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> > > > Chef Bakers

Chef Bakers

MarathahalliEast Bangalore  

  • 32402347, 9886625406, 9341666018
  • No.98/98, 2nd Main, 3rd Cross, S R Layout, , Doddannakundi, Marathahalli, Bangalore
  • Cakes, Confectionery, Snacks

4 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Chef Bakers Reviews

Good Cakes ... Wish to visit

I am surprised people has so many bad experiences. I have been here as many times as I have been to Innovative Multiplex, and believe me I have been to the multiplex many times.

The cakes and pastries are very good. The regular for me is the Banana walnut cake. Awesome when hot. The chocolate brownie is another of my favorites. the taste is very good. The place may get a bit crowsded if more than 4 people come inside the shop, but well some good things are found in small places :-)

Staff can do a better job of being attentive though I feel.


Dheeraj12 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 23,2011


Found a strand of hair in lasagna

Though the place offers good bakery products, I seriously doubt the hygenic conditions in which it is prepared. I was offered lasagna that had a strand of hair in it, on notifying it to the manager it was immediately replaced with a new one. Repeated attempts on warning the guy about complaining the incident to the food authorities was rebuked. Long story short, I am complaining the incident to the local food inspector.


sjenigma11 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 28,2011


Awesome Cake

Almost a month back before the D-Day, I started my search for the best cake in town for my daughter's 1st Birthday Party. The cake was delivered by Chef Baker's at Bellandur. We opted for a Pineapple/Vanilla mix Princess Castle. I would definitely say that our family did not regret the decision on D-Day as each and every guest of ours was all praise for the cake.
Thank You.


manumr - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 02,2010


Pathetic customer care and attitude

Cake and other snacks are fair enough here.Even though price won't justify the quality.

I usually buy from Cake walk and pretty happy with them.But 1 year back I tried Chef bakers because it near for me.They started a new branch in Cosmos Mall and I went there.I order a cake also,that time the owner told me he just opened it and it would be nice If refer I friends and I agreed.He was giving me best service with smiling face.He told he is from TN etc and did some chit chat with me.Few days back I went there for ordering a cake for my kids birthday.
It was more of convenience then quality ,Cake Walk is any day better.
I asked if he can deliver home,the owner told they can't unless you order for more or they will send if some other good order comes that way.I told I need a definite answer not you might or might not send.

I politely told him then please cancel the order,because convenience is a reason for me to order with them,To that he told "I don't care,I have enuf business" and trashed the order he has written for me.

I was just thinking how human being changed over a year when he got more money.

I personally feel such people does not deserve to be in business.Since there is no competition for him now and he has business doesn't mean he has to be rude to customer.

Such people doesn't deserve business.

I hope good baker come near Cosmos Area.

BTW can any body recommend good baker in Whitefield area ?