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> > > > Copper Chimney

Copper Chimney

AshoknagarCentral Bangalore    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 66111900, 66111800
  • 5th Floor, Central Mall, Commissariat Road, Ashoknagar, Bangalore
  • Mughlai
  • Meal for 2 - 750

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Copper Chimney Reviews

rajsraman - Burrp User


31 Reviews

February 08,2013


Not so good buffet

Ambiance is good, but the buffet which they have has less items and not much variety for the price and taxes which we pay. They can increase the items and food quality. Ok for one time or twice for parties, team lunch etc.,


dessy517 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

August 11,2012


Good Experience

Celebrated my first birthday with my girl here... Have to say it was a very satisfying experience...Food was pretty decent and drinks pretty good as well...Long island iced tea was just fantastic.... Service was friendly..They lose one star because they are tad too expensive



Amazing food, but don't go for the buffet

Food is excellent, but I won't recommend the buffet, as it doesn't have their best dishes. Ambience is very good during both day and night!!! Excellent service..



Good food

I have been to this place several times from 2006 to 2011. Apparently the restaurant seems to be consistent in the taste and quality of its food, the service and the ambiance. Located in Bangalore Central, it is easily accessible and you can also redeem your parking coupon here. As for the food, I have tried almost all the non-vegetarian items in their menu and I recommend the following dishes:
1. Murgh Malai Kebab - chicken cooked with cream. This is the best mouth-melting malai kebab I have ever had.
2. Mutton Chello Kebab - This is a Persian preparation with rice, mutton and yoghurt. I love this preparation and it is hard to find in other places. However, this is akind of a dish that is different from normal Indian fare.
3. Mutton burrah chops - nice mutton chops. A bit spicy for me, but still tastes good.
4. Fish Begam Bahar - Nice creamy preparation of pomphret (possibly).
5. Raan - Nice presentation. They would actually pour rum on the meat and ignite the rum. However, the meat is a bit hard (I would say that the Raan at Empire's is cheaper and tastes better). But nothing can beat their presentation.

Some of the food that I didn't like:
1. Taftan - Their much hyped bread. Somehow I did not find anything exceptional in that.
2. Biryani - Tried a prawn biryani once and was disappointed. But I do not like Dum biryani's in general. Biryani from Lazeez continues to be my favorite.
3. Their buffets are generally not that good. It

I haven't yet tried their Murgh Masallam, which I plan to do in my subsequent visits.

Desserts are not that impressive. They serve the regular Indian desserts. Rabri and Jalebi may be a bit uncommon here, but the quality of their Rabri is appalling. In Kolkata, roadside sweet shops prepare a better Rabri. Kulfi is average and stands no chance beside the Kulfi that you get to eat at BJN restaurants (Samarkhand).
Overall, this is one of my favorite Indian restaurants in Bangalore, the others being Samarkhand and Moti Mahal Delux..
One final note, this place used to be decently priced from 2006-2008. However, now it will cost around 1200-1500 for a dinner for two people. I guess it is still not expensive.


woncosmo - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 09,2011


Terribly awful

This place has gone down. The lunch buffet we went to did not start on a good note.

The entry:
We entered the restaurant and no one came to greet us or escort us to a table. When we sat at a table, a guy comes and says that table is reserved and finally gets us a table. The AC was turned off and when asked, they said it is not working. After a few more people came into the restaurant, the AC started working. Left us to wonder whether they were waiting for more people to come in before they turn on the AC.

The food:
The soup had no taste. The starters were ok. The rest of the buffet felt like left over stale food. The sabudana kheer was horrible.

The bill:
We give a credit card and the manager comes back saying the "swiping machine" is not working. He escorts us to the ATM outside Bangalore Central to withdraw the cash.

Do you still want to go to this restaurant after reading this review?



Amazing paneer tikka :)

This is a place to be, if you want a quiet lunch/dinner..the waiters are really nice and service is excellent..though a lil bit on the costlier side, but every penny worth it
The food is amazing...and the paneer tikka is the best you'd get in B' jus melts in the mouth :)) rest of the menu is also equally good..



Decent place

Went to this place last week on my friends insistence as he was giving a treat and he stays close to this place. Though far away from my place, i decided to make it. I have visited the branches in mumbai and have had good experiences there. So couldnt wait to go to this one. The place is nicely done. The rates are a bit on the higher side esp the bar menu rates. The starters were good, but they do make better ones in mumbai. The chicken biryani was good in the main course. The place I would say is decent, tad expensive but wouldnt mind going there again if some one invited me over again for a treat, just for the experience.


