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Cream Centre

HAL 2nd Stage  


37 Reviews / 41 Ratings

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Cream Centre Reviews

Teena subin - Burrp User

Teena subin

2 Reviews

September 23,2013


It Was Good

Very good food and good service

Tried Pizza's which was a great experience. In fact I liked the was they customized it and made it to my taste.

Also tried the chicken sizzlers. It was really good.


Doesn't disappoint me

I ve been here twice so far and this is the kinda place u want to go to try good food u r familiar with it and they don t mess that up. Good family crowd , def not a date night resto.. Ambience nothing to rave about. Food is good, nothing that wil stun u.. The sizzles are good, service is top notch. It's one of those places u can t go wrong ith but def not something that will wow u.. Good value fr money too..


Best Paneer

One of the finest restaurants in Indiranagar. I had never had such tasty paneer anywhere else like in here! It melts in your mouth. Everything from north indian, pizzas to desserts tastes great. As a pure vegetarian, its a boon for me that all types of cuisine is available in one single place. The ambiance is also good, and the place is really so clean! Good for going out with family.


Numero1 - Burrp User


17 Reviews

February 24,2013


good food

the place offers clean street food.
thats the advantage.
the prices are on the higher side- the service needs to improve.
otherwise an ok place
can go once in a while


krithikai - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 24,2013


horrible food and ambience sucks!

Service is poor. Way to bright. Bad food and overated! Not worth trying!


bloreoota - Burrp User


21 Reviews

November 16,2012


Wont make you scream with joy!

This is an average restaurant with good food. Been there with extended family. Thought that it is one of the few veggie fine dines in town and gave it a shot. It wasnt the warmest of welcomes by the stewards, and the ordering experience was patchy at best.

We started with the soups (burnt garlic, tomato) and they were quite god - served a little cold for our liking, but it was fine. We were done with our soups and still waiting for our starters. (Nachos and Ragda pattis). The waiter then turns up with the Pizza we had ordered for main course. When we told him that we were yet to receive our starters he said "Yes, we will get them" and was left the pizza on the table! When we explained to him that main courses are served after the starters, it was with great reluctance that he took the pizza back. Back to the starters - they were quite good. Then again, we had ordered 2 Nachos (it was a table of 8) but were served only one dip! It took a while for them to get the 2nd dip, for they werent convinced even when we pointed it out to them.

Coming to the main course we ad ordered Pizzas, Pastas and Channa Batura. Pizzas were thin crust and tasted nice. Pasta was also well made. The Channa Batura was also wholesome and good. But we were surprised to see in the bill that Channa and Batura are billed separately (guess it was some 180 + 80). This is very misleading as nobody does this and especially as "Channa Batura" is their signature dish that they pride themselves on.

The ambiance was also just average - like an upgraded Sukh Sagar. Overall, I would score them 2.5 - for the pathetic service. Waiters are seemingly untrained and don't seem to have any idea of whats on the menu. Their patchy service results in one not being able to enjoy the food despite its quality - serving wrong courses, without accompaniments etc. Though ultimately its only the food that saves them. But, for the kind of money they charge one expects an experience.


anshul240 - Burrp User


34 Reviews

November 15,2012


need to think before you eat

Cream center is a OK place.
It is over hyped and food they serve is mostly fatty but presentation is kinda good. I enjoyed some dishes they have and the melting chocolate but it is too pricy .
service is not so quick.


aarash1 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 28,2012


Why shld i even add a single star to this place

If you like getting humiliated and angry and want to spend your money then plz i request you enter this restaurant. Its a perfect place where staff and manager are trained to piss you off and make you feel like a idiot for coming into this place. I had booked this place for 20 people for a bday party and i seriously got the a bad bday bump. This place doesn't serve you your food, if they do even serve, it would only happen after a hour is passed and it would be tasteless. They even had the "courtesy" of telling me that their serving hours is over, even while i was waiting for my food ordered a hour ago.This was after i complaint to their manager in charge, Taylor. Way to go taylor, its perfect way to treat your customer.
I had visited the Guwahati Branch and i was might pleased by the serviced there and thats the only reason i opted for this one.
I would request the Owners of this chain to better close down their operation in bangalore or provide it to someone who can do a better job coz your reputation in a city like bangalore is dead.


wrads - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 11,2012


dont visit even out of curiousity

I have been eating at cream centre since i was in school...the cream centre chopatty bombay.
this place has filled me with the most amazing , consistent food with excellent service creating some beautiful memories.
this was the main reason for me to persuade my friends here to visit the place.
they have almost the same menu..but thats it...
the food is bad ..tasteless.the waiters have no clue what they are doing and seem often confused..the service is slow.
i kept thinking just to get a piece of bombay shiv sagat at com street would have anyday been a better choice..
the food has to improve several notches if they want to maintain their standards because of which they have branched out.


