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> > > > Chez Mariannick

Chez Mariannick

WhitefieldEast Bangalore  

  • 9739406536
  • 1A, Anjanappa Building, Varthur Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore
  • Confectionery

17 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Chez Mariannick Reviews

Rogouadi - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 07,2013


good french crepes

i like this restaurant for the great quality of their crepes!

The ambiance is good and the owners are lovely persons.

I just regret the poor quality of the pizzas!

Definetely go for the crepes!


Aurovrata - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 02,2012


Authentic buckwheat crepes from Brittany

Reading some of the reviews here are quite astonishing, either people are bitter because they expect their usual north Indian dish to be available in every place, or else they are sourly clueless when it comes to quality food. Granted one cannot expect everyone to know about crepes from Brittany (and no this is not in the UK), but this place gets it spot on. The owner has gone to great effort to source buckwheat in India and get it freshly ground to give its client the authentic experience. The other ingredients are top quality too, expensive, yes because our sorry arse govt. thinks it wise to levy exorbitant taxes on them.
Next time one of you bitter commenters visit the place, use your god given grey matter and ask yourself if u can see the owners car parked at the cafe? You won't, simply because they can't afford one. So stop winging about prices. If you can't appreciate the food, go down to the local santhee sagar.



Horrible food, service and ambience

Heard from colleagues and wanted to try. The place looks pretty run down. Very limited food choice. I have lived in France and no way you can compare this place with family run french restaurants. Service and attitude of staff also sucks.
Some reviewers mention that they are only interested in westerners and don't like the natives. Could be - Gosh this happens only in India you get racist treatment in your own country


More cons than pros.

The ambiance of the place is awesome, but there are more let downs to the place than that would keep me at bay from this place.

1) The place is EXPENSIVE, considering the menu being very rigid. 400 bucks for a half pizza with a salad(which was not that great) and the bread (which was very hard). One cannot skip the bread and the salad. So if your just in mood of a pizza without the bread and the salad that is not possible

2) Hence for a meal of 2 people, the minimum u would need to shell out 700 - 800 bucks, for one full pizza.

3) The bill given would not even be a printed one, just written off on a piece of paper (made us feel that they are evading tax).

4) They do not accept credit cards, its stupid to charge a meal of minimum of Rs 400 and not accept credit cards. We were a group of 4 people (Bill of 1600) and had to pay in cash.

5) They will not accept people after 9.30 PM, as they close down by 10.00 PM



Never again!

Chez Mariannick tries to encash on the safe and tried ambience of the open air, rustic, dim light sort of affair. Add to that some mosquitoes, bad lawn and insufficient lighting in this case. The agony started with a totally untrained and clueless waiter, who spoke no English (or proper Hindi) or even seemed to know what he was supposed to do.

Secondly, the place calling themselves ‘café/restaurant’ had nothing serve other than pizza!! That too, is forcibly offered as a ‘meal’ concept. You cannot order a pizza alone, even if you are willing to pay the price and are not up for a full meal early in the evening. A meal combo of 700/- gives you one pizza, salad, dessert and a soft drink. A combo of 400/- gives you the same minus the dessert. The catch is that the meal is priced per- person.

The salad in question was bereft of any traces of flavour, spice, seasoning or dressing etc. It was just a bowl of some assorted dry and dead leaves with a bunch of cherry tomatoes and sprouts. Though all leafy, the salad was barely crunchy, juicy or flavorsome as one is used to eating.

The pizza or the variety on offer too was nothing to write home about. I have eaten far better pizzas in millions of places. At half the prices. Without frills.

Other that the overpriced food, bad treatment and dingy ambience what I felt particularly sore about was the attitude (especially the owner's). When we asked if we could have only the pizza, he said - (exact words) “I cannot give only pizza. I do not make any money. You would usually eat pizza out of a CARDBOARD BOX. Here, we have the boys.. and all the cutlery… and the washing to do…” Wow! That’s hardly an explanation but even his approach seemed very crass and unsolicited. (Example, the menu says- Service for extra adult or child is an additional 200/-. Whatever that means. I have never heard that anywhere else.)

One cannot be in food business unless there is some genuine interest in making good tasty food and has an enthusiastic inclination to serve people and ensure they’ve had a good time and enjoyed their food. One has to do what it takes to make the customer want to come back again, to eat your food and also tell their friends. If you want to squeeze money out of the customer for every little gesture and want to ensure that every measly calculated move you make is profitable and lucrative for your business, be assured the place will fall flat soon.

