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> > > > Chaipatty Teafe

Chaipatty Teafe

IndiranagarEast Bangalore    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS


62 Reviews / 62 Ratings

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Chaipatty Teafe Reviews





Awesome Tea with Pakorras but Bug on Mats :(

My experience would have been awesome if it was not for the bed bugs. After we spent couple of minutes on the mat (front room) we realized there were bugs as legs were all itchy (for all my friends). Went to the room with chairs/tables. Ordered Kulhad chai, Awesome it is, bread pakkoras, loved the taste. But little bit of hygiene on the mats would be great. People sitting on mats become a medium of transferring bed bugs to other places :( . Hope management takes some measures for eliminating bed bugs






Amazing Experience

Having tea was never so much fun as I experienced it here!

To begin with the ambience is spot-on; wooden flooring, nice music, young and good looking crowd. This place took me by surprise to be honest, I didn't expect to be sitting cross-legged on the wooden floor after removing my shoes. But after I did it, I didn't realize how time went by; I was there for almost 2 1/2 hours chatting up and catching up with days gone by.

This place is frequented by college students, young professionals who need a place to sit, eat, drink and chit-chat endlessly. You will hear chatter, peals of laughter from all corners of this place. You will also find a fully "in-love" couple whispering sweet nothings, only audible to themselves. The surroundings of this place stick to you like glue and the exuberance of the next generation [or even the one after the next] crowd makes you feel younger.

Well, we had in all 5 cups of the desi kulhad chai, one mint tea and a couple of bowls of Maggi. The mint tea was just amazing and so was the Veg Maggi.

Service is quick and warm, the owner did interact with us and informed us that tips are divided amongst the serving staff at the end of the day.

I will come again to soak myself in the environs.!







Tune Down the Attitude !!

I went to this place today for a quick tea break Between my shopping... I had some doubt in the menu so I asked a waiter there but he seemed completely confused. So then came the the owner.. Some guy wearing a Bluetooth clearly having the airs of an owner.. But what shocked is when he opened his mouth ..The first thing he uttered is .."Ismein samjhane ko kya hai.. Isn't it too clear" .. I wanted to kill him there.. What's with the attitude man.. You Are running a shopping which clearly ain't doing too well and with this attitude this is only going downhill...Give up the loser attitude !! Wouldn't even bother to review the food and service ...



Extremely Arrogant Owner

Me and my friend recently visited the place a couple of times. But I guess the last visit completely shocked us. We have never encountered a owner who was as arrogant as the guy there. Two incidents. First, my friend wanted to use the washroom and found that the lights weren't functioning . When reported, the owner mumbled and with an irritated tone told that it would switch on after a couple of minutes. Frankly, how would we know that ? After that, when I called the owner to place the order, he rudely showed his hand to stop and he came after 5 minutes Frankly , I was only trying to place my order and that was the first time i called him. It would have been an inappropriate gesture even if i had been nagging him to come. But considering it was the first time i was calling him, i was extremely angry. Never would we set foot again and strongly advice anyone not to go there. We aren't coming to your place to have free food. Basic courtesy is something that is fair enough to expect.



Best Place For Light Snacks

They have moved to the 3rd floor of the building next to Body shop. Nice place with three different seating sections. Two of them have comfortable chairs and tables and one section has floor mats with cushions to sit on the floor and stretch your legs.

Items to die for here are the masala chai, maggie (yup!!!!! amazing taste) and their pakoda's (even though with lots of oil)

They play nice bollywood music and you can sit for hours and chat up with your friends. You will see a lot of young college crowd.

Not very clean and you need to remind the waiters to clean your table. Also some of the waiters at the Indiranagar branch have a bit of an attitude. You have to remind them of your order many times before you finally get it.

Service is very very slow but if u are here to kill time with your friends, then what more can you ask for? :-)

But still the food and killer chai and laid back ambiance make it a good place to chill out on a rainy evening with friends.


Avoid at all costs!

Chaipatty is a quaint little tea cafe situated on 100 feet road. First glance, the place looks good with a nice ambience, great location and a decent menu. First time you go there, the experience is good. In fact, every experience is good until you encounter the antics of the waiters and the owners. I had been there a few times, but my last visit there confirmed that it would indeed be my last. I had joined a couple of friends of mine who were already seated on the floor mats. Since I was in formals, I requested that we move to a table as I could not squat on a floor. Bear in mind that at this time, we were the only people in the cafe! We moved to a table and all was well until the time came to pay the bill. The waiter came up to us and just asked for the money with the bill covered in his hand. We asked for the bill and the bill looked fine until we saw the last item. There was an item titled 'ET' which we were charged for. On asking for what it was, the waiter's confession came out that we had been charged for switching tables! We asked for the manager and there came the 'hero' of this review - a dude named Chirag. When we told him this, he started mumbling into a rant about how he is not just the manager but also the cook and he has run the place for 3 years etc etc. The irrelevant rant continued into how he has to foot any increases in karnataka state levies etc etc and then asked us all of a sudden, if we want the food for free! Needless to say, we were disgusted by the behaviour of the 'owner' of the place (Dont refer to him as Manager, dude doesnt like it!) and walked out after paying the bill.! Was a mistake to come to this place and you for sure wont see us there anymore!

Nice place ruined by a nutty owner!



Lovely Little Place

I have been visiting Indiranagar quite often these days since admitting my kid there for an evening class and most of the time I end up being early and have to wait for her to finish, that's basically how I started exploring the neighborhood and stumbled upon Chai patty. Is there a better way to spend an evening than drinking some kadak chai with pakodas. Such a lovely little no-nonsense place this is. I have been here twice already and both the times was by myself, ordered my masala tea with pakoda/samosa and killed time. Whatever I tried was rather nice and tasted fresh. Quite honestly, I did not encounter any rudeness from the owner or staff as I spent quite sometime sitting by myself enjoying the tea and the weather. Must say though, the place is quite a crowd puller as both the times there were a steady number of people of all ages dropping in. They have some nice munches on the menu like momos, nuggets and even pastas and waffles though I did not try any of that yet. Maybe I'll try something else next time so that I can comment on the food.


Bahut Fine Che!!!!

Superlike!!!! Who says Bangalore is expensive when you have places like these in the city...Awesome...I wanted to take some chai home..but too bad couldn't do it.......I liked the entire concept and I was so busy catching a drag and sipping chai that I sat there for 2 hrs and for all those who say the owner is rude....well you guys are lying!!! Will visit 1st thing this weekend!! Please give me the recipe of your chai!!! :)


Super Like

Chanced upon this place while shopping at Body Shop and instantly took a liking to it. Felt like a nice place for a snack and some tea, so did just that. It was a pleasant evening and the open air area really made for a very pleasant experience for me and my boyfriend. We ordered Masala tea and paneer pakodas, I love maggie so I ordered one portion of it. The pakodas were just delicious and the tea extremely nice too. We sat around enjoying the weather and subsequently ordered more tea and pakodas. This place kind of made me feel young and refreshed. In all, a very nice evening spent at Chaipatty on my very first visit.



Great Place To Hangout

Must've visited Chaipatty Indiranagar atleast a dozen times by now, it reminds me of my college days. I particularly like the chilled out, no-fuss decor and the simply awesome food and yes great chai. We work close by and come over to have our evening tea and snacks @ Chaipatty before leaving for home on many evenings. Our staple at Chaipatty is their piping hot masala chai and we generally settle for pakodas, nuggets or momos to go with the chai. The pricing at this joint is a true attraction as its really easy on the pocket, therefore no wonder one finds a lot of young college crowd hanging out here. Its truly a great place to sit back and chit chat over a cup of tea. Look forward to more such relaxing evenings, filled with great conversation @ Chaipatty.



