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IndiranagarEast Bangalore  

  • 41524067, 9986035778, 9731154784, 9886778895
  • 765, 5th Floor, 100 Ft Road, Reid & Taylor Building, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Coastal
  • Meal for 2 - 1800

30 Reviews / 31 Ratings

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Cirrus Reviews





Bigotry and disrespectful ! Shame on Cirrus

Useless, and what Bigotry they have against single men? I won't recommend anyone to this place, not even to my women friends ever.

The Story: Last evening when a guy friend and I decided to hit the town for dinner, and probably dance a bit, we came across this place in Indira Nagar, as the place next to it was really crowded. (We should have gone there considering our previous experience was delightful).

The first put-off was the bouncer at the entry. He was outright bullish, rude and didn't appeal to me that this was going to be the place. So, we were two guys (and we are Gay and are not interested in women, but that's not the point here) and paid 1000 rupees as cover charge. We were told we can't use the dance floor? I mean, why? It's strictly for couples was the answer I get from this guy! OK, we thought he was joking and entered nonetheless - Imagine the hunger bells striking us at 10.30 PM !! The music was good, food was OK, and we did get into the mood of the groove. That's when the problem started. We walked towards the DJ to shake ourselves a bit, and then this bouncer comes and literally opens his arms (not to hug, but to block us) to block us from the dance floor, saying its for couples. I already had a red face, and I did tell me NOT TO TOUCH me. We walked back to the bar area and continued dancing. Infact that was the best part because we danced our way away, and made great friends who were there for the same reason as us - to have a good time. We walked out after an hour.

The Problem: Why will I have to pay stag entry charge when you don't let me dance. Why can't the management just put a board outside that there is no dance permitted for single men/stags. This is cheating the patrons, but drawing their money in an unethical way.

Second, who is this Bouncer who was trying to touch the patrons? As a customer I expect to have a good time in a restaurant, and not to be touched by a bouncer for no reason. It's demeaning to me after paying so much to expect in return such uncouthness from the bouncer.

Third, how do you know if they were all couples who were dancing on the dance floor? They could be friends, single women, colleagues etc., so what do you hold against single men? That we will touch the women there and tarnish the image of your place? GROW UP restauranteur, because that's what you think in the 21st century?? People go to places and spend money to have a good time with friends, and to not for lechery. If that's what you have in your mind, pls stop entertaining stags and stay in your ancestral and ancient way of operating the restaurant. That way, you save our aspirational timelines, and a hell lot of money of ours. Also, this may help - "how you satisfy your customers - for new restaurants".

I would say I deserve all my money back for such useless behaviour of the staff. I am looking at sending a legal notice for defamation against the bouncer and the restaurant for touching a patron inappropriately and without cause. Hands-down uneventful and a place you can avoid forever.



Not Convinced Why I Should Go Back

We dropped in for an office party, 45 of us. things did not seem okay from the beginning and it only kept getting worse. To begin with, we were not being served properly and we literally had to go find the suppliers to place our order. Would have been nice if we had one supplier for 45 people(guess its not too much to expect!!)

DJ was the worst in town with weird song choices. Once it was time for the food, they sealed the night with the worst food possible.

The only thing good about this place is their open terrace. Worst service, food and unbelievably bad attitude.

Would not suggest anybody to go there, as there are far better places at a similar budget and close to this place.




Reached the place @ 8pm on a Saturday night to find an empty restaurant with boring music. Started by ordering some beer and starters. Babycorn manchurian and Aloo Tikka were excellent. The draught beer served had a very fresh taste (not found in regular pubs) and was served chilled. Later we ordered a few cocktails - Kiwi Daiquiri and Tequila sunset were excellent. Around 9pm crowd started pouring in, the music got better and the dance floor was thrown open for couples.

The DJ played some awesome music thereafter.
The crowd was really energetic.
Cocktails served had good mix of liquor and flavoring juices/spice. Most importantly one of the few pubs that serves gr8 cocktails for a moderate price.
The staff was courteous.

The negatives about this place are the lack of a good ambience and the fact that this place does not serve many main course dishes.


Not the best staff

Everything was good, the food, the ambience, the music, the price; except for the staff. They kept asking us to move to different seats for apparently no reason, and it was irritating. Other than that, it was a really good place to go to, should go there once!