Warmth, taste, price. Chez Mariannick fared miserably in all the 3.



I had read during my history classes in school that many restaurants during the British rule had sign-boards stating "Dogs and Indians not allowed".
I would suggest the owners of this place to put up a similar board here! I had stumbled upon this place and decided to try it out with my brother. The manager (rather, a guy who looked like, he was the in-charge) informed us that tables were not available. I looked around to find all tables empty but one. On enquiring, the "manager" informed that customers are expected to come in another 10-15 minutes. I believed him and I left.
Next time, I visited this place with my wife and a friend to receive the same treatment. I came back an hour later, he informed the same!

I understand that as an owner of a restaurant, you have the right to admission. However, opening a place in India and being racist towards the people here is stupid and unreasonable. If you do not want to serve brown colored people, PLEASE PUT UP A SIGN-BOARD. Or, take a time machine and transport yourself to the pre-independence times.


SKONCA - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 10,2012


One of the worst services we ever got

We went there last night, I cant comment on food because we had NONE. When we walked in, only one table was occupied, and they were already eating. So we waited for few minutes at the entrance to see if someone will come to speak to us, but nobody did so we made our way inside the restaurant, then stood there for 4-5 minutes and nobody still came to ask us if we needed anything. There was one gentleman who passed us few times, kept going over to the table that was occupied.

I assumed he was the owner/server, so I approached him and asked him if we can have a table please. He said oh I have to check because it is friday night and the resturant is packed, I looked around it was about 715-720 and the whole place was empty, then he said ok let me see what I can do, he looked at his reservation card, and most bookings seem to be after 8. So he said I might be able to SQEEZE you in the last table for tonight. We told him we didnt realized this but probably we should have called, but from what I saw online nobody mentioned about making reservation before so I though it might be ok to just show up, we agreed to whatever arrangement he was suggesting.

It was a table for two and it took them 7-8 minutes to bring us a another chair for my son (There was one more girl there folding napkins, we had to request her couple of times to bring the chair), the same gentleman appeared again reminding us how busy he is and how packed the place is. My husband politely said we just want to try out the food, and he said "keep your food choices simple, the best we can do it to get you guys pizza tonight because we are very busy" (I wanted crepes, probably should have gone back to paris instead of this restaurant/cafe) I wanted to tell him to stop reminding us about how busy he is, and just get us the food so that we can eat and leave but I kept quiet. My husband was calm he asked me to just ignore all this and just enjoy the meal.

So we waited for another 5-6 minutes before grabbing his attention and asked him to kind of explain what do those meals mean we eat around 7ish so we wanted to order asap because it was getting late esp for my son. He started off with these exact words "you have to take the meal or I dont make any money" so we said no problem, since this is our first time just explain a little how does it work, we have no issues with meal. He said his wife is not around tonight because her family is here from france. Before taking our order he seated a family, and in the middle of taking our order, he said (exact words) 'I did you guys a favor by giving you a table tonight, there are other people I have to serve before you so I have to go" we were baffled by his attitude and his insulting behavior.

So we left and on our way out we noticed that both table occupied by expats at that time. I dont see how were we any different from them other than being visibly brown, and I am not from India, my husbnad was born here, and we have been in india for couple of years, so we do understand the cultre here, it is not normal to be insulted like this in an eatery in India. I think the owner/server whoever he was, was quite racist. We lived in NA all our life but never experienced such demeaning behavior from anyone.

My Verdict, the place caters or atleats prefers to cater to visible expats, not brown expats like us. I would not go back to this place doesnt matter how good the food would be, not at the expense of getting insulted like that. I know people said the service is good and friendly but we think otherwise.



Unimpressed and disappointed

A friend and I visited Chez Mariannick earlier this month and went with a lot of expectations. Being from South Bangalore, I had heard good things about it from my friends in Whitefield and the reviews here seemed to confirm that. So, I made the long trip (20+kms) on a weekday and I'm sorry to say that I came back with ambiguous feelings and felt a bit let down. I'm wondering if should go back and something tells me I ought to give them another chance; here goes my review in any case.

I think the biggest calling card for Chez Mariannick is it's French owner; if the same place were to be run by an Indian person, I am fairly certain that this place would not have made it to the No. 1 slot on Tripadvisor and garnered the type of positive reviews that it has. People somehow tend to be a lot more forgiving or inadequacies when a European person serves European food.