What an Evening!!!!

Being new to bangalore I did not know of a place where I can have some fun with my sister.....Until yesterday.....I found out this place......It was simply mindblowing...I mean the entire concept of the teafe thing...The food and everything else was awesome...This is one of the few places in Bangalore where you can hang out with friends, family or even alone!!! I sipped into a cup of masala chai(in a kullad) with some chicken nuggets and a sausage salad......It was worth every penny I paid...Keep up the good work..will visit you soon!!!



Not Visiting Again!!

Recently we visited this place .. and got bitten by bed bugs !! The owner is way too casual about it and didn't even apologize .. ! All we expect is a bit of hygiene and cleanliness ... !



bed bug haven!!

I loved this place!!!..until my recent and my friends were bitten everywhere within a few minutes of sitting down on those dirty mats. What surprised me was the fact that chirag was not the least bit concerned about any of this even after we complained and showed him the bugs which were running around on the mats!! Granted their chai is amazing but why would anybody go there for a chai which comes with a side order of free rashes and allergies and an owner who claims that his lovely pets only bites those with a lovable blood!! WTF!!. Not cool man!


Rude and arrogant owner!

I was here yesterday with a friend. We were catching up after a really long time that's why decided to meet up here. Biggest mistake ever! The owner was so rude to us! Even before we were done he came up to us and asked us if we were done even when he saw that there was food on the table... I was pissed. We got up immediately to pay and leave. I gave him a piece of my mind, I told him that this was not the way and he went on saying something about how he sent the pakoras early and how he started the place with 25 seats 3 yrs ago. How does that concern me? All I wanted was to be treated with respect! How can educated people be so impolite? I'm never going back! Chirag if your reading this, please learn to be nice! Life is short, you're not going to lose anything if you are civil to your customers, forget not! You're where you are because of your patrons!


just for tea

yes the highlight to me was the tea, if you are a tea lover rest what you see, like crowd or service shouldn't upset you much



Pathetic experience, not once but twice

me and my friends tried to go to Chai Patty twice (once on a Monday and then on a Sunday) at 10 in the morning and got no service at all, even though they say that the place is open from 9. The first time we thought it might be the case because it was a Monday, but it happened again on a Sunday. It disappointed us as we were expecting to have a hot cuppa tea on a beautiful day. they let us in but when we asked for some food, half of the things were not available, the AC was not working (the reason: the owner has the cupboard keys which has the remote control), the waiters were STILL BRUSHING THEIR TEETH and no one was cleaning the place. Finally, to top it all, the waiters didn't know how to operate the billing machine and we left without a bill. I doubt i will go back to that place again, and will not recommend anyone else to go there too.



Will never plan to go again

Me and my husband went to Chai Patty last saturday evening, and got very upset.

We ordered there 1 Kulhad chai, maggi and a platter of pakora (15 piece)

Kulhad Chai of Chaipatty (Name itself have chai) was having only water instead of milk... felt so bad and then decided to update over hear to suggest people not to waste the money.. Really very sad..

You can have a better chai on tappri then over there..

And the pakora platter was told to have all five varieties.. but we could not see any panner pakora in that..
Really sad again..

I will never ever plan to go there again.

Beware guys..


Kullad Chai

I like this place for Kullad Chai .. Nice place to hang around with Friends and also come pretty things up there for Sale. Good Concept ..



a nice place to spend evening.

Me and my friends had been there couple of times .The service is bit bad. but the small area is good enough to enjoy there Masala chai in kudla, varieties of sandwich, veg momo, aloo tikki, pastas and also desi bajji.
kudla tea is bit over prized, you have the option of taking tea in glass too.
go with friends to chit chat with some hot tea and delightful sandwiches.
give a try



Overpriced menu

On the second day of my stay at Bangalore, after listening to few good reviews, I went to this place with my host for the breakfast. The simplicity in decor and concept certainly attracted me. But looking at the overpriced menu and moreover uncomfortable sitting arrangement were the letdowns. There is scope of improvement though and I'd like to visit this one another time when in Bang.


August 28, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Gaurav thank you for writing in. We are glad you liked the concept & the decor. I would though like to understand what you felt were the dearly priced items. We at Chaipatty try our best to keep affordability intact and even keep taxes away from your bills. I from my sale sheet today see a waffle with English breakfast ordered. Was this your order?? I hope we are talking about an experience from today else i would request you to just mail me on and i promise to address it for sure during your next visit. Thank you very much

August 29, 2012response from management at gauraw9:

It's nice to see response from your side & accepting criticism positively. Firstly to answer your question - I visited a couple of weeks back during my visit to Bang. As I mentioned, this is a different kind of concept and it should have competitive prices against other chains serving the same dishes. Though I'm not sure about the prices in Bangalore, maggi is costlier than a usual nescafe outlet, waffles are somewhat costlier than specialized dessert shops in Mumbai, basic omlette itself is costlier than chains serving in other metros like Pun

August 29, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Thank you Gaurav. I am with you on every point and yes if you compare that way we sure look pricy. But currently being in Bangalore we tried fitting the pockets here. We surely have a better more comfy seating in mind coming up by Oct at Indiranagar itself. We look fotward to hosting you then. Thanks take care...

Good Kullad Chai & Bad Service ...

I had been to 2 of their outlets - Indira Nagar & Koramangala 2 times each. The experience at Koramangala was better in terms of service.

The Kullad Chai was certainly good, though I thought it's a bit over-priced.

I had their Pasta which was decent.

The Pakodas were laughable both in quantity & quality. They were really pathetic.

I was not very happy with the service at Indira Nagar. The restaurant was almost empty when we went there last time, but no one came to us to take order. I went to counter & ordered. I saw some 'Sugarless Chai' option in menu, I asked some lady at counter to give 'Sugarless Chai' & provide some Sugar separately so that we will mix whatever is required. (I told her it's for my aunt who was a sugar patient and drinks Chai with very less sugar). She replied a bit rudely and said 'if you are anyway going to mix it, why do you ask for Sugarless Chai ?'. She sent us normal Chai with sugar. It was way too sweet & undrinkable for my aunt. That made my aunt wondering what the hype about this joint was.

Even though their Chai was generally decent, that service had made me to avoid the joint since then.

I wish the owner's nice replies here transforms into nice service at their outlets.


July 11, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Hi there,

I will start straight away by apologising first of all but would need a small clarification. The lady u saw at the counter at Indiranagar was she the same you met at Koramangala or was it a different one??

We generally let people try d Chai as it is if they are first timers coz compared to the usual places we sure are on a reduced sugar level. But yes we do in rare circumstance provide sugar on the side. About the pricing of the Chai i request you to atleast see if that being the major seller can be really reduced

July 12, 2012response from management at CherryBurry:

1) I encountered only a mid-aged man at Koramangala (not sure if it's you). The lady was at Indira Nagar both times I went.

2) The Chai was VERY HIGH on sugar on that particular day.

3) Pakodas : Leave about the quantity, but 'quality' was pathetic. I am sorry, but they are certainly the worst pakodas I ever ate in my life till now.

4) Tea : I am not really concerned about the 'price' of the tea. I only said it's a 'bit' on higher side for that quantity. If I am really concerned about 'price', I would not have visite

July 12, 2012response from management at CherryBurry:

1) I encountered only a mid-aged man at Koramangala (not sure if it's you). The lady was at Indira Nagar both times I went.

2) The Chai was VERY HIGH on sugar on that particular day.

3) Pakodas : Leave about the quantity, but 'quality' was pathetic. I am sorry, but they are certainly the worst pakodas I ever ate in my life till now.

