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> > > > Coffee On Canvas

Coffee On Canvas

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 41213101
  • No. 84, 1st Cross, ST Bed Layout, 12th Main, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • North Indian, Lebanese

7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Coffee On Canvas Reviews







Coffee on canvas

Got its name from a canvas. A great place to hang out with your friends. The place is made for youngsters. A good collection of books are kept there to enhance your knowledge. I went there with my friend and I thank him for the great experience. We ordered some hung curd sandwiches and honey chili chicken. Chicken is mind-blowing and hung curd sandwich is also a new thing for me, instead of mayonnaise or tomato sauce. Totally enjoyed the place a lot. But in food, there isn't a lot of option as they have limited dishes on their menu.

Must try: Honey chili chicken (beware of chilies) and for Mayur fans: Hung curd sandwich

bon apetite @chef bb







A Cozy Place for Get Togethers

A place where you can sit and just play with your friends for hours together and add good food on top of that. This place has been the favorite for me and my flatmates after we come back home and want to go and have some fun without spending loads of money. We actually played Scotland Yard for more than an hour here and had to leave because it was getting too late. All the food they serve is pretty decent and they are reasonable. I would suggest this place if you wanna have fun time and catch up with your group. This place doesn't burn a hole in your pocket and manages to let you go out of their premises with a good memory. :)


Calm, Peaceful And Good Coffee!

I was bored of the regular flashy coffee shops and was looking for one with a difference. Coffee on Canvas is not only different in that, but also serves great coffee with a good quick-bite menu. My evenings here have all been calm and peaceful, and it certainly is a great joint in the this - otherwise boring - side of Koramangala.


Kylie Minogue's Slow!

Knew you'd be here tonight
so i put my best dress on
Boy I was so right
Our eyes connected
Now nothin's how it used to be
No second guesses
Trackin' on this feelin'
Pull focus close up you and me
Nobody's leavin'
Got me affected spun me 180 degrees
So electric

Slow down and dance with me, yeah
Skip a beat and move with my body, yeah
Come on and dance with me, yeah
Skip a beat and move with my body, yeah

Oh right sorry got carried away with Kylie Minogue's track Slow. Because that's exactly what it feels like sitting and waiting 45 minutes for an English breakfast! Actually they should rename it and call it English Lunch instead! Because by the time it arrives it would be lunch time! The whole art based bistro theme seems nice but that's where the nice part ends. Best if you grab a bite elsewhere, perhaps the bakery across the road. You end up paying a lot for slow service and mediocre food.

Prepare to be disappointed if you are starving and if you badly want to eat something!


Great Place, Bad Staff

Good idea, horrible execution. The worst part was the staff at Coffee on Canvas. We waited at a table for some folks to get up so that we could sit down. We were with an infant child. Just as the folks at the table got up, a waitress told us to occupy the table. Before we could sit, three teen-somethings just glided right up to the table and Sat down, completely ignoring us waiting right there with a baby. I calmly walked up to the staff and asked if the ladies had booked the table. The staff tells me that no they hadn't, and we should have just sat down. So they told me they couldn't help me, and suggesting I pull the chair out from under the eagle leaving and rudely plant my backside there. I have lost some respect for the younger generation as well, as those ladies didn't give a flying crap for us waiting with a baby. They didn't even look our way. Needless to say this place will not see my patronage ever again. Useless staff, horrible customers.



brilliant place , quite calm and serene . no one to disturb - you can just have your own world and they provide all stationary to sketch . good music at times the best part they serve maggie in a fashionable way , and sulaiman chai which bangalore local bakery special . there is nothing to complaint about this place an thr will never be. they serve food the way u want it .


4.5 actually! Relaxing, finger-lickin' good!

Curious about this new place, I decided to make it my Monday brunch experiment. While I had checked out the pictures on Burrp, I was still delighted when I got there.

Location and Ambience:
Located on the rooftop (2nd floor), around 100 meters behind Hotel Maharaja in Koramangala 4th Block, this place cuts away the noise of traffic - allowing the possibility of finding peace in a rather hustling locality. While the place is covered, a small section with a few tables is open to sky and I can imagine it must be nice in the evenings.

As soon as you enter, you're greeted by a variety of rather interesting sketches by visitors, pinned up on a board. Cozy couches and lazy bean bags - the seating tells you to kick back and relax - not worry about the time. All the walls have some interesting art. One side there is a small library, pencils and paper for you to doodle on. There are also lots games like Jenga, Uno, board games, etc. Perfect place to relax and unwind (or even work in peace, for the caffeine addicted workaholics)

UPDATE: Went there in the evening, and the place lived up to my expectations. Good lighting, ambience. Would have given it 5 on 5 if not for the mosquitoes.

Rating - 4.5 on 5

The menu itself is quite a spread, going beyond the cafeteria spread. We ordered quite a bit - Sausage and eggs, Potato wedges, Chicken hot dog, Chicken Alfredo Pasta, Waffles with maple syrup and 2 cold coffees. All the food was surprisingly good - but the waffle takes the cake.

The coffees were delicious too, quite close to what you can get in popular coffee chains. I'm waiting to go there again and sample some more dishes, but I had enough food to rate it.

UPDATE: Tried a few more things - Starters were good, turns out red sauce pastas aren't that good and burgers were just plain bad. Dry patty, little toppings, overall tasteless. They should try making more juicier burgers like truffles, or atleast like Veg Zinger. Loses out on ratings again.

Rating: 4 on 5.

Light on pocket... all that food and we hit merely 640 - averaging around 80 per dish/drink. Totally VFM, considering the great quality and taste.

2nd time it was little over thousand for 4 people.

Rating: 5 on 5

Overall rating: 4.5 on 5
Must visit when you have time to kill or hunger to kill.