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> > > Daddy's Deli

Daddy's Deli

HAL 2nd Stage  

  • 41154372, 25268164, 9844002692, 9844011237
  • No. 594, 12th Main, 100 Feet Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • American, European, Parsi
  • Meal for 2 - 800

66 Reviews / 68 Ratings

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Daddy's Deli Reviews

mansijm - Burrp User


15 Reviews

November 08,2014







Great Place, Amazing Food

Parsi food has for long been something that is always in the fringes. If you have Parsi friends, you get to taste it, otherwise you may have only heard of it.

The food in Daddy's Deli is just right, the right level of everything that you can think of. With the amount of mutton, chicken and eggs used in a normal Parsi meal, one would expect to feel lethargic and heavy after a satisfying meal - but on the contrary, one is filled up, but without the accompanied heaviness. Obviously the Dhansak is the main dish to try, but do try the cutlets and meat balls. Wash them down with some lovely brewed tea, and the world is at peace.

The guys here have done a great job of bringing authentic Parsi cuisine to the masses. Each of their dishes have been prepared with lots of love and care as if prepared for a guest at home. Definitely a place worth more than a dekko. Great place to go over the weekend. Place gets crowded, so please book in advance, and remember they don't hold your table for more than 10 mins.... So don't be late...


Simply Heaven!

Daddy's Deli situated in the hustle bustle of 12 main Indiranagar is a delight and an experience . A homely decor makes one feel like a simple place with stress free environment that soothes you.Coming to the food - This one is for food Connoisseurs , who would love the feeling of food meting in your mouths which takes you to heaven. A range of desserts is spectacular . From Presentation to Digestion its a treat. Service is exceptional. Very well spoken stewards , well dressed and hygienic. Must visit.


August 10, 2013response from management at Daddy's Deli:

We really appreciate your feedback, Arunima. It makes all our hard work worthwhile. Hope to catch up with you on your next visit. Regards from the team at Daddy's Deli and Red Fork.

August 10, 2013response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Pleasure is all mine Zarine . Daddy's Deli keep serving me good food i'l continue praising about them .Infact last night dinner , was just amazing . I had to meet the chef . A young boy came out and I was amazed to know that he cooked pork braised and chops with such finness . I thing the chef should try participating in "Master Chef ".

August 10, 2013response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Hahaha - thanks Arunima. That's my son. Will let him know how highly you think of him !


Had An Excellent Time!

Went to Dady's Deli this Saturday for Parsi lunch for the first time after reading the reviews on burp!, Had some mouth watering food there. The chicken cutlets were awesome and the egg dish suggested by the staff was mouth watering, every dish we tasted was too perfection, and at the end the Lagan nu custard was the cherry on the cake. Would love to go back again and again.


July 29, 2013response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks very much Swatika, for your wonderful review. We look forward to having you back soon. We're just a bit surprised that you rated us "average" after having such a good time. Was it due to oversight ? See you soon. Regards from the team at DD

Good Job With Ice creams

Had cinnamon ice cream once and pineapple with black pepper ice cream once. Both were great, although the latter is a sorbet. Planning to come here for food next.



Different kind of food but tasty.

I was here for breakfast this morning. The food is tasty and different from what i have seen before.But the quantity is less for its price. Also , the lobby where they have kept a few tables is hot , especially during summers,and as a result of which , you become sweaty and tired by the time the food arrives.It would help if you could have fans kept there. Otherwise,the food and the presentation style of the food is very good.


Good food, on the higher side.

A small cafe located in a very quite olce with not much traffic, Daddy's Deli is a good place to enjoy an early morning breakfast. I had the 'Big Breakfast' which consist of eggs (scrambled, fried, poached), bacon or chicken franks, rosemary mushrooms, and a hash cake with toast. It's a fair quantity breakfast and the quality is quite good too. The service is decent and the ambiance great. If there's one thing to crib about, then it's thehigh prices. But then that can be said about most cafès in Bangalore. Based on my first experience, I would rate it 3.5/5; and definitely worth a second visit.


Big Hole in your Pocket...

went there today around 12:00Noon, the place was not filled with many people. The place is in a bungalow at 12th Main Indiranagar, Posh Area ;) and this place is so much apt for the area we would say...

We ordered a Big Breakfast, which was big on the Pocket but not on the stomach ;) and the food took say 20min to come but it wasn't hot surprising cold food, content of the so called Big Breakfast is chicken sausage- cut into small pieces egg- Made to Order
3.2 Slice of Wheat Bread
4.Mushroom tossed in Rosemary (i guess we need to teach the chef which herb is Rosemary, coz all we found was Garlic :) tomato ( its was supposed to be grilled, our was raw & sour)
for this you need to pay 250.

we weren't very happy with the food.. bill for one breakfast & 2 coffee was 600, that was really ridiculous..

Value for Money : 0/10
Presentation of Food : 7/10

Verdict :if you like food presentation more than taste & quantity and you don't mind burning a hole in your pocket then you can visit ;)


October 16, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Dear ss010581 - We are sorry to hear that you were so disappointed with the breakfast. We only wish that you could have drawn our attention to it whilst you were there since there were two of us working the floor, checking with customers. Please call us on 41154372 and ask to speak to Zarine so that we can have a one on one conversation to improve on things. Thanks


Avoid! And the menu on Burrp is outdated.

Went there yest after reading such good reviews here. what a disappointment! The restaurant was completely empty at 9 Pm. SHould have taken a clue and left. The food was definately not fresh .
party of 6. ordered the following starters" brain cutlet", chicken cutlet n prawn koorma. all average fare.
Mains - Chiken pulao - This was good
Some dish called dashtak - AWEFUL!
Pork Vindaloo - BAD

Bill? - 5K!!

Not going again...


