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> > > > Cosmohalli


JP NagarSouth Bangalore  


6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Cosmohalli Reviews

chandufood  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 14,2012



Worth a try. I have tried - Veg Roll, Chats, Garlic bread and ice-creams. All of them were perfectly made and it has made be visit that place again and again...


Nupur_agg - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 22,2012


Cosmohalli..A must try

This has become one of my favorite places in Bangalore be it for authentic Agra chaats or for a burger or sizzler I just head to Cosmohalli ..great variety, food, ambience at unbelievable prices. A very well thought of menu can just keep going back and not think that you wont have something new to try! One must surely try the pani puri…its to die for! Crisp, 3 varieties of pani yummiest ever. Do not miss out on the Raj kachori..crispy, tangy, interesting filling ..simply wow. Even the burgers are super yummy. Coming to think of it, everything on the menu is superb..reasonably priced and great taste and totally worth it.
They also have an impressive party hall so go ahead with your birthday parties , office parties and yes ladies your kitty parties!


Cosmo Halli Rocks!

Wife says: Chat! Dilli Style..
Daughter says: Sizzler
I say.. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Finally we land at Cosmo Halli, ( Yes, I travelled all the way from Hebbal to JP Nagar... Kya karein bhai, Biwi ka birthday tha and unki farmaish puri karni thi).

We started with a fruit punch and a special Pani Puri.
Also the Raj Kachori was very tempting.
Having gulped these down and enjoyed every bit of it, we then ordered the main course.
For my wife it would be a Classic Burger.
For my daughter a Chinese sizzler and for me a Mexican Sizzler.
The yummy flavours were incredible.

Settling with a dessert Banan Caramel was rich with lot of blended flavours and freshness.

At Cosmo Halli, I guess that they know that the way to a man's heart is thru the stomach.
Had a good experience.

Will keep going again. Way to go guys. Keep it up...

Psst... @the janta... Dont tell my wife! We spent only 680 bucks. Cool eh!


pawonshetty - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 03,2012


Below average!

Me and my friend had been to this place recently. We had actually planned to go to Mandi which is situated in the upper floor of the same building, but the glitzy hoarding brought us in. The interiors are too flashy,too Bright and not good funky colours, bad for people with epilepsy, the music they were playing was too loud for a restaurant( they claim its a food court :P) . I ordered a mexican sizzler and an iced lemon tea while my bud went for a south mega thali. The Sizzler was extremly bad, it was actually burnt, and the the nachos served along with that was hard and more like a papad than a nacho, I repented for ordering it. My Friends thali was mediocre, Mediocre for Rs.110. Very very bland , the sweet accompaniment looked like a concoction of food colours. I saw some others in the restaurant having dosas which looked better, Go there only if all the other restaurants in JP nagar are closed


Fast Food in Style!!!

'Cosmohalli' is recently opened above Mandi Restaurant in JP Nagar. I was there last friday for lunch with 2 of my other colleagues.

Firstly, the place is more like a fast food joint with self service option. The moment you enter the restaurant you see a counter where you can see the whole menu which includes North Indian, South Indian, Mexican, Pizzas, Sizzlers, Steaks, Sandwiches, burgers and Moctails etc etc......they have a party hall and huge place to sit and enjoy the food.

We settled down on the sofas and after spending considerable time on the menu, we decided to have a mix of all the cuisines they serve. We started by ordering drinks for ourselves - Cosmohalli masala Cola, Cold Coffee and a Banana Caramel Dessert Milk, for food we ordered Raj Kachori, Warm Veg Salad, Gobi Manchurian, Paper Dosa, Chole Bhature, Cheese Balls & Nachos sizzler and for dessert it was a Sundae for 3 of us.

Masala Cola and Banana Carmel Dessert milk was quiet refreshing and nice. Raj Kachori was just divine, we couldnt stop until the last scrap was off the plate, other than the sizzler where we found the cheese balls a little undercooked and the overall taste lacking in flavour, all the other items were really nice. The gobi manchurian in particular was quite delicious. The paper dosa was infact one of the best I have tasted in a long time. The chole Bhature infact was HUGE, they call it the biggest bhature in town and for good reason. The bhature was big enough to feed 3 hungry people and the chole was simply 'wow'.

The food was overall VERY good and value for money. Will visit again for their chats and other savouries.

Keep Up the Good Work!!




We tried this joint out yesterday, the floors were messy, the service was horrible (it too k them1hour to prepare a chaat!) and the food was a joke! Go there if you are willing to dare an upset tummy!!