4) Tea : I am not really concerned about the 'price' of the tea. I only said it's a 'bit' on higher side for that quantity. If I am really concerned about 'price', I would not have visi

July 12, 2012response from management at chaipatty:


All points duly noted and promised that we will definitely work on them. Some can be called basic glitches but the rest i accept are a little worry but like i said we have a bigger concept coming up by this month end and you will definitely see the improvements.

Also a big thanks for sticking by us ever since. Just a small note, the incident you are mentioning seeing a lady at the Indiranagar counter is definitely over a month old bcoz mum who otherwise would come by on Tuesdays now is for the last month or more at Korama

July 12, 2012response from management at CherryBurry:

Yes, its been more than 2 months since I divorced Chaipatty :-)
Fortunately, these all are the issues that can be corrected easily.
Will be back sometime once I feel all issues are resolved.

July 12, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Oh i am a big believer of rebounds and happily ever afters;) Will make sure we call u when we are good to go with all amendments :P on the top floor. I love the fact that we are having a conversation and good one rather than a basic grievance hearings. I must thank u for responding back. Have a goodnight :)

Majorly overrated

Me and my wife have been going there since the place opened up, but i decided to finally write a review since i felt that the place is becoming majorly over rated. The service is terrible (except when the owner of the place is around). To give an example, when we asked the guy behind the counter to make the maggi + pasta sauce a bit less spicy, he gave us this look of contempt, thought for a while and said, thats how pasta sauce tastes like. And then all those mosquitos and flies that give you company makes the experience something you wont forget for atleast a while. The cutting chai and the kulaad chai definitely tastes good, but i dont think none of this makes up for the much below par service experience and doesnt live up to the glowing reviews that i see about this place. This is definitely a different experience, but thats it, dont think that this is the best possible place on the planet earth as some of the reviews here at burrp and zomato might like you to believe


July 10, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Alexy as much as we appreciate you being a regular ever since we started we also are grateful that you have lived with the circumstances of we being an open air verandah concept. Trust me with constructions happening round the clock around our buildings and also adjoining the main road we have very little of comfort factor compared to a nice indoor space with formalised service.

We have a small place that we started out with we have just tried our best to work out things. But yes we are moving into a larger bigger space in the same bu

5 Amazing Things @ Chaipatty

5. Red bull iced tea (which I've recently discovered). Yum!!

4. The playlist. Oh the playlist!!

3. My customised vegetable maggi :D And also - cheese balls, vegetable momos (with its delectable chutney...smack!!) & pakoda platter :D :D

2. The gorgeousness @ 11:00 pm when it rains!!

1. The nutty owner who's done a fantastic job by giving a simple concept such a beautiful outcome :)

Here's to more!!


May 30, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Simple, minimalistic & can i say personalized. We love when ppl pick their personal favorites at Chaipatty. It makes our efforts & your experience that endearing without the fuss of a business place. Thank you Ishita for your Top5 on Chaipatty. Wishing you and everyone else many more :)

May 30, 2012response from management at ishita19:

Reviews are always personal, Chirag :) Even more so for a cafe, where it is all about the overall experience, and not just a bowl of maggi or chai in a cutting glass ;) I wish only the best for Chaipatty. And you too :D

@Arrogant Owner

I think you have me confused with somebody else. Firstly no exchange of money even took place between us. We were humiliated by you even as we tried placing the order and left your premise. Your entire narration is not even true or you are mixing it up with some other incident that you encountered.

I would not have gone ahead and wrote this if we actually had an altercation and if I was at fault even a bit. On both the occassions we did not even sit at Chaipatty and left without consuming a thing, so I seriously have no idea from where you are coming up with the con and bull story. It was just too demeaning for us to be even there after the way you treated us.

Anyway I know losing a single customer may not mean much to you. On my part I am done with Chaipatty and am never coming back again!


May 29, 2012response from management at chaipatty:


My intention with the below review also wasnt to make noise or set example. The whole fuss of a Cut Chai experience making a good customer go bad and sad online made me recount the whole thing in the way i did. Losing customers due to arrogance is one thing and losing due to miscommunication of a vague ego clash is another.

Your two attempts at Chaipatty werent to your expectation. The timing of your visits with a packed crowd and the usual commotion of orders pending on several tables. At this time like on one of your

Arrogant owner

I think most of the ratings below have been manipulated. For starter's this place is nothing but a glorified roadside tea stall. Very sub-standard in all aspects. But the most appalling is the behaviour of the owner, a certain Mr. Chirag.I will recount his behaviour with real-life ordeals we are put through:

On our first visit there, my friend orders two cutting chai. Instead of obliging with the order he turns to us and says " I can't take your order as we are not running a cheap Iyengar bakery here". Hello Mr. Chirag, unless and until you are blind or illeterate, cutting chai is listed on your big wide menu in bold. So we are not making for unreasonable demand here. A very rude way to insult and rip off your customers. Get if off your F****** menu if you have qualms serving it.

Yet on another visit, when I go to the counter to place my order, he just starts screaming " This is not easy. You guy's dont' understand. It's not easy." I was left flabbergasted as I was very polite in placing my order and didn't know what he was freaking over. All in all this kinda behaviour is totally unacceptable.

My advice, unless and until you want to pay to feel humiliated do not go there. This place is a shoddy joint on a hi-street lined with some of the finest eateries in Bangalore.

Just a word to Mr. Chirag, you ain't running a top restaurant frequented by A-listers . For that matter you guys don't even have a roof over your head and are using an extended parking area off the pavement. So go easy on the attitude!


May 29, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Hi Haris,

Thanks to you i can finally put a name to the face i have been constantly raving about ever since the last time you came. Sad to see you judging by your first time reviewing attempt the integrity of many skilled and veteran of sorts reviewers down below. Also very sad to see you not giving enough details for your two visits making you as an small example of sorts at Chaipatty.

To begin with lets first describe your two visits. Easily spaced out by a month i presume and like this review too which is coming after almos

Good place but, could have been better..

While going thru 100ft road in Indiarnagar saw this place, we decided to try it out as one of my friend had mentioned about it. We were craving for tea so, we went decided to try it out.

The place is really small and has seating for around 10-12 people. He has mats on the floor for seating and some stools too. The kullad chai looked something new and different from the other choices we have in Bangalore. We tried the kullad chai and Momos. Both were good. Though I would have really liked it if the kullad were not re-used as my kullad had a black rim around it's edges. I am paying 50 bucks for a tea I can definitely have it in a disposable kullad I guess :)

Another thing was the dust!! With Bangalore roads and construction always on the go the dust is everywhere in Bangalore. This place has a seating right behind the bus stop. Where we sat we could see the dust all around settling on food items. Would really like if there was some partition between the bus stop and the seating area. Probably a jute one which would be airy also and would go with the theme of the place.


May 28, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Hi Wafa,

Thank you so much for trying us out. We honestly appreciate your review & trust me already we are working at making d ambiance bigge,r shielded from the dust with more kullads popped in. Disposable kullads will be a task as firstly you dont get them in Bangalore. Most are brought from Kolkata, Rajadthan & sold at 3times the price. We hence make our own kullads using clay & they work out stronger & cuter. They surely are replaced but not before a fortnight but thoroughly washed after each use.

Only one thing you are n

bhokha - Burrp User


2 Reviews

April 25,2012


GOOD concept wid arrogant Owner

An honest review by Bhokha...(6-7 times to dis place)

why to go?

1) gud concept in bangalore ,esp dat kullad wala.
2) Young generation hotspot
3)Indiranagar locality .
4) Songs he plays in IPOD
5) Creative advertisments and hoardings

What sucks!!