October 13, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Dear Redlobster - It most surprising that you completely omitted to mention a few IMPORTANT points in the above review. Point no. 1 - You failed to mention that though the restaurant was empty when you walked in, it filled up whilst you were there. Point no. 2 - My manager repeatedly checked with you and your friends if everything was okay (and anyone who has been to DD knows that we do this religiously every single day with every single customer). You said all was fine and did not mention a single word of complaint or disappointment. Poi

October 15, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

You know Zarine...i am surprised reading your reply

1. Every item was cleaned on the plate - LOL - we ate only the starters because there were 6 of us and we ordered cutlets thinking there will be several pieces for all of us. But SURPRISE! only 2 pieces in each order that too costing about 300 each plate. Did you see the remains of the main course? THE PORK VINDALOO WAS HARDLY TOUCHED SO WAS SOME ITEM CALLED DASTHAK and the rice accompaniment. The only think we ate were the chicken pulao which also were left. We discussed in the t

October 16, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Dear RedLobster : Having been in business for over a decade now, we are confident that the quality of our service and food speak for themselves. We are also adept at discerning the kind of clientele we would like to attract and keep. People who make vague threats about being "foodies" do not fall into that category. And the dish you keep calling Dasthak is "Dhansak". It's a dish synonymous with Parsis as any foodie would know.

October 17, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Zarine -
1.You lied about us cleaning off our plates when we really did not and there were lots of left overs which we did not even bother to pack
2. Most of us were trying out parsi food for the first time and also interacting with a parsi for the first time so obviously we were confused with the name of the dish .
3.You are very defensive and dont look at the customer's perspective and just insult/tell lies to cover up
4. I and my family/Friends/ will never step into your restaurant again. Wish you all the best but at this ra

Sanjay  - Burrp User

Sanjay , IT

51 Reviews

September 28,2012


Nice place, definitely worth a try.

Everybody talks about this place, so give it a go. Some will like the style of food, others won't, but you can't leave the city without trying.

Agree on comments about portion sizes - they're tiny. But to be honest, I think that's what we need. Otherwise you get an oversized oily gravy that nobody finishes anyways.


menu_mania - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 09,2012


Quite good... not yet excellent!

We had a nice cosy family evening at Daddy's Delhi.
The place is homely and does not have the trappings of a usual restaurant.

Positives : Staff are quite attentive, service is good

Negatives : Portion sizes are frugal e.g. if you order a mutton dish there are two pieces of mutton in it!
We ordered a kebab platter which was quite good!
I have definitely had better 'dhansaak' than what I tasted at Daddy's deli.
The Akuri was also nice.

It was definitely a good experience, but cannot say that the food was lipsmackingly good to get me back at Daddy's in a hurry!


Best authentic Parsee cuisine outside of Bombay

It was worth driving all the way to Indiranagar for lunch at Daddy's Deli today. I satisfied my urge for Parsee cusine after so many years thanks to Daddy's Deli. I loved the Patra nee Machee, Mutton Dhansak, Salee Botee with rotlis (never tasted such soft rotli before) and Lagan nu custard. My son has gone gaga over the Moroccan Lamb Burger and the Pork spare ribs. The Mutton in dhansak and salee botee were so tender and succulent which added to the taste. Absolutely clean, homely ambiance and the service was fantastic.


September 8, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks've really made all our hard work worth it. See you back soon.

Good Food, Meat Quantity not impressive

The Dhansak is yummy if you haven't tried Parsi food..Must Try.. what was disappointing is that they meat quantity served was not satisfactory at all!!
Dhanshak (2 smaller than a egg size pieces of mutton)
If a non veg dish is prices at Rs. 300 then it better have some non-Veg in it...
Tastes undoubtedly good!!


August 17, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks for your feedback - I will check on the mutton portions and ensure correctness.

Su waat che!

Menu saras hatu :) Enjoyed re-visiting some classic Parsi dishes....and wiping it all down with some lagan nu custard.
Veggie menu needs some work on it tho - but then we're talking abt Parsi cuisine in all not just DD. Was initially surprised that the patra was not spicy - but hey I had it mixed up with the Ballygunge version !! And yes there are a 100 ways of making dhansak and am sure every family has its own good recipe...especially love the one our Parsi neighbour shared with us in A'bad. But DD's was ok too...
Well, already craving for some more.....


My Favvv Break fast joint.....

I usually visit here twice a month on average..And every time I have a standard order.. thats the non-veg club sandwich, which i think is by far the best in town after Flury's in Kolkata...Im a hard core non-veggie and love discovering new places..This is my most valuable search till date.. Thank you Zarine for giving us such delights...
Everytime I enter the place (including previous location)..I just feel soooo relaxed.. I love the omlette with aloo in it (dont remember the name).. the kheema omlette is yummm... everything that they cook somehow has a love attached to it.. The roasted beef panini,and the DD's beef burger are just WOWW.. also had lunch just once to try pure parsi dishes.. amazing... had the Vindaloo and the meat just melts,with Khicri Keema,for starters had cocktail kababs(must try)..

Overall... 10 thumbs up!!! Been there and will be there over and over again.... :)))


May 11, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Prasana - you don't know how beautiful our day was after reading your feedback - I honestly wish we could make all our customers this happy. I hope we get a chance to meet up - I would very much like to meet such a big fan of Daddys Deli ! Regards - Zarine

Awesome start to our day !!

I have been going to DD for breakfast quite often. I just love this place. They are good and they love their food. It is obvious from the way they treat customers and the way they prepare their food. Their Spanish omlette, Cheesy omlette are to die for. When my kid accompanies us, the staff was more than happy to serve us plain toast with butter and jam. What else can i ask for ? They are adjusting and understanding which is something that each parent looks out for in any restaurant !

Everything is perfect here. Kudos to Zarine who takes care of each person personally !! Just one bit of advice....Please never lower the standards ever ! Where would foodies like me go for Parsi food then ;) ?


May 7, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thank you Naagurinchi - for the raving review. We will, in no way, lower the standards ever ! In fact we aim to bring in much more variety at the Cafe. Hope to catch up with you soon. Warm regards - Zarine


Good Food, Good Times

Nicely done place very warm and cozy in proverbial "heart" of iNagar. Went there on a recommendation of a friend and was delighted. My friend and I, tried Salli Murgi and Salli Boti and both lived up to the recommendation. Then there were Rotlis the 'size zero' version of Rotis, amazingly thin and was a perfect suggest by the server for Salli's. Wonder how they flatten the dough like that.

Apart from food there is little "Picture book of traditions" showing the illustrious history of Parsis with a nice personal touch on Parsi wedding, a must see.



May 2, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Dear Asif - Many thanks for this feedback and glad you so enjoyed the meal. Hope to catch up with you when you next visit. Regards - Zarine

The food gave us a stomach upset!