Bob B - Burrp User

Bob B

2 Reviews

July 05,2012


Not so impressive...

I went there for lunch on a Wednesday and we were the only customers there. Seeing the place and the menu, we just walked out. If you are planning to go to a reasonably descent place, this is not your choice. I'm giving rating of 3 and not a 2 just because I didn't try out the food or the service. It was just that the place didn't impress me.



Had been here on a Sunday afternoon. Entry cost is 650/- unlimited alcohol and starters and biryani towards the end. Nice ambiance, service with regard to food and drinks apart from beer was horrendous. We kept asking the waiter for more whiskey and starters he just kept getting us beers.
Apart from that it is a killer place,food tastes excellent and music was outta the world!

PS: The whiskey they were giving was DSP which was quite shocking!And yes they mix water to the whiskey sour.


Pathetic palce to be!!!

first of all they mix water in the drinks and give so that the people order for more AND THEY CAN CHARGE MORE, second i left my personal but gifted belonging there and i sent my representative there within 15 mins but once the bill is done they treat you no more as customer there.. i spoke to them on phone regarding the same and they told they are not responsible for the personal belongings.... at least they should have the courtesy to say it in a better way or so ...but instead of that they are nor bothered... i will not recommend the place to any one.... complete waste of a time and money. nightmarish behavior it was!


tanwi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 29,2012


Beautiful place

Bangalore looks extremely beautiful when u sit on those high bar chairs outside and get drunk. It gets even better on Wednesday nite as I dont pay for my drinks. Ladies nite: free drinks you see.. Yummy food, good music what else do u need to enjoy a evening.. This place Totally rocks


Good Drinking Place

Great place to drink and if you like the music, then a great place to drink & dance! The outside seating is better, but apparently one needs to reserve a table in advance to sit out. We reached by 8pm, and glad we did, as it was easier to get a table. The place was packed in an hour`s time, with more and more people trying to get in.

Alcohol – Regular cocktails for about 300, alcohol overall was not too steep. The drinks were also well made, tequila sunset, sunrise, the mojhito, tried out something new there –the African king which was tequila with beer. It was interesting and different. Despite the place being completely packed, and with absolutely no space to move, the service was really good.

The food was quite reasonable. The menu has more options for south indian cuisine (Like appams / Andhra food). Average cost of a dish is about 250 bucks. We ordered a few starters out of which the Hara bhara kabab was decent, but I am guessing the traditional cuisine would be better. Believe their chicken & beef items are decent. There aren’t enough food options on the menu especially if you are vegetarian.

The music is mostly hip hop and house. The dance floor is packed and the mood is great. Overall get there early by 8, reserve a place outside, enjoy the good weather, drink, eat and then hit the dance floor!


Very Good

Last night i was in Cirrus.. it was soo good experience for us.. love to visit again.. Price the best compare to any other bars... music n dance floor excellent.. . Overall Value for money... do visit once u will love it...


good place for group dinners

Indoors and terrace seating, good music, great kerela style food- appam and stews, chicken fry were very good and not expensive.
It's crowded with lively booming music and good place for a group gathering


aditisom - Burrp User


18 Reviews

January 28,2011


Not bad....

We settled at the balcony side....nice...but nothing too great to talk was bad...u definitely cannot dance on those numbers, good to just sit and listen to it.....Apart from that booze and food were all decent. Liked their mutton kheema chops,too good...



Value for money!

1.Beer (each pitcher costs Rs.300/- * / Rs.60/- for tap) very reasonable pricing!
2.Great food.. Try the chicken, pork & beef items in particular (ranges between 150-220 per serving)
3.Ambience is great, good music played during the evenings..
4.Service can be better for the 7.5% service charge they levy on the total bill.. Guess u'll have to go there on weekends to get the maximum benefit, wallet and service wise..
5.Has a nice view.. Roof top setting is great (5th floor)!



Nice Hangout

last night i was at cirrus.This is first time ,i have been to a pub outside Koramangala/MG Road .Beer quality was bit better.Only thing that i found missing was some electrifying rock music.But overrall ,quick service and ambience made the day.