1) Damn arrogant attitude of owner.he thinks he look kewl in dat( tries to act like dabangg)...he shud think it as business... Asking people to leave ,so he can accomodate others is absolutly disgusting. I came wid my group of frends,when owner asked leave dey all were awestruck...If sum same new kind of venture comes in ..owner will be in soup dats pakka.... Bahana like we don't have space,i m managing with limited staff ..blah-blah....(as i read in previous reviews)..why the hell customers is bothered about that......or if u have so much of crowd,give people token as they give in "gramin"..they never show dese kind of tantrums.

2) Talking tone is absolutely derogatory ....AKAD is dere....dunno y

3) Check for cockroaches,mosquito's

4) Money wise its okay......kullad is costly...though..

5) One of my friend in burrp gave genuine feedback,owner told him he will give free chai and pakodas next time..for candid feedback,,when he went dere next time..owner became angry oh him........!!!A self proclaimed DUDE!!!!

Luking for fiercy response soon from owner!!!!!!!!!


April 25, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks for d honesty Sir. By the fact u hv come 6-7 times i guess u are already used to my straightforwardness. I hate being filmy but being a true blue Delhi-ite i am a little u know wat i mean how most like us get slotted.

I so love u for all the nice & correct things you have written about us. Even d part not 2ur liking is correct except d kullad being costly. U wudnt come so many times if u found it that way. Plus like d umpteen times i hv told a 40Rs Chai with no taxes or hidden service charges ee sure are value for money for d o

May 1, 2012response from management at bhokha:

thanx manger cum owner...for timely reply.....we will wait for your new larger space...But if u go to sum restraw and people say plz leave..u also will feel da same..put yourself in other people shoes... hve a token system.....and take order in advance and tell dem time...if u order this ,u can sit for 20 mintes,30 mintes,1hour....etc...................

reg recognizing me,,look out for sum bhokha person,u will get to know:):)

yeah thanx for fiecy reply:):),,but better u add this spice to momo's and pasta rather than reply:

Vinay  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 24,2012


Teafe a welcome change

A good place to visit and spend time with loved ones.. Outside seating and good soothing music makes up for the ambiance. The road is near , but you can't hear the traffic.. Crowd is good and relaxing. Even people with dogs were allowed, which was unique experience.. The specialty Khulad Tea was the best. Waffles and cheese balls were good along with the tea. A good change compared to CCD and other cafes.. A must visit to this TEAFE :)


April 25, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Vinay we try to have as many ppl & friendly pets as we can. Till d time all enjoy it we like it. Thanks for coming. Do come again :)

My Happy Place

There are very few places in Bangalore where I find peace. And Chaipatty is one of them - despite the street noise. I keep telling all my friends - there's not one item on the menu that's not good! I absolutely love the concept of the place - the furniture, the lights, the kulhads, the price - everything. I'm yet to try the breakfast, but am pretty sure that'll be amazing, too. Kudos!!


April 25, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks Ishita. U hv now become quite a regular. Thanks...


Good Chai & patty

While going thru 100ft road in Indiarnagar marked this place, a lot of crwod. so thought lets try it. The menu was innovative, the sitting area very innovative. Loved the ambience & lazziness associated with it.
Now to food the prices are ok but the food amount is less. pakodas, chicken items are all good. The most expensive is the Chai (Tea ) , once cup in kulhad i could not finish it alone.

Surely a try if you want a lazy evening with your partner with a road side feel.



Good Chai & Patty

While going thru 100ft road in Indiarnagar marked this place, a lot of crwod. so thought lets try it. The menu was innovative, the sitting area very innovative. Loved the ambience & lazziness associated with it.
Now to food the prices are ok but the food amount is less. pakodas, chicken items are all good. The most expensive is the Chai (Tea ) , once cup in kulhad i could not finish it alone.

Surely a try if you want a lazy evening with your partner with a road side feel.


April 25, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks Ishika :)

Batatawada - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 17,2012


Has scope for improvement.

What separates Chaipatty from other tea rooms is that along with the tea here everything else is good unlike other places which focus on a particular dish/drink and yet try to balance out the rest. Available are wonderful sandwiches and cakes that are as easy on the eye as the belly. Enjoy the omelette's alongside a delicious tea.
Great to stop off here before, while, or after you shop in the bust street around.


April 25, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

We take ur advice eerioisly on the improvement part. Thanks for liking us. Do come again.



Even though I wasn’t impressed with the dish I chose, the other plates were good. All things considered: atmosphere, service, taste, and value


April 25, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks Shivani. Do come again :)

Genuine chai place - Whitefield

Reviews on burrp had already upped the intrest quotient , so decided to visit this place.Rarely it happens that the place/food in question takes a backseat and some other aspect of the place gains such prominence in discussion.A recent case in point in Cafe Noir where reviews have more to do with the owner rather than the food, which undoubtedly is good.Another case study is bohemia jayanagar, which started off well but wasn't as lucky as cafe noir and met an untimely death due to personal run-in's with burrp reviewers.Coming straight to the point , I hope Mr Chirag realizes that he is treading a very thin line by displaying his acerbic wit and super-sized ego on a forum like this, where to put it bluntly, a owner shall never have an equal footing as a reviewer.Your response shall be for one but you never know what percent of the population you tick off by that.

Anyway we were devoid of any such experiences(which i believe comes free with the food) ,as we happend to visit the whitefield branch.Coming straight to the goods, the kullad chai is definitely good, better than most of the places i have had outside.The sandwiches are fine ,purely functional.Pakoras slightly disappointing but well that can be due to the fact that i am not really a pakora person.Coming to the pricing , yes it does seem dearer and so for the pakoras.


February 3, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Hey Rahul,

Thanks for a post on our food. I honestly appreciate your viewpoint object the other aspects & I have already started working on most of it. I would apologize on the fact that pakodas failed to please you. I hope our step towards increasing the portion size should appeal. But nonetheless I thoroughly appreciate your trying us out. Hoping for some more visits in the future. There is a revised menu becoming functional at Whitefield(Its already at the other two outlets) by the 15th. You will like it I am sure.


February 6, 2012response from management at rahuldey123:

Chirag , good to see all being taken in a constructive way.The ills which i was vaguely pointing to have almost become evident in the last few reviews.It was as if i had anticipated them , call it experience in burrping :-).But its never late to amend.You chai is great ,let it do all the talking.All the best.Take a cue from ebony on burrp,being a smart guy i m sure you know what m referring to.


I love this page!

The burrp page of Chaipatty is much more interesting than a soap opera. I do not fail to check it every few days.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Chirag Yadav as yet. But, I must say he is totally involved in his projects, and that is the essential thing to do as a restaurateur.


February 3, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Mr Mittal I rather prefer Chirag to the fancier Mr.Chirag Yadav ;) Remind me when u come to Chaipatty I will charge you Entertainment tax for the fun u get from our burrp page. Its one thing to open a restaurant and to run it and another to have someone open with/for you and run it. Very few examples come nowadays of the former kinds. Creativity is outsourced so is the marketing. Where one must show character & an underlying attitude there one finds a fancy robot with a script & a fancy offer board.

At Chaipatty I am too concerned to s

Foodiejojo - Burrp User


38 Reviews

February 01,2012


Best masala chai in town...

Lovely concept, easy on pocket n nice chai, what more do you want from a Teafe? These guys have got in wonder this place is full on weekdays and weekends the maggie and khullar chai here. Have visited the place on 2 occasions and was served steaming hot cuppas contrary to what has been pointed out by a reviewer below. Also, it'll be great if we could keep the spirit of this forum intact and stick to reviewing a place on the parameters of food, service, ambiance etc rather than making 'personal' vindictive comments which are in bad taste and defeats the purpose of having an open forum like burrp! I for one will definitely go back for more masala chai n pakodas everytime I'm in that part of town.