This place is right next to our new office and I had been looking forward to going there since I heard some great reviews.Walking in for lunch with a colleague I noticed the charming decor and got a warm welcome from the staff. I had parsi eggs and my colleague had spinach corn fritters. I have had Akuri before and I was a bit disappointed with the way it tasted. And worse of all we both had a stomach upset the next day!! :( :(
I don't know if it was bad eggs or something else but I am very disappointed and my friend is cursing me for dragging him there :(


April 20, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Dear Priyanka - We are quite surprised to read your review. We are sorry about the upset stomach but fail to understand how - Akuri can only be prepared fresh - if the eggs were bad you would have known right away from the smell so that could not have been the problem. Surprisingly, our Akuri is one of the most favored of dishes but since the like/dislike of food is a personal choice we respect your right to say that you've tasted better before. I assure you that Daddys Deli has the highest standards of hygiene and controls and hope that you

Waiting for my turn

Hi..I have recently moved into Bangalore...I became a full time devotee of parsee cuisine ever since i tasted it in Mumbai and Pune couple of years ago..I was always wondering when i would get the chance to gorge on my Mutton berri pulav, Saali boti/chicken, chicken farcha, Mutton danshak and the Lagan nu last Burrrp provided me an opportunity through your Daddy's Deli...I am planning to visit your place on this friday (9th march) for dinner..Hope my taste buds gets tickled for the gr8 parsi food and also the size of portion ;-)...hope to see you soon Daroga's!




Well, this is more of a note to the management of Daddy's Deli than a review - simply because we never really got to taste the food.Went there yesterday, around 9:30 pm (no reservations made). Most of the place was empty, barring the indoor section - which seemed quite busy. The place looked pretty charming - until we walked up to a flustered looking staff-member behind the ice cream counter. We asked if we could take one of the empty tables outside - and heard "You can sit if you want, but it will take time" and he mumbled something about having many customers, apparently all of them "ordered just now". I'm sure it would have been perfectly acceptable if the place was all full - but with at least 5 empty tables, you'd at least expect to be welcomed and seated before such a disclaimer came out. The man's tone was more like "Please do not sit down and add to my troubles". Not sure if we were plain unlucky that the place was understaffed on that particular night and this man was having a bad day - but turning away customers without even an apology is a tad too much to take. Risky proposition for the business - especially in a place like Indiranagar, teeming with options.
Did I miss out on the highly acclaimed food here? Maybe, but a nearby place more than made up for it. I'm certainly not going back soon, and can only hope that the staff gets some training in customer relations!


March 5, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Hi - At the outset our sincerest apologies for the callous attitude of one of our staff. What he failed to inform you in a courteous manner was that the Cafe closes at 9pm hence the empty tables around. The Parsi restaurant which is indoors is open till 11pm. Since I am currently house bound and on bed rest after a major surgery I have instructed my staff not to take the restaurant overspill into the cafe lest there be service issues. I'm sorry this was not communicated correctly to you. Please give us an opportunity to rectify this and keep

March 11, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Hello Ms. Zarine,
Thanks for the response - it does make sense. Wish you a good and fast recovery.
Well, I did go back today (I really wanted to try out Parsi food) - and am glad to say it was indeed a totally different experience. I liked all that I ate, especially the Kolmi na Kavab. I also enjoyed the mutton Dhansak, and the caramel custard was great too. You've got a really good thing going with the food - as long as your staff keep up the courteous and efficient service that we got today, I'm sure Daddy's Deli will continue to get

March 11, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks very much for this positive response. Am delighted you finally got what you were looking for. Hope to meet you sometime. Warm regards - Zarine



Honestly, i went to eat at this place looking at all the good reviews. Expecting to get some delicious food, i was left disappointed. I had ordered the DD's beef burger. the beef in it had a really rotten stink. Couldn't go beyond two bites. the cold coffee and the strawberry milkshake was nothing but colored milk, with no taste of the coffee or the strawberry. Ordered pancakes for dessert, but to my dismay, these were completely uncooked as well. Somehow the only good item was the Chinese bhel. Being a food and meat lover, overall, the visit was disappointing.


February 2, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Hmm….. CHINESE bhel ????????? Did you see that on OUR menu ???? Makes me wonder about the rest of your review !!!

Gotta try their DDs Beef burger

It is by far the best beef burger I have had in town. You gotta try it.


February 2, 2012response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks Somil Mittal - glad you liked it.


Delicious and easy on the pocket

I went to Daddy's deli today for the second time. This time I took my family to try the delicious food. The mutton cutlets and dhansak was great. The dhansak quantity was huge enough to fill to hungry stomachs with ease. For dessert we tried the choco mousse which was the best I have ever tasted. and is highly recommended. The cost of the entire meal came to 2000 for 4 people. The staff were pleasant and courteous. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and I'm definitely making another visit to try the other dishes which also look mouth watering.


hairy tale

Just a recent arrival from mumbai, I was missing by salli pe eedu which came out in about 15 minutes...with a hair in the second bite. The Maitre'd promptly cleared it away and ordered a fresh one, by which time my appetite kind of waned. Asked for it to be packed since I could see this wasn't the real crunchy salli with egg on top but some kind of a veggies n egg all in one. Imagine my chargin to discover another hair merrily plastered in the takeaway box. May be a wee bit o time before i venture here again. Coffee with cinnamon was decent though!


December 28, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Dear Neeti - this is unforgivable - thank you for bringing it to our notice. I assure you it is a one off freak occurrence and hope it does not deter you from coming in again. Let me also assure you that the sali-per-eedu does not have any vegetables in it. One cannot have just sali on the base - we add onions, kothmir and chillies so that is what you assumed to be Vegs. Our sincere apologies for the mishap. Regards Zarine

December 28, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks for the reply Zarine. I am fine with the onions et al, it is just that the salli kind of got mixed in with the egg prior to cooking, while i've usually seen the egg cooked and served on a crunchy bed of salli. As a foodie, will definitely swing by soon. Regards, neeti

December 28, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks for being so good about our good up. Hope to catch up with you on your next visit. Regards Zarine


Really Lovely

My Mom and I went here for dinner on Diwali. We chose this place because being an Indian festival day, we felt that should we be eating out, we should have Indian food and I always like something a little different from the usual North Indian/South Indian/Regional restuarants. We parked our car just opposite the restaurant and strolled inside. We stood for a few seconds peering at the gourmet icecreams and then made our way to the A/C section of the restaurant, based on a suggestion from a pleasant lady who we felt must be an owner of the restaurant. Comfortably seated, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was quite empty (I have been to their outlet when it was the other side of 12th Main) and it had been quite packed). I put it down to being Diwali and as I am a person who doesn't really like crowded places, I was more than pleased. My Mom and I looked at the menus which the very pleasant waiter handed us and chose a glass of Butter Milk, a prawn based starter and a Prawn and Capsicum Layered Rice with Spicy Dhal. The Buttermilk arrived fairly quickly and was soon followed by the starter and the accompanying chutney. After this came our main course and as we were feeling extremely full, we reluctantly skipped dessert. My impression of the place is that it has a great ambience (nice music and lovely pictures on the walls). The furniture is also attractive and more importantly comfortable. Service is excellent - prompt, discreet and smiling. The price is very reasonable and there aren't the exorbitant taxes that some places I have been to in Bangalore charge. The menu is very interesting and there is plenty of choice. The food also seems pretty authentic to me. All in all, a great place to visit and one which I intend to go back to, very shortly.


