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CMH Road  

  • 9845493688
  • 100 Feet Road , Near Hotel Imperial, CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Coorgi
  • Meal for 2 - 600

18 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Coorg Reviews

OMG The Pork!

Smell place! Loved the passion fruit juice, the amazing pork and beef and yummy yummy homemade custard!



3 and a half vegetarians @ Coorg

I cross this place on my way to work every day, and it looked nice from the outside. So I convinced three of my friends to go there for dinner. The place had lovely ambience, very courteous servers and good food. I was stuck with a bunch on lacto-ovo-vegetarians, and I must say coorgi cuisine, or rather the choice of food available to vegetarians at this particular coorgi restaurant is not much. Moreover, they did not have a couple of the vegetarian dishes that were listed and sounded delicious, because "it was seasonal", bamboo shoots, raw jackfruit and the like. But it is quite a treat for the meat lovers, especially pork. The food was served in about 15 mins after our soup bowls were cleared, and was very delicious. Our meal for four cost around 1300 bucks and was worth every penny. Will visit again.
P.S- The had "Real men ask for the drinks menu" written on their food menu, and when i asked they told me they havnt even opened their bar yet, havnt received the license it seems, so do check up with them before you visit if you're looking to enjoy your meal with a couple of drinks, cheers !



Over Priced , Not Coorgi Style any more

Over Priced , Not Coorgi Style any more, feeel like exploiting non coorgi's

though there are non coorgi's visiting we must not forget the taste buds are same :)

hope they bring back the way it was earlier ..



OVERPRICED and a little overrated!!

I went to coorg without any knowledge about the place beforehand. Its a rooftop restaurant with a nice ambience and its run by a really sweet lady. I went on a weekday and all they had was the buffet, so I opted for it. I did not get a menu card, so I foolishly gauged the cost for two by looking at the ambience and the small spread.
The buffet was limited and the food was average. If you are looking for homemade regular food then you wont be disappointed. Not a culinary treat or a feast for the tastebuds. that said its fairly authentic homefare.
The dessert is spectacular- the only place where I have had coconut milk soufflé.
Things for me changed when I got the bill. which btw one has to go to the cash counter and settle.(which reinforced the thought that its not an expensive restaurant)
AND WOOAHH, its 350 plus taxes per head and the only drinks they have are at abt 80. so a meat for 2 is bare minimum. 950.(one juice plus buffet)

I dont see on what grounds they can justify charging this much. esp when the food is plain average. I felt cheated when I left.



The best in Indiranagar

Hello Folks

And, I have never reviewed a restaurant so far and this will be my first.

The place is extremely warm in its decor and the bearers are very courteous and the owner does his job very well. He does not over sell his place but is extremely proud of his art.

Now the food - I am from Mangalore and I know the freshness of sea-food extremely well and I was quite taken aback, when the Fish gravy was extremely well done and went very well with rice. The Chicken Gravy ( with a yellow sauce ) was well done and I was quite concerned about the spice level. Surprisingly, it went extremely well with "Rice Balls" and my son ( Seven ) relished it. Finally, the Pork Chops and Pork Pandi Curry was simply amazing. Just too good.

Finally, please try their deserts - The caramel custard and coconut souffle is the best that I ever had in Bangalore. I can vouch that their "Caramel Custard" can put the one at "Koshy's - Jewel Box" to Shame.

This has has two Drawbacks - 1) They don't server Beer 2) There is no Ala-carte

It is a wonderful experience and I strongly recommend for "Family outing who is out having a great time without Booze".




Stay Away!

I landed up at the resturant after reading the good reviews on the site, and guys, let me tell you I was deeply disappointed. Well, the place may have seen good a few months/years ago, but perhaps, not now for sure! Here are the reasons for my disappointment: i) Food taste -- it was below average. I consider myself as an above average cook, a person who has tried tons of different cuisines, and am pretty decent at rating food, so this place and the food offered on the buffet was awful. It was too gassy (wonder what they put to make all my friends' stomachs go full in a jiffy) and tasteless. The noolputtu was just OK. So, was the chicken curry, that was bland and devoid of spice. ii) The ambience -- it is on the terrace of an old Indira Nagar building -- so, no great shakes. And, guys, the pictures of the hotel that you might have seen elsewhere are not what they are quite now...things have changed! iii) Price -- for the price I paid over Rs 1500 for three persons, I think I should have gotten a better buffet! The brunch at Zuri (a little overpriced than this) is a better deal! iv) Parking -- run around the alleys surrounding this place to find a parking slot! And, that's not fun.

