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> > > > Casa Raviera

Casa Raviera

Cunningham RoadNorth Bangalore  

  • 08041125157 , 09035858930
  • Ground Floor, Westminister 13, Cunningham Road, Bangalore
  • European, Continental
  • Meal for 2 - 600

4 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Casa Raviera Reviews

If you Must

This is the kind of place that does the job its not a fancy upmarket resturant nor is it a down in the dumps eatery. For those of you who remember the good old days of Casa Picola on Residency road this is a mere re branding of the same restaurant and it continues to serve the old classics like profiteroles and burgers. And you will be quite satisfied if you stick to some safe options like like their cheese toast the chocolate bust and few other time tested options. The added convenience of home delivery makes it a good choice for nearby residents for last minute food. People living a litte further beware as they can be picky about when they deliver and how much you order usually influences their descision. Though i cant really point out any out right flaws with this resturant its not spectacular either it has managed to remain in that comfort zone for many years and i cant see that changing any time soon.

Pros: - Good variety
Above average quality of preparation
Good desserts

Cons: - Parking can be a pain in the area
Food is not something you would want to go back for unless you have no choice
They are very picky about when they exercise the home delivery option


Chaitania - Burrp User


58 Reviews

February 17,2013


Euro Cuisine

Came here on 14th Feb at 7:30 p.m. Glanced through their bright yellow menu which had salads, soups, quick bites, sandwiches and subs, burgers, pizza, sizzlers, desserts, mocktails, coolers and warmers.

Ordered Fish Carnival (marinated fish fillet baked with cheese served on bed of spaghetti with buttered vegetables and mash potato). Order arrived after 20 minutes. Buttered vegetables and mash potato were substituted by salad and finger chips, but overall the whole meal was tasty.

It is located next to Fortis Hospital. Ambiance is nice, has bright yellow and white interiors with many paintings on the wall. Service was okay. Food is reasonably priced, quantity is good and desserts are on display. My bill Rs.250 + tax = Rs.286. Their card swipe machine was not working and we had to pay in cash. So, if you are coming here, don't forget to carry cash. It is worth a try.............


The House of Good Food

Casa Raviera is a restaurant located in Westminster Building on Cunningham Road. The place has a bright ambiance and the perfect place to go for lunch with that special someone!

This is another restaurant which has been on my list of places to try out from a very long time. I guess that's why they say, there is a time for everything!

First, we decided to order some appetizers from the huge list shown in the menu. To drink, we ordered two cokes. As far as the appetizers are concerned, we ordered for Chilly Cheese Toast (Garlic Bread) and Chilly Chicken. The Chilly Cheese Toast was just divine! You get four slices of bread topped with cheese and sprinkled with garlic and spices. The quantity of cheese was just enough and the garlic really added to the flavor. The second appetizer was the Chilly Chicken. A plate full of boneless chicken pieces topped with green chillies, spring onions, and capsicum. Not something to have if you are not a capsicum fan as it was overloaded with them!

As I am used to eating pastas and baked dishes at home, and not too keen on eating Sizzlers, I decided to order Veg Surprise Sub. This sub was filled with juliennes of bell pepper, mushroom, green chillies & mayo. All sandwiches and subs are accompanied with French Fries and Casa Raviera's special salad. The stuffing was amazing and spicy too as it was loaded with green chillies. YUM! The quantity was just right and I wouldn't have minded ordering another one. The salad consisted of cabbage, capsicum, carrot, and a bit of French dressing. The French Fries were soft and fried to consistency unlike some other places where the fries will be soaked in oil.

Hubby decided to order a non-veg sizzler called Lamb Mince Steak which is marinated lamb mince grill and topped with pepper mushroom sauce. Sizzlers are served with veggies, French Fries or Mashed Potatoes and Garlic Bread. He chose to have the French Fries and the Casa Raviera special salad like me. The steak was succulent and cooked to perfection. The sauce was spicy too.

While browsing through the menu, I could not help but check out the desserts even before I got to the main course. So I had already decided on having the Apple Pie with Cream. (You can opt for Ice Cream along with the pie if you want). I am a big apple freak and love making desserts with apples. Apple Pie is something which I have not mastered yet, but do order it when I go out to eat. The crust was cooked just right and the pie had the right proportion of apples and cinnamon. One thing I have noticed about Apple Pies in India is that they add raisins to it, which is something I am not too fond of. So it would have been better if that was omitted.

As the place is very bright and lively, you will feel like coming back again. The service is good and I feel the prices are reasonable too. All this cost us just Rs. 900. This restaurant is also located in Koramangala near Jyothi Nivas College.

Food - 4/5 {It would have been a 5/5 if it wasn't for the raisins!}
Ambience - 5/5
Service - 5/5


Continental dining on a Budget

Its a nice chirpy little place, just above the erstwhile Casa Picola on Cunningham Rd. Though definitely not fine dining class, the air is warm and cozy and puts you at ease straight away. The menu is the regular mish mash of burgers,steaks, pasta and grills..... no exotic sounding culinary surprises. The preparations are robust and decent, though they may not turn up exactly the way you would expect. Our Hot Dog looked more like a sub and was a tad too bland, the mixed grill did not turn up on a sizzler plate and the cheesy fries hardly had any cheese. That said, if you ignore your previous points of reference you may actually ignore your meal. The prices are the best part. A meal for two with drinks (non-alcoholic) and a shared starter would cost you less than Rs.500. Stay clear from the desserts though.... my cheese cake tasted more like a gelatinous blob. Final verdict: Nice place for a casual outing when wifey is not willing to cook and you are not in the mood to dress-up. Some music would definitely help though.