The pros:

1. The look and feel - Chez Mariannick is a family-run place in Whitefield and it has a fun, quirky vibe thanks to it's location and ambiance. It's on an interior road (off Whitefield main road, in the lane next to Sorbet) and has a rustic feel because of the cute, semi-shaded garden/sit-out area enclosed within a bamboo fence, unpolished wooden furniture, cottage-y windows, yellow walls, red-ochre floor, low-slung roof and most of all, the wood-fired oven.

2. The owners - Mariannick and her husband - are genuinely sweet, earnest and friendly and they seem to work hard and try to do a good job. They also seem to be extremely popular - at least in the Whitefield area.

3. The food is nice is a generic European way and the portions are fairly hearty. (Pizzas and quiche for lunch, savoury and sweet crepes for dinner on Friday and Saturday, breads, pizzas, desserts, coffee, tea, other beverages and salad all day long from Monday to Saturday.) The desserts are especially good, though the serving size is a tad small. The creme brulee and creme caramel are to die for - some of the best I've ever had, anywhere.


1. Pricey - The rustic, too-casual ambiance is misleading and the place is EXPENSIVE for a casual lunch/ dinner. Meal for two costs around Rs. 1200. (No drinks, one basic vegetarian pizza, one quiche, two desserts, coffee)

2. Misleading, confusing, erratic pricing - They bring a mixed salad, bread basket and a bottle of water to your table, leading you to think that it's complimentary. But it's not and these are default accompaniments that are charged as part of your meal, whether you want them or not. There are two meal options - one costing Rs. 400 and the other costing Rs. 700. The first one comes with half a pizza and the second one comes with a full pizza plus dessert. The salad, bread basket and water are part of both meals. No one offered us a soft drink, but I found out later that your meal also includes unlimited soft-drinks or juices. What this means is that you can't order just a pizza minus the compulsory add-ons. And assuming you are not in the mood for salad or bread (or bottled water, for that matter), it means that you are shelling out Rs. 400 for half a vegetarian pizza. Insane?! I thought so too. The pizzas ought to have been priced individually and ought to have been in the Rs. 180-250 range for vegetarian pizzas.

3. We ordered a coffee that came in a French Press. Figuring that one is too much for me, I asked for an extra mug. What happened next is that the owner charged us for two coffees instead of one. And she did it so breezily and unthinkingly that I felt bad about pointing it out and we left it at that. But this whole per person charge is very, very unreasonable and confusing. Made me wonder that had I shared my dessert, I just might have been charged for two instead of one! They really ought to print a menu card with specific prices so that you know what you are paying for.

4. The aforementioned salad that is brought to your table is straight out of the fridge, with the result being that the greens seem fresh and crisp, but the rest of the stuff is just fridge-cold. And sprouted whole moong and thinly sliced babycorn? Hmmm. If this salad is chargeable as part of a larger meal, I expect something much, much more substantial.

5. Desserts are Rs. 120 a pop. Granted they are artisan, but considering the portion size, I wouldn't want to pay more than Rs. 80.

6. Pizza Margarita comes with dried herbs and no fresh basil leaves (and Emmental instead of Mozzarella). Elementary mistake in my opinion and also unforgivable because Italian basil is so widely available in Bangalore now. Margarita Pizzas are supposed to be the colour of the Italian flag - red from the tomatoes, green from the fresh basil leaves and white from the mozzarella.

7. Biggest grouse of all - the place seems to be off the tax radar - completely. They don't give you any bills; not even a hand-scribbled one. The billing is entirely verbal, leaving you with no way to question or correct any pricing errors. Considering that the place is run by an expatriate and caters to a largely expatriate crowd, I think it's extremely unfair and unethical that Chez Mariannick does not have a more transparent and conventional billing system. They must do their business in an above-board manner.

