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City Bar

Vittal Mallya RoadCentral Bangalore  


26 Reviews / 32 Ratings

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Happy Hours Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • They think hangovers are the body's way of telling them they didn't drink enough to still be drunk when they woke up the next day. It's Happy Hours at City Bar! Enjoy 1+1 on your drinks today!

    Days: Sunday to Thursday

Happy Hours Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • They think hangovers are the body's way of telling them they didn't drink enough to still be drunk when they woke up the next day. It's Happy Hours at City Bar! Enjoy 1+1 on your drinks today!

    Days: Sunday to Thursday

Friendship Day Special Brunch Aug 02

  • City Bar brings to you Friendship Day Special Brunch this Sunday. Come over & enjoy unlimited drinks & starters (Veg & Non Veg) + Sea Food. Featuring Dr. A & Raj Kabadi.
    Time: 1pm - 4.30pm
    Price: Rs. 1700 per person

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City Bar Reviews

Sit down and relax!

This place has a great vibe to it,whether its lunch or dinner.As you enter the restaurant,make sure you are seated at a table on the right,facing the amphitheatre.It will make the visit all the more worthwhile.Avoid going in too far,as it gets dark and stuffy.
The power lunch,available on every day of the week except sunday is an absolute steal! Priced at Rs.225 for vegetarian,Rs.295 for Non-vegetarian and a little more for seafood,you are allowed to pick a starter/salad and a maincourse from the menu.Add a mug of Kingfisher draught beer or a glass of Four Seasons white/red wine for Rs.50 to the fixed price mentioned above.If you choose to opt for the a-la-carte menu,each dish whether starter or maincourse is priced at an average of Rs.300,so the power lunch makes for a great value meal.
My personal favourite and one that I strongly recommend is to order for the Hummus/Buffalo Chicken wings/Mutton Seekh kabab(very succulent) for starters and the Penne Alfredo with chicken and shrimp for the maincourse.I like to enjoy it with a mug of beer.
They have a sunday sundowner,with an all you can eat/drink for Rs.1500 per person.Totally worth it! Great food and drinks,refreshing ambience and beautiful people! If you're lucky,you might spot a celebrity.


The worst Sangria I had in my Life

I wanted to relax and went to the City Bar last weekend. The environment was upscale and watching IPL on the big screen was wonderful.

I had one of their sangria and I must say that it is the worst cocktail I had in my life. It was clearly lack of training for the bartenders. In fact it was mixed by the so called "captain" there but it did not help at all. It is very clear that the Bartenders are very poorly trained to mix the cock tails on their own menu. I did not really expect this to happen at a place like City Bar.

Also want to point out that the chairs at the bar are very tiny and were not at all comfortable to sit for long hours.

I'm sure that they can get their game together and can make it a better experience for their customers.

Dinesh Ghanta


Sad Experience

For a man who does not indulge in any alcohol most of my outings to the city bar were to hang out and sip on a mocktail while staring around blankly with the music blaring in my ears.

The city bar is one of the most crowded places on the week ends that one can find in the city. Its hard to move around due to the over packed crowd and its even harder to get service because the bars are overflowing with demanding customers and very few staff to attend to them. To add to all that the place is usually blaring with music and the fact that its considered open also means they allow smoking, which means you walk out with your hair and clothes smelling like a smokers your eyes watering uncontrollably, a ringing sound in your ears and a worn out throat because no one can hear you unless you shout. In short the place really assaults all your senses and leaves you wondering why you indulged in this senseless experience at the end of it all.

This one time how ever one of my friends, usually a regular here recommended the place for a lunch meet. Though surprised i decided to give the place a shot and ended up here with my friends for lunch. The place was open lightly crowded and was a whole new experience for me, so far i was all but pleasantly surprised. I ordered a few mocktails for the table and found them to be well prepared, tasty and very well presented. The experience only began to go south from there the starters were average and the main course was a little worse. I survived simply because i was there to meet some friends over lunch after a long time and the engrossing conversation took me away from the pure culinary part of the experience.

The food having been forgetful i cant seem to remember much on the menu and ate just enough to kill the hunger pangs. We left soon after and i have not been back ever since.

Pros: - The prices are suppose to cheap on alcohol(by UB city standards)
- Place is well laid out and has a pleasant decor

Cons: - Way too crowded on week end nights
- Food is very forgettable
- Staff cant cope with customers on full nights which means poor service to say the least.


Megha Patil - Burrp User

Megha Patil

1 Reviews

February 27,2013


Great place to unwind on weekend nights !

