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> > > > Degchi


BanaswadiEast Bangalore  

  • 08065655656
  • No.1057, Banaswadi, Banaswadi, Bangalore
  • Punjabi
  • Meal for 2 - 800

7 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Degchi Reviews


Yummy food.....

We went in as a group of 8 members. As mentioned in one of the earlier reviews, this place has level floor seating and the usual table option as well. Who are not comfortable sitting in a awkward manner and relishing your food, better go for the usual seating as I saw some of my team mates struggle while we where there. We had booked the table well ahead on a friday noon, but when we went there I was taken aback that the whole place was empty. Upon this the waiter dropped a whole glass and seemed rude while serving us the glass and plates before the food was served.
However my opinion changed when the food arrived and we started eating. I being a vegetarian cant comment on the non veg section. But from what I heard of my teammates, non-veg was yummy as well :-)

Anyways, in concise... Food is good.. Little spicy but it was really good and the rotis were good as well. The tomato clear soup that they served us was tasting wierd a bit. But when we told the hotel staff about it, they politely filled us up with one more round of tomato clear soup and this tasted good as well.. And most imp : isn't heavy on your pocket too.....

Verdict : If you are in Banaswadi and hungry for Punjabi food.. This is the place to go... I betcha you'll not repent it...



The best Naans in Bangalore!

Just stumbled onto this place on an impromptu dinner with an old friend. Was expecting a run of the mill Punjabi restraunt but was impressed with the ambience and food. The place has a little personal touch of the owner I guess.

Food is a bit rich for the health concious patron but the Naan's served were the most authentic I have ever had in Bangalore. The price is moderate with a veg meal for 2 within 400-500 including desserts.


lalitmrinki - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 31,2008


very frugal

Food is very very spicy. Quantity of food in a dish is frugal, barely for a single person; very costly menu. This place only imitates punjabi food, FAR from the real one. The tandoori roti is of the size of a fulka!!
If you ask for home delivery/parcel for home, then they give you everything in plastic containers and charge Rs.5 for each and very one of those containers.
final verdict: can be ditched/stay away


fairy_angel - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 14,2007



Amritsar ki yaad taza ho gayi!!!The food is tooo good,love the butter chicken and dhaba murgh there,and the paneer just melts in ur mouth .I have not seen such well cooked bharwan aloo and tandoori chicken in the whole of bangalore.The ambience is soft and gives a nice warm welcome ,with the hosts always welcoming with a cheerful smile .love the lassi too and the fruit cream.....the list will go on and on ....just to end it .......MOUTH WATERING FOOD


smsrini - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 10,2007


Wholesome Punjabi food in Banaswadi

No frills but welcoming place. Has both a floor level seating and tables. Has set menus and a stumptous brunch.

More spicy than expected but they're always ready to make some adjustments.

Very good place for the area.


drvipe - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 05,2007


Good Food

went there a few days back, found the food to be excellent, the ambience is fantastic and the llok and feel of the place is very nice , had a really good meal, the deserts of fruit cream and phirni were simply fantastic and as i am from amritsar, i think this is the only place in bangalore where you get such food that totally reminds you of my place back home. I definetly recommend this restaurant and simply a must try.


All bakwas @ Degchi

Happened to go there one afternoon & found the food to be horrible.Any mutton curry u order is full for bones.Meat is less & bones are more.Event the mutton kebab(as mentioned on the menu,cooked on clay pot)
was not attal worty to order.For mutton lover its a sheer disappointment.price is high as compared to the quality & quantity they serve.Since me being a mutton/lamb freak did not enjoy at all.mutton curries.kebab & as well as the chanp was was far below average.Even the chicken items & as well as paneer(was hard,not fresh) were not appealing.Management should ensure that Quality comes first in such industry & work towards it.