blrkhana - Burrp User


10 Reviews

October 04,2012


Pathetic service and overhyped

Celebrated my b'day with friends , though i have been in this place for couple of times but my last visit prompted me to write review for this place. My friends wanted to visit a pure veg place , so i took all of them to have a try, we went on a holiday during lunch time and we opted for ala carte though they had a option of buffet ...will make story shorter and below are my observations


1. Total veg place
2. Yummy onion rings and cheese balls

1. Dont have any process. Every waiter takes care of each table, so if you order somthing its definately going to be lost once he goes to other table
2. We ordered "Ragda pattis" and was not available, though we came to know only when we asked once our main course started but in my bill it was charged, so you need to check your bill twice before making a payment.
3. For main course, they brought rotis and left without any sabzi. We waited for 5 mins but no one cared. Finally when we contacted manger, they took back and brought back which was half of wat they brought earlier .
4. No FINGER BOWLS or they didn't cared as place was heavy crowded . I heard people shouting abt rotis and other stuffs
5. Lastly abt food, naan was half cooked which they didn't changed, they may have super awesome CHOLE BATHURE but i don't care as only CHOLE BATHURE can't run such shop

My valuable suggestion for all others is to avoid this place on weekends or any holidays as staff is not equipped for crowds.



Lacks a Soul

Ok food and ok ambience.

A fellow reviewer said Mast Kalandar type of food at twice the price. I would agree except that the Mast Kalandar food has soul.



Not like the Chennai location

Celebratory dinner with my little family, my parents and 2 friends' families on Sunday night. Got a table for 12 easily at 7:45pm- Dinner crowd yet to ascend. Parking was valet.

Ordered appetizers - One The Big Nachos and two Creme Center Combination. The kids loved the onion rings, and adults savored the cheese balls and wontons. The salsa was mediocre.

Too bad that the waiter spilled cheese on my new sari, while serving the Big Nachos. And to top it off when I pointed it out, he didn't apologize but stood staring at me. Figured out the restrooms to clean up- but the stain remained.

My parents shared a Punjabi Kulcha & Methi Aaloo Paratha Meal; The breads were soft, well made and enough for 3. But the Paratha Meal dhal & raitha served in such tiny portions- almost pickle qty. And the sides of pickles & onions arrived when they were 1/2 way thru' their meal.

The kids' Macaroni Magic was well prepared- but again a tight portion size.

The rest of us shared refried beans and cheese enchiladas, Classic Veg Pizza and Pizza Tuscany. Enchilada was good but the pizza needs work. I was in the impression that thin crust pizzas should bend but this one broke(like pappad).

Only a few dessert choices- So all of us shared 2 portions of the Hot fudge brownie for dessert.

Have tried the joint in Chennai- so was hoping for a good experience, but am disappointed.

We had to keep waving, calling to attenders to take our orders each time. When I asked for the manager after the cheese on sari episode- there was no response. Two coat clad gentlemen turned up around bringing the menus around dessert time and when we asked about feedback forms- they too disappeared.

Sorry, not happy!



Not tasty at all...

Been here with my family last weekend. Ambience was very nice. Pretty warm & welcoming.
I should say it was an extremely too quick a service for a relaxed sit down dinner on a sunday night...
Chole Bature - Bature lacked salt & Chole - Man... it looked good... & lo..there was something missing... Add some salt & squeeze a lemon wedge... still something missing... hmm... try hard & found out that what it lacked was 'Taste'. It tasted so much like processed & packaged one... :(

Sizzler was ok. Though it was a weird combination of chinese sauce with rice & aloo tikki/ ragda patty..!!!
Hot Chocolate fudge with vanilla ice cream was the saving grace... I liked it.
Very normal food at extraordinary prices... :( :(

We had been to Cream Centre in chennai & trust me it was way better....


Overhyped vegetarian place in awesome location

Indiranagar has great places to dine-unfortunately lot of them are overpriced and not worth the buck. Cream center is one of them. I visited them with my family for my birthday since I was looking for a vegetarian place only. The Mera thali is just a normal thali - and even their famed Chana Bathura didn't taste very well. Also their starters like Onion rings, Navhos etc is nothing great.

It is a glorified Mast Kalandar at twice the price!