It's a place with potential and is genuinely quite likeable - I really hope that they sort out pricing issues, make the menu and costs more transparent and keep prices on par with other cafes in the city rather than charge full-blown restaurant prices.


ad_an80 - Burrp User


41 Reviews

January 20,2012


Hidden Gem

This place is truly a hidden gem - in ever literal sense. Tucked off from all the hustle and bustle, I had heard about this place from a couple of friends and decided to check them out for dinner on a weekday night. The place had a warm and inviting feel to it, and that particular night there were fairly busy with a large party, we chose a quiet corner and got comfortable to check out the menu. Very simple and straightforward menu, they don't have a extensive menu, so u are not confused. The meal includes pizza (half or full), bread, salad and a dessert.
We decided to try the grilled chicken pizza (half) and the vegetarian pizza. The pizza itself was just delicious, melting cheese bubbling away as it was brought to our table and completely packed with flavors and the caramelized onions just add a nice taste. I almost did not want to finish my pizza, thereby ending the taste experience of this wonderful pizza. I chose to write about the pizza first, since the salad at the beginning, was a complete let down. I mean I know its dinner service, but I would still expect crisp leaves on my salad. However, my salad was completely DRY and lifeless. It clearly meant that it was chopped up earlier during the day. I love salad's, and know that it must contain fresh veggies, juicy and crunchy. That was a complete letdown. However, the mustard vinaigrette was really tasty, just the dressing alone, made me go through more than half of the salad, which is saying a lot! For dessert, we had the chocolate toffee cheesecake. Again, personally I would have preferred a nice big moist piece of cheesecake, this was was a small (quantity wies) piece and fairly dry, not sure if it was meant to be that way. But the flavor alone wass good enough that we polished off the piece. the place is completely all about the pizzas, packs quite a punch. Just the pizza alone will make me want to go here again. The owner is very enthusiastic gentleman, who takes utmost care to his guests - to a point that you feel like you have walked into his home, dining area and not just a restaurant. He has an amazing energy and we loved the unpretentious feel of the place! It is quite an experience indeed. All this at a price of 1100 for 2, you really cant complain! I would highly recommend this place.



Good fresh Food

I agree with the other reviewers. Good fresh home made european food. They also have a little sit out. A nice place to go out with the family even worth braving the Bangalore traffice if required.


Simple, transcendent food.

We went for dinner to Chez Mariannick on a Saturday night. It's French fare with good amount of vegetarian options.

Food: The salad and bread are unlimited and so are the drinks (coke, sprite, even diet coke!). The salad was FRESH. Good, crispy lettuce, cherry tomatoes, baby corn and an ingenious inclusion of sprouts. The vanilla mustard dressing went well with it. The bread had an exquisite crust and a porous, spongy interior. They bake their breads and pizzas on a wood-fired oven. The place has a good amount of vegetarian options. However, vegan folks and those who do not consume eggs might want to check with the chefs before.

For the main course, we had a pizza. the great thing is they serve half and half combos, meaning you could taste two 'half pizzas' in one large pie. we had the goat cheese with tomato and onion jam and the margherita with mozzarella and mushrooms.

The cheese on the pizzas is the real deal. Each cheese (mozzarella, emmental, goat) hit the note you're looking for in them. The idea of 'onion jam' (similar to relish) on a pizza is absolutely brilliant! I also appreciated the fact that they had bottomless soft drinks to have the pizza with.

We were quite full but it would be a shame to leave a French place without having dessert, wouldn't it ;) ? We had the Creme Brulee and the Creme Caramel. The creme brulee deserves its own review but suffices to say that the custard was like eating velvet. Absolutely splendid. But it's the caramelized sugar that took it to another level. you have to eat it to believe it!

Service: Fantastic! Warm and friendly, the owner Shashi talked to us and asked us about the food. He told us that he didn't believe in publicizing the place. Therefore, it neither has its own website nor and FB/Twitter page. Its location is a tad interior but people who're passionate about good food would show up. He placed a lot of emphasis on not using merely imported ingredients, but going local, which is why the prices are fairly reasonable. Shashi seems quite passionate about food in general and using the right ingredients and technique.

Price: For the salad, bread, rinks, pizza and two desserts, we paid Rs. 550 per person. I wouldn't think twice about paying that much, given the quality and the service.

Bottom line: I'm coming back here until I've exhausted ALL the vegetarian entrees and ALL the desserts. This place is worth a visit, and THEN some!


Home made european food

It's a small family run place with loads of character and authenticity. The french owner prepares the dishes herself. Wonderful pizza, arguably the tastiest we have ever had and an outstanding dessert. The food is simple, homely and tasty. Owners were very friendly, polite and willing to talk about their food if you want to talk.

Since It is a small place you MAY have to wait for your food if it gets too crowded - but we have no complaints whatsoever. A great place to go if you are in mood for authentic pizza, crepes and european desserts.

The place is in a small lane diagonally opposite to Shell on Varthur road and behind Sorbet. If you are coming from Marthahalli side it about 100 meters before the Shell. You should have enough place to park inside the lane near the restaurant.


