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> > > > Chinese Cottage

Chinese Cottage

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 6th Cross, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Chinese

4 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Chinese Cottage Reviews


A Nice Place For A Quiet Lunch

I liked the ambiance, hygiene and veg steamed rice!



Good in parts

I often visit Chinese Cottage mainly cause it's the closest chinese restaurant to my place. Some of their dishes are delectable such as honey fried chilly pork. Their ginger chicken also deserves an honorary mention.
But theres much left to be desired with their starters. Spring rolls are disastrous. Never try their batter based starters. I've found them to be undercooked.
Slightly over priced, given that they are a rather small establishment.
All in all slightly its decent in parts, if you know what to go for. Else it doesnt have to offer much.


Bedlum - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 11,2011


Terrible Food

Overpriced, no flavor to the food, terrible atmosphere. Watch out for the extras - charged 55 Rs. for a bowl of steamed rice!!!

Avoid this place.



Please avoid!


I am a real fan of Chinese food and I have visited all the Chinese joints in and around Koramangala. But what happened yesterday after having dinner at Chinese Cottage was outrageous. This happened to be our second visit to Chinese cottage yesterday (9th Jul 2010) with my family as we really enjoyed the food the first time we went there couple of weeks back. This time we were in for a real shock which ruined our evening which started off on a wonderful note. My wife and I had ordered for chicken American and prawn Chinese Chopsuey with Chili lamb for the main course. We had specifically informed the waiter that we wanted our Chopsuey to be crispy with fewer vegetables. What was served to us was dismal Chinese food.
1. The Chinese Chopsuey was completely soggy against crispy, covered with sauce and vegetables with couple of prawns which we the size of worms.
2. The American Chopsuey also was covered with orange sauce mixed with cabbage with no sign of any chicken, which made us wonder if we were eating vegetarian or Non Vegetarian food!!.
3. The chili lamb just did not taste like lamb at all, I am not sure if it was lamb or something else!!! Believe me because this is my favorite dish and I have really relished it while having it in other joints like "China Pearl" and "Chung Wa"
4. The quantity/portion of all the items that were served were much less than what we got last time. As much as 50% less I can say!
With great dissatisfaction and uneasiness we eat what was served to us but we just could not finish after a few bits..IT WAS THAT BAD!
Finally to add insult to injury we gave our feedback to the waiter and the owner hoping they would be considerate and empathies with what we had to say. But the response we got was “ should have told us earlier we would have done something" I am not sure what they meant by that. The owner gave me a discount of 10% on the bill which anyway came up to 390 bucks which did nothing to raise my spirits
We came out of the restaurant angry, disappointed, hungry and upset that a wonderful evening with my family ruined by this restaurant. We finally had to have rolls at the nearby Empire hotel and go home. To make matters worse my son just threw up today morning as he had some of my Chinese Chopsuey, both me and my wife have cramps in our stomach since morning and I am quite sure it is because of the lousy food that was served by this restaurant.
So Friends!! If you are planning to go to Chinese Cottage my inputs would be "Please avoid" and don’t waste your money and most important your precious time, there are other joints in Koramangala which are zillion times better!!