February 2, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Thank you for rating us as the best. I will say of course there would be a better Chai somewhere but no place like Chaipatty serving it. Its the experience that will hook you to us. We love to be full at all times but also regret the sometimes carelessness at our end. But if customers can be encouraging & bring it to our notice or demand it then & there lovingly though :P we r most happy to oblige. Looking forward to your Chai Pakodas Maggi visits :)


surya2012 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

January 22,2012


Its good alright

The place is quite nice with the tea having a great flavor. The indian snacks are good too. A good place though the traffic sounds can sometimes get to you. Would try the whitefield outlet, should be quieter.

A change from all other tea coffee joints.


February 2, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks Surya. Yes my both Koramangala & Whitefield outlets are indoors. Do go check them. We would love to have u there :)

tvishal - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 22,2012


Frustrated souls........

If you dont like a place, then please do not visit that place again. Why, for heaven's sake, one finds the need to vent out frustration on a review site?
Burrp is a beautiful forum to express mature reviews of different places that come out of people's passionate effort.
There should be some way to control access and keep frustrated souls from groaning and cribbing here.
You like it or you do not, but please don't rant. Of late, there seems to be many such fellows prowling around, unleashed.


February 2, 2012response from management at chaipatty:


I guess ur review is more for the fabulous person below. I for once thought of letting him be but then felt it is time people heard from the brand because otherwise a forum like burrp becomes very onesided with most business owners playing it by the book humble & hospitable. I apologise atleast for having wonderful friend like customers like yourself having to go through such a verbal onslaught. Nonetheless I also am thankful for all the support my small creations gets from your end. Keep burrping I say :)


Owner calls himself paranoid, what more to say!!!

Chai Patty(CP) is definitely innovative and unique in one definite way, usually the staff screws up the place whereas the owner's intention is always the opposite. But here consciously/sub-consciously, Mr.Chirag Yadav is destroying his own place by his literal paranoid behavior!

He acts as if he is running a Conde-Nast certified cafe... reality - even a road side 5 bucks tea can teach some lessons in hospitality to the owner of CP.

Unfortunately I was forced to visit this pathetic place( thanks to its so called owner-cum-manager) thrice as friends heard about it, but never been there. Do note that the people whom I went with previously twice had vowed never to go here ever! Yeah this place is been consistent a turn off.

Getting to the point...the service here is worst than even our Indian Post...order takes an eternity to come....and once it comes..even the tea is warm...forget about the other snacks. Or I may have missed the Menu which would have mentioned "cold snacks" ??

I visited this place and asked the owner for a a sarcastic tone he said...sir we have a huge menu right if u please have a look!

Seeing the place full..he said wait for 2 mins and i will get u a place...i was wondering how? Did he force his customers to move out after a stipulated time?

10 mins passed, no table yet..and on top of it getting to hear his rude way of talking to other people at the counter...customers ordering and as well his staff. Evening couldn't be more sad!

No wonder the service is sad...under such a boss, its difficult to be efficient.

Had enough of his rant...just wanted to have my tea and get out of there...I said I will just stand and have. He bought the tea...and lo and behold it was barely warm...not barely hot! So it was just on the edge of being cold.

Imagine paying 50 bucks for this tea!!! Pure waste of money...when u go to places like Costa/Java-city. etc... yes we are paying a premium price there too, but thats for the service, the ambience, etc.

But here???? Its like paying to get your mood screwed up.

Hold on...worst was yet to come...

I didn't have change and offered 500 note. Rudely he said, give change...i said I don't have....then he said...ok sir no issues if you don't have can have it for free..bye!!

What does Chirag Yadav think of himself...that all his customers are beggars or what that he offers free tea???

Learn something from your neighbour(Sunnys) is a place offering great food, great ambience, is always packed and still the staff/manager make you feel at home! You are not running some out of this world place...rather not even a mediocre one!

I didn't wanted to create a scene(Though I must say I wanted to beat the hell out of this mad owner) went out...hunted for change, paid and come out. I understood the real deal...why he is overcharging so much...he may be needing money for his treatment for curing paranoia.

Get well soon Mr.Yadav...and try to learn how to treat your customers and a thing or two about being polite in the hospitality industry.

So to sum it up, do visit Chai-Patty Indiranagar if -

1. You have loads of time to wait....for cold stuff and cold tea!
2. Want to screw your mood and time.
3. Want to get a hands-in crash course in having patience and controlling your anger in public.
4. Getting a first hand lesson on how an owner shouldn't behave with his customers.

Good luck Mr.Yadav, keep earning will get payback for your attitude, behavior and this life some form or another!

P.S. - Seeing the replies by Mr.Chirag Yadav to other's feedback, it proves he is also one egoistic person too ashamed to admit his mistakes. In one reply he is blaming customers for breaking the kullads??? Oh boy!!!


January 22, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Hi Anirudh,

Thanks for calling Chaipatty innovative and unique. I appreciate you starting on a kind note. Unlike the earlier reviews i have on my humble brand, i am impressed by the amount of lamenting you have done on Chaipatty in your very first experience and that too for a basic order of a Kullad Chai.

Sir i must say that i do not take lightly of what you think and portray of us and especially me. I respect the fact that your have written 74 reviews on Burrp, you are a top level character designer and winning accolades fo

cpremika - Burrp User


7 Reviews

January 16,2012


Nay... over priced

I had been to this place last week with a friend. My first impression was - it can be a little cleaner/ tidier.
As far as the seating is concerned - it was very uncomfortable. For sitting down, the cushions were very thin...those can be softer.
In fact we stayed there only for under 45 minutes. still the bamboo stools were uncomfortable for that long...
Well, now coming to food - I ordered for a combo of Chai & Pakora. Kulhad chai was good. But for Rs.50?? No sir.. thts costly. Also 3 small Aloo pakora + 3 tiny onion pakora for Rs.40?? No way..
Really the combo was way over priced... serving a decent tea in an earthen tumbler doesnt warrant such a high price.. right?
We tried Veg. momos which were very so-so.
The staff were just waiting for us to leave the kulhad down, to grab it up & re use.. it was annoying when 2-3 times the staff came up to check if we are done with our tea..
Mr.Manager - keep a few extra kulhads handy...
Overall experience - over priced & not great...


January 16, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Hi there,

I will begin with apologising first as we failed to impress you. But here are a few things i would like to clarify upon.

1) To begin with your main grievance the prices of the Chai is coming down to 40 and portions of pakodas increasing and more in our new menu unveiling this month end. Combos will go off once that happens.

2) The kullads were less as during last week many kullads(almost 15) were accidentaly broken by the customers. We have our own pottery classes and we do not buy these kullads wherein the

January 17, 2012response from management at cpremika:

Hi Chirag...

That was a quick reply.. Thanks.
As you had replied on queries of keeping it cleaner & the high-price for tea & combo, I ll just talk about the last point.
Well to begin with.. Chaipatty gave an impression of a college canteen.. Defintely i did not compare it to CCD/Barista.. Thats the reason the topic of pricing came up.
There s definitely 'nothing called free lunch'.... so whether u call it as 'No tax' or 'NO VAT', Rs.90(tht i paid towards a combo) should be well spent & should be worth every penny i paid..

January 17, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks for giving us another chance only that it will be only by month end that the changes take place on the menu. But I would still welcome you for a Chai least. I love attentive customers & customers who are willing to voice it out to help us improve.

