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> > > > Chili's Grill & Bar

Chili's Grill & Bar

Airport RoadEast Bangalore  

  • 40971165
  • Phoenix Idiom, Above Papa John's Pizza, Airport Road, Bangalore
  • American, Mexican, Western
  • Meal for 2 - 1200

26 Reviews / 26 Ratings

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Chili's Grill & Bar Reviews


Wrong location

There is a Chilies in Bangalore. Difficult to believe that this is original. Anyway, landed on this place for a quick lunch alone. U turn on old airport road and finding parking near kids kemp (total). If you have the guts can try this one. They have the regular chilies items served including the cocktails, mocktails and mexican. If you been to Taco Bell and wanted to know how different is a fastfood mexican, from a restaurant mexican can try this. This is kind of expensive, with 2 people can easily make 2000 INR bill without drinks. Quantity is very good, so you can be a bit carefull in ordering. The waiters are very helpful and talkative. They stand on their knees to take order , strage!. I dont have any complaints about this one, I liked the food, though I (alone) made a bill of 900 INR with only an Ice tea as a drink. They are opening 2 more I heard from them, in Phoenix mall and some where else. Food was fresh and tasty. Salads were very good. But I feel price is still high for a restaurant placed like this.



Pricy for the quality of food!

Went to Chili's assuming that the quality will be in par with the ones in the US (which is a so so anyways) but it was a mistaken assumption. The Fajitas were good. Desert and appetizers were good. Quesedila and Pasta was mediocre. Ended up paing Rs 4000 for 6 people. For the price paid, the qualify of the food has a lot to desire!


Terrible burgers at Chilis

Very Overpriced for the quality- two chicken burgers and a lemon soda cost us a 1000 bucks? The french fries that came with it didn't taste all that great. We opted for chicken patties for the burgers and the chicken was a bit hard and rubbery.

Would not go again here.



Pay through your nose and get to eat leftovers

I took my parents here for their anniversary dinner and I did get an unforgettable experience... each dish costing 380+, Cocktails with barely any alcohol, Waiters unaware of the specials and not helpful and finally charged Rs. 400 in tips! Guys you are better off walking into the building adjoining (PApa Joe's ) where they don't rip your pants off and offer tiny portions which will in no way satisfy your hunger.



Expensive and average

I had gone to Chili's last night and I found the experience just ok for the price I paid.

Ambience - 2/5 (could have been better but they switched off the a/c and at 7:30 pm it was sweltering and I asked why is it so hot and they said "just switched a/c saar!!"

Food - 3/5 (service was prompt and efficient and service staff courteous)

Value - 2/5 (3k for 3 on happy hours with only 1 alcoholic drink)

Will I go there again - Only when someone else is paying i.e. office !!


redlobster - Burrp User


23 Reviews

November 28,2010


Bad Food and overpriced

Had shrimp, Penne Pasta & Grilled chicken. The food was just very bad is what i can say. I was waiting to visit the place for a long time because i loved chillis in US and was expecting good food ( if not as good as US). When the food came, i was so disappointed and shocked that the food could be so bad.The pasta sauce was so thick it was like penne sauce in a cream as thick as mashed potatoes! and the grilled chicken and rice/veggies combo looked pathetic and was so average that i would never have paid 375 bucks(Plus tax n service charge) for it! would have rather gone and eaten a good meal in a food court. If you have been to "friends" in koramangala which is a regular college joint serving similar food, Friends is 10 times better! I would never go there again and would not recommend anyone also to go. We spoke to the manager and gave our feedback. I hope he took some notes else this restaurant will shut down soon!


sunilpadda - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 28,2010


Worst restaurant in Bangalore

I didn't have a good impression from my US trip itself (it's very expensive but average food in funky/pointless interiors). I got some chicken dish and a coke. When the food came, I was shocked. It had a handful of raw vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli and carrot), a handful of rice with corn and a roasted chicken piece. The price of the dish (before taxes is rs. 375). I felt cheated and stupid. The stupid dish didn't even fill me. I asked for a coke but got a diet coke (normal coke is 45 but diet coke is 95). There is 12% service charge and some 15% VAT and the total bill became rs. 600. I told the manager that the food is not value for money and I will not return again. Later, I felt that I should have told him what I really meant. And this is what it is: I felt like someone stole Rs. 600 from me and threw a plate of dog food in my face along with a coke. Of course, it didn't fill my stomach. So, I was utterly disappointed again. Just another restaurant serving mediocre food but charging a lot of money. This time, it was a lot of money. I sincerely wish the restaurant runs out of business and closes down soon.


