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> > > > Corner House

Corner House

JayanagarSouth Bangalore    & IN 12 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 26540925, 9880594012
  • No. 1225, 26th Main, 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
  • Ice-cream

7 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Corner House Reviews

dipti710 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

January 19,2013


I love Corner House

I have been visiting this Corner House for past 5-6 years and is never bored of it..
Yes DBC is just Fab!! But there are others on the menu which is a must try; Cake Fudge, Cake-o-Mocha (if u like Coffee flavored Ice cream), Brownie Bomb, Black Forest witch Ice Cream, Choclate Mousse with ice cream....... and d list goes on.. and yes pls try their Choclate Europa.. its fantastic!! mouth has already started watering..



Must Try

One of my fav is DBC in corner House....Its the best DBC i have ever tasted....A must try :)


teju666 - Burrp User


36 Reviews

December 06,2010


Attitude sucks

We landed up at this place late on a weeknight. It was my bday and we wanted to finish the evening with some dessert. We wanted only cake and it was too late for any other place to be open.
So we decided to go for the Black Forest. They serve it with ice cream and chocolate sauce. I told the cashier I just wanted the cake. He said I would still have to pay the full price. I told him that was ok when my wife changed her mind and said she wanted the ice cream too. So I requested him to put the ice cream in a separate cup. He refused to do it. I requested him again mentioning I dont want more...just dont serve it with the cake. He said it cannot be done. So we gave up arguing. Just as the guy was serving the ice cream scoop on top of the cake, I took an empty glass and moved the ice cream to the glass right in his presence. I showed it to him and he said it is ok if i do it but he cant do it!
Stupidity just scaled new heights. I told him he needs to be reasonable with petty requests but he had that stupid smirk on his face which told me that further talk was futile.

I wonder why customer orientation in the service industry in India is so abysmally low.


lekseb - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 27,2010


yum yum yum

theres only one type of ice cream i always have at corner house.. the hot choc fudge.. yummmmmm.. its better than any haagen daaz or baskin robbins for me.. i dont feel tempted at all to try anything else there too.. its always the same thing for me.. i love it.. it is an instant mood lifter and im always up for a hot choc fudge from corner house... have been for years and years.. its simply the best!


Pradnya_Das - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 07,2010



That's all I want to say my lord in favor of Corner House. Its simple place decorated with old Bangalore photos with ultimate ice creams. All ice creams are custome made for corner house. Their Death By Chocolate (fondly known as DBC) is really worth dying for so is my another favourite chocolate mint fudge. If in Bangalore this is a place you must visit all other shopping and sight seeing can wait


Rajkumar  - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 07,2010


Tooooooo Good

Must Try

DBC from corner house is the most famous
but for me their best is

Lichees with cream ...........heavenly
Must Appreciate the quality of Lichiees they serve through out the year

then comes the Really Thick Chocolate Shake
then the DBC
and the Fruit-salad



DBC Paradise...

Used to live very near this place, and took full advantage of it!!
You will find mostly families here, so don't expect a 'it' crowd. Plus, this is one of the few places that is open beyond 10:30 in this area, so I guess that is another big plus.
Dig into that DBC or caramel custard (though why you would turn down the dbc is beyond me). Be warned - its a meal in itself.
Unlike other burrpers, I have found no difference in the DBCs at all the Corner House locations till now. Its uniformly yummy!!