Best Biryani in Blore !

This is one of the best places in blore.... if you wanna hav a view of blore in d nyt(especially UB City) do call n reserve for a place outside...

Food: Awesome...especially the biryani...

Booze: A lil expensive ..a pint costs around 160/

Ambience: Very beautiful...ideal place for a date..

Service : Excellent....

A must visit place... m sure u guys will be addicted to the Biryani... surrrpppp!!!


This place is good!

Firstly, since there are two entries for Copper Chimney, I'm writing my review where the two previous reviews were good, and also because now the total reviews for this place will be 3 apiece. As soon as you enter this place, you'll notice a very nice bar to your right, and the place has enough of natural light coming in, so you won't find yourself in a dark and dingy place. What's more, everything looks spic n span - from the floor to the linen used for the table cloths to the upholstery. Another thing that caught my eye (and probably this is just me), but the furniture looked 'strong' - solid and sturdy, and the arrangement of the tables is such that you won't be banging someone elses chair when you get up, and won't be blocking anyones way.

We started off with the chicken soup, which was perfect - not too runny and not too thick. We wanted to follow up with something slightly spicier, and so went with the achari murgh tikka, which was good - nothing spectacular, but it tasted good and was cooked well, and the levels of spiciness were just right.

I've heard that the biryani at this place is good, so we decided to skip the usual rotis-curries option since it was just two of us visiting and ordered the dum biryani. For those who wish to try the rotis with curries, I've told on good authority that the taftans (a kind of naan) here are to die for, so be sure to have that. The dum biryani was excellent - full of fragrance, tasty, not greasy and sticky, and didn't leave us with a feeling of having eaten too much, as usually a lot of places add soda to the rice to make you feel full even after you've eaten just a little.

For dessert, we had a muzaffar, which is like rabdi with some crispy things sprinled on top, and a malai firni. A word of caution, if you're ordering the muzaffar, then ask them NOT to add the crispy thingies coz neither does it complement the taste of the sweet, nor does it enhance it. I strongly recomment both these desserts. I think I'm giving only 4 stars because I didn't have a major section of the food served here - rotis & curries. But rest assured, my next visit there will certainly have me ordering those, and probably end up giving this place a 5.
For pics,



Copper chimney ....

We were here for a Birthday treat , 14 of us in total !...located on the top most floor of Central Mall , one can get a skyline view of the city around ...a great place if you want to take your woman on date :-) sure to book a table by the terrace .
We were seated inside, and the ambience is really good. One can see the chef spinning rotis in a glass like enclave ...The food starts of from Rs 200 , sea food is quite costly at Rs 600 for the crabs and lobsters ....they have a good range of cocktails too ...a must visit for couple's who want some time out , but not recommended if your in to treat a group of 14!!....It 'd burn a HOLE in your pocket leaving you broke for the rest of the month !...teh bill came upto Rs 10500/- only cause we ordered a single dish each !....yea teh price is huge baby !
Service wise ..these guys are quite slow but kind enough to listen to you with patience ....
I still wonder why its called "Copper Chimney"

Ambience ----Great !

Food ---- Good

Price ----Expensive ( but you definitely need to give it a one time visit)

Service ---Good


Excellent Food

Consistently good - that’s Copper Chimney. This Mumbai based chain serves northwest frontier and Punjabi cuisine. I have been here several times, and the food has always been excellent. The bar menu is quite extensive and they serve exotic fruit based martinis - appletini, mangotini and melontini. The starters, including the Raan, Panner Tikka are good and their dum biryanis are superb. Taftan, a soft, yogurt-based bread is a must-try. One word of caution, their starter portions are quite large and the food itself is heavy on the stomach - so many a time, I have skipped the main course. For dessert, try the firni, cool and creamy, in a clay pot.

Copper Chimney is located at the rooftop in Bangalore Central. The glass windows allow awesome views of Bangalore city and the decor is classy. Parking is available at Bangalore Central and the parking charge of Rs.50 is redeemable on restaurant and mall expenses over that amount. Do make reservations, especially in the weekend, else be prepared for a one hour wait. Cost factor: Rs.1400 for two, including a drink each.