The decor is good-


Crayzig - Burrp User


9 Reviews

February 19,2012


Average Food but Expensive

Food is OK. I didn't like it that much. It was not that great in taste. Come on, Its a bombay based chain, I expect it to have decent food at least. I tried a few of their signature dishes. Nachos was quite a disappointment. Sizzler was decent in taste but I felt they were a bit stingy on the quantity( The chota sizzler was really small! ).
Ambience is good. I would give a heads up for that. Service is something they can improve upon.
Pricing, I would say that its overpriced for the food they serve. I guess, its not the food, but the presentation, location and the ambience that the charge for. Given a choice, I would definitely want to consider another restaurant.


roofcat - Burrp User


17 Reviews

January 15,2012



Missing those yummy and absolutely sinful meals that you were used to in Bombay or Delhi - the channa baturas, the paranthas and so on? Then come to Cream Center, the less-healthy-but-more-tasty version of Mast Kalandar - while the latter satisfies your craving for wholesome, north indian food, the former does exactly the opposite, and does it well!

However, be warned - prices are high (natural considering its a sit down restaurant in a good locality and not a hole in the wall in Delhi!) and the service tends to be chaotic, something they can improve on.



Fatty food

Cream center is a OK place. Food they serve is mostly fatty but presentation is kinda good. I enjoyed some Mumbai dishes they have and the melting chocolate.



Nice Ambience, Quick Service & Delicious food

Me and my hubby were not willing to have something today at home on a friday we left around 9pm to look for a nice restro on 100ft road... We just saw this huge building having names of 3 restro's and so we planned to step into this (my hubby's colleague also suggested this to him long back!).
Immediately we got a place (as requested, the big roadside onlooking glass window table :)) and the menu cards along with two pencils were given to us...we were first shocked to see pencils!!! but then we got that they have this strategy to engage the customers with the tablemat paper way to kill the time :)
My hubby was very happy to see the first item in menu card...CHOLE BHATURE...he was so glad to see some northie food we ordered it. I ordered a very decent looking (as in pic) the VEGETABLE SATELLITE SIZZLER...along with an peach iced tea and pepsi. The whole thing was served within 10-15 mins (actually we didn't realized much we were busy solving the puzzles :D).
We relished the food to the most..the quantity was good enough for two people...and when we had the was another add-on to our smiles...just Rs.627 for two maincourse dishes+2 drinks....
I must was really a nice evening spent...must visit at least once...


sush_abc - Burrp User


15 Reviews

October 03,2011



I would like to meet the person who says the cost for one Chola batura is 225 + taxes is 'moderate'. Didn't like the food authentic taste compared to what you get in north india. However, the paranthas and the accompaniments with that are good and value for money. The paneer is fresh. If you have lots of money go ahead and give it a try.
I know better places serving much tastier and cheaper food.


The taste of Bombay in Bangalore

For the people who are complaining about the Nachos not being authentic, I don't think it is supposed to be, as most of the dishes have an Indian twist to it. This is in fact vintage Bombay taste and was really great to find it in Bangalore. The Chana Bhaturas are awesome, so was the Paneer Paratha (possibly the best I've tasted.) The onion rings are doused with a good serving of chaat masala and this given a very interesting twist to the dish. The kulfi was great as also were the sizzling brownie and the floats. Overall a very good experience. Especially for the ones missing Bombay. Now I only wish Chowpatty beach could be recreated in Indira Nagar instead of the horrendous Beach on 100 ft road :)



one of the best nachos and a large glass of ice tea just gets things on the right track!!
Chilli Paneer and the sizzling brownie are awesome!! you people will miss out on sumthng if u dont visit this awesome joint of food and fun! :P :)



Great Food!

Was indeed very glad to go the cream centre. the ambiance is pleasant-perfect for a fine-dining experience. the lunch buffet was just great-what variety in the menu for a lunch buffet-starters,salads,main course(had tandoori,chinese and south indian items to choose from),chaats,indian breads and deserts!! was stuffed and couldnt do justice to the meal coz there was so much to try! apart from the buffet the sizzling chilly paneer sizzler,all the veggies pizza,margherita pizza and twist on ice was great!! i had a good time n will surely recommend it!



