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> > > Chowka


HAL 3rd Stage  

  • 40971000, 40937333, 9886829563
  • No. 64, Muniyappa complex, Opposit to Ganesha Temple, New Thippasandra main road, HAL 3rd Stage, New Thippasandra, Bangalore
  • Gujarati, Rajasthani
  • Meal for 2 - 350

28 Reviews / 28 Ratings

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Chowka Reviews

Pathetic - Worse than a cheap South Indian Thali

I have been to this place about 2 years back and it was a decent place. Now it has turned out to be a shabby one. The wall paints have peeled off , the chair covers are oily and not changed for last 2 years. There is no hand soap ( they have medimix bar)
The food quality has drastically reduced to some 10 odd items . The "kadhi" has no pakora , the dal is very spicy , sweet dish is a weird item they said "custard". They do not serve malpoa , rabri etc. since they have reduced the price.
The pamphlet circulated widely still advertises of 29+ items called Maharaja Thalli

Overall , a pathetic experience . With so many restaurants around why visit this pathetic place.



One word - Bad

One of the worst places I have visited in Bangalore. There is nothing great about the place. It has an old and rustic ambiance, but that is not just the ambiance! Even the furniture and other stuff is old. Personally, I didn't find it comfortable enough.
Coming to food, It truly sucked. I don't want to go much into details but it was not good.
Its cheap, not at all heavy on the pocket.
Overall, There is nothing good about the place which I can write here as a plus!
All the best if you are planning to visit the place.



Bakwaas & very dirty place! dust all over, dirty seating, dirty uniforms. Below average food. Ovearll not a good experience at all. The place was almost emply when we went for lunch. If they dont do something about cleaning up the mess, the place will shut down soon.



Cockroach in my dish.

Ordered 2 dishes....which was served after a 45 min... ....although there were only 8 other ppl in the restaurant.

The waiter never wrote down the order and asked 3 times what we had ordered....

Motherfuckers should shut shop..Bastards.




Once I forgot my phone in restaurant,My daughter was playing with the phone. I was the last customer.I came back within 10 mins to take the phone, but manager denied fact.He said that phone is not in there,without asking the staff!
I argued for 1 2 hrs but the answer was the same.

This is the worst experience I have.


ashishgupta7 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 06,2011


Not great, not bad

Visited this with my cousin one week back. The first thing that hits you is the ambience - definitely not a 'classy' joint or a date place. However, some of the food items were not bad, but nothing exceptional. Don't know why they bother with the chaat stand, really mediocre.

For the price (Rs. 150 for the Maharaja thali), its OK. As a Rajasthani myself, I always wanted to try this. Having tried it, I'm still looking for other places. Even though it's a Gujarati thali, and more expensive, Rajdhani (UB City, Forum Value Mall) provides better bang for the buck for me


Klandi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 02,2011


best ever rajasthani with price...

I had been in this restaurant yesterday night as one of my friend had insisted. It was wonderful to see the price of 130/- with more than 24 items. Even in such food inflation chowka is offering in great price. How they are managing I am not sure!!!

After entering and taken a coupen, we encounter with a Chaat counter, yemmy aalu tikki and gol gappa!! dont have too much else you will miss the real Rajasthani food...

A Dona Pattal(leaf plats and leaf bowels), wer waiting for us. Once seated, counteless waiter started pouring food items in the leaf plat and leaf bowels. I am not able to recall the number of bowls, I guess was 8 or 9, were filled with vegetable curries, Kadi, Gatte ki Saag, Daal Bati churma. Many sweets were also there I am really cursing my poor memories to remember items name... in next visit will write the names...

needless to say the I was delighted with food, finest moment comes when manager insisted to have Paan/Beeda. While I indicated inability to have any thing more, simple smile and curtesy reply "Beeda is good for digestions"... Great gesture of hospitality. They dont have any other branch in Bangalore, Request them to open in BTM layout near my place so that I can visit they regularly.



worst ever

The worst restaurant i've visited in bagalore!!
The food's horrible and service is much worse, the place stinks of the gutter and the waiters don't wear clean clothes the rice and the veges were horrible only the roti's were eatable..jaljeera was nothing gr8.. THIS WAS MY FIRST VISIT TO CHOWKA AND FOR SURE THE LAST



Positively awful

I stay close to this restaurant & I have also been here before just when they opened it approx 1.5 yrs back. The food, service & general attention to detail was top notch then. I made the mistake of believing that the same standards would have been maintained & took my family along for dinner.

