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> > > > Corner House

Corner House

Residency RoadCentral Bangalore    & IN 12 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 25583262, 25550885
  • No. 45/3, G.K. Complex, Residency Road, Bangalore
  • Ice-cream

22 Reviews / 24 Ratings

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Corner House Reviews


Awesome Ice creams

I love their Hot Chocolate Fudge. It is an all time favorite. DBC is just an unforgettable experience. All flavors are truly worth at least one try. Another flavor that I liked was strawberries and cream.







Death by Chocolate!

I never fail to visit this place when I am in Bangalore. One of the best places to have an Ice cream. The ambiance is good and subtle and just like any other Ice cream parlour.
The service is friendly and good and quick.
The ice creams are slightly over priced but they worth every penny.
The DBC or the Death By Chocolate is the highlight of the place.
Hot chocolate fudge with ice cream.
Chocolate over dose!


Dessert Love! :')

What can I tell about Corner House? I mean what can I not?

Easily one of the best ice creams ever in the world. Come to think of it, easily India's Haagen-Dazs. Just that they are way cheaper. Anyone who hasn't tasted Corner House's Death by Chocolate just missed a peek at heaven on earth.

For all you chocoholics out there, here is the destination for thy salvation. The freshest, the creamiest ice creams you will ever get. Btw, did I tell you about the chocolate fudge and how it dances like a ballerina on your tongue?

The place is extremely well maintained, and being a self-serviced outlet one cant talk much about the service. They are courteous nonetheless, thanking the customers and all that. Prices are extremely reasonable and they are worth every rupee. If you miss it, I will buy you one, you will take to it like fish to water.!



Must for dessert lovers!

This is the original Corner House and like the rest of them, it is incredible. You can't call yourself a dessert lover if you haven't eaten from this place. The chocolate desserts, in particular, are top notch.

All though the Death By Chocolate is their most famous creation, it is way too chocolaty for my taste. But the Brown Bomb and the Brownie Fudge Sundae are delicious. If you are heading to Corner House for desserts make sure you have reserved a huge part of your appetite for them because the dessert portions are rather generous here and you won't be able to stop after juts one bite.


The good old corner to hang out at

The old stallion in the stable never seems to disappoint at least to many people around me its still the staple when it comes to ice creams and night drives. Corner house revolutionized the ice cream for us when we were kids this is where we first learnt that icecream dint mean just a plain scoop of ice cream in a cone or a cup. That you could add things to it sauces and nuts and condiments of all shapes and sizes.

Over the years though their signature chocolate sauce has begun to taste different at each outlet even over different visits to the same outlet. Many a time being burned so badly you couldnt taste anything else. The quality of the cake in their cake fudge has diminished steadily. Their only saving grace comes in the form of their chocolate malt thick shake that still continues to taste the same and can still hit a spot few other desserts can.

In the wake of all the new options and international players sweeping into the indian market the regular ice creams they serve vs luxury ice cream like swensens, baskin robins and polar bear (luxury ice creams are more creamy and smooth due to higher cream and butter content, corner house still uses traditionally made ice creams which are more watery and less creamy) ive lost my craving for corner house and rarely visit the place any more. Its still a pretty good place to go to if theres nothing else around or if you are craving some memories of your child hood.

Pros: - number of locations makes it easily available
good variety for the fudge lovers
pretty safe bet as you know what to expect

Cons: - Regular ice creams used as opposed to luxury ice cream
Consistency and quality vary drastically
Prices have gone through the roof over the past few years


Best place to hang out.

Grab a junior, sit with your friends and just chill.



best ice cream ever :D

best ice cream ever. i love chocolate n it has the best chocoloate sauce ever :D i hav been to usa. but i prefer corner house:)


alanjoro - Burrp User


18 Reviews

January 18,2012


Same taste and VFM for the last few years

Had been here yesterday after dinner at Chung Wah. Had the Black Forest cake with ice cream and sauce. Lucky for me, my wife and I arent heavy eaters. The 2 of us managed with the above as a dessert and loved it.
Shouldnt miss this place.!!



Nostalgia?Yes. Ice-cream? Hmm..

As a long time Bangalorean, Corner House rates very high on the nostalgia factor for me. When I was in school, Wimpys followed by Hot Chocolate Fudge at Corner House was *it*. It just didn't get much better than that.

Unfortunately, with age and better taste, comes the realization that some of your childhood memories are not quite as sweet as you remembered.

If you love ice-cream (the good kind,atleast), don't, and I mean do NOT, choose any of the chocolate/chocolate sauce based icecreams here. What passes for chocolate sauce at Corner House is a strange,floury paste which shares only its color in common with its namesake. The ice-creams are strictly ordinary and I do believe you can do much better with a lot of the branded and packaged ice-creams available these days.

However, all is not lost. The apple pie with icecream and the some of the fruit based desserts are still quite tolerable. Especially if you're craving an instant sugar high.

So yes, I will continue to visit Corner House. It is a Bangalore institution after all. But it'll only be when I absolutely have to, and not because I want to. *sigh*



The place to go for my chocolate fix. Death by Chocolate is delish! But soon I was unable to consume the DBC so I switched to the Cake Fudge, which is yummy too.

I'll give it a 4/5 because I don't know much about their other offerings.


allhail - Burrp User


33 Reviews

October 05,2008


As Bangalore as you can get ..

Okay, here's the thing. If you grew up in the 80's , Corner House at Residency Road ( below Nagarjuna ) was IT.

Their Cheese Sausage pizza has gone into oblivion as have their famed submarines, but nobody, absolutely nobody can mess with their signature Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate Fudge. They are certainly variants like the Death by Chocolate , and their famed Peach Melba, but its the Chocolate Fudge that has been a icon , and an unchangingly fabulous one , in the years past . What is so special about this ? One does not describe it . One simply must imbibe.

