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> > > > Corner House

Corner House

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore    & IN 12 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 9845923734
  • 363/364, 1st Main, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Ice-cream

21 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Corner House Reviews

Rose - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 25,2015


Fallen sick after eating cake fudge!!!

Be mindful before you treat your tummy....coz you might end up being treated in the hospital for tummy upset. My sister being hospitalized after having cake fudge!!! Not Happy !!


foodiearu - Burrp User


7 Reviews

December 06,2012


Good Ice creams

The Ice creams here are good however its time some variety is added. Something new is required. Chocolate milkshake was good and so was the minty chocolate chip ice cream.


Look at the crowd & need I speak more. Awesome!!

This is one of those place where you head the first time debating that 'is it worth paying Rs.140/- for an ice cream' to coming out saying 'wow that was totally worth the price' and 'What took us so long to come here'.

Well I do not need to speak a lot about the place - as you can figure that out by just visiting and seeing the crowd what the popularity of the ice creams here is. If you are good with the choices then you will end up leaving with some great experience. The favorites for me stay at Death By Chocolate and Lichi & vanilla ice cream. Tasty, hygienic and plentiful.

The only issue is that they do not accept Cards, you need to carry with you good old cash !!!


smritir - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 20,2012


DBC- quality????

We all think that the chocolate sauce in DBC is seeing poor quality, of late.




"Endless Appetite" by Ananta Sen and Poonam Vaidya
Aiming to devour Bangalore in five days

Having tasted almost everything available at Corner House, Endless decided to stick to the Classic - Medium Hot Chocolate Fudge, a three scooped vanilla icecream layered with a generous helping of chocolate sauce and a delicate swirl of nuts. Having been denied this priceless treat for four years, Endless devoured every bite. Appetite was more experimental, and decided to have the Chocolate Milkshake, which she exclaimed: was excellent!



DBC=Death By Sugar

Had heard a lot about this place and whenever i pass by its always corwded..So decided to give it a try.. My 1st 2 attempts at the famous DBC were dismal.. The DBC had plenty of choclate alryt but its the kind of chocolate dats made of 10% cocoa nd 90% sugar.. so if u want 2 get a sugar rush very badly i wud highly recommend the DBC ..
Other than that i have tried the jello with fresh cream and lychees with fresh cream.. both decent but not good enof to leave a lasting impression..


Really strong minty flavor!

Corner house has one of the strongest mint flavored ice cream I have ever tasted! The mint with chocolate chip is just awesome! After you have an oily indian dinner, it is the perfect ending! It leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh...awesome....I used to take like 5-6 double scoop mint with chocolate chip ice creams in boxes and drive back 1 and half hours in a bike back to my place! That is how good it is..However, the vanilla ice cream is not bad, but not the best vanilla ice cream though....The service is superb! No arrogant staff, very nice to customers, and they are quite flexible! You also get to see a lot of the older and younger generations coming for ice cream in the same place, pretty nice ambiance..


DBC ...hmmm....

Guys who have held up their DBC, must go eat some real DBC.....
The very meaning of DBC is lost by presence of Vanilla cream instead of Chocloate ice cream....
Real DBC - Choc Brownie + Choc chips + Choc Ice-cream + hot Choc Sauce + nuts...

Kind Advice: Please don't go to this place for DBC


filltummy - Burrp User


27 Reviews

February 01,2011


Forgive me God for I have Sinned, AGAIN!!!!

Wife was out of town, so I sneaked out of my home thinking I'll get a scoop of icecream somewhere but I don't know how or why my bike just automatically took me to Corner House. It was too late by the time I realised it, I was at the counter asking for a DBC. I thought I should cancel the order and go for something lighter but I already had 120 Rupees in my hand which as if it had a life of its own went towards the cashier and paid the bill. When all the stuff you think you own go against you, what can you do but allow your poor toungue to follow suit and gulp down a piece of heaven. Loved it!!!!



Bangalore needs an other ice cream parlour.

This one has worn out, introduces new flavours at snails pace and you know you've been here tonnes of times, now I'm tired.

P.s - DBC? Nonsense.




I would just like to say that everybody is absolutely right. This place rocks and is a must visit in Bangalore. Love it!!!


