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> > > > Cool Joint

Cool Joint

JayanagarSouth Bangalore  


18 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Cool Joint Reviews





Nice Place

Cool joint, its actually a cool place... Located in the heart of Jayanagar... Its very famous for sandwiches... Food- I have had the best sandwiches of my life in this cool joint... Its actually very yummy... All varieties are delicious... but more than sandwich, I love their ice creams... I love the way they serve it... Its just amazing...
Ambience- the only drawback of this place is that its very small... There is no place to sit and eat... And during weekends people don't get place to stand too...
Service- service is okk... Sometimes they are polite and sometimes they behave rudely... I don't like that...
cost- cost is not too high not too low but Ice cream rates are a little high...


alokmr99 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

January 24,2014






Cool Place

No matter what, Cool Joint will be that one place in Bangalore that will be cherished forever. The food was good 10 years ago, still is, and will always be.



My Favourite

Its one of my favorite places. I usually grab sandwiches from here for dinner or for snack. The ice creams are really good. You can try anything from the list and I bet, it won't disappoint you. Its really a "cool" joint.


twiferme - Burrp User


29 Reviews

February 06,2013


its really a Cool Joint!

Apart from good food, it is the people who come here who are really cool! And if you have been to Jayanagar, this is 1 place which is a must visit



Nice place for a quick fill

Its a nice place for have Sandwitches and juice .. Plan to visit this while you shop in jayanagar... For the price we get the best food ... The targeted for College students and young couples. Nice place to hang out in the evening.


Nothing so cool abt it!!

I had heard a lot about Cool Joint after coming to Bangalore from my friends. So, decided to try it out. It was very crowded as we went in the evening on weekend. But I was so disappointed by the quality and that too for the price which charged. We ordered two faloodas and 3 ice-creams. My advice to all.. Don't waste ur money on Falooda on Cool Joint. Those selling on carts on the roadside provide better Falooda than what they gave for Rs. 50. Absolute rubbish!! They had poured half the glass with milk, some jelly,syrup and ice-cream and that's what they call Falooda it seems! The Manager had no words when questioned about the quality and directed us to those engaged in dolling out the items. Ice-creams were ok and nothing to talk about. I have had much better at lesser price. They served ice-creams which semi liquid which again shows their quality.

Did not try sandwiches there and don't think will be that good either. We left most of the items on the counter and left wasting a big chunk of our money on something which I would I regret a lot. The one good thing about the place is the convenient location.


Jason M - Burrp User

Jason M

9 Reviews

September 14,2011


Cool Joint?

Seeing the name i thought that ice creams would be good at the place. It wasn't so, I've had a lot better for a lot lesser price. Next time will remember to try out the sandwiches, seeing the reviews here. But that seems to be a long way away.



Just Right!!!

This is one place which I think every Bangalorean born in the '80s can't just forget! ... A classic. The place has always been known for its amazing Vegetable Cheese Sandwiches and still holds the same reputation. Space is a bit of a problem though, since it gets very very crowded, especially towards the evenings.


Best Sandwiches in Bangalore

This place serves the best sandwiches that I have had in Bangalore. And the it shows in the popularity in form of the huge crowd that spills out of this joint every evening... To add to the awesome Cheese sandwiches, they also serve nice ice-creams and milk shakes.


Parking blues!

An average Bangalorean drives a two wheeler the others have their poison, parking is a huge let down, is the effort countered with the quality of food this place has to offer? Yes.

Jayanagar's very own, Sandwich bar for the quick relentless shopper and for everyone struggling in between.



Cood Place for student...

I have been there many a times, always found it as busy fish market. Sandwiches starting from Rs20 at such a prime location, amazing.... most of the time we went there to try ice-cream to beat our tiredness. Last week we tried Veg Sandwiches, it was good in taste and was hot(in contrast to the name cook joint;-). Over all very good point of meeting, chating with friend and having light food/ice-cream.



Awesome Sandwiches

I have been eating at Cool Joint, literally from day 1. That is, close to 12 years now. This place makes me come back every time..... Reason, awesomely tasty Sandwiches at affordable prices. Not only that but very tidily maintained kitchen area.