So, despite reading this review of mine you still choose to go, well, it is yoru choice. Don't tell me that you were not warned before!



Amazing Coorgi Food..Totally Authentic...

I guess my Review Title says it all....The Best Coorgi food I have ever tasted in Bangalore.
Now there is no need to run to Coorg to have authentic Coorgi food...
"Coorg" u r simply the best...


If you want a true review of on!!!

Alright, I've been trying and testing restaurants all over Bangalore however, rarely REVIEW them as most of them deem themselves short of a review due to some drawback or the other. On that note, I guess it is important to understand that I review this restaurant as I find it review-worthy for a variety of reasons and in combination, this place certainly hits all the right spots in my checklist.

Key points:
Open: Dinner (Fri, Sat, Sun), Lunch (Sat, Sun)
Timings: Lunch: 12:30pm to 3:30pm (or until you finish your meal and leave)
Dinner: 7:30pm to 11:30pm (or until you finish your meal and leave)
Cuisine: Coorgi (with a special Kalianda family kitchen touch)
Service: Roof top, Buffet/ Self-Serve and basic table service, no alcohol (for now)
Hosts: Vinu and Priya
Price: Rs. 320/- + 14.5% VAT ~ Rs. 367/-
Billing: ONLY CASH (for now)

1. The most important part of my restaurant visits- CUSTOMER RELATIONS:

I've met, spoken to and dealt with Vinu (a.k.a. Kal Tiger, Aiyyappa) and Priya multiple times over the last year & a half and I see more reason every time to make sure I review their restaurant some day. Them remembering mine and my buddy's names and knowing what we do for a living make me feel like I am at a friend's home for food every time. I LOVE THAT!!! I cherish my moments there and wish I had an opportunity to visit every weekend. Both Priya n Vinu see it as an important aspect of their business to meet with and personally greet their customers, apart from explaining the cuisine to them, eventually making them feel more at home rather than a restaurant. SUPER!!!
(For the ever so friendly and warm hosts - 10/10)


All kinds of wood, Coconut trunk table legs, Bamboo seats n chairs, wooden tables, coconut shell candles, it's all wood here. AWESOME! More to do with the AT HOME feel, this place reminds me of a few Kodava Home stays. I am a really big guy and even the long stemmed bamboo bar-stools are strong for my 156kgs. As Kal put it when I enquired,"So what ??...if it breaks I'll get another one made., sit now." I love all the little artifacts of Kodava culture they have strategically placed all over the space and in the WOOD-WORK -so to speak. It is heartening that they take time to explain what each piece means and what they stand for when asked. Lovely checkered table cloths and CLEAN table napkins. Probably a High baby Chair for small kids would be an added advantage for visiting patrons with small babies.
(For the awesome interiors and amazing feel - 9.5/10)

3. The FOOD:

Those planning on visiting (or those who have visited in the past) please do realize that this is FOOD COOKED AT A HOME KITCHEN, not a 25-man corporate restaurant kitchen with a full fledged armory of pots, pans n knifes, etc.; with a horde of waiters running around screaming "YES SIR", "YES MA'AM". If you want that feeling, go some place else. What you get here is a lot more than that. A delicate entwine of emotions infused into delectable food groups that truly enrich your sensations and most importantly, your day.
(For the absolute homely food - 10/10)

4. The MENU:
Nooputtu (noolputtu, idiappam), Akkit Roti (Rice roti, served hot at your table on request), Ghee Rice / Pulav, Pandi Curry (Coorgi Pork curry), Chilly Pork, Coorgi Chicken Curry, 3 types of Veg. dishes (varies according to season), condiments (pickles, yogurt based dishes and slightly tamarind-ish side dishes), desserts (caramel pudding and the world's best Tender coconut soufflé). A home-made juice (passion fruit, Grape fruit, etc.) can also be ordered for.
The reason I go here is for the Pandi curry and the Chilly pork. I have not found another place in the entirety of Bangalore that serves better Coorgi Pork than here. PERIOD!!! All the other dishes are of course delicious, taste evoking and rich. The tender coconut soufflé is to-die-for, creamy and yummy.
(For the amazingly tasty spread - 10/10)