I am quite surprised by the bad reviews floating around here. I have been going to City Bar since over a year and have never had a bad experience to date.
The bartenders make great cocktails and have always given me good suggestions while choosing one ! The food in general is very good, special mention to the pastas. I am a vegetarian and I have always found sufficient options in the menu. Service is pretty quick too, even on weekend nights when the place gets pretty crowded. I have never waited for more than 20 min for food to be served and that is a pretty decent time for crowded nights. Music and ambience has always been good. Definitely haven't heard about the dress code ! I have infact gone several times dressed casually ! The last time I went, they had introduced cover charges, which was ok as lots of places have them. All in all, City Bar will always be one of my favorite places in Bangalore !


Great night!

I ventured into City Bar on a Friday night with a girl friend. The place was just beginning to fill up and we managed to get good seats by the bar, overlooking the gorgeous view. We weren't really in the mood to eat so we had a potato wedges and sweet and sour chilli sauce starter along with a chicken seekh starter. Both were excellent. The serving was generous and the chicken was succulent and so so fresh. Loved them both!

A special mention for the service, which was impeccable! The staff was always around yet not intrusive, crisp, clean and smooth service. Will definitely go back!



Never going back

My friend and I decided to go to City Bar for Saturday night, used to like going there for the ambience and service, the food is good too, however, the experience we had last night was the worst ever and never am I going back again. I have been there many a times earlier and never heard of them having a dress code, especially for women. Anyway, as we were entering the place, their so called hostess 'Fathima' refused to let us in, which is still fine since they now have a dress code which we were not aware of, although we were wearing jeans and top, what actually made things worse is her description of our dressing and commenting that we were improperly dressed, she was down right rude when talking to us, when we tried speaking to the other staff, they were no better, they were equally rude, there were couple of other girls who had the same experience as we did. Never expected this level of hospitality from a place like City Bar. What you pay at city bar is much more than what you would pay at any other place, however, their service was as good as any below average restaurant or maybe they have just become too snobbish because of their success. Piece of advise, better train your staff to talk to guests with basic etiquettes and manners, if this is the way your treat your gusts, you will no longer have any left.



Great party! BAD Service!

From the ladies who greeted us without a smile to this waiter called Robert, I'd rate this place zero on hospitality. All we needed at 4 in the noon was two bar stools by the edge. The stools were available, but they were reluctant to have us sit. We requested and further requested, got attitude etc and were finally given seats.
Good food, great music! Two of us swept a neat 4k on the tab. When the bouncer/waiter came smiling for a tip, I gave that look and walked out.

This high on life, wannabe pub management in Bangalore should realize that this certainly isn't the night life city anymore. They should respect people who are humble and know that their guests could have seen lots of better night clubs around the world.


tintin19 - Burrp User


16 Reviews

January 02,2012


3 stars for Location and Ambience

You pay only for the location and the ambience, and the energy which comes with them. The service is pathetic - i simply cannot imagine why folks cannot scale up their business properly. More crowd, and the waiters simply lose control. Food ? Decent.


January 2, 2012response from management at City Bar:

Hi tintin19,
Due apologies for the service offered to you at City Bar. Do give us a chance to serve you once again.
Thank you
City Bar Team

sucker for salads...

I had a quickie power lunch with a salad, main and drink...costing about 250 bux. the salad was great, the pasta had undercooked mushrooms, and the drink was just... duh. Overall not bad for a 30 minute in-and-out deal.


December 29, 2011response from management at City Bar:

Hi Neeti, apologies if the mushrooms were undercooked. Hope you brought this to the notice of the steward. We will definitely take this up the kitchen, and bar team for the drinks. Do give us a opportunity to serve you again.
City Bar

Not sure what the hype is abt

Went to this supposedly happening lounge bar, but left completely dissapointed. Other than being located inside the posh environs of UB city mall, this place has little to offer. I have not seen service so indifferent and lack lustre in the 100+ lounge bars I may have visited. The cocktails were flat, the martini glasses were half filled, I was left wondering is the location alone makes a place a hit. The cheese chicken tikka was half cooked and I could see the raw pink flesh when I had cut it into half. The grilled basa fish was so fiery that even a person who loves andhra(rayalseema) or kolhapuri dishes had to give up eating half way through the meal. Not sure, if they are using Bhoot Jholakia to spice things up.

My best wishes, to the expats and socialites who throng this place for no reason. People who enjoy good food and appreciate fine liquor can safely give this place a miss.