Glad to know you :)



Chaipatty a Teafe unlike a Cafe :)

I believe my first attempt at reviewing Chaipatty got lost in the application procedure at Burrp. But nonetheless i love it so much here's another go at it.

Chaipatty is one of my favorite hangouts in Bangalore. Its laid back and simple yet attractive if one tries it a number of times and not judge it in the first go. I even love the very approachable service which is old school reminiscent of college canteens and dhaabas. I love the Indiranagar place the most as it has the infectious energy plus open air ambience. On most days there is a bit of swearing and paranoia when the place is full but also if given a choice would like to comment that Chirag comes across a bit over passionate for the whole thing considering its his sole baby. His reactions at times are blunt or wittily sharp which for a first timer is pure surprise and more often misunderstood. There is no goodmorning and goodevenings rather "Abbey fir aa gaye" (What shit? U r back) & " Please order more we need to feed our 10kids at home" kind of witty replies. It shocks a few and to those with a bad sense of humor upsets even. But one look at Chirag's general behaviour around the place with the other guests and staff and you would understand his "Rocket Singh" style of marketing and taking care of guests is what sells this place. Its a home outside home and no u wont get service of your kind if you are not as funnily reactive as them.

Koramangala is run by his Mom and though the place looks small it can easily accomodate 15-18 ppl. Yes after that it does get claustrophobic. But just to put things fairly on that entire stretch of road there is hardly any cafe old or new that isnt and with a service like what Aunty gives one musnt judge too much. What more can one expect from a plain Chai Pakoda Maggi place. The wall art is cute though i miss the immortalised Bhains of Indiranagar. The seating is plush and very comfy. The service is quick and noone gets missed as Aunty is mostly on the top of her game serving around.

Whitefield though i have been there just twice is still not complete as in the floor seating and outdoor seating i presume is till on its way. Plus the usual menace of most restaurants- staff problems still a bit bothering. But Sonika who i presume is a friend helping things get managed there is a wonderful host. She may not be as chatterful as Chirag or as lovingly warm as Aunty she has a different set of skills. She loves kids and i have seen her taking such wonderful care of the kids i met during my visits that the whole family experience gets bettered. She also has a cute puppy as an accomplice to help elevate the already cuteness factor of the whole place. The wall art is more whacky here and i suggest everyone to take a walk to the "Loo" for more details :P The place is still in its early stages but i presume will very soon be a captivating hangout for the people at Whitefield.

Now coming to the food. Maggi at Chaipatty is the most amazing maggi i ever had and no you cant make one like this at home. Pakodas again fabulous and Chai please i would simply say stop judging it by the price. Its a big enough kullad to fill the rather chinese porcelain tea cups at home twice moreover you gotto grant it to them no matter how good a Chai each one of us can make at home they do have one of the best Chais in town if had outside. As for the price yes its steep but with so many of us questioning it i guess Chirag has already addressed it in their new menu.

All in all kudos to someone who's freshened up Indiranagar and considering now there are 3 Chaipattys in town freshened Bangalore if i may say with a little love and lots of flavour and fervour. Thank you Chaipatty for an Excellent Ghar waali Chai, awesome maggi(No its not junk food. try it here) and pakodas(Its bondas everywhere in town. Wish they served rum too:P).

P.S. I wish i get a free Chai for my review but more than that i just want to wish the very best to a concept thats involved a lot of hard work and personal sacrifice. Chirag if you are reading this get well soon and we want to see you back in action very soon :)



Snack & Chai at Chai Patty in Whitefield.

I had a chilli-cheese sandwich and masala chai. The sandwich was quite disappointing considering how simple it is to make that stuff and how tasty it could've been! I make yummy chilli-cheese sandwiches at home just using Britannia cheese slice, some chopped green chilli, onion and some capsicum. I can make just as tasty or better masala chai at home. But I cannot make the Costa coffee like taste at home. That's why I pay that much for a Costa Coffee. I don't know why I should pay 50 rupees for this masala chai.

I was there with just another friend. They made 3 trips in total to deliver 3 food items to our table - maggi, sandwich and chai. Most Indian cafes/restaurants never get this right!


decent snacks + kulhadi on the leg @whitefield

This review is about the whitefield outlet where I went sometime last week. Small, airy and comfy the place looked just right for some chai and pakoda. The menu looked interesting. Odd snack items reminded me of college but was a definitely welcome change from a lot of snack joints. My star item of course was to be the chai. I'm not exactly a connoisseur but I've had half a litre of tea in a day everyday for the past 20 years so I should know my stuff.

At 50 INR the "kulhad chai" better be good, I thought. Bah! It was just passable. What really shocked me was the clay tumbler "kulhad" itself It did not "taste" nice (it had an after taste). I know how a kulhad changes the flavour of the tea but this tasted super musty. I didn't want to kick up a fuss the very first time I went here so this tea I downed in a hurry. No marks for Quali-Tea (not a menu item).

At 50 INR I guess a fresh kulhad for every order wouldn't hurt but I think it's not really environmental friendly. So I guess I'd settle for a well glazed kulhad that doesn't taste of ... well ... anything from earlier. The snacks I must say were decent. 30Rs for a well made bowl of maggi. I enjoyed the onion pakoda too. At 90 INR for the combo kulhad tea and 8 pieces of pakoda (50+40), I thought grave injustice was meted out to the latter.

Service was not professional. The host brought one item at a time even though there were just two of us. That meant a total of four trips, one each for for 2 teas and 2 snacks. Picture this, the host hurrying to the table looking to dump the hot tea cup on our table before it burnt her hand. I haven't had tea brought to me like this in years. It was hilarious. It didn't help that the damn thing didn't have a handle. Seriously, is a tray that expensive?

Friendliness should not replace efficiency. People pay for having a good meal and a good time. Getting that right is most important. Hope this is taken as constructive criticism by the management. Maybe all these are one-off cases so I should just have non-kulhad tea and forget about it.


January 5, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

Hello there,

I will begin with how you summed it up. I wouldn't call ur review as criticism rather call it as inputs. I agree friendliness can't replace efficiency nor can lack of resources be hidden by trying extra personal hospitality from d host herself. Also ur observation on d Kullad Chai is a valid point. I begin my response(not a case fought in court but an honest admission) by firstly apologizing for it. I would confess it has to be a one off day when rather than d full staff we were working with just the host plus one. Now com

January 5, 2012response from management at chaipatty:

A few T9 errors. I meant by saying that we do not want to show the shortcomings in a light for the customer to understand but instead say that yes we are underprepared but working on it still & will be good to go within a months time. Also in no way we say that u don't see d efforts but just that overall if u see & try & let it be we sure have a way to charm u :)

jaded8787 - Burrp User


16 Reviews

December 30,2011


Good Chai. Stuffy Ambience

After having a few good times at Indiranagar Chaipatty, we decided to visit the Koramangala Teafe and found it to be disappointingly stuffy. The nice, open ambience at Indiranagar which was Chaipatty's USP is missing and its like just another overcrowded eating joint. Though the Kullad Chai was as usual awesome.


December 30, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Jade m happy u tried our other outlet as well. I agree Induranagar has a charm that's difficult to replicate but u hv to agree we won't get that kind f property everywhere. Koramabgala Ian a more cimfy & exclusive place which yes bud get stuffy uf already sine people are sitting. But what we do promise is the creativity, caring hospitality(its my Mom managing there) & course great Chai & snacks. U must in that case visit the Whitefield branch which will be reminiscent f Indiranagar. Keep coming :)



is what this place should be called judging by the 'holier than thou' read crappy attitude of the manager (who I later learnt is the owner. Sheesh!) He displayed utter lack of patience while taking down the order and threw in a snide remark to boot. I should've walked out that very minute, but decided to stay since I had already made plans with friends to meet there and it was too late to change the venue.

