin as a wafer, the made to order sandwiches can be easily made at home and the seafood paella was nauseating. The best things were the icecream and the chocolate mousse which were probably not house-made. Service was very slow. I can go on and on about the rest of the dishes, but why bother? I'm really puzzled with the other reviews.



Great Lounge

I had been to Del Sol once before, a couple of years ago, and didn't like it too much. I decided to give it another shot last week, and decided that it is, after all, a pretty good place.

The service is really, really friendly, and this is something you won't find in any other lounge in this price range in Bangalore. Kudos to the Casa folks for outdoing the competition on the service front! The environs are great, but you *have* to sit outdoors to make the most of it! The outdoor deck has been very tastefully decorated, but retains a lovely, homely aura with wicker chairs, simple tables, plants, and a great view of the city, especially at night. Drinks are available at the usual prices, with Indian beer at Rs. 110 (pint) or 150 (bottle). Cocktails are between Rs. 250 and 400. There's also a friendly hookah guy with a good selection of waterpipes. After we'd downed a few drinks, the manager came over and asked if we'd be interested in 'the flamer'. This sounded too intriguing to miss, and so we headed over to the bar, where both the manager and barman chatted with us whilst preparing a mad-scientist-like rig of glasses, mugs, flames, and liqeurs. The 'flamer' is basically a very elaborate flaming cocktail, and is quite an experience. The downside is that it gets over in a flash, and will cost you as much as two cocktails, though this flamer was made for consumption by two people.

One caveat though is the food; not to say it's bad or anything, but the size of the servings left me wanting. I strongly suggest you dine at Piccola downstairs, which is still a Leviathan when it comes to filling and reasonably-priced Italian food. Del Sol is great to lounge in with a few drinks after dinner.


Eat drink and make merry

That's pretty much the theme of this wonderful place.
The ambiance is warm and celebratory and the food just perfect.
They have a corporate meal deal on weekdays (I think ~Rs.160) which includes a welcome drink, some tapas, salad, soup, entree and dessert. If you're going a la carte, try their pizzas and salads.

Casa Del Sol doubles into a social destination in the evenings - they have salsa nites, live music, pottery artists and lots of other fun events. For a perfect meal by yourself, come here on weekdays. For merriment, come evenings or try their Sunday brunch (~Rs.600?) which has an interesting fare and abuzz with social events and fun things to do - great to go with your family.

During Diwali, Christmas and such festive occassions the place gets most beautiful since it's partially open-air!


Lively atmosphere, average food

A very nice ambiance - lounge in sofas either indoors or outdoors - live music in the weekends. A good place to meet for a business meeting. Food, be it tapas or pastas, is very average