November 2, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Dear ragpicker1 - I do remember meeting you and your mum. Am really happy that you both enjoyed the food. We look forward to having you over again. We appreciate the review and will aim to keep going the same way. Regards - Zarine

rushI  - Burrp User


17 Reviews

October 10,2011


Just Fine

Went to this place after seeing review and first hand reviews by one friend but must say the place is just fine and so it the food. I am pretty sure being the boutique restaurant kind of place, the quality of the ingredient is good, but just that! Taste was very normal, and potions were bad. Grilled chicken burger was tiny and so was Spanish omelet . Wish they could add stuff to make dishes more interesting like herb butter, or even team up dishes by some hash browns etc. That way at-least the dish would be more fulfilling


Ajay  - Burrp User


5 Reviews

October 07,2011


Delicious food in a good setting

Had lunch here with couple of cousins on a Friday afternoon. Was there with high expectations after seeing recommendations on burrp.

Excellent is an understatement to describe the food we were served. Every Veg dish we ordered was delicious and cooked with care. All of us were having Parsi food for the first time and all of us were blown away by what we ate. Even a Mango ice cream a cousin had for dessert was mouth watering. And my custard based dessert was the best I've ever had. Main course was even better as were the starters

Ambiance is pretty good, nothing exotic, but of good taste.

Service was quite good as well. Above average though waiters and servers did not have the same passion or attention as chefs or the owner (who seems to check every group at-least once to make sure they are comfortable)

Mark this joint on your list if you want Parsi food, or just a good lunch. Will be worth the visit in any case. A great place to take your customers or close ones as well.

Suggestion to Burrp and restaurants. Please make it easy to pick and mark the stuff we ate from their menu or to at-least recommend them. It is cumbersome to navigate to the menu and type out the names.


Good things come in small packages.

The heading of the review is mainly my sentiments on the portion size of the paturani maach. Its tiny for the amount you pay for it. And what makes it worse is that its absolutely delicious. They say you cant have it all, true in this case.

Daddys Deli in the old place was nice and cosy. Have been there a few times when it was located on the other side of 100ft road. The last time i went for lunch here was two years back. Then last week i visited again. The new location is a bit livelier but lacks the charm of the residence-converted-restaurant of the old place. However, the food quality has lost nothing in transit.

Its difficult for me to remember the names of the dishes.. but some come to mind. I almost always order the paturani maach. Its fish cooked/steamed in a leaf with a green chutney like marinade. If you like fish, you will truly appreciate the way the chutney complements the taste of the fish without over powering it. Wonderful stuff, but as mentioned above, the portion is microscopic and hence very disappointing.

There are other appetisers like the mutton balls (not sure wat its called), which are fairly nice. The main course should be Dhansak. Or the mutton kheema with rice. Both dishes are delicately flavoured, and the meat is cooked to perfection. The portions for the main course are generous. A dhansak and a kheema rice will easily suffice three people. The menu is not large, but the good part is that the dishes are different from each other. There is another mutton dish with a slightly sweetish taste to it, which was a big hit with some of my friends, but i rather it be spicy than sweet.
You must try the lagannu-custard for dessert. Its a perfect way to end the meal which by the end of it feels a lot lot heavier than it looks.

Another thing that has changed from the old place is the service. You no longer have to wait eons to get your food. The service was fast and prompt.

The place is not cheap or even moderate. Its expensive. But the food is unique and authentic, so i guess adding a premium to the rates should only be expected. I love the food here though and would definitely recommend this place.

P.S- Am not sure if i am spelling the dishes correctly... but it should be phonetically correct. :-)


September 16, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Dear Stormsearcher - Thanks for your candid and complimentary review. We shall examine the portions of Patra-ni-Machhi and see if we can satisfy your hunger pangs a little more. The mutton balls are called Kababs and the other mutton dish with a slightly sweetish taste to it is Sali Boti. One more spelling correction - Lagan-nu-Custard !!!!! Thanks again and looking forward to having you back for a meal. Regards - Zarine

September 16, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Ah yes. Sali boti!! My bro trips on it. Its the patra-ni-macchi for me. Will look forward to my next visit then. Thanks

godofdeath - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 09,2011


Good food Good Ambience

If you live in and around Indiranagar and want to have parsi food then this is the place, though sadly bangalore does't have many Parsi restaurants but trust me this will do. Good tasty authentic parsi food served with a bright smile on face.


September 9, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Glad we could satisfy your taste buds. Thanks for the review.

Good Taste, Small Portions

We went over for a long-weekend Saturday breakfast, leisurely strolling into this quaintly-located cafe off 100 ft road, I'nagar. Seating was comfortable and we chose the outdoors which is a reasonable assembly of chairs and tables under a canopy.

We were two and we shared one of the vegetarian sandwiches and a spanish omelette. The drinks menu is sparse so we had to do without one. The taste was very, very good and the choice of ingredients showed the quality of the kitchen personnel.

However, we were extremely disappointed with the portions (even the quintessential juice junction uses the larger-sliced, sandwich breads). I'd rather pay more for a sandwich than feel like I need to order half of another. Big let-down.

The service is ordinary and the staff may need training to understand the nuances of the wonderfully-tasting food they serve. The salt tumbled out of a poorly maintained container onto the table and our attendant was ill-equipped to handle it, apologies et al.

Overall, a nice option for a meal which can let you favourably slow down your urban day. Useful if you are in a party of three (or four) so you can add 1-2 extra dishes to come out better filled.