Not bad for most part

Last night was my second visit to Cirrus, Indiranagar. The place is just one step short of being on my top 5 list of cheap beer drinking places in Bangalore. It has everything going for itself - the ambience (rooftop on a quintessential Bangalore evening and not crowded beyond capacity), non-pretentious crowd for most part, prices, and food. Now if only they played some rock on Saturday nights.

But then again, I can't hold it against them. I may not be a part of their hip hop listening target group. But what the hell it was fun! If you are planning to go there, book a table on the terrace way in advance. It's a tad bit difficult to find a table of your choice even after the booking, and it doesn't help when the manager just chooses to look in the other direction when you speak to him about it. All you have to do is remind him that it's not great behaviour and then he will smile at you tirelessly all evening!

That said, the service is quick, the alcohol is not expensive, the food is quite good. And the ambience is quite simple and quite nice (I can't emphasize enough on booking a table on the terrace though). Just don't expect immaculate behaviour. And don't drink and drive. There are cops right outside the building!





We were there waiting for almost 1 hr, but people came after us were given the tables because they knew the Manager – A shabbily dressed guy wearing dirty sandals. When I tried explaining, the manager just walked away and didn’t bother to turn around. And, the waiter, who knew that we were there before the groups that were given a table, refused to talk.
I had some guests, who had come with me…It was really an embarrassing night @ Cirrus!

Overall, my experience at Cirrus was BAD! Or maybe I’m getting too old to be treated like this (other people standing at the bar were perfectly alright with this treatment) ;)



something different, for sure!

The place seems to have struck a right combination of great fun, good music and a very attractive crowd! the first visit seems a bit intimidating, as everyone seems to know everyone in there, but going with a big group really helps, as this place seems made for a big, loud and happy party! the prawns are highly recommended!


Nothing but the View

I'll agree that the place has quite a view. Not the best view in B'lore, maybe not even one of the top 5 views of B'lore, but a view nevertheless in a city that's quite starved of tall buildings.

The management of this place seems to expect the view to charm to such an extent that you will forget about small things like service, ambiance etc

The decor is the typical schizophrenic ambiance you'd expect out of your neighbourhood Shanti Sagar's a/c room - dim lighting, plastic lamps, random color get the idea. Add plastic chairs & wobbly tables to this mix.

But who cares about the decor when you're there to drink, right? They don't do a very good job of that either. Our mixers were flat and warm and getting a refill on the beer took some serious waving and yelling to get the waiter's attention.

The food was relatively decent, however. My Chilli Beef seemed to be swimming in whole chillis and oil, but thankfully I couldn't see much of it. It tasted fine though. Just wish I had a cold drink to chase it down with.


cicada - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 26,2009



Cirrus is located in indiranagar which has many restaurants already and this place definitely stands out as it has no frills attached and lets its customers be. The atmosphere is really chilled out and view is definitely one of the best. Their music also contributes to the whole set up as it switches between various genres, so there is something for everyone. If you like sea-food and of course their kababs are really good, so are the mojitos....Most of all I have been there many times in an all girls group and we have felt really safe and we able to do what we want unlike the place one floor below!!! Service if efficient. Been there often and continue to do so.....Keep up the good work CIRRUS!!!


Petty86 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 25,2009


Convenient and affordable with a great view!

Located in Indranagar its a place you will not miss on 100ft road. The coastal food is simply delicious.The staff are really friendly and welcoming. The place is clean and well maintained.
The music is really good as tracks are being belted out to everyones liking. Nobody goes unhappy!! :)
The WII console located in the room next to the bar for customers is a great concept and has left me with some unforgetabble memories of the good times with my friends.
A good meal for 2 should cost you about 500rupees, which includes the beers which is simply great.
The two GIANT screens cannot be missed as games of cricket and football are constantly playing here all day long!! hurray!!
Well the last thing i simply dont want to miss saying is the view! Sunsets at Cirrus are perfect one to start your evening with a beer and some great company!
ps- ive even uploded a pic of the sunset when i was there! (2 mega pixel camera) so swalpa adjust maadi!


jo1985 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 25,2009


amazing place

those of u who haven been to cirrus are surely missing out on a's really a great place and the setting is beautiful......... music is great......reminds u of the old bangalore :) the sunday brunch is excellent....... the ghee roast is out of this world ........definitely one of the best restaurants in indiranagar.... so check it out :)


loveindia - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 25,2009



Definitely one the best places in and around Bangalore. If you havenâ??t gone there, its about time you did.