December 29, 2011response from management at City Bar:

Hi Leoraunak
Our apologies for the spicy reichado sauce with the fish. your comments have been taken into consideration and service staff has been advised to inform guests about the same. Also have had a word with the kitchen team to bring to an acceptable level of pungency so as to suit a larger audience. As for the pink flesh in a Malai tikka, a lot of people have mistaken the soft chicken pieces for undercooked chicken which is clearly not the case and we assure you that all meat served is thoroughly cooked apart from steaks which would


Great place for a long lazy weekday lunch......

Liked this place for several reasons...
First the Ambience...nice laid back seating...perfect place to unwind with friends over a long lazy lunch...without having to worry abt what the staff will say...
Amazing service and staff....
The Executive Lunch was very reasonably priced and yet the portions were large...and the best part was the desserts...
A great place to unwind in the middle of the week...


December 29, 2011response from management at City Bar:

Hi Shilparajesh
Thank you for the review. We will endeavor to give the same standards time and again.
City Bar team

Ambiance, the best part.

The ambiance of City Bar is by far one of the best in Bangalore. Located in the UB City, its classy, and well managed.
Prices are on a slightly higher side, but taking the ambiance into consideration, it is quite obvious.
The starters are good, cocktails are good too. I have had the LID( long island iced tea ) here, and it was prepared well.
They have a huge screen inside the restaurant playing the latest english tracks and the sound is excellent, not too loud and not too silent.
The best time to go to this place is during the evenings after 7 - 7 :30 pm be it a weekday or a weekend.


December 29, 2011response from management at City Bar:

Hi Aashayj, Thank you for the lovely review. Do keep visiting us.
City Bar



A very nice hang out when you are in the mood to dress up and step out.
Do not enter without dressing up well.
big group, chat up,, couple of drinks.
not very exp at all.
Cocktails are approx 350-400 which is not too bad for UB city.
Overall a fun place.


December 29, 2011response from management at City Bar:

Hi from28to32, Thank you for the lovely review. Do keep visiting us.
City Bar


Waterless Bar

My 6 year old son was very thirty. So when to this place and asked for a glass of water. They made me wait 15 minutes but did not bring it. They when on serving the our guests, we just walked out.


Phenomenal place !

All right, finally a place in town where you get the feel of some sort of class. Swanky ass ambience,bar, oh and the mighty bar menu. Menu scores big on cocktails, really very wide.They have their own concoctions too but with staggering prices. Great music, brilliant cream crowd. Food doesn't match up to everything they serve, it is just average. Menu is very limited,especially for vegetarians. The Chicken Cheese Kebab was excellent.
Perfect place for a chilled out evening but ready to get good damage to your wallet.


December 29, 2011response from management at City Bar:

Hi pranavgoyal,
Thank you for the review about the drinks. As on the food front, we will be launching the new food menu soon and trust us the vegetarians will not be disappointed this time around.
Vibhuti Bane

tummytweak - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 21,2010


Great Place with a great view

The place was perfect for a lazy afternoon lunch. Went there on saturday for beer and lunch with friends to unwind and had a great time. Relaxed setting, beautiful view, good food and friendly staff all made the afternoon great for us. If you are at city bar you must try the awesome cappuccino they serve. we tried it after lunch and it was great.


December 29, 2011response from management at City Bar:

Hi tummytweak,
Thank you for the accurate review.
City Bar

LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


106 Reviews

September 19,2010


Chill hangout

We had a great experience at City Bar. Food and drinks were average but I really like the quasi-outdoor experience at UB City. Very happening place to be- packed at lunch time!


Urmi Lakhani - Burrp User

Urmi Lakhani

1 Reviews

September 12,2010



WENT TO CITY bar with a girlfriend. only to be told THERE WAS A GUEST LIST.
Yet the couple behind us, an balding guy in his 50s and jeans with wife in tow was allowed to walk in without a question.
Condisering we were dressed formally and in our mid twenties, I 'D LOVE TO KNOW HOW THE STAFF ARE ALLOWED TO LIE AND WHAT BASIS DO THEY DECIDE WHICH CUSTOMERS can be allowed into their establishment. will be following up with a formal complaint


sneo27 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

September 03,2010


Good place

Drinks are good, place interiors and ambiance is very pleasant. Prices are slightly on the higher side. The crowd is hip and comprises all the "page 3" people



Not sure who to blame for this.