5. The PRICE:

From my experience, there have been places that I've visited that make me want to preserve the food in my stomach for the price I pay for it and in turn there are also those really pocket- friendly places that serve "OK" food, but don't really hit the spot. Coorg, I feel, sets the bar just right. At Rs. 320, I get an amazing buffet meal along with the ambient enrichment and the wonderful warmth of beautiful hosts that just make me smile all along. If that's not worth the price, I don't know what is.
I feel I pay for the experience rather than JUST the food (in a good way).
(For an experience worthy of the price - 10/10)

So, if you are deciding on whether to go here, just for the sake of a trial, I suggest you do. Once you are there and experience it all, you WILL (I assure you) feel like what I described to you is just an inch of the mile.



Coorg - slightly off target

Points to note -
Open only on Friday, Sat and Sunday
No alcohol and please don't try the juice on offer ( 50 Rs a glass)
Roof top service and a nice ambience

Food - quite good, I am a huge fan of pork and loved the chilli pork on offer. Have had better Pandi curry though. The nuputtu ( looka like and tastes like idiyappam) was the best, pulao was good too. The akki roti they serve was a let down, too dry for my taste buds. The other dishes were passable ( chicken stew, mushroom gravy, veg stew, jackfruit side dish etc) . I liked the desserts on offer, both the caramel custard and the coconut pudding were good.

But now we come down to the price of 320+ 14.5% Tax ~ 370 is a bit too much for this buffet for what it has to offer.


wow... Super Kodava food

I have been to this place thrice now and i have never been let down. I love the buffet spread here, Specially the Nuputtu and the Roti they serve.. super awesome. Its not a paradise for veggie lovers but they certainly have reserved a spot for you. The food is Rich, Tasty and extremely mouth watering. The Pandi curry is super.. All the fanatics who plan to eat/try pandi curry this is the place... The Dessert section was nice, they had 2 desserts(Custard Pudding and Coconut Soufflé) both were amazing. The Hotel owners where very friendly and extremely helpful. The Ambiance totally rocks, with wooden chairs and tables and some other super cool stuff. this place is must visit.



Nice ambience, nice food

Good Food. Had been there some time back. I never tried food from this area and even was not aware about the taste. I just went there for a dinner with my wife. I liked caramel custard and Pandi Curry also was tasted various other varieties and liked them too. Nice ambience and decor.


Good place for a single visit or maybe more

I went to this place on Saturday. The food is really nice. Pandi curry is awesome. The ambiance is nice. The food has a nice homely feel to it. Will I go back? Maybe. Maybe not. Nothing out of the world to make me go back....after all..there are so many restaurants in Bangalore.


Very good Kodava food

Had been there for dinner on Friday night (this place is open only for dinner, and only on 3 nights a week - Friday, Saturday, & Sunday). The food and the setup are terrific. For Rs 275, you'll certainly get value for money at this buffet. For details and pictures:


Give it a try

Average food. The highlight of the buffet spread was caramel custard and Pandi Curry. Rest of them was pretty average. Call them before you go, only open on Friday, Sat, Sun for dinner. Feels like you are in a homestay in Madikeri. Nice ambience and decor.


anuvk6 - Burrp User


27 Reviews

February 07,2010


Average restaurant

Ok place, if you are a port eater. Pork was good, but other varieties were average and not that good. The cost was a bit on higher side for the varieties on offer.


suu17 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 16,2010


The Best Coorgi Food in Bangalore

Finally dined at 'Coorg' since reading its review in The Hindu. As usual, went with high expectations; and fortunately, did'nt leave disappointed.
The meats included Pork (of course) and Chicken, which were delicious. Did'nt care much for the stew and the mushroom curry though. But to each his/her own because i am not a very 'vegetable' person. Oh yes! i sure liked the jackfruit dry. It was a tasty surprise. Apparently, it is difficult to find bamboo shoots in Bangalore, therefore, they serve jackfruit as the substitute.
And then there was pulao, akki roti and noolputtu (steamed rice noodle cakes). Did not taste the rice because i was busy with the akki rotis, which were served hot and soft; and the noolputtus because these are rarely served at other restaurants apart from the high-end cuisine-specific ones.
Finally, the desserts ..... yummy yummy caramel custard. ..... wanted to take some away for my midnight snack. The other dessert, which was akki payasa was moderate.
Overall, a good dining experience. An ideal place to spend time with friends and family alike.
p.s.: You should try the passion fruit juice. The chicken pickle and ghee are welcome additions.