No frills or fuss !

Cirrus isnt the epitomy of luxury or fine dining, its a place where you can enjoy a casual drink with a friend, enjoy the outdoor area with an awesome view of the city, and some cool breeze.The mojitos are very good indeed, and so is the coastal food.For people who love spicy food try the Mangalorean Chicken Curry and for the rest try the Stew, either veg. or chicken.Theyre both awesome with rice, appams or neer dosa.

The music can get a little repetitive sometimes, but overall a great place to relax with friends.


bangboy - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 07,2009



if you r looking for a great time no strings attached, it has to be at Cirrus. we went there as part of a big office group, and loved it! the match was on the big screen, and we were amazed at the number of people in the place, yet no one complained of it being too crowded and seemed really happy!
a few friends had been there earlier and had said that the place seemes a little bare, but was good fun. this time, we could not make out if it was bare, because ther were so many people there! the mojito was the best i have tasted, and the prawn ghee roast was very spicy but very good! highly recommended!


lfeblore - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 07,2009


Not happening

Gave in to curiousity and took another flight of stairs to check out Cirrus instead of Xtreme sports. Place was packed, too hot (open windors with no airconditioning) and loud with indifferent ambience, fare and service. Didn't happen for me though looking at how crowded it was, seems to work for most others..


Not worth it!

Heard a lot about this place and went here 2 weeks back. I was utterly disappointed. Having spent all my life in Bangalore visiting tons of pubs and seeing numerous ones open and shut, my first impression was...I will give this place 6 months. Maybe even less! Bad flooring. No ambiance to talk about. Bad service. Ok food. We quickly left. Wont be coming back again. Felt like some kinda private party in someones basement.



One big Private party!!!

If you don't know everyone there...You will def feel out of place...but wait a minute I was not going for a party, I was going for dinner..
Well the seating is absolutely awkward if you are not sitting outside. My table was moved around twice(grrrrr).
People were hovering around my table..(absolutely annoying).Normally if you don't have a table, go stand by the bar, don't hover around my table...pissing off!!!!!
Food was horrible...
I left me food half way through, downed my beer and swore I would not go back there ever again..

They don't know whether they are going for a lounge image or a restaurant image...Well either way it sucks!!!!


Sad, Bad and Ugly!

Being in Indiranagar on Friday evening, I forced my friend we should try out the new place though he was reluctant in experimenting!
Cirrus is on 5th floor of the Reid and Taylor Building. It's the same building as that of Xtreme Sports Bar on 100ft Road.

It's a small board which one could easily miss. One has to take the long narrow lane on the right hand side of the building to go towards the lift. While we were in the lift, there was a power failure and we were stopped for almost 5mins. Thank god, none of us in the life were claustrophobic. The door of the lift opens and we found the wall. Dint know how long it would for us to get out of this! All started on a wrong note, the lift went to the basement and again moved to the 5th floor. This time, thanks to the generator.

On the 5th floor, the lift directly open to the restaurant! Not too appealing. But, yeah I was prepared. Thanks to dheeraj's review. It was the polished cement floor as said by Dheeraj. And there?s nothing much one can talk about the interiors here. They have a indoor and a outdoor seating. Intital plans of outdoor seating was totally buried when the waiter suggested we should opt for a table with the Red Color Nilkamal Chairs!!! Yes. I'm not exaggerating. Only a few tables there had proper chairs and the rest, it was RED colored Nilkamal chairs. I don?t know who in the restaurant came up with such brilliant idea. But, this would totally help cirrus in not bringing their customers back.

This made us opt for the indoors and we sat 2 tables away from the big screen. The big screen existed for the namesake. There was no water served. The waiter handed over the drinks menu. My friend, already frustrated did not take too much time and ordered for his regular Budweiser Pint and I ordered for a Kiwi Martini. His Pint was brought in less than 2mins but, my drink arrived after 15mins. While he got my drink, the glass was carried in his hands and I guess they have no concept of using a tray if they are serving only one drink.
There's more bad news. My drink was extremely sweet tasted like a tonic :( Yeah. I?m not exaggerating again. But, the cough syrups taste much better and it's a serious advice the management of Cirrus ? Guys, please please please train your bartenders and the waiters. There's a long way to go!

