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> > > > Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia

Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia

Residency RoadCentral Bangalore  


15 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Kitchens Of India - The Cuisine Of The Navaithas Jul 24 - Aug 02

  • Since the times of Tipu Sultan, Navaitha Muslims have formed an integral part of Bangalore’s living fabric. Their cuisine is an irresistible blend of Mughal and Nawab traditions, savored with select spices. Come indulge in an exquisite dining experience at Cubbon Pavilion.

Aperitivo Sunday Brunch Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Brunches won’t be the same any more once you have tried the Peroni paired Aperitivo brunch. With a truly incredible range of delectable Aperitivo to choose from, these lavish spreads with specially curated hand crafted Italian bite sized appetizers beautifully paired alongside the stylish Italian beer Peroni Nastro Azzurro will be the perfect way to start the week. This special buffet treats patrons to a sumptuous feast, with the standard brunch.
    Price: Rs. 2000 + taxes

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Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia Reviews

Sumptous Midnight Buffet

Went to the Cubbon Pavilion in ITC Gardenia on a Friday night with friends in a group of 4 for a Midnight Buffet (between 12AM-2AM). The spread was pretty lavish with a focus on mutton based dishes - Mutton Rogan Josh, Gosht Biriyani, Magaj Masala, Keema Pav and Galaoti Kebabs being some of them. There was also a Chicken and a Prawn Dish in the main course. For the starters, there was Chilli Chicken and Chilli Mushroom. The lassi was good while the same cannot be said about the Dahi Anari Rasgulla (which was a complete waste of the Rasgulla we felt). For the veggies, there was Kulcha, Tawa paratha, Dal Makhani, Veg Hariyali Kebabs, Paneer Makhani and Chana Masala. There was live Dosa, Pav Bhaji and Bun Omelet counter as well apart from a Vegeterian Pasta option. For desserts, the choice was limited to Moong Dal Halwa, Phirni and Vanilla ice cream with the Halwa being the best of the lot. The ambience was nice and it was a nice experience for us overall. At about Rs 1000 per head including taxes it seems a good option whenever you are in search for a good buffet option in the middle of the night.


Four Seasons Cabernet Sauvignon-Wine tasting!!!

I am, just excerpting Nokia App tasting event- Wine and food really , signature perfect evening filled with much anticipated Lumia 920, where once could take a hands on along with sipping wine. A big thanks to Indiblogger and Nokia, Bloggers Mind, for setting the tone for a App tasting !!! for I managed to sample Four Seasons Cabernet Sauvignon. In fact I enjoyed the event sponsored by Nokia and hosted by NDTV anchors Rajiv Makhni and chef by Vikas Khanna.

Origin of " Four Seasons Cabernet Sauvignon is from the Natural beauty!!! "The breathtaking landscape of the Western Ghats is endowed with perfect natural conditions to nurture the fine French varieties of wine grapes. With gravely soils that are rich in iron with good drainage and mild weather throughout the year, the Sahyadri valley forms an ideal terroir for grape growing. The controlled yield of grapes ensures good concentration of aromas and a well-rounded structure on the palate, giving each wine a special identity.

One needs to have a laid back attitude to develop a deep sense of acquired taste for Four Seasons Cabernet Sauvignon.


Excellent Place, toss me in!!!

Was at NokiaApptasting Bloggers' Meet, Nov 24th -Not a great deal of choice but more of comfort food, try sticking mainly with Indian cuisine.Definitely recommended!!!


Nice breakfast buffet

I think the spread at breakfast here is the best in Bangalore! We loved the variety of North Indian, South Indian and Continental breakfast which was available here. It is the perfect venue for a laid back and leisurely sunday breakfast. The service could have been better but waiters were quite helpful too. The light seeping in through the terrace with creepers on the wall added an earthy flavor to the place!



Sometimes hot and sometimes cold

This place manages to confuse me. The buffet here is quite a massive spread but not a very balanced one. There's usually a good enough selection of salads and cold cuts but the mains turn out differently. Twice I've been stuck with "lemon and butter" as the chefs favourite with 6 dishes on the buffet made from this. Chicken in lemon butter. Fish grilled in lemon butter. Mushrooms with a lemon sauce. And there was even lemon cheese cake! Very standard but on occasion it can be rather nice with a wide range of braised lamb in rosemary sauce, pork chops and even Indian cuisine. So depends on luck rather than standardisation.




The 2 stars are only for their milkshakes. All else was very average... the staff also looked quite unwilling to serve &!! had ordered for the Indonesian rice and it tasted like how we would have cooked fried rice at home in the 80's with no access to good oriental ingredients. All in all a disappointing experience except probably for the ambience.


hithi - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 15,2012


delicious food!!

i must say Sunday brunch is my fav, awesome cocktails and good food. the sea food buffet is also great, many varieties. got to have the egg and crab fried rice with prawn gravy...yummm!!!


