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> > > > Dakshin, ITC Windsor

Dakshin, ITC Windsor

Golf Course RoadEast Bangalore  


4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Citibank Restaurant Week India Apr 17 - Apr 26

  • Citibank Restaurant Week India featuring 100 of the country’s finest restaurants across Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and now introducing Chennai. Citibank Restaurant Week India is amongst the largest pan-India culinary events and gives discerning food enthusiasts the opportunity to dine at some of India’s finest restaurants at a fraction of a la carte rates. Citibank cardholders will have the exclusive privilege of making reservations starting April 10, 2015, exclusively through the Restaurant Week India website, whilst general reservations will commence online from April 12, 2015.

    This round of the largest culinary event in India will once again feature Citibank Restaurant Week India Signature options over and above an extensive hand-picked menu, giving diners the option of experiencing a restaurant’s signature dish at an incremental cost. This feature, introduced as a pilot across select restaurants in September 2014, saw up to 35% of diners opt for this option and Citibank Restaurant Week India Signature options will now be mainstay feature in Citibank Restaurant Week India menus at all participating restaurants. These dishes are priced at an additional Rs. 300 in Delhi and Mumbai and an additional Rs. 200 in Bangalore and Chennai, excluding all taxes and service charges at select participating restaurants.
    Three Course Prix Fix Menu (Per Person): Rs. 900 (Lunch)
    Three Course Prix Fix Menu (Per Person): Rs. 1000 (Dinner)

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Dakshin, ITC Windsor Reviews


Absolutely waste of money

I have had one of my worst experiences ever here.. We ordered a prwan starter which was fine, but then we prdered the main course chicked gravy and appam.
But unforfunately it turned ou to be a nightmare, the gravy tasted of raw milk which wasn't cooked properly, this wasn edible at all. Finallly we had to end up eating appam with the chutneys they provide. The bill turned out to be 3800 for two of us, and till date I repent going there and spending soo much just to eat an appam n chutney...



Holy crap, what an overpriced meal. Don't get me wrong, food was good, but not spectacular. Probably 300 rupees worth of food for 2500. If you're trying to impress your out of town guests with a meal, don't come here. Take them to someplace authentic with some character. My vote: Koshy's Parade Cafe.



Go for service and ambience

Although the title says what it says, that's not to say that the food is not excellent. It is! But it is expensive. You could probably pay 50% off the price to get something that tastes 75% as good, so value for money may not be the big sell. But Dakshin is still worth a visit.

The ambience, for one, is fantastic. It's a large restaurant, with lovely decor. Most excitingly, the cutlery is a lovely mix of traditional high-end (silver plates, etc) and traditional every day (banana leaves). On top of this, there is a live band, playing soothing classical carnatic music which provides a perfect background score.

The service is top-notch. The waiters are friendly, smart, knowledgable and completely flexible. There were four of us and we decided to try the keema dosa as a starter, to share between us four. The waiter looked a little uncertain, but didn't say 'no'. Instead the kitchen sent us four smaller sized keema dosas, one for each of us, and of course only charged us for one. Same thing with dessert - we wanted to share two desserts between the four of us so they sent four small serves of both desserts, and only charged for two. That's what is meant by accommodating.

To top-off the meal, complimentary freshly-made curd rice was offered, along with a large selection of pickles. Overall the food was off a high quality that one would expect of a 5-star place, and a great selection of dishes native to all four south Indian states. We tried chicken, mutton, prawn and vegetables, served with appam and kerala parotha, and all were delicious.

The bill came to INR 10,000 including drinks for four of us, though we did overorder and there was a lot of food left-over. Without drinks, one could eat heartily for INR 1,500 per person, which really isn't all that bad come to think of it.

Definitely worth one visit a year!


gourmand - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 21,2007


An ode to no great fare

A very grand venue,
neato decor does justice
to not too bad a menu

Order, if you must
to show off your way
with the world

For the rest,
do ye self a favour,
pass this one over

The food is no great affair
a pompous treat
is all that's there.

Give your senses some rest
Bangalore has better
places to eat, if you care