The starter and the main course menu was given to us and after a thorough check, we hardly found any choice for the veggies. They probably specialize only in non-veg food. We ordered for veg sheek kabab and here I was almost losing patience. The music wasn't all that great. The big screen is just hanging on to the wall and its not being used. And in addition, our starters were served after 40mins!!!!
By this time, along with my friend, my frustration levels were reaching a new high. The kabab was nothing to be appreciated or talked about. It was just ok and filled our tummies to some extent.

For the main course, they has some listings of some coastal food and some Tandoori. Not to overload ourselves, we ordered 2 plates of Neer Dosa and a Veg Stew. This took another half an hour to arrive and thank god this time. This one was definitely edible. Though not something that can get a 5 star, this was the only saving star from my end to Cirrus. There was something called 'Kori rotti' in the menu. When I asked the waiter, what it was, all that he said was, 'Madam, its made of Dalda'
This answer was sufficient for me to not ask him any more questions. We asked him to get us the bill and thank god again. This one, just took 15mins.

The total damage for the 2 disappointed souls was around 700 bucks. A total waste of Friday evening and the precious 700 bucks. Looks like, my friend is gonna curse me all his life for taking him there!

Its definitely ok to never try this place and spare ourselves forever!


Excuse me, where is the restaurant?

take the lift to 5th floor, and you go...."where is the restaurant"?
OR where is the bar or pub? etc. etc., depending on why you going there in the first place.

It is not shocking because there is no door, or a board or the fact that when you walk out of the lift, you are directly in the restaurant. It's annoying because it reminded me of my friends Basement (i know Cirrus on the terrace, but understand maadi please).

The only word I can think of for the flooring is polished cement! It seemed like the original floor the constructor left, before any "flooring" was put on it! Of course, if you know how cement floors are, you would know this is too smooth to be cement, so I guess they must have polished it (not as funny as i thought it would be, but it's true). It definitely hadn't been cleaned, reminds me of a basement, full of dust, cigarette butts, liquids....

Another annoying thing, it sounds like a disco, loud thumping music (no issues yet), but turns out, it was play that annoying sh*t night, because they played the worst of 80s trash music that night, including Bryan Adams. The only thing worse than Bryan Adams, is loud Bryan Adams (sorry for personal opinion here, but i really dislike Bryan Adams)

Alright, it's only the floor and only the music, who cares, lets go meet my friends. Oh nice they got the outdoor seating. Brief round of hugs and all the other stuff, time to sit, let me sit on the side with the wall, I'll have a back rest.... hey, I know I am heavy, but why is the granite slab, on top of a cement block moving! Oh wait, hold on, my bad, it must be the total 250 kilos on it, after all there were 3 whole people sitting on a 4 seater.

Lets order some drinks..... Menu -> whisky, nice cheap, vodka, pretty cheap, beer... sorry boys, this is where they make their margins. You will drink beer, and you will pay for it, so they will charge you extra! Lots of places do this, and I hate it each time.

No complaints about the service, the beer came on time, cheers, lets drink. It's LOUD, so I decide to lean forward and talk to my friend on the other side, whoa! why is the granite slab, on top of the cement block moving??? No, I am talking about the table top! I have no issues seeing this happen at a kaka hotel or at some place like Suri bar, they serve cheap drinks, and have cheap tables. I am paying a lot for this beer, and I expect good..... tables!?! Is that something to hope for?

As for the crowd, nothing against anyone, but everyone seems to know everyone else, and hence it feels like a huge party (as some one else who reviewed the place said rightly), only, if you don't know them, you feel like you gate crashed some ones party! This is how it is every night, so a regular told me. Sorry for including, what another person told me in this review, but I thought I should mention it.

Several other annoyances, but I guess I shouldn't be so negative, after all it is only some ones basement, which is on the terrace by mistake. Sorry If I sound too negative, but I did walk out in 40minutes, and I did say to myself that I won't be going back there.



its actually CIRCUS

Jeezzzz ... if you really want to be among a bunch of clowns circus oops i mean cirrus is the place to be ...!!!!

The food sucks, the ambience is fine & i wont be surprised if people fall out of the building with the drink in their hands ...

Don be surprised if COPS come to chase you as thats the part of the Package ...!!!!!