Super Pastas and Nachos

The Pastas and the nachos is a must try here.. The quantity of nachos can be a bit more.. We tried the Fajitas and the Quesadillas they were amazing.. I would not prefer drinking here cause it kinda expensive. Chicken Pasta was extremely good and with every bit there was a nice cheesy tangy flavor. not at all bland.. the Fajitas where super.. and extremely filling. On the Whole.. its a must visit. its a bit on the expensive side.. but when you have those days where a rich friend is takin you out on a treat.. this is the Place :)


anuvk6 - Burrp User


27 Reviews

August 29,2010


Over crowded, over priced, over rated place

Been here twice. Expensive, but what they offer is not worth the price. On top of that the service+ tax of 25%. ...


Chillis a bland fare

First thing you notice is that all the items are over priced, the decor is like any other pizza parlor. They dont even serve you water at your table unless you ask for it. Tried the chicken wings in a sour sauce, trust me they have redefined sour, it jars all your taste buds. Next tried the fajitas, too bland for my taste. The portions are large but that makes it too tedious to finish. As someone pointed out earlier what is with the tax??? The service was prompt but some of the servers were plain out rude, my waiter bent over me to reach the menu card, no idea why he could not wait till I left. The most overpriced item was alcohol, some of the poshest pubs in town don't charge so much...



Too good

Its a great restaurant if you love Mexican food. The tacos and Quesadillas are too good. Try veggie tacos and spinach and mushroom quesadillas if you are a vegitarian.
A must visit for all those who love to experiment and try something different and tasty :)


harsha_hb - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 16,2010


Good Place but a 24.5% Tax??

You enter to a warm welcome and good service till you get to ordering. Their stock is not very adequate, to say the least. Here's why.. Have u ever gone to a Fast Food joint and have them come up to you and say "Err, I'm sorry sir but we do not have french fries rite now" O_o

Well, nonetheless, the burgers we had ordered for, were pretty good and filling!! But we hit another speed bump when they were charging extra just for some extra sauce that i had asked for!! I mean seriously??

When i actually begun overlooking their previous two blunders, little did i know, the third one was waiting rite around the corner to bump me in the face! This now came in the form of Vanilla Ice- Cream! I order for a Molten chocolate cake which comes with a single scoop of Vanilla ice-cream, I repeat, a SINGLE scoop of Vanilla ice-cream which again a Global Fast Food chain has run out of when, the place has less than 10 customers in it!

My last surprise was a 12% service charge which is levied over and above the 12.5% VAT. . . luckily i had finished eating or else...


eswarim - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 15,2009


Good Fajitas

Me and my husband went for dinner at Chillis. We ordered only the Fajitas, as we felt all the others drinks,burgers,pastas were all too expensive and does not worth. Fajitas were good. but i am not sure if it is worth the cost. The service was good.


praveench - Burrp User


10 Reviews

December 12,2009


Cheesy and Cheeky

Nothing to boast about for this place.. mediocre drinks, but expensive.. lousy food again expensive.. staff .. courteous. I had been to this chain abroad and there is nothing close in comparison to that in Bangalore. Avoid at all costs


dinenwine - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 05,2009



Good ambiance, friendly staff and a nice place.. We had been there for a friend's birthday lunch.. And the waiters gathered around and sang a song, which was quite cute, totally different from the same old happy birthday song..
And then the food arrived. All of us who were starving thought it looked absolutely scrumptious, but it was average. Most of it was bland.. specially the chicken and rice. The burger was the best meal of our table. The fajitas were also pretty good but the greatest disappointment was that the drinks are overpriced.


bad location?

