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MG RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 08041757575, 08041512898
  • No.114/1, Sai Complex, 1st Floor, MG Road, Bangalore
  • Continental, Tandoori, Thai
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

25 Reviews / 25 Ratings

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Couch Reviews

Good At All Times

This is a great place to hang out with your friends. Be it for a lazy lunch or a fun night out. The ambience is relaxed and comfortable. My friends and I usually huddle on the comfy couches at one end of the room. Must say, Couch is quite spacious and there is enough standing room even it gets crowded.

The food is one of the highlights here. I especially like the Chicken mains. I like the Mexican Soft Tacos and even the Mexican Chicken. They also so do a nice fettuccine. Service is polite and courteous. And while this might not be the most pocket-friendly place, the portions of food and the rest of the experience do justify the cost. Do drop by Couch, it won't let you down!


Happy hours wednesday

one of the coolest places to hangout on MG road on wednesday with happy hours goin and 50 % off on the drinks , We ordered cosmoploitian and draught beer and chicken satay and Fajitas . it was just brilliant . i would recommend to try chicken satay . The ambiance is really good , and stands for the name . If ur a gang of people , try out this place the service is good , but its expensive on other days :P beware


Happy hours are never long enough

My friends and I head to couch after every sessional exam to gorge on the paneer tikka,chicken wings and hummus.Tequila shots are never enough :)



Good food. Laid back, comfortable ambience

Couch was the only place on MG road on a hot March afternoon. We ordered draught beer, a fruit punch and a Jamaican coffee for drinks. The beer mug was extra large in size and the coffee had a stong pinch to it. We had potato cheese balls, seekh kebab for starters - both of them didn't disappoint. Our main course was Mediterranean Chicken. The best part was that the food was really great flavors and wasn't your run of the mill restaurant food. Meat was fresh and the service was courteous as well.

Won't repeat because it's slightly on the expensive side (1500 for two including a drink each). May come back in happy hours.


raj_s - Burrp User


9 Reviews

February 08,2013


love the wednesdays

booze 50% off on wednesday and starters are good too with nice music and conveniently located!


anshul240 - Burrp User


34 Reviews

November 15,2012


cool place to hang out!!

The relaxed and comfortable sittings only made it an apt place for our catching up sessions. I have been to Couch before and have always loved the food but this time round I was in for a surprise. The starters (read chicken satay, spicy chicken wings, potato cheese balls ) were absolutely mouth watering but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the main cours



Just another lounge...

I did not find anything special about the place, so as to come here again and again.
It is a small lounge, and over-hyped as I might say!!

Food was average, Prices looked decent and the staff was courteous.
Music was really bad and low, may be the weekday effect !

A very Average place overall- one might like it if not expecting anything from this place.


sendhilr - Burrp User


10 Reviews

December 26,2011


Over priced drinks, food is great

All the drinks menu are over priced, it is clearly a deterrant for this place. Ambience is too good, however the choice of channels on the TV was too rigid. When we went there, they were screening some boring channels which noone bothered to watch. Music was quite uninspiring, looks like played out of a boombox from a CD. We ordered bacon grill, it was superbly done and paired well with pepper sauce. Exhaustive list of food menu options. I would go again for food, definitely give it a miss for drinks due to high cost.



Best hangout for weekday lunch.

This is good place to have lunch on weekdays,especially on Monday and Tuesday where they run good offers.Excellent food and good ambiance. The only problem i found was they do not give discount on American express cards as shown on the website.


Very Nice Experience !!!

I was here on a date with wifey the other day ... a friend suggested the place... and the only reason I chose the place was because I was curious to enjoy a real lounge in Bangalore... and Boy... were we in for a treat !!!
The place was very well appointed and they were playing the IPL on the big screen .. we got the front row seats and watched the DD team getting cleaned up by the MIs :)
THe food was in huge portions and very tasty... the Italian fare was really some of the best that we have sampled in India !!
I wonder why the place is listed as VERY EXPENSIVE.. a three course dinner with drinks for 2 cost us less than 1000 bucks...
Will definitely go back !!
To the management... please don't let the place slip into the wreckage like the cafe next door.. we really want some nice places to hang out in Bangalore !!!


Amazing Food

If your coming to MG Road, it's one place you've got to go to, for me personally i think it's the real deal. What makes Couch stand out is it's personality.The place, treats everyone the same, as soon as you walk through that door you will start laughing, it's like when you go on holiday, except your in Couch. Drinks are great, and the rum selection is awesome, and i warn you one is never one in there! Foodz so yummy that i was craving for more.Will surely visit the place often..Cheers



A great place to hang out

It's surely a a great place to hang out with friends. Though it's slightly over-priced, the ambiance, music, service, food and drinks make up for it ! I like this place ! Don't miss this one!