Very disappointing

Went for a team lunch. We opted for the buffet instead of a-la-carte. And it turned out to be a very disappointing affair.
They had only two items for starters. Aloo-tikis of the size of one rupee coins and some rolls. The aloo-tikki was too salty.
Very few choices for the main course too. They promised to send hot rotis to the table but all we got was few ill formed pieces of papad like chapathis.
The worst was the dessert part. They had vanilla ice-cream and a kheer kind of dish which tasted horrible.
All in all a very bad experience.
PS: Also had the pleasure of seeing a waiter giving a "lassi shower" to an unsuspecting guest sitting on the next table



When we decided to go to cream center, we were expecting a rather regular dining experience. However, when we went in, we were very pleasantly surprised. The service and the food was excellent. The staff was very pleasant and attentive. The choice of food was extensive. The Onion rings, nachos and enchiladas were excellent.
Definitely a very positive experience, this joint has become one of my favorites in one night.


pragop - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 04,2011


Good service

Good service. Good food if you want to try non Indian cuisine. Indian food is just too horrible especially their Channa Bathura which they claim world's best or something.

But, others are really good. Especially Mexican.

Lebanese, I'm not a fan of falaffle, so no comments there.

Italian is good. Pizzas are very thin crust, almost the size of Indian happalas. But, taste good.

Very good ambience, good and friendly service. Drinks like sodas and druit jiuces are as good as anywhere else.

But, pricey, found to be on the higher side.



Been here twice, a decent eating place

Been here twice and tried a range of dishes. Amazing variety on a nicely laid out menu, nice decor, decent service and tasty food.

Enchildas - Good
Shashlik - Decent
Biryani - Decent
Falafel - Okay

Aloo methi Parantha is a must try if you don't mind overdose of tasty potato filling and and chhole bhature is quite famous too. Little costly but when you finish a hearty lunch believe me you won't mind. Non-Veg People Alert: This place is a pure vegetarian eatery

Food Taste- 4/5
Service - 3/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Wallet Factor - 3/5


regeater - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 03,2011


Pretty good

I have regularly had the food at cream centre chennai and loved the bangalore place too.
The building seems to be just ready. The ambience in the restaurant was much better than chennai. Loved the paneer tikkas. Very difficult to get such soft paneer. Ws pleasantly surprised to see the pizza and pasta live kitchen as they dont have the same in chennai. Good experience and loved the fact that they now have more choices of cuisine.


momof2 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 31,2011


Hair raising experience!

We went to this place after reading the wonderful review in the newspaper....looking forward to a nice evening of great chaat, clean and upscale decor ..and most of all very hygenic. To start off, our tables were dirty with ketchup residue all over. The chaat came in and was probably worth Rs25 and not Rs 100+ in terms of taste. To top it all we found 2 hairs in the sliced onion, i guess the salad chopper decided to scratch his hair over the sliced onions! Even after we told the manager, he did nothing about it. So much for cream center and Rs 1000 worth of chaat.


finediner - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 20,2011


street food at a fine dining price

We went with our family for lunch and it was a horrible experience. Would not recommend this place at all. The service was pathetic, food very ordinary and too much noise. Couldn't believe that not real nachos plate could be Rs350. All it had were just few pieces of nachos and that too not the ethnic ones. Even with the chola bhatura the bhatura was cold. we ordered pasta wich was just tossed in tomato sauce rather than pasta sauce. Overall it was a total rip off.


January 20, 2011response from management at Cream Centre:

We are sorry that your first experience with us was unsatisfactory. We have taken your comments positively and will work towards improving the quality of our food and service.

abcd  - Burrp User


29 Reviews

January 19,2011


Jack of all king of none

Had been to this all Veggie place for a couple of time. The decor and service is decent but the claimed specialties were just average, i thought they tried to do too much with the menu. The pricing is just out of the world i mean an all veg meal for 2 can cost you about 1500.
I felt its all more of a hype than substance


Anuraag  - Burrp User


70 Reviews

January 19,2011


Kasa kai Bengaluru....

This is again a Bombay chain coming out of its comfort zone to establish a name in a high-potential market. The fare is pretty similar to the Girgaum (in Bombay) outlet. Located in an under-construction building this place does get packed during lunch hours.
Coming to the food, I'd prefer the big nachos to the world's best nachos, the channa-bhatura is unacceptable for a chain that prides itself in making it the 'original' way. The onion rings are passable, the parathas costly (but pretty good) and the paneer good. I've noticed that breads are very costly in such places and thus the overall naan-vegetable combine would prove to be almost 70-80% costlier than the vegetable alone.
The sizzling brownie though is a must-have, the sauce being poured after the brownie reaches your table.
Total tab for the 6 of us came up to around 2200 which is quite pricey considering it was an all vegetarian affair.
Two reasons to go there - there's a little this and that of everything so basically one of the few places to have nachos and paneer koliwada under one roof... Also, its located bang on Indiranagar....
It should do pretty well though considering it has had tremendous success in Bombay and there is never a dearth of Gujaratis anywhere for whom this place is heaven :)



Overhyped !