The biggest problem I found in getting to Chilli's is parking! That aside, the place is nice, the staff are friendly, though they seem to try real hard to upsell.

The burgrers are good, the drinks are middling(and ridiculously pricey) and toilet needs a makeover for the prices their menu commands!

Go there if everywhere else is full.


jlnblr - Burrp User


52 Reviews

September 11,2009



I was a huge fan of Chili's during my short stint in the US. I used to love their Margarita Presidente. I went to Chili's yesterday with huge expectations and ordered the Margarita Presidente. What a disappointment. What was served was sugar water with a little bit of Tequila thrown in. When I asked the bartender why the drink was so sweet he promptly replied that everything was based on pre-mixes and this is the way they were taught to make it. In the past, 2 or 3 of the Presidente were enough to get me high. Yesterday after 2 of these, I felt like I had a soft drink. My suggestion - don't waste money on their overpriced (600 bucks a glass)/not so tasty margaritas unless you love really sweet drinks. The cheaper cocktails (Long Island Iced Tea etc.) may be better and lighter on your pocket. The food menu seems OK though I just ordered some sauteed veggies to go with the drinks. Their bottomless Tostada chips at 95 bucks should be great value. Overall a big disappointment.


Tex Mex and Happy Hours!

Chilis has two large and extremely cheeky billboards right in front of Carlton Towers on Airport Rd. Cheeky, because these billboards advertise Chilis' Happy Hours right in front of its older and better known almost-twin, TGIF.

The food at Chilis is Tex Mex inspired, as it is at TGIF, but with way more options for the vegetarians. The portions are definitely large, but taste-wise I'd say it's just about ok. Definitely stay away from the chicken wings for sure.

What works in the food department are the desserts. The molten chocolate cake and the chip paradise thingie are both super yum!

The drinks are large and definitely harder than their counterparts at TGIF, which is always a good thing. Their famous margaritas are quite nice, but not really worth the hype created by their 'Margarita Bar'. And what's with all the ice, Chilis?!

Overall, its a decent place to catch a drink with the folks from work. If not here, there's always TGIF down the road.



Chicken pieces from Heaven

An impromptu decision made us drive into Chili's Grill and Bar. Walking into the restaurant, the servers were extremely polite and showed us a table for two near the bar. Within minutes, we were assisted by a waiter with the menu cards. He helped us in selecting pasta for me and steak for my friend. Although I tried to pin down a Fruity Margherita the waiter was going on about the Presidente Margherita and I finally succumbed to his wishes. Whiskey was the other drink that we ordered.

The waiter left us telling us the drinks will be served in 5 minutes and the food on our table in 20. Amidst light conversation that could be heard across the table (the crowd was not too much neither too less, considering the fact that it was a Friday evening), our order was ready well before time.

The Presidente Margherita is worth a mention and the chicken pieces in my pasta were soft, succulent and to die for!

Verdict: A nice place to head out to, but nothing profound! They have done the place justice. American enough for the Indian palette.

Location: Good
Service: On time, extremely courteous
Prices: Overrated
Ambience: Dull
Drinks: Good but expensive


A little disappointed

While the ambiance and the service was great the food failed to live up to our expectation, maybe due to the comparisons we did with the Chili's abroad. The bottomless tostadas were not free and the food that we tried was very average especially some of the kids meals. There has been an outward attempt to Indianize the menu (wish they did the same with the portions which are humongous) and I guess that's where the fault lies. On the positive side, the place is quite spacious and service was pleasant. The desserts were quite good too... if they iron out some of these things, it might end up ok...



Pretentious & Pricey

We went there despite the horrible location from a parking perspective since they had a valet service. Too Bad they did not seem to employ qualified drivers to park and retrieve the car in a very narrow congested lane! Ended up with a dented/scraped car.
The drinks and cocktails were good but were unreasonably expensive.
Food was average, large portions and unwieldy to eat.
The signature dish of Spicy Chicken Wings was way too dry and leathery.