Mah heaven!!!!

An amazing place to be...datz da 1st place i had gone wen i had come to Bangalore teh first i make it a point to go atleast twice every is awh-so amazin,drinks r supa cool,bartenders r v pleasant....the crowd is also v v gud.The best decor,the best ambiance n no entry fee....the muxik rocks..mah kinda place ppl...
1 complain-da muxik aint dat gud on sundays & da DJ seems to b hooked to da song " DATZ MAH NAME" by"akcent"
ya 1 more thing..happy hrs r on wednesdays,so hell lot of crowd...u mite njoy it...
last but not the least after a hard working week...COUCH is the ultimate place to rejuvinate n gather the energy required for the week ahead!!!!!

***COST-around Rs1600 for 3 wid starters & beer



A very cosy and pleasant place!!

I visited this place with my friends. we all loved it...great ambiance..mouth watering food!! A perfect place to catch up and relax with your friends. And their cocktails and perfectly spiked up! I'm definitely a fan of this place.

Totally recommended!!



Nice experience

Went there on a thursday night,
We were four of us,, tasty mocktails and amazing starters

Good crowd, A group can sit, relax enjoy drinks. and have a nice time without being disturbed.
The staff is extremely freindly and good!

I complained about my main course not tasting alright , they took it back and were nice about it and did not charge me for that. I was however full with the Starters and my drinks, i passed on ordering another one.
Will definitely go back!


dhruv_p - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 28,2010


Pleasant experience . .

Welcome change to find an all-day eatery in Bangalore. Tried out the steak; tender and succulent. Just the way it should be. Even the pasta in arabiatta sauce was nice.

The desserts were excellent and the service I must say was impressive.



Nice place

Considering how there are hardly any nice places to hangout in Bangalore, Couch is one of the few places I would recommend to my friends when they visit Bangalore.. They have a smoking area too, which is good. You don't have to stand at the door like a tramp to take a few puffs. I would go! Oh yeah, they have many discounts and offers too.. Call up before you go!


Almost home!

One of the best places in Bangalore as of now.

When Couch opened a few years ago the only reason my friends and I went there was for Spiga. Finally Spiga had arrived and we could relish the food of our younger days! And Couch didn't disappoint. The food was amazing and the portions are HUGE esp if compared to the portions served at the new Spiga. The parmagiano, the oriental salad and even the fries! But one of the best starters that I discovered were the cocktail wantons.. I would recommend everyone to try it atleast once.. this dish is super awesome!

The drinks are amazing at Couch. Recession nights have been legendary and now since the IPL is on till the 25th of April all drinks are 50% off. The staff are now used to us placing orders for the various cocktails followed by the words "And make it strong". And strong they are! The LIT's are lethal and two should be enough to get you buzzed and happy. Special mention for the Silk Panties and Snake Bite shooters.. really good!

The ambiance is amazing.. its lounge-y and warm and you can go anytime of the day and still have a blast. The service is excellent.. the waiters are the old Spiga crowd and know us well hence they're warm and look out for you!

I would definitely recommend Couch to everyone!


notepad - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 26,2010


One of those few places...

That still manage to keep the quality up! Went there on a Wednesday night with three of my friends. The place was packed as always thanks to its popular discount and yet, the staff were courteous enough to place us within 5-10 minutes. Our drinks came within no time and we noticed that the music was surprisingly pleasant and not loud and irritating (a trend we notice with ANY place we go today, including coffee shops. Ugh!) The food was delectable as always, had the best Greek Salad in a long time! The food was served hot and the staff was very friendly. Loved my time there, plus it was a pleasant surprise to find a girl DJ playing there! ; ) Thumbs up!


sindhoor - Burrp User


11 Reviews

January 08,2010


This place has taken a nose dive!

I used to love this place. So we went back to this place for a special celebration last evening. I was thoroughly disappointed.
I ordered one of my favorite starters there - Mediterranean grilled veggies. The spinach was not tender enough and was really bitter. The base was burnt, making it more bitter.
I finished my first drink and ordered a margarita for my second. The margarita did not arrive at all. The waiter then returned only to tell us that it was time for last orders. I really wanted to end the day with the Calypso coffee and Oreo cheese cake. So I went ahead and ordered those. The margarita and Calypso coffee arrived together. I had two drinks in front of me and the waiter putting pressure on me that we were close to last orders.
The waiter forgot to get the Oreo cheesecake. When had to remind the manager. And then we got it straight out of the freezer, with ice crystals on it. It was terrible and it was served to us just 5 minutes before closing time.
I am thoroughly disappointed with the quality of the food, the dessert and the service. I would perhaps not return to this place again.


bobbyveg - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 27,2009



Hit the Couch last night , had heard about happy hours till11 pm on Wednesday.

