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> > > > Dine With...Panache

Dine With...Panache

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 84, S.T Bed Layout, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • North Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 750

17 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Dine With...Panache Reviews


Dull ambience and Sad Food

My first visit to this place made me decide its going to be the last !!!

The ambience is monotonous and makes you drowsy though mosquito bites might keep you awake !!! Even if you complain of mosquitoes the management is least bothered. And for the food, the non-veg starters are not good. Murg Tikka Alishaan has nothing Alishaan about its taste ! Its better to have vegetarain in this place but thats also just average. The only saving grace in our order was the chicken biryany which was good.

To sum it up... is was not at all worthwhile.


January 2, 2012response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Foodie2887, we wish you a great year ahead with lots of yummy food. Thank you for visiting us and taking the time to give your feedback. We have an enclosed area, where you wouldn't have been troubled by mosquitoes. We use mosquito repellent coils in the open area, but the smell from that can be bothersome while dining. I am sorry to note that you didn't appreciate the starters. The murgh tikka alishaan is one of our best selling starters. I hope you will change your mind and revisit us and we will make up for this time where you had a "no

damandeep - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 28,2011


Impresive hospitality and very good food

My wife planned for surprise B'day party for me. When I came to this place, I loved the hospitality at entrance by the staff. When we went to open-air section on first floor, it was a cozy candle light arrangement which was nicely decorated. We were a group of 10 people. The sitting place had spacious and comfirtable sofas. Starting from the Welcome drink, starters, main course and deserts, taste was very good of every dish we tried. I really liked the hospitality of the staff.
My wife told that she found this rest. on Just dial and spoke to Mr. Aneesh and Mr. Sean. Mr. Sean, the manager, was very co-operative. My wife planned this whole arrangement alone, and the rest. staff gave her delightful cooperation. The helped in arranging flowers of the choice, got the section decorated. Though they got the specification on phone from my wife, but they arranged for very lovely buquet I must say. The staff had been very cooperative in finalizing the custom menu, followups and service.

I would strongly recommend the place for its food and service quality.


November 28, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Damandeep,thank you very much for your feedback. I must thank your wife for choosing to dine with Panache despite not knowing about us. Her keen interest to ensure everything was perfect for you was commendable. We wish you many more splendid birthdays.

Not a place to be missed

Been there for the fourth time in past 3 seems that i am in love with the food here...specially the Roganwali Nalli and Lagan ki's a must have thing. Not to forget the hara bhar kabab and kurkure Aaloo ke's yummy...Seriously not a place to be missed...Service,Food, Customer Service, Ambience All ....10/10


September 19, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Akyamit, thank you very much for your continued patronage and positive feedback. We will strive to get 10/10 scores from you in the future as well :-)Thank you again for choosing to dine with Panache.


Surprised to see the reviews below

Have been to this place thrice..1st when it has opened..had a great time then but, the 2nd and 3rd visits were a disaster both with food and ambience. Mosquitos biting you on your foot and management not responding to what we say..they dint even mind we leaving the restaurant. I am quite surprised to see the below reviews..!


July 10, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Pharitha, thank you for visiting us 3 times. It is our response to the mosquito menace that we have closed and air-conditioned the 1st floor of our restaurant. I am sorry we couldn't offer you an alternative seating arrangement during your last visit. I assure you, your opinion will change and your rating will certainly be better than today. I invite you to dine with Panache. We have a new look, new ambiance.


Decent place in the neighbourhood

Went to this restaurant in an unassuming corner at Koramangala. Ambience is good. Would want to call out the furniture is a bit tardy - not very comfortable. Can be ignored since the food is excellent and so is the service.Not many places will come up with a discretionary starter that is complimentary. Child friendly (though no child seats though). Want to call out Moongwadi dish. Quite interesting. Mocktails are decently priced and well made. Overall a very nice dining experience with great food.


July 10, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear jsuraj, thank you for choosing to dine with Panache. Thank you for the good notes on our food and the service. We appreciate your feedback. Child seats will be procured asap :-)I also would like to bring to your attention that we have live music on Saturdays. So if you like Ghazals, old Hindi songs, please dine with us on a Saturday night as well.

Finally, A Good North Indian Place in Koramangala

Panache! over the long years we have stayed in Koramangala, i think this is one of the best North Indian Food Place Ever. There used to be hard times for us to choose a good place for a hearty Meal before, But nothing beats Panache.