Another TGIF

Chili's is another TGIF, nothing more. The only difference (and this is a big one) is that they have plenty of vegetarian options available. So greenhorns, this is one place you can head to without fear of being asked to eat only fried potatao or toast.

They have a whole section of burgers...which are vegetarian! That alone should be reason for vegetarians to head towards this place :P The rest of the food and the drinks available here are pretty similar to the kind you get at TGIF, with TGIF scoring slightly over this place when it comes to the food and overall atmosphere. Price wise there isn't too much of a difference with Chili's being equally expensive. Oh, and they have valet parking, so don't fret :)


Mucho Expensive but Good

Been there Yesterday with wife

1) Nobody at reception - Go upstairs - A tie clad jerk tells me that we should ve wait 4 hostess (she should be there aint it?)
2) Anyways get a table fast -(half empty being a weekday and raining)
3) Order some stuff - (but some of the exotic drinks I ve ordered are not in stock)
4) Order finally

Fried Mushrooms
2 Mai Tais (cocktail)
Chicken Fajita

Drinks and starter come pronto
actually was watchin the bartender mixing the drinks (good portions)

Main course arrives just in time (finishing rinks)
Waiter helps in correct procedure of fajita wrapping

Tastes Good n tho quantity is not enormous - is filling
A bit lo in salad qty.

Order another cocktail - Cosmopolitan - good drink

Pay total damage - arnd 1700 /- (including 12% ser. charge - no tip)

Go out in the rain :-)

Ambience - 6/10 - a bit antiseptic
Food - 8/10
Drinks - 9/10 (1 pt. less coz 2 expensive)
Service - 9/10

Good 4 dates, parties , ofc eat outs i guess anything as long as cash is not a constraint



very disappointed --- mexican food

extremely disappointed....margaritas are the only saving grace...expensive but good.....they used the right good stuff to make it -- jose cuervo etc..

mexican food sucks big time....uncooked rajma for beans; rice with mustard seeds for mexican rice....salsa that has no taste.....

location is also horrible....

burgers etc are OK

hope it improves...



Awesome place. Really happy Chilis finally opened their door's here in Bangalore. Had tried it out in Dallas.
Ambiance, Service & Food is top class. Especially the service. Every waiter is being trained real time by experienced waiters for other Chili outlets (Bahrain, USA....)

Food too is awesome. Tried the Classic Nachos, Honey coated chicken strips etc.......



Expensive but Awesome

Just got back after lunch at Chilis. Went with my brother, who has a fairly large appetite for good food and he left the place with parcel in hand.

What we ordered:

1) Starters: 1 Classic Nachos
1 Boneless Chicken Wings
2) Salads: 1 Ceasar Salad
1 Mesquite Chicken Salad
3) Main Course: 1 Honey Grilled Chicken Strips
4) Desert : 1 Paradise Pie
5) 4 Iced teas ( 2 Mango, 1 Blackberry, 1 unflavored)

First off, there was only 1 main course because my brother was still a bit hungry after the starters and salad. The desert was an old favorite of mine that I just couldn't resist.

The staff is very very friendly and have Chili service trainers running around to ensure everything is in order. The food is awesome. For those who have never had chicken flavored with Habanero sauce (albeit waterdowned to reduce the spice), are in for a remarkable treat as brother called it. Though I am a veg, I could smell the Habanero on it.

They didn't have any Honey sauce and the manager came out and offered to substitute a different sauce. We let him decide the sauce and it was Habanero sauce. It was amazing.

The quantity is huge. The ice tea is served in mugs similar to beer mugs in size with good amounts of ice. The nachos come with guacamole on lettuce and tomatoes surrounded by nacho chips with cheese and jalapeno on it. The salads were big enough in quantity to substitute for the main course. The starters and salads were enough to stuff me totally. My brother enjoyed his chicken, saying this was the best lunch he's ever had ( though it might be an exaggeration. ;) )

The bill was Rs.23xx.00 with a 12% service charge (229 or so), so I didn't tip any. My brother and I had decided to go Dutch on it so each ended up paying about 1200 bucks. The Main Course (all but one piece of chicken) has come home in a small plastic bag to be enjoyed later tonight....