The place had a decent ambiance , asked for a couch for 2
got a rude treatment ( was asked to sit on bar stools).
Waited for say 15 minutes , got a couch ,
Music was to loud , cant hear the person across.

Ordered 2 Beer@ rs 40 each , Garlic bread,french fries.
Beer came in 10 minutes, french fries took more than 20 minutes ,were pathetic , not done properly , Garlic bread was impressive with 8 pieces but was served cold .

Ordered a screwdriver and a beer , again it took more than 20 minutes to come.

Ordered the Ginger garlic noodles, the preparation was good but again the food was nothing great to speak off .

The total bill was

1) 3 BEER =120
3) Garlic bread= 100
4) french fries= 100
5) Ginger Garlic noddles=200

added up to 651/- inclusive of tax.

My advise ,use this place only for drinks and not eating,
to be definitely avoided when crowded.



In these recessionary times....

....Couch has done a wonderful thing by introducing happy hours throughout the day!!!

And because Spiga is taking care of the food part, one can safely order anything mentioned in the menu. Particular mention to be made of Chicken Satay, Crostini and Oriental Salad. The salad is simply yummy.. order a portion of garlic bread, just to mop up the salad dressing left in the end!!!

Booze is on par with other similar joints, though their Peach Margarita is pretty good. My friend swears by their Lime Margarita though! Beer is absolute VFM. Rs.40 in happy hours!!!!

Friendly staff, good ambience, nice music, good food and booze... ingredients for a rocking place!


One of the better lounges in town

I hit Couch last night, it was a bit difficicult to find, considering it was a lounge bar, had to go around the block a couple of times before we found it in a shabby building, I wasnt too impressed from the outside, but much to my surprise, the interiors were fantastic!The theme looked like one thats in vogue this year, a bit rustic, dimly lit, couches and chairs in various quaint shapes thrown around in private alcoves,cement pillars and flooring with wacky rugs and pretty chandeliers from the top floor.I was very happy with the ambience I must say, there was club music playing but I must say I was not so happy with the music effects as it was loud in some parts of the entire length of the floor and some parts it was more like some leftover music.
Coming to the food, we had decided to go completely vegetarian and non-alcoholic(yes I know its a lounge bar but i had contraints unfortunately).I am pretty hard to please when it comes to food as I ve worked for a good part of my career in Europe and I know how European food needs to taste.Much to my delight I was quite happy with the food and the presentation of the food, the mocktails werent on par(one was a bit too sweet and one was very spicy) and that was a big minus.All in all its a good place to go to if you want to relax and spend some time talking with friends after a hard day's work!



"fail's to impress"

well! definately it was not worth writing this review but i thought it was from the biggies....the people who gave bangalore the pub,pub world, nasa.....not a patch on any of these they'r latest offing.
went there on a saturday night as we entered we saw some men with black shirts who were chatting and fagging away....a big no to go with ladies or family as when we went inside the staff too was wearing the same uniforms......therefore the staff was outside when couch was crowded .........
the place has got two levels which look identical......designed by a well known architect sandeep khosla who definately not be proud of "couch"...
its too dull and has a very depressing atmosphere with colour thrown around......cement walls and a cement ceiling ,cmon guys we are going to enjoy in a night club not to mourn....however the music tries frantically to make up for it but its so loud that you want to leave couch as soon as you enter.....
the staff though attentive the service is slow and the food served to us was cold...we did not bother to complain nor found it neccesary to write about it....the drinks taste the same everywhere and this place is no different....
and lastly my hands did not pain writing this review as much as my ears and eyes did as we were seated in couch.

going to this place is a bad! bad! bad !idea


couch potato

after a rather tiring time at Hard Rock Cafe, we went to the couch, for want of some food and a place to rest our butts. The place is pretty neat. The music is just amazing- starting with some really old rock numbers and moving to house and techno.

For the first time, I felt bad that life stops at 11PM in bangalore. Spacious, not too crowded and huge couches will ensure that you will stay for a long time, enjoying your beer, food and music.

Now this place seriously competes with TGI, and wins when it comes to music. If you are in for some house or techno, not to forget the aptly lit ambience, then this is the place for you.