The food at this place can best be described as average, and the knick knacks were grossly overpriced. I had gone on to give it a shot though two of my foodie friends had warned me against it, owing to the rude behavior that they encountered from the "manager". What a mistake it turned out to be. The only thing worse than pretending-to-be-yummy food is bad attitude from the staff, let alone the owner.


December 30, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Sir in simple words I would say if it was lack of patience on my part as u quote its a lack of patience on ur part to judge it outright on ur first visit. We do get our fair bit f customers too used to the evils of a cheese dressing based sandwich or salad or a rather doubtful nature f trying a hot lemon tea or mint tea & confirming if we would add milk to it. We do end up replying we add "Paneer". Yes we know most f us are irritated to the nonstop variants & additions that a simple cup f Chai or coffee had elsewhere in town & its quite a patie

December 30, 2011response from management at redridingfoodie:

Staying back to give the place a chance, despite the brusqueness met at the counter, is itself ample proof of patience on my part. This, after I came to your cafe keeping aside my friends' poor opinion of it.

Chirag, I am all for cafe owners trying to be 'punny' or witty and adore places where the management takes that extra step to engage its customers, but there's a fine line between "sneerly-ly humouristic" and plain rude, and it shouldn't be crossed.

FYI, I termed the knick knacks as expensive and I stand by my statement

December 30, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

U just made our morning a lot better. Thank u for this. D menu part was already under process and u can see it in our new menu to be rolled from 1st Jan onwards with increased portions. Have a look on it through our website in the "Bhat Bhee Du" tab. The taking care part u can leave to me. I shall b my best d next time u are here. Hope to see u soon.

shreetama - Burrp User


9 Reviews

October 29,2011


good concept, good food.. lousy service

Have been to this place twice. The first time, found the chai to be awesome, samosas bad, service slow. That was a while back. Recently went there to have the english breakfast. The food was great (except for a particular raisin muffin), portions were generous and price reasonable. What spoilt the whole thing was when we were told that the muffins were not included in the breakfast spread and we had to pay extra for those awful muffins, which none of us could even eat. What eludes me is the reason why we were even served the muffin when we had only ordered for the breakfast.To add to the ambiguity, the menu does not clearly mention what all is there in the english breakfast. We let it go, as the price was reasonable anyways. These kind of experiences make you not want to go there anymore. But the lovely decor and fabulous kullad chai will probably make me visit again.


October 29, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Hi Shreetama,

I am not sure both the experiences happened in my presence but nonetheless I take full responsibility of both. Before I go further I would like to confess both the items-d samosas and the muffin are two items we don't make in-house and now due to repeated bad reviews have taken off out menu as well. We are glad you like our Chai and that is one good reason for you to come back. About the service I can say we try to be personalized and with no real table numbering or even token system and during early hours or peak times;


LOVE it!

This place is soo cool!! Much much better than the same old coffee shops we tend to hang out at. Love the indian-ness of the place. Dont remember the last time I sat on a bamboo chair & drank tea in a khullad. And pakodas on the menu?? Never seen that before! :) Very friendly owner too! Kickass place. Consider me as a regular from now!


October 10, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks Vinila :) Come again...

Vinay S - Burrp User

Vinay S

9 Reviews

October 06,2011


A cool place to hang out in the evenings

Small yet effective ... That's my opinion of this place. Gives a very earthy feeling (literally!) . Must try the Kullad Masala Chai - You'll not enjoy it better. Generally crowded and you might have to wait ... But just ask for some place and you will be assured of it. And don't think the owners/ staff are rude - They are just trying their best to accommodate everyone and so if they ask you to leave, they are asking to make space for someone :)

Will definitely visit sometime again ... And yes ... Will recommend this instead of a CCD !


October 7, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks Vinay. We need a bit f patience & understanding & unlike first impression places a few more visits to make a customer fall in love or believe in our work. Sometimes people do get upset with our straight forwardness but later in thought do realize its just that we have a crazy yet simple style f hospitality where our tact or humor is only to ensure u hv a good time this time or the next time that u come. Thanks once again for liking us. Do come again :)

DIVINEDEW - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 03,2011


Chaipatty.. fresh and different

Its the coolest hangout place in Indiranagar.. Great Kullad masala chai , Great food .. amazing ambiance .. all makes it a great experience.Nothing like sitting with a hot cup of tea ( mind it not the one fron the coffee machine.. the authentic masala tea :) ) and enjoying the rain , sitting comfortably on the cushions in Chaipatty.. Way to go...


October 3, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Thank you DivineDew. Please keep coming & also do pass the word around.

adityaw - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 02,2011


Overpriced, faux hipster joint

Edit: See Chirag's reply inline. Brilliant customer engagement, Respects! I guess the place was just overcrowded and it was a misunderstanding.

Fancy spending Rs. 50 on a cup of tea, perched on cane furniture, surrounded by trashy knick-knacks branded as jewelry, or worse, art? Chai Patty is the place for you! While I could probably overlook the exorbitant pricing (the place does have a semblance of ambience, synthetic or otherwise) the attitude of the staff leaves a lot to be desired. When I visited, in a group of five folks, three of us got a tea while the others opted to wait for an extra heavy lunch to settle down. After around 45 minutes, during a lull in an interesting conversation, we were about to order another round of tea. Just then, up walks the friendly neighborhood hipster-in-command who announces (and I quote verbatim here) 'It's started raining and a lot of people are coming in. Five people sitting on a table and ordering three cups of tea is not allowed. Order something else now' Full marks for tact Sir! Needless to say, we left in short order.


October 2, 2011response from management at chaipatty:


I very candidly remember meeting you today & after going through your rather elaborate opinion of the place I would like to just say in the most humble manner that "I" am Sorry. This is especially bcos u were a first time guest as well as for giving you a snobbish feeling of being ignored. I would love to change this if you give u's a next chance. I wish I could leave at this but I would if permitted like to just highlight why we are the way are with reference to today experience. I assure this is no counter to what you felt &

October 3, 2011response from management at adityaw:


Thank you for your quick reply. I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding and have edited my original review accordingly.

Good Luck

October 3, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

The pleasure is all ours. Hope to see you very soon. Do give us a tinkle when u come :)

dagmar - Burrp User


15 Reviews

September 19,2011


Definite crowd puller

Have always wanted to visit this place. What triggered this interest was the crowd that's eternally present here. Finally visited this place on Saturday evening with total hi hop crowd. The Owner who was introduced to my friend came immediately and got us 3 seats and we ordered. Kullad masala chai never tasted this good and the corn churmur was a killer :) It vanished instantly amongst the three of us and we were patting our tummies after this nice snack and moved out. Amazed to the see the small paintings the owner has done himself outside and inside the teafe.. And now that i have been here, it's going to be one of my fav place in Indira nagar.. And now i know why the place is a crowd puller in itself.


September 29, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

M glad you heard bout u's & finally paid a visit. We feel great when people find us worth the expectations set by a first sight impression from passing the place to maybe a well given reference from a friend. Hope to keep impressing and charming you alike. Keep coming :)


One of the best hangouts...

Well im new to banglore.. A frnd of mine showed me dis place and man wat a palce... A perfect hangout... and the seating is so relaxing (feels like home), Kullad Chai - One of the best Chai had in banglore... I had the most of 5 Kullads in an eveninng... Hope i can have more and more and more if i sit right frm da afternoon... Food - The Pakodas, The Maggi, The MoMo's perfect for the place.

Coming back to the Service - U can always find a smile on da ppl who work there... this is one more addition for you to come back to the place again... The management is uber friendly.