Vipinpc - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 08,2011


Pizza delight

The Pizza's are out of this world. Must try the one with peperonni and bacon.

Not too happy with the salad. you might choose to skip it. The bread served when you arrive is too hard and a let down. i felt it was a nice gesture that has a negative effect when the bread is too too hard to chew.

The deserts are our of this world as well. you could give the caramel pudding a miss.
Must eat = cheese cake and creame brulee.

The ambience inside and outside is really good. the hosts are great and will to engage in a conversation.

Good place for dinners. lunch might get a bit steamy under the asbestos.

But ,if you are living in Bangalore - you must eat the pizza at least once!

dont forget to carry cash. They dont take cards!


Rachita  - Burrp User


17 Reviews

September 23,2011


Best Pizzas in Bangalore!

This place has been here for roughly a year now and has steadily moved from a bakery to creperie to pizzeria. The french bread they make here is great! I havent had the crepes here, but the pizzas are easily the best in the city. Go for the pepperoni, I'd say. In desserts, their banana cheesecake and creme brule, are superb.

Its a small boutique-ish restaurant with a lot of expat crowd, but the hosts treat you very warmly. The menu is not exhaustive. There are about 5 veggie pizza options and 9 odd non veg pizzas. There would be about 3-4 types of desserts and 2-3 quiches. Limited stuff, but taste guaranteed.

There is a warm and cosy atmosphere and lazy unhurried pace once you settle down into your seat. The afternoon would feel like it could last forever.

What they offer you basically, is unlimited salad (lettuce, babycorn, cherry tomatoes, dill leaves) in mustard vinaigrette dressing, French Bread (ask for butter), juice/soft drinks and half a pizza for Rs.400. Dessert is Rs.120.
The quality of food and the ambience, it is totally totally worth it!

The place is off the main road, so you have to look out for this gourmet store called Sorbet. And take the kaccha road next to it. 30-40 feet away is Chez Mariannick – The best Italian-French restaurant in Bangalore!


HungryMe0 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 20,2011


An experience

The place definitely offers you a couple of things that one may want to otherwise do! A nice long drive, a very feel at home, shack kind of experience and finally it tops well on its flavour meter!


1) Freshness of the produce and mostly its food without preservatives which is served to you- like their cheese and chorizo! Whole wheat is used for their pizza base and crepes!
2) No complicated menus and hence its easier to choose your fare from- Also Shashi customises dishes if you have certain food allergies or hate some stuff!
3) Their unlimited salad and Pizzas are the best, I've had so far. Pizzas aint unlimited though they are quite huge for a one person serving!
4) Crepes and Desserts are again something to die for


1) You need to order their meal combos and cannot share it with people - so if a group of 4 and above go, there's a lot of food on the table to devour from!
2) They dont accept cards - so pls carry money with you. Also on the main road, there's an ATM where you can withdraw from too!


Lovely food! A Must Visit

It was definitely hidden, an off-the-road place. A friend's friend suggested we go here and boy, were we amazed. The owner, Shashi, was friendly and talked to us about how he and his wife slowly built the place themselves and such.

The bread and the salad were amazingly good and fresh. We could definitely tell that they used only fresh ingredients. I told the owner, Shashi, that I was craving good pizza, and he promised that he will make me say that his pizza was the best I've ever tasted. Yes, it was. While we were stuffing ourselves, we also got a chance to look at the chef preparing strawberry tarts, and we knew we wanted to choose that for our dessert. We loved the tart and left with a full stomach and a lot of satisfaction. Great place. Will visit again.


Bangalore's only creperie- a hidden gem

Authentic French crepes and breads in Whitefield behind Sorbet Gourmet Food Store. All the expats already know about Chez Mariannick and her incredible fare- it's time the best kept secret in Whitefield is shared with the rest of Bangalore. It's a small open air cafe, would be nicer if windows had mesh to keep the flies out, but such a rustic feel. I went with some friends and got to sample several of the savory and sweet crepes, served with fresh salad and freshly made bread. Best bread I've had in all of India! Nice rich crust and soft moist inside. Very European. Lots of veg and non veg options. The goat cheese & onion crepe was heavenly. I highly recommend. Do call in advance to confirm timings and availability. Only a few tables and it's very popular. Food is served at a leisurely pace from fresh ingredients- such an incredible addition to the Bangalore food scene.