So I was invited to a Karaoke party at this place on a Saturday night. Place was jam-packed standing room only. We were assigned a tiny room with a small LCD TV attached to a Karaoke DVD player. We warmed ourselves up with a couple of drinks and were about to shed our inhibitions with the microphone when the lights flickered a couple of times and a few minutes later the TV cut out. Before one could say "karaoke", we were all ushered out like chastened school boys and girls by someone muttering the equivalent of it being way past our bedtime. You should have seen the bill (luckily I wasn't paying for it). Frankly, there ought to be a law against such places that pretend to give you the night-life experience of a bar in Singapore or NYC in a place like Bangalore where it's lights-out at 11:30.


sarky - Burrp User


5 Reviews

July 31,2010


good place

the buzz in this place is fantastic.the crowd is great. it feels like london or new york. but ive been there twice and id like a break before i head back. if u go to see and be seen this place is good but if u want to go to a place to relax and have a couple of drinks, u need to atleast head here early enough to get a table or atleast make friends with the bartender so ull get a few drinks in before ur ushered out. service isnt that great, needs work.


Dare to venture out??

So you've planned a great evening for yourself and want to venture out at nght in a city that shuts at 11pm. The thought is scary and you can have nothing but self-pity if you land up at City Bar 560001. Pathetic service, snooty stafff (Management alone knows why!!) and to top it all bar-tenders who have no clue of what they are doing! I had to get to the bar 3 times to get a glass of coke right! Thats right and not even close to being an exaggeration. Something special did happen that night though - the bouncer (the only one who was present that night) walked up to us at 11pm and gave us plastic cups and promptly asked us to leave. Thank you my friends at the CITY BAR. Never again!



Mediocre food, average service

It is unfortunte that as nice a spot as UB city (and with the kind of restaurants about) should have one such place as mediocre as this.

It took 5 minutes of standing about and shuffling our feet uncertainly before we were seated. Even then it was after asking multiple people where we could sit, "are there no more chairs at the bar" and waiting for the sole usher to finish a loooong call.

Except for the efficient and smiling waiter at our table (that we finally got), the demeanor of the people is that of a place badly-managed or soooo green that they dont understand the basics of service.

I am sorry, but, standing around being snooty (or attracting snooty people) does not maketh a good restaurant (or Bar, karaoke and grill).

the food was, well... I guess when a place has too much choice, you got to understand the probabalistic nature of ordering the right (read: something that they can make half-decently) dish.

Go there only for the ambience, for UB city.

Its a shame... such potential, such wasted space.


worst service on a weekend

I went to the bar on a weekend. The bar was pretty full, almost cramped, even though the crowd seemed to be pretty upmarket.

After hanging around for some time I moved towards the bar and tried to order a couple of drinks. This is when it went ugly. I literally tried to get hold of the waiter for almost one hour. Yes I stood there politely waiting my turn while he served one 'girl' after the other in front of me -- for one full hour and he completely refused to take my order and instead rapidly took the order from some other girls who came much later than me. Obviously the waiter was a complete douche (his name was Akbar I think). After waiting for an hour to get my drinks and when I was just about to give up, someone higher up in the chain (manager I guess) came down and prompty made my drinks and gave. (Its another matter that the drinks seemed too diluted, but I'll give the manager the benefit of the doubt).

We hanged around for some more time and then left promptly never to come back again. I guess the place might be good on weekdays when there is not much rush and incase you dont run into the said waiter.


Sign outside says "Show me the Money"

Anybody whose been abroad will tell you this place basically takes a lesson from the fancy/flashy bar/clubs you see overseas. The massive plasmas, the sleek bar tops and cute (hey I'm a guy) waitresses walking around, and even the Karaoke rooms that go for 4000rs a pop (or so I heard). That being said, I'm sure this place will do just fine.

The new cool/modern spot to hang out
So many expats (seriously, where did all the white people come from?)
Lot's of promotional buzz

- Food (Chicken shwarma was awesome)
- Staff (Wait staff was everywhere). Also see waitresses point above.

Dis Likes
- Playing Music during a world cup game? The owner said he didn't want to be known as a "sports bar", but really dude? You think a room full of Europeans paying 200rs a beer wanna hear Beyonce after Spain scores?
- Price, but I guess it goes with the territory.




Chanced upon the place when visiting UB City. amazing open view of the UB city Court yard. Feels like you are having a drink in the plaza. Didn't have a chance to taste the food but the ambiance made up for it.
Very friendly service, seems like you can make this your daily watering hole after work. Even better you can host a working lunch. Nicely tucked away are 3 Karaoke rooms which seem like a lot of fun. Great place to watch any sports as they have massive screens all over the place.
Nice to see a new no frills concept in the heart of Bangalore!
A must try.