The fare that was dished out was mediocre at best. The jaljeera (appetizer) they served upfront had a dead cockroach which I didnt even realise till I had downed half the drink. The malpua was bad & didnt taste fresh, the veggies were pretty ordinary & they were hesitant to give extra servings of the one decent vegetable they had. The daal baati churma was positively dreadful. What made it worse was that the daal was almost cold. I almost mistook the kadi for a dessert!! The only saving grace were the rotis - hot & fluffy as before.

I would have given a better rating had the service been better. All the waiters kept looking at a PYT on the next table & had to be called 2-3 times to gain their attention. Even after that, they moved slowly as if they were doing us some kind of favor.

I am surprised at so many positive reviews below. Maybe it was one of those days but I will not visit this restaurant again. Others may do so at their own risk!



Excellent. Definitely worth a visit

I am reviewing this place again after one and a half years. The ambiance of the place has improved, and I found the place much more cleaner than the last time.

The food was excellent. It was better than my already high expectations. The two of my favorite dishes "Gatte masala" and "Dal bati churma" were very good. Sweets were excellent and they alone were worth the money I paid for the whole thali.

Overall I would rate the restaurant at 4.5 stars. A few things that I would like to mention for the restaurant:
1. Service levels have gone down slightly and can be improved. For example, they forgot to bring khichdi to our table.
2. They have introduced two different thali's. I think this is a good move.
3. The have kept the thali at 120/-, which I think is good value for money deal.

Ah.. One more thing, I found excerpts from my last review and my name on the Burrp certification they have.


Parag Ghate - Burrp User

Parag Ghate

9 Reviews

February 07,2011


value for money

I had --- I rate

thali buffet ---4

best Rajasthani in the surrounding
ambiance is ok but who cares when food is good.
very veg and authentic to a great extent.



visit to chowka

i have been a regular visitor of chowka from quite some time.
i have seen the standard going down day by day. but today was the last nail in the coffin.
i got an experience of worst ever service today, no spoons, dirty plates, even after ordering maharaja thali, and reminding them abt it three times, we missed out a lot of items.
they were not even polite in talking, leave aside the serving part.
i would like to term this as my last visit to chowka.


bhukhakhana - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 24,2010


Excellent Food & Event at Chowka...

Today I had been to Chowka Today. Though I am regular visitor of Chowka, I never wrote about it. It is a mid size with two floor beautiful restaurant in the heart of Thippasandra, Indira Nagar. There is Christmas & New Year Celebration going on @CHOWKA. Kids have lot of events which they can enjoy along with excellent Rajasthani Food.
-Baloon Shooting Game
-Ringa Ringa Game
-Tatoo Making
-Potary Making
-Cotton Candy Shop..

good to see "Mela" Items where children can enjoy along with food. Worth to visit...



Excellent Ethinic Rajasthani Daal Baati Churma

If you like Daal Baati churma, dont ever miss to chowka restaurant. Restaurant is located in the thippasandra main road. Plenty of parking available in near by galli.

Quality of the Baati and Daal was excellent. Baati was amazingly soft and it was tasteful very near to home made. Churma was very ethinic and was made using Jagari.

3 curries, 3 sweets, 2 farsan, kadi, daal, baati, welcome drink, kichadi, rice, papad, paan, icecream.... I was wondering how they are able to sustain with price of 110. Amazing food and truly value for money, recommend to visit any time.