In some ways Corner House must always remain , in whatever avatar , as the place one grew up with . Its a concept , not a place. A convivial and spirited chat with owner Narayan Rao over the counter is always the icing on the cake. He is the quintessential old Bangaloarean like the rest of us. Loves the city , re invests in it , and reflects its never say die spirit .


Fourier - Burrp User


33 Reviews

August 18,2008


Not my kind of Ice Cream

Being a die-hard haagen-dazs fan can be difficult in Bangalore - especially if a select few flavors are available at Spar. However, I can settle for the Baskin Robins or the Cream &Fudge Factory's combos in the meantime. But (and there's always a but-), I wouldn't recommend the diluted quality of Corner House Ice creams to anyone I know.

I tried the highly recommended "Death By Choc" at multiple locations, then switched to the regular scoops and a few other options - but alas! Maybe "Corner House" has become more of a cult in Bangalore. Either way, I guess it's just not my kind of ice cream :)


The Best?

This place has completely lost its essence. The ice-creams just aren't that good anymore. For what it costs i would even say its not worth it. Everything they have is covered with chocolate sauce or "fresh" cream or something gooey looking. However mouthwatering that may sound, its not. I can barely taste the ice-cream anymore. I agree they have a variety of ice-creams but essentially they are all the same thing with, i say it again, a different topping.
The point of an ice-cream is for it to be creamy, smooth and arouse your taste buds, leaving you wanting 'just one more scoop'. They don't get this. Apart from it being crowded, they hike the price every few months, making them really not worth the money.
Baskin robins has still not lost its charm. If you want to try something new, try Flavours, one at garuda mall and one just off ulsoor lake near photo flash. Or try the new in thing, Getalo!
Cheers and ...burrp!


sanjeev n  - Burrp User

sanjeev n

19 Reviews

December 23,2007


ice creams

a nice ice cream shop
good variety
quantity good
price moderate
a nice place to go for a variety of ice creams
almost always full and frequented by regulars.



Bangalore Ben and Jerrys

For those missing their daily dose of Ben and Jerrys funky flavors here is our very own version. Home grown and pretty world class

Its flagship flavor is Death by chocolate. It literally kills you with an overdose of chocolate. Loved it immensely

All flavors are truly worth at least one try. Another flavor that I liked was strawberries and cream

The pricing is very affordable for the quality you get


It's about quantity and price

Corner Houses are usually full, and in my experiece it's got more to do with how much you get and at what price. Their most famous dessert - Death by Chocolate costs Rs. 80 and the quantity is close to dinner for one. There is a generous quantity of nuts too if you wish.

But when it comes to ice-creams, they are a big zero - heavily flavored airy icecreams are a must not have. For ice-creams Baskin Robins is probably the best chain in India with their true flavors and rich textures.

In a nutshell I'd say Corner House offerings are very competitively priced and that seems to be the key to their suceess. But they do seem to compromise on quality. And if you want to eat anything other than DBC, you'd rather go someplace else, like Baskin Robins.


Death By Chocolate

Wen i first heard de name i was like "yeah nd pigs fly in de sky" nd den wen i actually had de thing i was like "wtf".

DBC is jst an unforgetable experience......... especially with xtra scoops of ice cream nd chocollate sauce.......... yummmmmmm ;)

bunk ur math classes nd go get ur self a dbc its jst wrth it!! :)


Death By Corner House

Chocolate, in fact loads of it, ice-cream, lack of space and a filled tummy makes up your trip to Corner House. One of the best ice-cream joints I have ever come across (Nirula's from Delhi, Monica's from Indore and the Local Ice-Cream parlours in Gujarat make the list too) Corner House adds to the experience of a Bangalore Weekend.
My first trip to corner house was sometime in July, my second month at Bangalore after a hang-out at Purple Haze. And all that Chocolate complemented the Liquor so well generating a taste that has stuck on to my palate since.
Death By Chocolate obviously rules when it comes to the Flagship brand of Corner House. But Hot Chocolate Fudge( with the all the peanuts in it) is also good. Mint sauce at Corner House is something which I tasted for the first time and Mint Fudge makes for a great change for people bored by chocolate a bit.
For the Lighter options you have the Fruit-Cream-icecream-jelly combos which are good and a bit on the lighter side. Though me a never a person who cares about weight and a person with lot of intake capacity, eating a full DBC still remains a dream.
I almost infallibly take all my friends who come to Bangalore to Corner House. I have realised that I Corner House is one of the things I can't really do without at Bangalore. One thing though the space is quite crowded at times but that's ok. And the Corner House somewhere between Bangalore Central and Rex is the only one which gives me the real ice-cream feel. I have tried out ones at Jayanagar and Koramangala but they fail to to give you that kick which the original one gives.
Anyway this title sounded like Death in the "Death" like terms but its rather I would die to eat anything at Corner House sometime.



The best

Death by chocolate, chocolate mousse, strawberries with ice cream and cream, the sundaes - you cannot go wrong with these guys.



An Institution

You can't come to Bangalore and miss Corner House.

Their Hot Chocolate Fudge is an all time favorite. But for something different, try it with praline.

Or if you're in the mood try a Chocolate Malt Shake.

And if you're from Delhi, you'll forget about Nirulas.


Ajith  - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 18,2006


Not to be missed !!

Corner House is a chain of Ice-cream outlets located in many parts of Bangalore and its best-selling icecream is its "DBC" (thats "Death by Chocolate" to the un-initiated).

DBC has achieved cult-status and majority of Corner House's loyal customers don't even care to read the rest of their menu. DBC also has an Orkut community dedicated to itself.


ICe Cream

a fav hangout for ice cream lovers
a wonderful treat for the palate

and quite a mouthful ;)