August 25, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

This is a really useful review for us, many thanks. We will start working on the areas that need tightening and we hope your next experience is a much improved one. Regards - Zarine

sb1907 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

August 13,2011


Great Breakfast Joint

Have been to this place a couple of times. Their new location is much more spacious. The service is excellent - the proprietress herself took our order. Menu is great for breakfast. We love their omelets, waffles and sandwiches. Wish we had such restaurants in our side of town.


August 13, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks very much for the feedback. We hope to maintain our standards and have you come back for more. Regards - Zarine

Good food

Nice place.Loved it. Went with my partner for lunch and had a very cozy feel. Food was simple yet very tasty. Enjoyed the food. Will go back here again.


August 10, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thank you dear customer - will continue to raise the bar !

August 10, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

And we will continue coming to Daddy's Deli :)


Daddy's Deli is the pits

First time for dinner at DD - had Mutton Dhansak. the meat was tougher than the IIT JEE. The only charitable excuse - the chef had an off day. That doesn't explain the atrocious pricing. The only thing parsi about this joint is possibly the Daddy and his daughter. Have had much better parsi fare right here in Bangalore at the Ebony. Having been a regular at the Parisien on Homi Mody Street, Bombay ( courtesy Volats Lunch coupons), I can vouch that Daddy's Deli is the pits. Faux Parsi restaurant for sure.


Where art thou?

I went there last night and was surprised that the whole place has been whipped clean. No trace of a Deli having stood there. Relocated?


July 23, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Dear Subha - We have been informing our customers for the last three months that we are relocating to No. 594, 12th Main. We are now on the other side of 100 Foot Road, on the left side if you are heading towards 80 Foot Road, opposite Gilma showroom. Sorry to have disappointed you. Hope to see you at DD's very soon.
Regards - Zarine

July 23, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks a lot Zarine.. I was quite heartbroken when I didn't find you guys there. Somehow I missed your r
relocation news.

July 23, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

You are most welcome - please spread the word !


One of the best places to eat

I am a regular at this place especially when I want to eat good wholesome food that satisfies the soul. The staff is extremely polite and helpful, the hostess is friendly and warm.

Love the feel of the place and the taste of the food.


great breakfast place!

their sumptuous breakfast is the best continental breakfast this side of town.great waffles, omlettes and french-toasts. and bacon is awesome as always. infact many times i head there just to have bacon!
great place and the best part is that there is breakfast all day :)



very nice

Awesome food, very different from the normal North Indian, South Indian, Chinese restaurant food. Good service. Highly recommended.


Loved it

I had never tried Parsi Cuisine. and didnt know much about it. But 'The Lady' helped us immensely with the selection of dishes. And my mum, who is not a great fan of restaurants, loved the food. She said it tasted like homefood. and please see the scrapbook they have made on the Parsis. Really liked that. You go there and learn about an entire culture. Way to go!


Awesome breakfast joint.

I went there for a sunday Brunch. The menu is excellent, and has great bread and egg dishes. I had the kheema omelet which was superb. The desserts were mind blowing, the Parsee style custard is a must try. The Lemon Cheesecake was the most mind blowing. The ambience is very beautiful set up under the trees. Planning to go here for lunch some time.


April 3, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks Sheki, for the good words. Glad you enjoyed everything so much. Looking forward to having you over for lunch and satisfying you just as much. Thanks from all of us here at Daddy's Deli.


just can't get enough

I know i've written about Daddy's Deli before but my friend and I just can't seem to get enough!!!

This time we went to the cafe for lunch. Wanted something filling and affordable, and had a gut feeling we'd hit the jackpot here. Correct!

Beef Burger...yummmm. Beef panini...yummmmmyy. peanut and caramel ice-cream...yummmierrrr. I don't know where the bread is sourced from, but it's amazing!

Thank you Zarine for giving Bangalore this little gem. And, thank you for taking everyone's feedback into consideration.

I know i'm going to be back very soon. Can't wait to try the Parsi food!


March 22, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thank you…thank you…thank you……- We just have to strive to live up to this. Ofcourse - you have to try the Parsi Food - there's only one of its' kind in Bangalore. With gratitude from my staff and us - Zarine


Best Waffles ever ..

Went for Breakfast here on a Sunday morning ! Good food. We ordered waffles - which was the best I have ever eaten. It was made the right away and the maple syrup along with it was yum. Also tasted the cheese omelette's - which was fluffy and made well.
The filter coffee was the only thing which was not good. Fresh juice would be nice instead of canned juice. Also, the kulfi ice cream is a must try.
The place has a nice ambience to it - service is good - the nice lady approaches us all the time we there.


March 20, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Sorry about the filter coffee - we are setting it right. Thanks for the feedback.


Like having breakfast in bed

Most wonderful pancakes i've had in a long time. Fluffy and moist and served with butter and actual maple syrup. Couldn't ask for anything better. Literally felt like eating breakfast in bed. only disappointment were the scrambled eggs which were too little in quantity.

Quaint and peaceful, made sunday breakfast truly enjoyable. You actually feel cared for here without feeling overwhelmed.


March 20, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

We have increased the quantity of scrambled eggs thanks to your feedback.


Eggcelent breakfast

I've tried their pancakes, burger and omlettes. They are wonderful.
Also the latest range of gourmet ice creams - I tried fig walnut and it tasted so fresh and had the goodness of homemade preparation.
The food is served in interesting ware and the small garden is very beautifully done.
Quaint and sweet place for a lazy sunday breakfast.


March 20, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thank you for your nice words - we aim to keep it up !

Just like home!

I had never tried Parsi food prior to this. But if this is what its all about, I've got to say I think I've taken quite a liking to this cuisine! A simple meal with complex flavors was what we were greeted by.
Great job on the sweet lassi -nice flavors and very light, great way to start a meal. The fish cutlets were very well cooked, although I would have liked a little more fish in them.
I don't quite remember the name of the lamb side dish we had, but absolutely loved it. Tender meat and brilliant flavors. I had to try the cheesecake. The lemon sort of hits you, but the consistency is perfect. Great kulfi too.
A quaint little place for a nice home cooked meal! Value for money! Definitely going back! :)



Lovely Saturday Lunch

started with coctail cutlets and followed by non veg dhansak....both were reli tasty ... neither too oily nor to light ....lemon cheese cake and lagan nu Custard surely topped the chart .....have developed an apetite for Parsi cuisine..