Midnight buffet - Delivers great value

The choice is not huge but more of comfort food ,sticking mainly with Indian cuisine.
Wide selection of lassis /shakes/smoothies and deserts.
The prawn masala was good ,while the chicken gravy lacked in flavour and taste.The Biriyani is passable.
Excellent items include : the salan for Biriyani/raita/Walnut Brownie/galaouti kabab etc.
The nalli nihari deserves a special mention.The meat it so tender that it can be eaten with a tspoon.
The waffles/pancakes/jalebi/phirni is very ordinary and some culinary effort is needed to elevate them to the standards set by other dishes.

Overall at 750/- +taxes ,it is an excellent value for money.
Surely recommended.


lastword - Burrp User


3 Reviews

August 29,2011


Best in town

Sunday Brunch Buffet: is a must visit with premium liquor choices including Chivas Regal and Grey Goose. Cocktails are mostly good but for the serving time taken. Place your second order as soon as you get the first one.

Midnight Buffet: Limited choice - liquor, but overall experience was better with very good selection of food, lassis and shakes and best value for money.


nirmala9 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 15,2011


just about ok

My husband and I have made a few visits here and each time there has been some disappointment or the other...
The midnight buffet mostly shuts by night and the options on the menu offered are also so few which also upon ordering arrive too late.
Staff though courteous is a bit lost doing their own thing and a watchful eye to the customer ( only a few at that time) isnt there..
We still go there for the ambience and proximity to our place but if the slow and careless attitude continues we'l have to look out for another hangout..



Amazing buffet and pizza!

After a drink at Highland Nectar, the whiskey bar of ITC Gardenia, we headed to Cubbon Pavilion.

The ambience of this brightly lit place is ideal for groups, like ours, who had children. The service without mentioning, is exceptional.

Our group was split between having the pizza and trying the buffet. So, we decided to do both! The buffet had a great spread of Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Mexican and European food. I am not a great fan of Japanese food and I gave Chinese a pass. However the Indian food was amazing - especially try the lamb and the paneer dishes. The Mexican burrito was just about ok and the prawn dish in the European section was yummy. But the highlight of the buffet had to be the dessert. With an entire wall to choose from, it was impossible to try everything. I highly recommend the gajjar halwa, chocolate mousse, lemon tart, blueberry cheesecake and the nut chocolates!

Coming to the pizza, it was made on a thin crust and it is oven baked to perfection. The size of the pizza is pretty large and it is absolutely value for money (pretty much the same price as the pizza of Sunny's or Via Milano and probably bigger).

Overall a great place for a family dinner on a Sunday evening.



Great Value for Money and Kids Friendly too

We had gone to ITC Royal Gardenia to go to the Edo for dinner, but I have two playful kids and the idea of going to a minimalistic Japanese restaurant with them was making me uncomfortable, so when I saw the Cubbon Pavilion with a lot of people inside then I thought that this most be a worthwhile place to try out. Our decision did not turn out wrong, as me, my wife and kids enjoyed the evening completely.

The staff at the restaurant was polite and took care of our needs quite well. There is nothing to complain about the buffet either. It has so many interesting items on the menu that you cannot try them all in just one visit to that place. The starters had superb combination of veg and non-veg; the best being the crabs and New Zealand green mussels. The main course consisted of multicuisine selections. Everything tasted very good. The sweets, pastries and other items from the desserts section were a treat. Be sure to leave some space in your tummy to relish those when you go there.

The best part was that it was a very comfortable place to take your kids to as there were other kids and families and the atmosphere was not like a typical uptight 4/5 star restaurant.

The buffet costs 1200 + taxes, and 750 for kids below 12 years.

Will go there again for sure.


