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> > > > Copper Chimney

Copper Chimney

Residency RoadCentral Bangalore    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 66111800, 66111900
  • No.47/48,5th Floor, Victoria Embassy, Bangalore Central Mall, Residency Road, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 500

13 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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Copper Chimney Reviews


Amazing and Yummy food, must go !!

Went for the lunch buffet here. It has an amazing ambience , so much of variety in both veg, non veg and desserts. The service is also excellent and most of the things are server on the table. This place is value for money and is much better than buffets served in many other places in Bangalore.

Variety -8.5/10
Quality -8.5/10
Ambience- 8/10
Price -9/10

The only gotcha for citibank holders is that they should inform the restaurant people before hand , else you wont get the expected discount.



Amazing food, but don't go for the buffet

Food is excellent, but I won't recommend the buffet, as it doesn't have their best dishes. Ambience is very good during both day and night!!! Excellent service..


Ripples - Burrp User


13 Reviews

September 07,2011


Family lunch/dinner place, good food.

Food was good, tried cicken soup, kebabs, prawns biriyani and their chocolate sizzler. All dishes were really good, though serving took a lot of time.

Not much crowded, one of those family dinner/lunch places. Its expensive too but the food made up for it.



Good Food but very slow service

Cuisine: North indian
Food: Food is yummy (Yellow dal and shahi paneer was delicious)
Price: Expensive
Ambiance: Nice (45) [good place to have candle light dinner - for 2]
Service: Poor

We were 3 of us and we ordered yellow dalmushroom curry and shahi panner and butter breads
it took round about 30-45 mins just to serve the food.
The food was tasty but it was already late.


Good north Indian food

Good chicken tikkas - mouth melting rather. Dal makhani was also reasonable. Bread basket was decent. Good view of city. Nice space and ambience - just a little shabby / unmaintained. Billing was a bit of trouble as the citibank credit card discount was not provided to us. Overall good food, and need to try this for dinner once more.


No Big Deal Buffet

I have been to Copper Chimney before and have really loved the food here. This time, as I had take my team out and we were looking for some good buffet, I thought Copper Chimney will not let me down. We were there on time for the lunch and the staff directed us towards the table. After the soup was served, we were asked if could change the table as they want to accommodate some other guests. We obliged but, later it got a little difficult to move around. After several requests and explaining to them we cant move around easily due to change of table, they obliged to get us some starters to our table. The vegetarian soup was disliked so was the non-veg soup. The starters were average and nobody wanted to take a second help.

I went to the chaat section and asked him for Pani Puri. He filled the plate with 3 puris. When I asked him for more, he just gave me one more! I dint want to stand there anymore and walked back to my table. The Papdi chaat which was the part of the buffet too (luckily, this was ready and there was no waiting and request from the chaat wala). Next was the main course and the only savior was the Biryani. And this, used to get over so soon (may be coz’ this was the only better stuff of all), there used to be another queue to take this. This was the same case with Veg Biryani and Chicken Biryani. All my colleagues who are carnivores complained there was hardly any chicken in the Chicken Biryani though it tasted really good!

The dessert section had 2 flavors of ice creams, a Bengali sweet, Dal Halwa and Gulab Jamoon. The best here was the Gulab Jamoon. Hot and juicy and extremely likable!

Overall, it was an average buffet and a few on the menu were total disasters. Meal Buffet for the 5 of us cost us close to 2K. I would recommend a-la-carte here and never the buffet



Very unreliable

We had planned our party at this restaurant as we were looking at a roof top restaurant. They gave us a decent deal but just a day before our party on the nth hour. They let us know that our party day was a govt declared dry day and to top that they started putting up new demands and dropping promises. The Manager Mr.Khan is especially very unreliable. We ended partying at home but all in all avoid this place!!!


aquariius - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 30,2009


1 star for very very slow service

u should go to this place only if you have two hours to spare to have a slooooow meal.

went there a couple of nights ago, there were 3 of us, it took us more than two hours to complete our meal. the waiters forgot our requests many came in bits and pieces

awful experience.


Its ok to spend some time

At first, we did not even know that there is a restaurant in this mall. We were hungry and desperately wanted some food. Be it anything. So we went to this one. It was almost empty. The first impression was good. The place looked good with good view of the city. The first thought was-evening will be great here. Anyways, back to the food. I ordered a haryali kabab and biryani. My girlfriend ordered a simple daal and rice. May be we were super hungry that’s why the food tasted good to us. Price also seemed reasonable. We have been to so many restaurants that price has never been our concern. It’s always the food and the service. So, food here was good for us. The service was also ok. The only that they need to improve is to make sure that waiters are around there in the restaurant even if there are no customers.



Good food, service can be better

We went there for lunch, and good was nice. Prices are in higher side. Nonveg platter costs around 495 which had chicken, fish and lamb. Simply one of the best i had in bangalore. But rotis are thick and not that good.

So worth a try but carry a thick Wallet with you :-)



The Friday Deal

I had avoided the Copper Chimney previously, largely due to the bashing it had received here. But then I found out about about the 1982 promotion; on the fourth Friday of every month, there is a special cut-price menu. I had heard that it featured prices as they were in 1982, but it turned out that they are meant to be "reminiscent of 1982", which isn't exactly the same thing.

There is no doubt, however, that this menu is good value, even if it is a bit short. Veg mains are between 50 and 90 rupees, although I think you'll have to pay full price for breads and rice. It's a decent deal, and I would recommend calling ahead and reserving a table on the balcony to complete the picture. The service is very good, full marks to the friendly staff.

The food itself was a mixed bag. The dal maharaja (black dal) was amazing, maybe the best black dal I've had in Bangalore. Unfortunately, the chole didn't quite hit the spot, and tasted like they'd been cooked in tomato sauce. The roomali roti was good, though.

So does the Friday deal redeem the Copper Chimney? That's a tough one, but it is a good reason to give this place another look.


Shom  - Burrp User


10 Reviews

June 02,2008


Sad and Disappointing...

Had been to Copper Chimney on top of Bangalore Central along with a few friends...
The place had a "Kebab" festival going on till the day before...dunno how that went but judging by the food we were served (after a prolonged wait period), dont think it went too well...
The place was swarming with people (looked like it was mainly the Central shoppers who had come in for lunch)...we were made to wait for around 30 mins to get water and a menu card to place our initial offer...
There was a weekend buffet on with equally unappealing food, so the major part of the food serving was done by the customers/guests themselves...wonder what the restaurent helpers were up to...
Food was disappointing except for the Mutton Raan (400/-) which we had ordered as a starter and a fish item (cant recollect the name right now) which was ordered as part of the main course...Food for 4 which had 2 Beers, 2 Lassis,1 Jal Jeera, 2 starters, 2 main course and NO desserts costed around 2250...
So I would definitely not recommend this place considering the service and of course, the value for money...
Buck Up...Copper Chimney...



Bogus at Copper Chimney

YUCK.YUCK.YUCK.I had a Horrible experience at Copper Chimney in
Bangalore Central.This is the worst place i have ever been to
eat in my entire life.Tasteless as well valueless.Totally
sub-standard food & miserable service.Lousy kinda place for
food.Sky high prices.Portion served is very very less.Seems
like they are copying from SAMARKAND,especially the DUM BIRIYANI.
The food is far from comparision in any aspects ie.taste,portion
& no value for money.Really Really below stanard.The management
should put themselves in Customer`s shoe & judge.Gotta a feeling
never to revisit this place.It is the most Bogus restaurant with
bogus foods & services.The Worst in F&B industry.
Strongly Recommend : Stay Away!!!