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> > > > Chulha Tiffin Services

Chulha Tiffin Services

Airport RoadEast Bangalore  

  • 08880248542
  • 27, 80 Feet Road, Kodihalli, Airport Road, Bangalore
  • Mughlai

2 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Chulha Tiffin Services Reviews

Home catering better have consistency

I had tried these guys out a while back. Great service, carrier delivered to your house and picked up the next day when new career is delivered. Very comfortable.

Here is the issue though, they weere never fixed on times. Some times the box is delivered at 7.30pm, some times at 8pm and some times even at 9.30pm!! I want to go home and eat, at a fixed time, and i used to find this very irritating.

The food - not very oily, pretty decent tasting.....but again, no consistency. Some times the food is fresh and few times it smells funcky. The taste - one thing he was consistent in - less salt, always. I guess it was more of a south indian getting used to north indian food, but i did get annoyed by this. I would definitely not recommend eating the fish they send ;)

Overall, I am confused. Not sure whether to recommend this place or not.



Good food....decent prices...and gr8 service

I started taking tiffins from Chulha in my office around 3 weeks back. Very easy to register through thr website and they actually gave me a call on the second day and started delivering almost immediately in my office! The food has been good and the quantity adequate for more than one person. I have gone for the roti-only option and get tawa chapattis, 2 vegetables (gravy & non-gravy), dal & salad...all for 35 bucks in tiffins delivered direct to office!

Next, I called and was told that the menu for lunch & dinner is m planning to go for dinners at home as well...takes care of the entire problem of cooking late in the evenings....

Well done chulha expand to other areas in blore as well plz....some of my frnds thr have been asking a lot of questions :-)