Leaning tower of Coorg

Located on the busy Krishna Temple road (parallel to CMH road), this place is quite a find.
When you walk in, the ambience of the place just hits you. The low but not dim lighting i perfect to enjoy a gooddinner. The whole decor, from the tiled roof, to the shade of the wood, all just to go along really well.

The place also has some board games. We decided to play Jenga!!! The owner walked up to us and spend some time explaining what's on the buffet and offered us some home made juice. I'll be honest, the juice wasn't the best!
e took some time talking to us and even asking us for feedback (even before we had eaten). After a game of Jenga, we decided to start eating, and the akki roti was brought to the table very promptly. Nice, fresh and fluffed up akki roti.

The first reaction form all of us - wow!! the food is so fresh and tasty. It was the closes to home food anybody would get at a restaurant. We just loved the food, the pork the chicken were amazing. Not just the dishes, but the meat had been chosen well too. We absolutely loved the chicken.

One of our friends, usually a non-veggie, was veggie on account of some stupid reason I'll never understand so we were trying to make him jealous about the awesome meat.... but his retort - this is the est veg food i've had outside of home!
So I tried the mushroom too and man was it good. It was so good, we decided to call another veggie friend of our and tell him how good it was.
The hostess also came up to us and spent some time talking to us, about the food, how it was made, where they get the meet and the fact that they want this to stay a niche place.

They don't accept cards, but the ATM is right next door, so that was not much of an inconvenience.

Before we left, we made it a point to thank the hostess for the great food and service. Any one who likes Coorgi food, or wants to know what it tastes like - this place is a must go.

The owner informed us about the facebook group, where they update people on what the menu or is they have seasonal delicacies like bamboo shoot etc. I promised him I woould, and I suggest you all do the same -


AmrithN - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 14,2009


One Stop for coorgie cuisine !!! Coorg

This restaurant that I am suggesting is for the ones who have the taste buds for typical Coorgie food and also for those who binge on different regional food for varieties' sake.

'Coorg' is the restaurant where you can enjoy authentic coorgie delicacies.
To start with, the restaurant is situated very near to KFC at 100 FT Road in Indiranagar. From the KFC signal drive down and take the first right (Indiranagar, Hotel Imperial Road), two building after the Karnataka Bank ATM is this roof top converted into a restaurant.
As you enter, you would find this place furnished only with bamboo, cane and wood along with the roof made of tiles to likely depict the old Coorg ceiling. The place is dim lit and ideal for a relaxed dining experience
As you go around (which you must !) you will find the most antique belongings which was collected by Kalianda Aiyappa (restaurateur) during his vists to Coorg.
You would be fascinated to see a old cow bell and the most ancient Noolputt wara to name a few but not the only things on display.
It also has the pictures depicting most of the coorgy cultural festivals, traditions, functions, costumes and traditional jewelry . The books featuring the origin of Coorg, the rulers, customs and language are also an attraction.
The food is a buffet not costing more than Rs 280/- per head and worth every penny. You would want to try all that is there on the platter.
For non-veggies, you definitely have chicken curry and noolputt, pandi curry and chicken pickle (yumm!) exclusively.
Veggies donâ??t fret â?? taste the coorgy style of vegetable curry (koot curry) and noolputt as a combination.
The rest of the menu includes, akki votti (rice roti), tender jackfruit side-dish, tangy mango curry, brinjal pickle, ghee rice, mango chutni, vegetable shreds with mayonnaise. For the sweet tooth, you have caramel custard prepared in authentic style of coorgies and rice payasam (akki payasa).

I would suggest having some more choice with juices and wines, if that is allowed. Wines at coorg are famous, the ones that are prepared mostly at home â?? beetle leaf wine, rice wine, grape wine etc. Starter also needs to be added in this restaurant.

All-in-all a must visit place for all who are fascinated by the coorgies and their culture and also for the ones who would want know more of down south. Ultimately, it is a depiction of the â??Scotland of Indiaâ??