Homey gem of a restaurant

I loved this place. It feels like you are visiting family and dining in their home. It's a comfy little restaurant that is quite popular. They offer delicious parsi cuisine and had a really reasonable wine tasting special when we visited. A real change of pace!


January 2, 2011response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks for making our day ! It's just what we set out to achieve ! Will strive to maintain all that you appreciated. Regards - Zarine

Awesome breakfast

I love the breakfast ...Me and my wife are absolutely delighted to find this place in our neighbourhood. The waffles, pancakes with maple syrup is absolutely delicious. Simply awesome.
I like the omelettes, especially the Parsi ones..and I do agree that the tea and coffee on offer could be a little better.
Overall, a wonderful experience and always look forward to a Sunday breakfast at Daddy's Deli!


December 31, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks so much for your feedback - will really check out what the problem is with the tea/coffee. Will strive to keep it up and ensure that you always enjoy your meals at DD ! Regards - Zarine

I can't get enough of this place!

If the ordering in was good, eating at Daddy'd Deli is even better. Unbelievably quick service and steaming hot parsi fare make for a very interesting, gluttonous outing. And the prawns here were the freshest I have had in Bangalore. Absolutely brilliant!

The cafe is quaint, and very aptly in one of the quietest lanes of Indiranagar. And it is mindblowing! Brilliant sandwiches, refreshingly "different" peas patties, fresh, awesome salads, and a Corner House to balance all the healthy eating. You can give the coffee a miss, or strictly order black. Like most other places, getting the right coffee is pretty difficult here. But having said that, I totally recommend this place and I am now waiting for the English breakfast trip to Daddy's Deli. It will happen the first Sunday I manage to wake up in time for breakfast!


November 30, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks very much for the feedback - we look forward to having you over for breakfast and I'm usually around on Sunday mornings so you could give me feedback in person. Will work on the coffee right away.

senguptas - Burrp User


19 Reviews

September 20,2010


Awesome Parsi food

We visited the place on a recomendation and we do not regret the decision.
The ambience is minimilistic but clean. There are chairs only and no sofas available. Music though was slightly loud but all this does not take away the food that is served.
Though finding parking is a challenge be prepared to park in any of the bylanes and then walk down for the food. We did the same and the dinner we had was worth the walk.
Quantity and quality of the food is good.
Service is friendly and not over bearing, we served our own food at our own pace. The best part was that a complete non spicy sweet dal was provided for our daughter and we were not charged for it.
The Parsis will break eggs on anything, so we tried the eggs with fried potatoes (Sali-Per-Eeda)and it was so well prepared.This section of side dishes with eggs should be tried by all.
In startres we had Macchi na cutlets which wa s just perfectly done- less oil, soft but felt the coriander was little bit more.
Last we ordered fro the Non veg Dhansak and god bless it was spicy.It just took the breadth way and our ears just burned!! So be careful if you cannot stand spicy food.But the preparation was fantastic. the quantity is more than sufficient for 2 people.
Food is reasonably priced. Food for two with the above menu and a sweet dish of custard was around 750 INR.
The menu is varied and can warrant for repeat visit.


vin75 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 02,2010



The visit to daddy's deli was more of impulsive decision than a planned visit. After getting up very late on a lazy Sunday I was already too late for a planned outing to a club on MG road. I had no choice but to take angry wifey out for lunch somewhere close as it was already getting past lunchtime. So I started from home at 2:35 and managed to reach the place in 15 min as i stay closeby in cv raman ngr. As all the tables in main area ( around 5-7) were occupied we were directed to inner room adjoining wash room (which actually is a bedroom of 1BHK set-up in which resto is housed). This was good considering it offered more privacy. We were then given menu and a plate of complimentary rice chips which my 6 yr daughter liked very much and did'nt hesitate one bit when lady owner of the resto offered one more plate. The lady owner herself came down to take the order which was very sweet. We ordered brain cutlets for starters. These were yummy (crispy outside and soft inside) and I had brain cutlet after some 10-12 years. For the side dish we asked lady to suggest something not spicy from among mutton dishes (my daughter does'nt eat spicy) and she suggested sali kheema which was also spicy but nevertheless tasty just like home-made and we had it with rotlis (they appeared to be not fresh and were oven cooked). Then we ordered famous parsi dish Dhansak. I was very disappointed with this dish as I had very high expectations considering it was priced 300 bucks. But all I got was thick dal gravy with just one medium piece and two tiny pieces of mutton thrown in and served along with brown rice. Taste was good but did'n seem very fresh. For the dessert we ordered laga-nu-custrd and choco mousse. both desserts were excellent but quantity was a bit less. However the worst was yet to come. I was expecting a bill of around 700-750 and guess what...I was handed the bill for 980 bucks (with 10% VAT or is it VAAAT). Though while ordering I had not seen the menu closely I had to see it again to believe what i was seeing. And this is what I found ; Starters are priced 20% more, side dishes 30% more, main dish 35% more and desserts 15% more. Though I would have given 3 and half stars for the food I will limit to only 2 stars keeping in mind the overpriced menu. Will I go again???? Yes....but only if they rework the prices on the menu ...till then I think Ramada (tiger-trail) and indijoes are better value-for-money.



Thank You...

This was my first tryst with Parsi Food. I LOVED IT.

To start with we ordered the cocktail kababs. Being from Lucknow and having tasted a variety of kababs all my life, I was expecting a similar taste... These were totally different... yet they struck a chord, instantly. The spices were just right and they allowed the real taste of mutton / chicken to flow through. Heavenly, I must say! I could have had a couple of plates more but wanted to try something else too...

So we decided to have Lagansara Lamb with Rotlis... This was another surprise... My wife who was initially skeptical of the coconut gravy started praising it!!! Although I would have liked the lamb more tender and pieces smaller, the gravy was amazing. Wifey has been browsing the net to search for its recipe. The next time we go there, I am sure she is gonna ask the chef himself.

We ended the meal with Lagan Nu Custard… We thought it was a bit pricey for the quantity served, but no complaints regarding the taste.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, we were there with our 2.5 month old daughter and when she started getting cranky the host herself came to our rescue and held the child in her arms while we finished our main course.

For a little more than 600 bucks I got good food, good hospitality and a kiss from wifey.
Not a bad deal!!!