I guess I have reached the stage where I am beginning to doubt the integrity of some of the reviews I see on burrp! which is quite sad. It has happened to me earlier too when I was tempted to visit a restaurant after reading many eloquent reviews and was disappointed. Well the case of "Cream Center" was quite similar - I fell flat for the raving reviews and wordings like “The Original Channa Bhatura” , “World’s Best Nachos" etc. A group of us decided to visit this place one fine weekend.

The building (atleast a portion of it) is still under construction and when I visited I couldn't find any parking as the entire place was occupied by large construction vehicles. I parked my car in one of the side lanes & reached the entrance only to be told that they have valet parking - well if this was the case then they should have had placed a board outside or atleast the valets should have been around which was not the case. Anyway we went in and our first reaction was that the entrance area and the lift were very dirty - given the construction activity, we were happy to give them the benefit of doubt.

The restaurant itself is quite a good place - nothing extraordinary about it but quite well done up and clean. I was told that the place is only 5 months old. The seating is comfortable and well designed.

So far so good - but things went downhill from here. We ordered the “The Original Channa Bhatura” , “World’s Best Nachos" & "Mera Thali" - I have to complement the people who designed their menus and gave them these names. Wish they could also hire some decent cooks. The “The Original Channa Bhatura” which by the way is atrociously priced was HORRIBLE - I can't find any other word - the channa was dark brown in color and tastes yuck - believe me the channa you get in any of our local "sagars" is a hundred times better than this gooey mess. The “World’s Best Nachos" is nowhere world class but it is ok - I could atleast eat it unlike the channa which went down the drain as it is. The "Mera Thali" was again a huge disappointment - prices at around 270, I am sure you can find much much better thali's anywhere in Bangalore.

Their pricing strategy is also quite bad and for the quality and taste it should be called "extortion" - When someone walks in to a fine dine restaurant they expect good quality tasty food and good service. The service here is nowhere near good - just wearing a suit and making your boys wear good looking clothes doesn't mean good service - when you go as a group you expect the food to be brought in one go so that the group can eat as a whole - in our case we got things one by one which meant we couldnt enjoy as a group. Many times we had to remind them to bring some of the food we had ordered - for a fine dining place we found the service lacking.

Overall the food was a HUGE disappointment and the service was poor - I bet you can find much better food experience elsewhere.

I am not going back unless they make substantial changes. And I have learnt a big lesson - never to blindly trust some of the raving reviews !



expensive, but good

There won't be many places where you'll get nachos, falafel, pizza, sizzlers, parathas, chhole bature, ragda patties - all in one menu card. Get the mumbai chowpatty experience in Bangalore!

Very bravely titled "World's best Nachos" is certainly better than the Taco Bell's offerings. Desi dishes are authentic and tasty.

The prices are a bit too high though. Also, the videshi dishes are Indianized (I'm not complaining, just don't go looking for authentic international cuisine)


sallie - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 13,2010


nice veggie place

Was waiting to try out the new cream centre, and did too last week. liked the sizzler, paneer was great!
wasn't too impressed with the nachos. the tall sodas were better in bombay.


dianne - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 12,2010


great veg experience

The food here is clean, tasty and varied. The atmosphere is very inviting and the service good.
The essentially Indian veg fare is a welcome break from all the videshi cuisines being dished out in the area. The food is very clean and worth whatever they charge for it.
The only drawback in the place is the access, the steep flight of stairs to reach the lift area ( they must have railing support to climb such steep steps, it is very difficult for old or very young people to use)



this is finger licking good

Yes the much spoken about Cream Center from Mumbai finally hits Bangalore. And I have to say it scores way higher than the Mumbai Branch as its not crammed, with people breathing down your neck to move out.

The place is fine dining, with a separate section for a large family get together. The linen is fine and the decor soothing.

The Big Nachos are seriously the world's best Nachos with zero doubt. You will be left craving for more. Its got the right amount of cheese, Jalapenos and salsa for you to fight for that last bite.

Try their famous Chana Bhatura and ofcourse the Paratha section. The tall glass sodas are also worth the money and excitement.

A little pricey but wants me going back for more.


Something different on the plate !

I had been to the Bombay branch of this restaurant and was very impressed and honestly they've done a brilliant job of maintaining the same quality in here too. A very unique menu, Pure vegetarian but a very interesting meal at the the end. Mix and Match your food. Try the nachos for sure cuz they are out of the world. The cheese corn balls is something a cheese lover would kill for. The other chaat items are good too. Little bit on the expensive side, but you wouldnt mind paying for the brilliant meal. Easily a favorite to become place.