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> > > > Chung Wah

Chung Wah

Frazer TownEast Bangalore    & IN 10 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 08041234738, 08041234739
  • 22, Saunders Road, Cleveland Town, Frazer Town, Bangalore
  • Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 300

6 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Chung Wah Reviews

Chaitania - Burrp User


58 Reviews

September 17,2013


Nothing Wah Wah About It

Was roaming around Frazer Town on Monday and came here at 8 p.m. Two tables were occupied. Menu was nice with pictorial representation of food items from China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia etc. Ordered Chaing Mei noodles and chicken steamed momos. The noodles were spicy and flavorful with good quantity but very less chicken pieces. Momos were good (accompanied with nice brown sauce) but were brought in a plate and not a bamboo steamer basket. Wanted to order Chinese tea pot but it was not available.

Ambiance is average, decor is minimalistic. Out of 3, one AC was working at 16 degree Celsius and so the room was cool and pleasant. Service was good (but the waiters were looking at the customers and laughing and whispering amongst themselves, was a bit put off by their attitude).

My bill Rs.302 (including service tax and gratuity for 2 items). Overall, the experience was not pleasant only because of the attitude of waiters; otherwise, it was an okay place. Will NOT return again.


Zoya Majid - Burrp User

Zoya Majid

7 Reviews

November 13,2012


good quantity and quality

the ambiance and service is a little sad if that be ignored, the food is really good
the quantity is pretty large when u dine there in take outs the quantity is a little less
i love their sweet corn chicken soup, koi thio chicken noodles
their chinese chopsuey is delicious!
being a chinese food fan i just love the food!
even their drums of heaven are amazing!!


no1foodie - Burrp User


20 Reviews

September 09,2010



Nice ambience. The taste & quality of the food is just about okay. Service is very poor and rude, the waiter refused to acknowledge when brought to his notice that the chicken fried rice had no chicken in it. Chicken was added to the dish only when we got a bit aggressive.

Rs. 500/- for 3


Regular Chinese...

Nothing great about this restaurant. Staff not knowledgeable about the menu, plus you can't really communicate to them since neither can they understand you, nor vice-versa. I personally felt the appetizers and noodles were a little too greasy and didn't go down very well with our tummies either.

The only thing I liked about this place were the Crab Sticks. They were simply delicious, and had a great flavour. Priced at only Rs. 150

Check it out if you're in the neighbourhood and in the mood for greasy Indian Chinese.


burpalot - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 31,2009


Nice Ambience

Fantastic food, Fantastic interiors.. I liked the color theme which is red black and white, we were like 8 of us, and yes there was a table for 8.. no pulling and pushing of tables... The one thing I noticed was there were waitresses, whom u dont normally find in common restaurants, u normally find waiters. I choose to have food with Chopsticks and there was this stand provided to place the Chopsticks..Perfect. The waitresses ..sorry the food was yummy and the quantity was amazing. Variety was a key aspect, but easy to choose. Service was excellent, calm, cool and smiling staff...All in all a fine place to hangout.



Value for Money

Its a very pleasant place to drop in. Simple and nicely done interior. Very well mannered suppliers. A small and nice place to go with family. Finally good food, and the money you pay for is worth. A fried rice & chowmein's are priced around 70Rs with very good quantity. Starter's are slightly higher in the range of 100 Rs. Overall its one of the best place