July 29, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks dear guest - that was really heartening. Your baby was such a delight to take care of so no worries there ! Will work on the lamb being more tender but you need to come back for more on the menu. See you soon. Regards - Zarine


A tad disappointed with Salli Murghi

I'm quite a fan of Parsi food. Have eaten Parsi food at a friends place and at Britannia Cafe in Mumbai and I mean it when i say "it's finger-licking good"! After reading the rave reviews here I happened to be in a building a stone's throw from Daddy's Deli, hence decided to get some grub there albeit all by my self. Ordered Salli Murghi and Rotlis - seeing on the menu I'd have to cough up 300 bucks for this was a bit shocking but neverthless I went ahead. The saga now begins - the chicken pieces were huge and not fresh and the gravy was tasteless. It was bland beyond imagination. The salli murghi at Britannia was too good for words. Beyond comparison. I may still give this place a 2nd chance bcoz the reviews posted & bcoz of the very sweet lady who owns the place. She apologised since I didn't like it too much and asked me to try the Vindaloo next time which I might. So all in all.. Strtictly Average!!


July 25, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks for adding the explanation given by me - let me assure you that the chicken (and all the ingredients) are absolutely fresh. We only cook small quantities of food and do not store large quantities of raw food, so everything is absolutely freshly purchased or cooked. This is an assurance I can give without hesitation. I also suggest that in future, you let my staff know what tastes you are looking out for in terms of spicy/bland, sour/sweet, etc. Hope to see you back soon. Regards - Zarine


One of my favourite eateries in Bangalore

If you love Parsi food, you absolutely must try Daddy's Deli. Authentic food, attentive service and a homely ambience. The Dhansak is not to be missed, as also the Lagan nu Custard & the Mawa Cake. Jamva Chalo Ji!


July 25, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Dear Grubby - I have passed on the compliments to my kitchen and service staff and thank you very much for your feedback. We shall strive to maintain the standards in all respects. Regards - Zarine


One of the best

I was shocked to read the last two totally erroneous reviews on Daddy's Deli. This is obviously with an aim to malign a perfectly good restaurant serving great food. I am a regular at DD and at every meal have heard those around me complimenting the food and the service. Ebony is no match for DD - nofoodie1 has obviously corrupted his taste buds. As for sam13 - he/she knows nothing about Parsi cuisine so forget it. Check the place out for yourselves.


July 25, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Dear Ssneha - you've said it all. It is customers like you that make our business worthwhile. Regards - Zarine


Very disappointing!!

Very disappointing!! The Dhansak at Ebony is much better. Also, I don’t think they serve freshly cooked food!!

Im sure all lovers of Parsi food surely have Parsi friends, I suggest you go to your Parsi friends house if you want a Parsi meal in Bangalore. Daddy’s Deli not happening and to make things worse, its very expensive.


July 4, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Sorry to have disappointed you - i'm sure Ebony is great and cheaper than Daddy's Deli. We have no issues with them and salute them if their Dhansak is better !!!!


Too Expensive!

First of all it's not an open seating as dreaded. Instead it's a 1 BHK house converted into a hotel iwth airconditioning. There's just one guy who takes your order and waits on you.

All the dishes are priced Rs 120 upwards. Mutton Dhansak is Rs 300 where as the veg one is Rs 200. Pretty expensive indeed! Every dish we had seem to have curd as base including the batter for my brain cutlet,
which was too pulpy and too sour. Ditto with the cocktail veg kebabs.

All the dishes were served in Borosil containers, so I am guessing that food is made and just heated (which explains the sour batter taste).

Everything we ordered did taste different, but can't vouch for the authenticity as it was our first time sampling Parsi cuisine. Portions are not much and the bill was huge!

What we really hated was the 10% service tax included in the bill and when we asked for finger bowls, we were shown the rest room. It's simpler to heat water in microwave, isn't it?



Not such a satisfying Parsi lunch

Visited Daddy's Deli for Parsi food on Sunday after reading the reviews. I love Parsi food and as I have many Parsi friends, I have eaten the most authentic home cooked food.

We ordered Kolmi Kabab and Farsha for starters - the kababs were yummy but the Farsha was disappointing. The chicken was not fresh, it was surely made the previous day and microwaved before serving.
For drinks we had Fresh lime soda which was as regularly served at any place and Shiraz-the wine was good.
Main course we had -- Dhansak which comes with brown rice - this was yummy.
Saali murghi with rotis - Again the chicken wasn't tasting fresh and the rotis were made previously and micro waved before serving.

The service was very slow- the second glass of wine came after we finished our meals. A slow service with regards to food is fine as it was a sunday but serving of drinks could surely be prompt.

The ambience is good- homely atmosphere, clean.

The food specially the chicken items and the rotis need to be better - in particular freshly prepared as stale food at a place which makes you feel like home is a strict NO NO.


July 4, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks for your honest feedback. We have taken up the issue of the Farcha and the rotis and assure you that you will find a refreshing change on your next visit. On the other hand i assure you and all our customers that the food is prepared fresh on a daily basis and on no occasion would be serve anything but that. Infact you will find several times that certain items are over if you come on a crowded Saturday or Sunday - that should tell you that there is not much opportunity for us to serve left overs !!!! Hope to see you again so that we


What a simple Khichdi! And so Yum!

We went to the Daddy's Deli, Parsi restaurant on a rather full stomach. We were 4 of us and none were in the mood to order big. So we went for the basic Khichdi which comes with a curd based curry... more like a dahi kadi but I have never had anything like it before. Sweet-Sour and you cant stop at one helping!

The khichdi was so light and flavourful that the inspite of a full stomach we polished it off.

Sometimes when one steps out to eat, one wants a light meal, something that would come out of a home-kitchen and not a typical restaurant with excessively rich flavours or spices. And I am glad I have found this comfort-food corner for myself.

I really hope they keep this up.


June 14, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks Rachita - for your compliments. We definitely aim to keep this up. You really have summed up the essence of Daddy's Deli - home cooked meals for comfort and satisfaction. We look forward to having you back. Regards Zarine

Majja ni life..

.. And no, this is not the Munnabhai hangover.