The sandwiches are prepared hot, at the customer's request and if required, they customize it for you.

Not just for sandwiches, one could have some nicely prepared ice-creams, milkshakes and fresh fruit juices.

This place is just a large shop in the corner of Jayanagar 4th block, but you could count atleast 150 heads in and in-front of this shop during the peak hours, This place lacks space and one has to literally squeeze in and out of the shop. Hence makes is a place to avoid during week end evenings.

So, next time if you are in and around Jayanagar, don't forget to drop in at Cool Joint for a quick bite of Hot, tasty Sandwich at an affordable price.


Hmmm....Just about average

Cool Joint is one of the eat-outs that I visited thanks to the hype around it. One does get inquisitive on reading, hearing a lot of good words about any eatery. That is the way the word about good food spreads. But the downside to that is that it builds high expectations and therefore, when those expectations are not met - the fall is very hard

My experience at Cool Joint can be summed us as - "Yes. So?" I agree that the sandwiches are good and for the prices charges, they do seem to be a steal. But when it comes to the taste, the sandwiches are not exceptional. We tried three sandwiches all of them Grilled - the Capsicum ( the most popular here), The Alu and the Veg one.

Firstly, I dont like sandwiches which are too dry. One needs some amount of grease inside by way of sauce or mayonnaise. But still, I am not holding that against these blokes. Second, the sauce given was too less for a sandwich of that size which makes it feel even drier

Finally, the veggies are not well cooked at all. Especially the capsicum is pretty raw.

We also tried some juices which were more or less de rigeur.

In summary, not worth the long drive from Rajajinagar. Or is it that my benchmarks are higher?


cant believe the taste & price combo

its the only place i know which gives awesome sandwiches for just 20 bucks... but standing there & eating is a HUGE problem as its always crowded.. try the varieties of ice creams also at a very reasonable rate.. best for students...


vgiri - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 15,2008


Amazing Ice-cream join in Bangalore!

I have been to lotta dessert places and lotta hangout places. But nothing can ever Match COOL JOINT in bangalore !

I have been a regular customer for about 10 years!( it was opened sometime in mid 1998 or 1999)

The value for money is really really GOOD! The most expensive ice-cream is not more than 50

Try these ice-creams

1. Blackmail (Blackcurrent ice-cream scoops with strawberry sauce and dry fruits and nuts and vanilla scoop, cherry on top). Just mouth watering. and itz 35/-. (Let me know what beats it!)

2. Gadbad (strawberry, mango, vanilla scoop with Pineapple fruit pieces at the base)

3. Traffic-Jam

4. Spiderman(for kids)

Dont 4get Sandwitches!

Juices are fine, nothing special!

The only sad thing about the place is itz crowded and there is no seating. Defn not a hang out place, just a quick dessert place!


Best sandwiches

I hate bread and bun....but this is one place which makes me crave for the sandwiches....all the varieties in the sandwiches are great and deserve more eatings :)

the sandwiches are extremely low priced for the finger licking taste and the other items are juices, ice creams, milk shakes and a lot of others....their cake fudge is a to die for....

the service is quick....but they are a little sarcastic....

located in the heart of jayanagar and in the corner....tyhe crowd might be a put off....its crowded every single day irrespective of time and day.....but brave the crowd and visit the place....its worth it.......


Really COOL joint

I am really surprised with just one review for this place. Any point of time in a day, the place is damn crowded. You will have to do a lot of stunts to take the bill, order your food and get it out. Please do have patience to tryout food over there.

There is one cash counter and 6 service counters, Sandwhiches, Juices, Ice creams, softy, soup and kulfi. Price very nominal for what they serve. Worth a try and i'm sure you will surely come back if you are not allergic to crowd.


good light food place,

the place is ideally located at the corner and you get good ice creams, juices, and other snack stuff, good place for a light fill, its usually busy, and no seating, u have to stand on the footpath ;-) but a great place for ice creams in summer!