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> > > > Crepe Connection - UB City

Crepe Connection - UB City

Vittal Mallya RoadCentral Bangalore  


8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Crepe Connection - UB City Reviews

thank god for the sweet stuff..

a watermelon mojito that was straight from the concentrate can and a pretentious dosa being passed off as a crepe.... with a smidgin of red chutney and zip. Why do people assume anyone who eats it won't be able to tell the difference? The waffles were from the pre-mix again, as was the ice cream and mango jam... had it not ended on a sweet note, would have been a ho-humm-disaster kinda place.


Baggie - Burrp User


13 Reviews

October 16,2011


Average food and service!

This place is rated cheap on Burrp and it makes me wonder why. If you check the menu card you might agree with me.

Casual ambience, average crepes and not so great drinks.

I preferred the dessert crepes over savoury ones.We ordered a mushroom crepe which was needing help being flavourful. Chocolat (dessert crepe) was good. Summer breeze was the drink which is just ginger ale, you might as well not bother ordering it.

Worth a try once if u don't mind spending 400 bucks over 2 crepes and a drink.
The waiter was rude.. Whatever happened to the serve with a smile motto? :( lastly.. Crepe connection in UBC doesn't accept meal vouchers. (Coz it's associated with oakwood).
Hope it helps!


ved28 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 12,2011


Good desert option-banana waffles

We had finished our meal at Toscano and while heading out spotted this place bang opposite Toscano. I am not really a dessert person; my GF insisted that we try their waffles.

She ordered the banana waffle. The waffle was fairly large portioned so I dug in too. The fruit and warm waffle combination along with the ice cream was a great combination . Also noticed in their menu a selection of savoury crepes and paninis which appeared interesting.

However the service was not the best. I had ordered for a coffee which turned up only after we had finished the waffle. Would like to stop by another time to try their savoury crepes.


vidya45 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 10,2011


a cute creperie in town

This is a cute little creperie in UB City, which we stopped in at for a bite, while shopping.

I ordered the spinach & corn crepe and their Ginger ale drink. While I'm no expert, this was as good as any crêpe we had in Paris. The crêpes we had in Paris were folded into a triangle. This one was served on a plate and cut into bite-sized portions; definitely made it easier to eat.

The crepe was nice - good thickness and texture and the taste was fairly neutral - not salty, not sweet. It complimented the filling very nicely. And the drink tasted more like a home made version of ginger ale which was refreshing literally and figuratively.

I am new to the crepe scene, so far I am liking it. Will come back to try their waffles & will report back.


dhruv_p - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 28,2010


a pleasant delight . .

The crepes out here are different from what I am normally used to having. They are not white but instead have a golden brown colour to it.

We had the Italian Summer crepe, the apple crepe and a chocolate waffle for my little one. The Waffle and the chicken crepe were actually very good.

The apple crepe however could have been better; tasted very much like an apple pie filling but it just isn't quite there.


sherin75 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 25,2010


Good Waffles finally . .

Never really noticed The Cafe by Oakwood in the beautiful settings of UB city.
Got to try the place as a friend had recommended as I am such a big fan of Waffles. Very hard to find good waffles in town especially the fruit filled ones. I had the Banana and Mango waffle which actually had chunks of fruit in between. Didn't have the usual taste of preservatives. Full marks for the Waffles; they seem to have nailed it spot on.

My friend tried the Smoked chicken panini which was rather good and there was this very interesting drink with a combination of lemonade and ginger ale which had a refreshing punch to it.

Definitely will be back some time to try the crepes. .

Do feel that the management needs to relook at the decor and branding as the cafe had posters of pool area and hotel rooms; if not for my friend would not have realized that this place was a Cafe


ragpicker1 - Burrp User


148 Reviews

September 20,2010


Crepes! Maybe Not Quite

I have been wanting to go to the Crepe Connection in UB City ever since I had heard it opened. I have visited the one in Garuda Mall and enjoyed a waffle and so, expected a well-done and tasty crepe - especially for the exorbitant rates charged. My friends and I made it here on Sunday and sat happily at a table near the entrance. After a busy 10 minutes spent taking photos of each other, we settled down to peer at the menu cards. I settled for an "Italian Summer" crepe which had Grilled Chicken with Arabiata Sauce and my friends chose vegetarian crepes - Spinach,Corn and Cheese and Potato and Jalepeno. The crepes arrived quite quickly and the fillings were really nice. The crepe itself looked exactly like a dosa. Infact add a little oil and thats what it would be. I am aware that most people consider the dosa India's answer to the crepe but, though they might bear some similarities, the consistency and the ingredients are definitely different and The Crepe Connection would do well to remember this, if the crowd they look for is a crowd which appreciates authenticity. We wanted drinks but decided against ordering them as they were horrifyingly expensive - Rs 200 for Evian and 100 for a lemon iced tea is super expensive in my book. Crepes over, we called for the bill, paid it and left. This is probably one place which I shant go back to in a hurry, if at all.


September 27, 2010response from management at Crepe Connection - UB City:

Hi Ragpicker1,
Thank you firstly for taking the time to write a detailed review. The basic ingredient used in our crepes is milk, flour and protein (usually eggs are used but in our case we have developed an eggless recipe to cater to the vegetarian audience also.) However, due to your feedback we have re-visited the premix recipe. We have made a few changes and we feel that it tastes better. We would like to invite you for a sampling session before we launch. Please send me an email to to confirm if and when you c

September 27, 2010response from management at Crepe Connection - UB City:

Hi Dhanya
Thank you for replying :) Yes I would love to come to the sampling session. I have emailed you

Warm Wishes
The "RagPicker1"


It was not a crepe... was a dosa with a scoop of ice-cream and filling of banana. They should pay a visit to C'est La Vie.