If you once lived in Pune and made a beeline at Zamu's on Navroze and no trip to MG Road was complete without stuffing yourself at Dorabjee's and/or during Bombay days, Mocambo made you jump with joy and you are now suffering Parsi food withdrawal symptoms here in Bangalore and Andhra style is not really your style, try Daddy's Deli in Indiranagar. It won't promise you the stuff that legends like Zamu's are made of, but it promises nice, filling, homely Parsi food. I can't really comment on their service etc because I ordered in. But after a long day on the road, this food was all I was looking for. Succulent pieces of chicken and mutton in their Vindaloo and Dhansak respectively, crisp pieces of potato, to-die-for-gravy, smooth rotlis, and browned rice. The food was absolutely satisfying. Just like I like it after a Sunday spent on the road indulging in retail therapy.

I can't speak of in-restaurant service, but I can definitely rave and rant about their delivery service. I had placed my order at 7 (yes, I am ALWAYS in a hurry if we are talking food) for a 9:30 pm delivery and I stay quite far from Daddy's Deli. And in Bangalore one must get used to last minute cancellations and delays, but the food was at my door at 9:30. Dot. I know you won't understand why this is a miracle in this city if you are not from here. Try it sometime.

Original post at


June 14, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

We appreciate and thank you for your feedback. We hope to have you lunch/dine-in and enjoy the ambience and service in addition to the food.
Regards - Zarine


What a burger !

There couldn't be a juicier, tastier Beef Burger in town than the one I ate at Daddy's Deli Cafe. It was large enough to make up an entire meal and came accompanied by really good potato wedges rather than the usual french fries. There was additional mayo and ketchup on the side but one does not really need to dip into it. The meat was delicately spiced and done just right. The sauteed onions, melted cheese and gherkins added just the right flavour. A MUST TRY ! By the way - there's heaps of other super snacks as well - great submarines too.


June 9, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks for this feedback - glad to know that you enjoyed the Burger. We hope to keep up the standard. Regards - Zarine

Great Home Food.

Being in India i was always craving some great home made style indian food and I finally found that place in Daddys Deli.

Great Parsi food with that home made touch. The food just feels like it was made with love.

My new favortite restaurant. Been there 3 times already and will keep returning.


June 5, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks very much for your feedback. We will continue to keep you and our other loyal customers wanting more. Regards - Zarine

dpai74 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

April 02,2010


Ok...could be better

Nice place for a quick bite. I guess Corner house makes it much more desirable place. This place on its own would have had problems.
Food - The food is ok to good. I finally had (Long story) grilled meat sub which was good. My friend has a pancake and it didn't turn out that great. There was an after taste which i guess was from the over stored batter - 3/5
Ambience - It sucks in the afternoon. Its hot and you just canot sit since its not completely covered. I gues it should be pleasant in the night's 2/5
Service - Pathatic. The waiters are in their own world (I have been there thrice). I have ben trying to have pea patty and everytime he comes back after 20 min to say its not available. It happened this time too. I asked for mutton cutlet. The guy came back after 10 min and said the chef is not here and the other guys don't know how to make it (Was actually funny to hear that).
Price - Slightly overprice.
Worth a visit. There's always Corner House in case you are disappointed


April 8, 2010response from management at Daddy's Deli:

Thanks for your honest feedback. We have taken this up on a war footing ! Assure you that pancake & waffle batter is made up fresh every morning - will check out for after taste. Sorry can't do much about the hot weather but come rains it should improve. SERVICE will be quite different next time you come -they've been shaken up. Please send us your address & contact no on our email so that we can send you a complimentary plate of mutton cutlets and pea patties. Our APOLOGIES for everything

Great food

I love experimenting and trying new cuisines and this place doesnt disappoint. The menu is limited though offers a good idea of Parsi food.

The food is excellent, well spiced, not too oily and offers a variety of tastes. The cuisine is new and a must try. Try the dhansakh, mutton and the bhindi fry.

But the desserts were a disappointment though!



Just about ok

I guess the food was just about ok
Had the goat brain cutlet, which was pretty good, but the rest of it was ordinary. I guess thats how this kind of food tastes.

The deserts were really good though



Nice one.. Not be missed..

I have been to this place 4 times already and want to go again .. The thing i like is they have a small menu but that's what makes them special ; they make each and every item with the same taste every time and also the ambiance is good. Full value for money for the food i would say..

Dhanskak and dhai beeda are must .. The desserts for sure leaves a impression that they are pakka home-made. The rotlis are light but good enough.

The owners seem to be really passionate rather than commercial in the way of maintaining..

This is a place which should not be missed ....



Delightful Daddy's Deli

I have been wanting to try out Daddy's Deli for a long time now. I quite like Parsi food - whatever I have sampled at Jimmy Boy and Britannia in Mumbai.

Daddy's Deli is a small cosy place and what adds to the dining experience is a very warm hostess.

We were served complimentary rice papads. We then ordered for dhansak and prawn pulao. The pulao came with the most amazing yellow dal I have had. The mutton dhansak was served with brown rice. We liked the prawn pulao better. The owner was exceedingly sweet and actually shared the recipe of the yellow dal with us.

For dessert we had malai kulfi which reminded me of the Kulfi served in the Parsi dairy in Mumbai. Extremely creamy, rich, and divine. All in all a wonderful experience.

We shelled out Rs 400 per head for this meal. I would highly recommend this place!



A belly full of yummy Parsi food...

and complete satisfaction, is what I got back with me from my visit to Daddy's Deli. A small restaurant (can seat 6-7 tables) tucked in the first floor of The Executive Inn (quite miss-able due to the simple exterior of the building), it's open only on Friday and Saturday (for lunch and dinner) and on Sunday (for lunch/dinner). And believe me, it's best that its that way. You cannot expect to have lunch here and head back to work...and actually work!!

The experience was good!! Good, authentic Parsi food (certified by the Parsi we took along for quality testing purposes) served by warm and courteous staff. We were greeted by the lady who owns the place. And she offered to guide us through the menu. For those who are new to Parsi cuisine, she'll explain the dishes and recommend something. They also have an executive lunch for those who want to experience more than just a dish, or like me can't make their minds up.

We had Dhansak, Khicheri Kheema (which is quite unlike the name suggests) and Lagaan nu Custard (the best dessert ever!!). None of the food fell short of our expectation, though we shelled around Rs 350 a head (which was inclusive of the 2 fresh-lime sodas and an extra dish of Dhansak). Of course we were so full at the end of it, that getting back to work on Friday was all the more difficult.

I will definitely recommend this place for Foodies. Parsi cuisine is delicious, and Daddy's Deli is a perfect place for you to sample the cuisine.