Different Taste and value for money

We landed there after seeing the place while passing by.. Kind of not sure of what to expect .. We were in for a pleasant surprise !!
Ambience is decent , not very lavish. The waiters are dressed in traditional Marwari dress.
Chowka has pre-decided menu for thali which is fixed for each day. The menu is interesting , you see days of the week and lunch and dinner items each day..
Now the best part -- Food :)
Started with buttermilk , which was fresh . Then they served the mouth-watering Dal-Baati, this dish wins a place in my favourite category ! Then the fresh phulkas with 3-4 sabjis, khijya,
The waiters come and sever piping hot, fresh dishes ..
Sweets - Rajasthani Rabdi was excellent ...


value for money.. nice taste,

120/- thali with unlimited 20+ items. taste was brilliant, there were some item like paneer which is not marwadi but ok as there were many other item which were marwad... panchmuki daal, malpua, marbadi kadi, ram khichadi, gatte ka saag, ker sangri kumathia are few pure marwadi items to eat.. khichia once of the rare papad i have seen there. over all impressive ambience, traditional dress for waiters, satisfactory service... impossible to get such low cost thali with this quality food that too in bangalor.. i am sure if I prepare the food at home it will cost me more than 700/-.... worth to I fan of this restaurent...


Nothing tremendous

The food here is ok and gives a different flavor...but the flair isnt very authentic marwadi includes paneer, baingan bhartha etc which i can get in any place...i wish they included more rare dishes

Nothing much...can give it a miss!



Sordid and Musty Place

Chowka is a place where the food is notoriously cheap and it shows .Musty interiors ,ill fitting uniforms and stupid props .
The food is not close to being Rajasthani the flavours are not well thought out. One has to try hard to get the waiters attention.

Th food is oily and heavy .

Best avoided



hospitality sucks

we planned a birthday party for ten people over here but due to the rude attitude and unwilling service we had to change the location at the last min. the food is good but i guess due to all the hype it has been getting the owners and the workers have got a hot head. we booked a table for 10 two days in advance but when we reached there the waiters were not ready to wait for people to join us. one of them argued saying that usually if there is a party for 10 people all ten people come together only. they also told no for joining tables (for which they said yes over the call)and expected 10 of us to sit on three different tables with a pillar between two of them.

worst thing is people don't know how to talk politely. and also to serve with ethics. the waiters seem to be throwing the plates at you.

you don't feel welcomed here. rether there is a feeling of bhikhari bhoj (beggar's treat) over here.

please avoid..


Sasta, sundar, tikau!

Chowka is a small restaurant in Thippasandra here in Bangalore. Known for their Thalis and cost. 120 bucks for a full, unlimited Rajasthani meal that's worth every penny(and more). So we get into a restaurant in the baazaar area, find ourselves a nice canopy with a table for 2. And before you start romanticizing, the ambience was nothing to die for. The food was. We were welcomed with small glasses of chhaachh. Very refreshing. The phulkas were HOT, and soft. Missi roti - brilliant. Paratha -niiiice! The quintessential Rajasthani Aalu sabji - spicy and just right. I wouldn't say much about the baati, but the daal it came with definitely was good. I wouldn't suggest anyone to have rice there, it sort of spoils the after taste. The rotis are good enough. And for dessert, there was fresh jalebi and rabri. What a way to end a meal like that. Complete slurrrrrp! How does it compare with Rajdhani, the most well known among Thali places? To start with, the food in Rajdhani is a little too commercial for my liking, the waiters a tad bit too persevering. And Rajdhani, for me, has never been true value for money. At 120 bucks, Chowka totally was!

Highly recommended for casual meals. Just don't take a girl on a date there, no matter how much she likes Rajasthani food ;) The ambience is strictly OK... A tad bit tacky, if I may say so. But overall, a complete sasta, sundar, tikau option on most days.

I would give Chowka a 4.5 on 5 hands down! :)

Original post at



Marwari food

After reading the reviews here, I took my wife and kid to this restaurant.

This is located on Tippasandra main road. Ample parking space is available on main road (otherwise side road in front of houses).

The ambiance was nice and a little jazzy. The attire of waiters was traditional. The service was quick and sometimes I felt it was little hurried also.

The food is not costly as other burrpers have mentioned. The restaurant doesn't have a menu, and thali is the only thing available. I really wish they would introduce some menu items. Food is pure vegetarian.

Overall the food was good. It was very authentic also. But what took away two starts from this place was cleanliness and quality.