Amazing Buffet and Service

A fantastic experience is what the Cubbon Pavilion offers. Right from the moment you hand your keys over to the very courteous valet to the moment you drive away, you experience luxury, class, understated elegance, terrific and discreet service from well-trained staff and, a feeling of well-being and happiness. Being my first visit here, I trotted slowly through the vast and well-laid out reception area, admiring the decor, the lighting and the enormous collection of liquor on display, clearly visible through large windows of the pub overlooking the reception area. Slowly we made our way to the Cubbon Pavilion, pausing en route to gape at the exclusive Lotus Pavilion with its well-heeled patrons. At the Cubbon Pavilion, we were politely greeted and asked if we had a reservation. Sadly and anxiously we replied that we hadn't made one. We were then asked to either wait outside in the comfortable waiting area or at the Lotus Pavilion for 15 minutes while a table was readied for us. Happily we acquiesed and sat down in two very comfortable arm chairs just outside the restaurant's doors. I spent the ten minutes we sat there, looking at my surroundings and admiring the furniture, the intricately patterned ceiling and, the beautifully landscaped surroundings. By the time I was done with this, the hostess was standing at our table, politely requesting us to step inside whenever we are ready, as our table now was. Cheerily we got up, grabbed our belongings and strolled into the restaurant. We were escorted to a lovely corner table with beautiful cutlery, the dearest water glasses and, an interesting array of purple leaves in a vase. Amiably, we sat down and requested the menus. Peering through them, and horrified at the exorbitant rates, we decided to fill up, from the buffet tables. Splendid choice that was. The buffet is amazing. We started our meal with two large spoons of soup, eaten out of the loveliest bowls I have ever seen. Then, we moved onto the appetisers. Throughly spoilt for choice here (there must have been around 10 veg and 10 non-veg appetisers on display), we filled our plates. We also collected the accompanying sauces, mustards and, wasabi for the sushi. Appetisers downed, we proceeded back to the impressive array of food on display and, peered at the lettuce and accompanying dressings. Not being much of a fan of leaves, edible or otherwise, I skipped this section, but couldnt resist spooning a few spoonfuls of a tempting-looking sauce (forgot the name) onto my plate. We then walked alongside the laden buffet tables which held the main courses dishes, stopping every now and then to lift the cover of a particularly intereresting-sounding dish and help ourselves to its steaming contents. Plates full, we strolled back to our table, glancing around the fairly full restaurant as we did so. Seating myself comfortably again, I proceeded to munch my way through the contents of my plate, to the accompaniment of soft background music and a solemn and patient explanation of "synthetic life" from my friend. An hour later, having successfully cleared most of my plate, my friend and I decided to see what the desserts counter had in store for us. Plenty it appeared, judging from the vast array of delectable desserts on offer. Once again, spoilt for choice, we ambled slowly down the desserts counter, helping ourselves to those desserts which looked particularly yummy. Sadly, we had gotten to the counter a little late and the tiramisu which my friend had been looking forward to was all finished. He contented himself however with two mini pear and rhuhbarb tarts, which he liked more than all the other desserts he had helped himself to. My choices were all the chocolaty desserts and gosh, they were good. Really chocolaty. Dessert over, we called for the bill, paid it, tipped generously and happily strolled off, in search of the valet and my car. My overall impression of the restaurant is that it has lovely decor. Understated elegance is the phrase that springs most readily to mind. The music is just the right volume. The wait staff are amazing and quite personable to boot. Our waiter was downright cute as well as being well-mannered, charming, attentive and smiley. The food is terrific. There is a huge variety and the dishes are from a variety of nations. Clearly, an excellent chef is at the helm of things here. The price of the buffet is very reasonable - Rs 1200 per head - considering all that is on offer. It helps though to have a liking and desire to experiment with international cuisine as otherwise options could get limited for the price charged. The crowd is good, a clearly well-heeled set. The surroundings are beautiful - well landscaped and well-maintained. To sum this place and its surroundings in one sentence - discreet, classy, elegant place with wonderful food and service, suited for a relaxed evening out.



Green, Green n more Green

On Saturday afternoon, 8 of us went to Cubbon Pavilion for lunch buffet as it was my cousins birthday, the ambiance was very impressive, as the concept is green, u get to see green plants which r made to grow on the wall, even the drinking water glass has a greenish touch.
As there were too many dishes i dont rem all of them but whichever dishes i tasted every dish was splendidly tasty, to name few starters like Chicken tikka, kalmi kabab were mouth watering. There was japnese, thai, mexican and my fav a variety of Indian dishes were there too. desserts OMG they were so yummy i just cant explain we had kala jamun, payasam etc. there were almost 15 diff types of desserts. i got to eat so many exotic fruits in fruit salad at the end with ice cream. even the fruit juice was good too.
As it was my cousins birthday, they baked a complementary cake which was yummy to eat.
All this came for net Rs. 1,125 per head which i think is completely worth it. On weekdays ( mon to thu) its Rs 850 + 12.5% taxes on sunday its 1200 + 12.5% taxes.
A must visit to all those who luv wide range of dishes n not to forget the exotic fruits.



Awesome place, Superb spread and terrific Service!

Our experience in the restaurant and ITC Royal Gardenia on the whole was terrific.
After living in bangalore for so many years, its hard to find any new places to celebrate a good occasion. 18th being my bday, we decided to try out the new ITC Gardenia. Called them to find out the details and the staff guided me very well to tell which restaurant has what cuisine etc.
We landed there lil late than expected, but the staff was really nice.
They guided us well thru the huge hotel.
We went to Cubbon Pavillion their 24 multi cuisine Coffee Shop and the OMG the buffet spread was terrific. You name the dish, indian, continental, all exotic vegetables, meat, sea food, fruits, desserts, everything was excellent and the taste too good.
Also during booking of table we were asked if we had come to celebrate some special occasion. And I had said yes. And there after our dinner we were handed over a nice choco mousse cake, that was the perfect ending to a lovely bday!
The ambience is really nice, and there is so much greenery around, its hard to say u r in the heart of bangalore just near richmond circle.
Must visit place!