One u place an order it takes no time for the food to be at your table.. i ordered a platter when i started a smoke.. and not even a half Cig done the platter was ready on da table...

A WiFi Hot-spot... The speed is very good and the connection is also very secured...

A perfect place for da evening and A must place to visit wid frnds....

Kudos to the whole Chai Patty Team... Luv u guys...


September 29, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks for raving about out Chai & our service. We ensure people get their food or a small tete-a-tete with us "on time". The ambience is made to resemble a laid back, no fuss earthy yet slowed down life's experience personalized to the comforts equal to that of your home. The buzzing traffic, open air & simple yet delicious food surely makes your day & in a way ours through you. Thanks once again and do kp coming.

ragpicker1 - Burrp User


144 Reviews

September 11,2011


Nice Place

A friend and I went here out of interest, as the place reminded me of Goa. We trotted in, placed our orders and then sat down on cushions etc on the floor. Seeing a pile of books and games over in a corner, I got up to investigate and liked all I saw. Our drinks didnt take too long to come and tasted fine. There was not much crowd when we were there and so, we were able to have a quiet, relaxed chat. The place is nice and I like the seating arrangements. The menu is also quite extensive and reasonably priced. The service is smiling and efficient . This is definitely a place to go to, if you want a feel of Goan life on the beach during the on season time (Winter). Also if you dont mind a lazy, laid back and casual way of relaxing - among cushions and rugs on the floor.


September 29, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks for the nice sum-up. Would love to meet you the next time you are at Chaipatty :)

September 29, 2011response from management at ragpicker1:

You already did. :) I was the one who borrowed "A Little Princess".


The best teafe

I use to pass by 100ft road many times and this place caught my attention cause of its unique ambiance and made me curious to try it. And I keep going back for more.
I would call it: "une petite surprise" ..lovely food.. awesome place to hang out with friends.. the chicken maggi and cheese balls are two things one must try.. its simply delicious :)


September 29, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks Sheetal for recommending us. Do come by again & get some friends too :)

Best Tea Cafe!

Always been a coffee person, well that changed with Chaipatty one of the few places in Bangalore which offers great kullad chai!.
The decor is simple and yet eye catchy and the food is very home like,its a relief from all those stale frozen food we get in almost all coffee shops here!


July 8, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Deepthi thank u so much. Next time in a mood for Chai come by. Do try the Maggi & Kulfi too :)

Perfect place to hangout

Well, i have been to this place 4-5 times and its been a wonderful experience on every visit.

Sipping chai with good friends will surely make ur day :)

The ambience is just perfect , its not like the CCDs and Barista but more simple than that and creative also . They have mudhas to sit around a small coffee table(rather tea table) .Its beauty is in it's simplicity :) and they have books also if u r into reading.

Since its a teafe, the chai is supposed to be good and it is.
I have had momos(chicken) , maggi, scrambled eggs, pakodas to name a few and my taste buds got satisfied always,
It is one of the places in Bangalore where one can get delicious chicken momos

It has become my favorite place to go on weekends.
About the pricing, i would say a little expensive but who cares about that when you get good food+tea in the company of good friends


My new favourite place in Bangalore :-)

I happened to run into this place as i was exploring the area and mann!!! Everything about this place is amazing.

Ambience - 10/10
its a highly aesthetic version of typical "college hangouts". It has an outdoor seating, with options of small jute chairs or indian seating. It has a traditional type decoré, with paintings, earrings, artefacts placed on one of the walls. love it. light hindi music. very relaxing.

food - 9.5
well of all i have had here, it was great. veg momos, maggi, aloo mutter & iced tea. i am sure i will upgrade it once i have tasted the rest of the menu!!

kudos to the management for conjuring a gem out of nowhere. :-) :-) :-)

sure to become a regular.


July 8, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Devansh Thank u so much for liking us and writing about us. Its a pleasure to have amazing customers like u. Drop in for a Chai soon :)


Awesome Place , Great Chai

Really liked the Kullad Chai .I had Chai+Corn Churmura and liked the combo .Really catchy place with all the decor.Visited last weekend after my friend who is kinda intern there went on and on about it . Worth it :)


June 17, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks Sagarika :) plz kp coming...

'Tea'riffic' but for a price

Happened to go hunting for this place a couple of days back as my friend is a huge teea buff. Firstly diificult to spot as it is tucked right behind a bus stop. Easy way to spot, in body and soul right opposite to foodworld on 100ft road.

First off great chai, I had the mint tea and the taste lingered in my mouth for a while. The masala chai was just the right mix of milk, sugar and flavours. Now coming to the seating, I arrived directly from work and found it hard to relax in formals.

We also ordered the non veg platter which just turned out to be frozen nuggets served with popcorn. Understand the limitations of the kitchen but still processed foods must be kept out, we can whip those up at home. The pasta was good and my friend loved the taste and how it was served.

Now coming to the prices, in my opinion is a bit too high for what is on offer. People may argue that you pay more in a coffee shop but I feel they have more to offer. The decor will catch your eye and hold your attetnion for the first time but will get old with future visits.

My honest suggestion go there for a great cup of chai especially on a rainy day and skip the food and the damage to your wallet


June 17, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Hi Vinay thank you so much for the honest opinion. I won't disagree one bit on any of that you pointed up here but if I may would like to highlight a few things: 1) We have a fairly small yet live kitchen. Keeping in mind our storage limitations we do keep some frozen stuff which is still indianised by the chutneys & minor presentation that we offer it with. The nuggets yes won't b comparable to d juicy ones u get in McDs but we try our best. May I offer a sumptuous plate of our more popular pakodas d next time you plan to come this way.

awesome place. nice for youth crowd!!

Nice place to visit ,i keep goin to this place for eating maggie and cutting tea!! Even chirag and other people,,,they will bring maggie and tea by default for me with asking:):):)..Nice place to hangout between 4 pm to 10 pm!! Guys a "do visit place" and u can spend hours dere!! Eating chai pakodas during rain is "out of the world"

Chirag few suggestions:::
1) More tea varieties can be inclueded like ( flavoured tea like banana tea, mango tea, pineapple tea, Green tea, tulsi tea...etc,,It will sound justified for name chaipatty.
2) Some healthy food options( with low calorie and high protein)...

Frequent visitor,
Bulleteer --(UK -AC 4193:):)


June 17, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Thank u Sir :) U sure gave us some wonderful appreciation & great feedback. Will discuss in person when you come for your next Chai & Maggi Stint :D


nice place for dat 4 pm hunger..

its a open place,with "mudda" to sit...attempt has been made to make the place look lil creative..u l find lucky ali songs in da background mixed wid horns of bus n cars as dis place s almost ovr the road,open..the food s ratings out f 5 -
food- 3.75
service- 4.0
place- 3.5


March 26, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Thank you so much for a "Snicker-like" review. Jab hunger bajaaye char 4 Snickers or in our case Chaipatty aao yaar. Come again soon.. This time your Kullad chai's on us :)

holydevil - Burrp User


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February 17,2011


The perfect Adda

Chai patty is one of the few places that serve good tea in Bangalore. I found this place by accident on my way back home. I ordered a cutting chai and my friend ordered a kullad, we got complimentary biscuits along with our order.
We loved the ambience, the music, the concept & felt at home. They have a lot of stuff on sale, the cane chairs, shoes, bags & other junk jewelry. Just have a word with the owner and he'll make you feel at home.
We went there again yesterday & tried chicken momos and chicken maggi, the momos were as we expected, just good.


February 17, 2011response from management at chaipatty:

Thanks Praveen. You made our Day. To make yours we would like to offer a small cutting chai and pakoda treat for you+1... Come soon.... :)