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> > > > Chinese Hut

Chinese Hut

HighgroundsNorth Bangalore  

  • 22267364
  • 45, Palace Road, Highgrounds, Bangalore
  • Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

4 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Chinese Hut Reviews

Decent food at a very high price

The place in itself isn't that top notch but its prices sure are. The food is decent and the portions also pretty good. You should eat the Indian cuisine even though its called Chinese Hut. The tandoor items are way better than their Chinese preparations.


Krsna - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 14,2010


Brilliant Food !!!

Grown up visiting this restaurant for over a decade now, homely atmosphere, very pleasant owner, and the food is brillaint. Tried almost everything on the menu, and never run out of wanting to try more. The owner is always willing to provide something special, something different complimenting the mood of the evening. I love the Paktuni & Kasturi Kebeb in Indian for starters while the Onion Cake and the Shanghai Chicken is spot on. Like the others have already mentioned in the reviews, the Makhani Dal, the Murgh Kali Mirchi and Shabnam Curry are a delectable pleasure. I thoroughly enjoy their Chilli Chicken and Chinese Hut Special with Bamboo shoots and Black Mushrooms satisfying a food craver's appetite. For desserts, i always have their Malai Kulfi or Hot Ghajjar Halwa with ice cream, though i must admit the Chocolate Mousse is amazing too!!!

Chinese Hut is one of those old restaurants that always bring back beautiful memories of time spent with loved ones, friends or the like on special occasions, a place where you have something for everyone, from Grand dad to my little kid.

Love that restaurant!!! Wish you all the best, you are doing a great job for so many years.


Delectable Dal Makhni

My friend from college who joined my ex-organization which was my then current, had to treat me for obvious reasons. His appreciation for the Dal Makhni in Chinese Hut was SO much, he had no choice but to take me there. We wanted to have an early lunch and get back to the office. Reached the place by 1PM and only one table was occupied at that time. My friend, though the menu card was given, did not want to look into it. He said, he doesn’t get experimental at this place and the definite thing he orders here is the Dal Makhni for sure!! He ordered the small Kulcha with loads of coriander on it and I blindly went by what he suggested and ordered. The hot favorite with our Indian breads was obviously Dal Makhni and we also loved Corn Palak.

As we were enjoying all of this and dint realize when the rotis got over, my friend ordered Roti kadakwala. This roti was supposed to be slightly roasted. And this time again, I blindly went by my friend’s suggestion and it was just too good!! Though initially I had plans of eating some starter and some dessert at the end, after eating and getting myself loaded with satisfied with whatever my friend suggested, I just stopped it here!

All in all, it was a wonderful and heavy and delectable meal. Though its supposed to be a Chinese place, I have heard from many, the Dal Makhni here is the best thing in comparison to anything else they make. I don’t know about the rest of the food, but, the Dal Makhni was indeed amazing! Very reasonable and definitely not heavy on the pocket. The place isn’t too jazzy. Just simple and apt to have the Dal. So, people just go for it. I would highly recommend this place!!


K A - Burrp User


13 Reviews

November 10,2007


Awesome Indian (Yeah, that's right!!) Food!

For those who're new to B'lore, this may seem like an anomaly...going to a place which has 'Chinese' in its name for Indian cuisine...but this place serves the most awesome black dal in town for sure!! Suggested dinner order (Veggie):

Starters - Chilli Potatoes & Onion Cakes
Main Course - Black Dal & Butter Paneer
Roomali Rotis
Peas Pulao (accentuates the taste of the dal, especially when served steaming hot)

An average meal for 2 including drinks (desserts aren't that great, hop across to the nearest Corner House instead) would cost about Rs 1,000 - great value for money!!