Malt Shake!

its kinda surprising that none of my fellow burrpers hav mentioned their thick malt shake!!...i would rate their malt shake above DBC though it is undisputed that it blows ones mind!




The greatest place to hve ice cream.. DOB is unbelievable... the only disadvantage of this place is they accept only cash...I believe they should accept cards for more business..



The yummiest icecreams and combos!

Corner house for me serves the most amazing icecreams and yet it doesn't burn a hole in my pocket! I once tried vanilla icecream with whipped cream and strawberries and it was so yummy i almost passed out! I think everyone who goes there should try it. But if thats not available (it is served only when strawberries are in season), the next best option is death by chocolate-a must try for all chocolate lovers! The only thing i would say that Corner House could improve on is the decor. I would be certainly happier if it could do away with those horrible looking blue tiles!


Too Chocolaty!!

We had been planning to go to The Corner House for quite sometime but, somehow the plan never worked out. Everyone I met said how come living in Bangalore u haven't gone to Corner House till now. So, me and my hubby decided to go ahead and check it out.

We skipped dinner as everyone said the ice-creams are too filling, which is true. We ordered DCB and Brownie Bomb. They were really yummy but, after a while it was too much choco to take in!! I guess we ordered similar stuff and they both tasted the same.

The Place is too small and is very crowded.

Overall we had an okay experience as we went with very high expectations and everything turned out to be just average.



Dessert Pangs!

I have a syndrome of coming to Bangalore thin and going back to my city called Bombay looking rather well fed. Thanks to my second home in Bangalore thats situated in the rather happening Koramangala with all its bristling eatries and desert boutiques.
Corner House is another factor for my temporary weight gains. Weather its small indulgences of single scoop ice cream of the various flavours, or me n my 'someone special's favs.. Apple Pie with Ice cream and cream (right amount of cinnamon), Chocolate mouse with ice cream and cream, lychee with ice cream and cream the list is endless... but I yet have to try the DBC at the Recidency road outlet as recommended by fellow burrper Ajith.... so waiting for that.
The only drawback is the n blue tiles nd tubed lighting with black n white pics of yester year Bangy totally kills it.


MMM....... :-D

Dude, some of these ice-creams are a whole meal in itself! They must belong to some new food group - Musthaveous IcekreamConious.

Lovely ice-creams.

The only thing on my wishlist is almonds and the likes as toppings, rather than the plain old crushed peanuts.



Indeed a death

What sinful way to die :-)))
Totally agree with all the burpers who have reviewed this place. Corner house is the only place to have an authentic DBC. But for some reason, have noticed that the DBC thats served at the outlet on Residency Road scores well above the DBC at any of their other outlets in Blore.



Death by Chocolate

If you are a chocoholic, Corner House is the ultimate pilgrimage.

I'll leave you with this quote from the Orkut community dedicated to this legendary chocolate Ice Cream. This could easily be the only Ice Cream in the world with a cult following.

"It all starts with craving, greed, anticipation, turns into pleasure,indulgence,contentment, then the chocolate seems to turn against you and shows a rather less expected aspect of the experience called DBC.. fragmentation of your mind over every spoon transfering coordinates here on.. you struggle to introduce yourself with any further traces of chocolate in any of its physical forms... chocolate!! how can it be? oh god! everything looks and smells of chocolate.. lost in a black forest chococakes moving around.. you sweat, you choke, you even repent at times.. to eventually realize that the ordeal is over. you feel lazy, week, lost and content.. finding it hard to accept yet very well aware that you'll come back for more.. soon very soon."


just_food1 - Burrp User


18 Reviews

February 20,2008



The ice cream is still great and the pricing is excellent. The atmosphere and decor are nothing great, it is a place to have an ice cream and leave, nothing else.


Legendary DBC 's haven

One thing about the place is that the scoops are large and the price is less. Still to find a place in the country where they serve 2 scoops of Chocolate Ice crea, One serving of Chocolate cake, Nuts, Cream and Hot Chocolate sauce for less than 85 bucks-- DBC rocks and i remember having many a sunday DBCs for my dinner. Visit for other combinations or plain flavoured scoops