When I went for the weekday dinner, the place looked little dirty. The star dish "Dal batti churma" and "Gatte masala" was not that well made.

Overall I would say a good value for money restaurant. You can definitely visit once for the uniqueness of the cuisine.


hipphopp - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 23,2009



very tasty food.
value for money.
all of us totally enjoyed the food.
very authentic.
thali - 120/-
kids thali - 50/-
after long time we enjoyed some place so much
it was very refreshing
definetly will go again.


Ultimate taste, Excellent ambience-Value For Money

Ultimate taste, Excellent ambience, Excellent hospitality.... 24 Items in 120/-, is truely value for money

CHOWKA - means "Kitchen" the enterence Jhanki(Statchue) depicts the chowka. Very comfortable seating along with beutiful roof. If you want to be maharaja please go inside "jharokha" and sit there.

One of the best restaurent I have visited so far. Ultimate food taste, Excellent ambience, Excellent hospitality and the lowest price for food. 24 Items in 120/-, is truely worth for money... Ker, Sangri Kumathia, Dal baati choorma, maharani daal, Gatte Ka Saag, Guruji Thandai, Marwadi Malpua, Jalebi, 4 veg currries, 2 farsan, 2 sweets.... with 12-15 waiters sorrounding you and ready to serve any item unlimited..... True value for money


raju_p - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 04,2009


Rajasthani thali @ Chowka - value for money

Its a true value for money (120).

Its much better then Rajdhani(UB City) in terms of price,food & service.
you cant expect better then this in range of Rs. 120


abcd  - Burrp User


29 Reviews

August 03,2009


Spicy Rajasthani Thali

I have been waiting for a good Rajasthani Restaurant for quite a while. After reading reviews on burrp!! Decided to visit this place.

The approach road and the entry are not surely "nice" but they work well. The ambience and seating is pretty basic, you would not remember this place for ambience for sure.

The food was my surprise every curry was spicy. The famous "Dal Bhati and Churma" was average..the Churma was soggy. The only thing which i like about the place is "dal khichadi" and nothing else..Do I want to visit again my answer would be NO, unless someone insists.
My recommendation is - it?s a "Visit Once" place.


Nothing special about it!

On a lazy Sunday noon, we went for lunch at Chowka since we had heard a bit about it and wanted to try the Rajasthani food there.

The decor was nice but very cramped. And it was terribly hot on an afternoon. There were ACs but none of them were working. Half appetite gone because of the heat.

Food was average and nothing to write home about. The only stuff worth mentioning are Daal Baati Choorma, the Dahi vadas and the sweet dish. Everything else was a tad bit too spicy for me. They serve 5-6 different curries but all of them are either too spicy or just average in taste. In fact, I felt the Paneer was a couple of days old and not very fresh.

The price is indeed low at 120 bucks per thali. The service is up to the mark, waiters are polite and all portions are unlimited. So one can never return hungry from this place. :)

Overall, not very impressed and would not come back unless a friend/relative specifically requests for Rajasthani food.


Value for money!

Its a true value for money(Rs.100-125). amazing combi of rajasthani & gujrati food.

reco: try visiting on weekdays to avoid crowd. on weekends its worth waiting for!

Its much better then Rajdhani(UB City) in terms of price,food & service.
I wish if they have home delivery service too! you cant expect better then this in range of Rs.100-125.


Great rajasthani thali

We landed there after seeing the place while passing by.. Kind of not sure of what to expect .. We were in for a pleasant surprise !!
Ambience is decent , not very lavish. The waiters are dressed in traditional Marwari dress.
Chowka has pre-decided menu for thali which is fixed for each day. The menu is interesting , you see days of the week and lunch and dinner items each day..
Now the best part -- Food :)
Started with buttermilk , which was fresh . Then they served the mouth-watering Dal-Baati, this dish wins a place in my favourite category ! Then the fresh phulkas with 3-4 sabjis, khijya,
The waiters come and sever piping hot, fresh dishes ..
Sweets - Rajasthani Rabdi was excellent ...

Place was crowded on Saturday night, just wondering why wasn't it on Burrp ... Chowka has got a place in our monthly visits now ..