The Good Points:
1: Staff was extremly Courteous and Very welcoming.
2: The Ambience is Good, Probably getting better as they have some new themes in Place
3: Coming to the food, i would five a 4/5 to all the Dishes we had.
Its not the same old Taste you get in every place, this had a charm to it, This had one of them zaz. When you pop in their Hara Bhara Kababs, You'll actually be surprised. Every morsel has some good Flavour
4: We ordered the Bread Basket and its extremely sufficient for 4 people.
5: the Subzi and Dal was excellent and unique.
6: I am a BIG Birayini fan and i think this place gives the Best Biriyani ever. Every bit of it is so well done and so well flavoured. I would give the biriyani a 5/5.

In Conclusion do not think twice, If you are In and around Koramangala, and fancy some North Indian Dishes, i would safely say this is one of the best Places in Koramangala!


June 2, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Rugheadrohit, thank you for dining with Panache. Eloquent and clinical encouragement like this does absolutely thrill us to bits. Thank you for your observations and feedback.

We look forward to seeing you dining with us more often.

Good Food and Service, still something is missing

A few reviews in burrp took me to this place last week. It was a casual team lunch. We thought we will go for Dutch as we could not find a good reason to make some one a 'bakra'. I suggested this place and told my friends that the share per person would be any thing between 200-300. We took the buffet option and ordered a few starters as their buffet does not have any starters in it. Priced 199 plus tax, I guess they can at least add some basic starters like hara bhara kabab or a limited supply of chicken tikka or something. I guess with a couple of starters like this, people won't mind paying even 225 plus tax.
Any ways now back to the experience. We were 12 of us and had reserved a table. When we reached, the table was ready waiting for us. DWP has an open theme, which I guess is not really good for its locality. ST bed has this big drain which is less than a 50 mtrs from the restaurant. Even though the smell was not reaching the dining area, the flies were. Flies sitting on the edge of the drinking water glass.... not at all a good sight. I just imagined how would it be if the glass had some juice instead of water.
As mentioned earlier, we decided to go for buffet and ordered 'Bhatti Ki Machli', 'Murgh Tikka Alishan', 'Kurkure Kumbh' and 'Gobi Anaardana' (2 serves each) for starters. While we were waiting for the food, they served us a complimentary 'potato spring roll' which was not at very bad. The starters were really good. The fish was fresh and chicken tikka and cheese combination was really good too. The quantity was slightly less for the price. May be two more pieces each on the plate will make more justice to the price.
In the buffet, they served two rice, rotis, 2 types of dhal, one paneer and one chicken dish. The gravies were good and the rotis as well. But the rice was a bit greasy. Not many in the group liked the soup. Since we went on a thursday, there were none other than us in the restaurant. So all the staff were standing around our table responding for even a slight move of the eyebrow. So the food was getting refilled without any interruption. For desert they served I think a version of shahi tukra without the dry fruits. It was yummy.
When we were done the waiter came to the table and gave us small bars of dairy milk chocolate telling "Ghane ke bad kuch meetha ho jayen". They even gave some extra chocolates to the ladies in the group who were fighting with the guys for extra chocolate.
Now came the bill. The share per person was 360 which made me feel a bit guilty. You know its not nice to make some one pay more that what was told and that too at the end of the month.
I think every thing was good except the flies, absence of AC, the greasy rice, the soup, and quantity of the starters. If not they would have had a 4 star rating from me.
They said they are going to close the open windows with glass which might work well. I think the place will give a better experince if you go there for dinner. I think you can give a try. Parking won't be a big issue as this is not on the main road.


May 29, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Arshad, thank you for visiting us with your team. We appreciate your feedback and will certainly keep in mind your suggestion of revision of the price and include starters as well. I am sorry about the flies. I want to bring to your attention that they were not due to the drain that runs about a 100 mtrs away, its actually due to the sweet meat stall right next door. We have been open since November last and the flies issue started only recently. The air-conditioning is underway and will be completed in a few days.

The soup we se

June 1, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Hi Aneesh, Its really great that you take the reviews seriously. And as long as you do that I am sure that your business will progress towards perfection. All the best.

June 2, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Arshad, reviews/feedback is the only mechanism for us to know where we stand and how we are doing. For us to be able to give our patrons a good dining experience, it is imperative for us to appreciate what is being said to us and about us. I thank you for your best wishes and look forward to your continued patronage.

A delightful surprise!

Went here today for dinner to celebrate my sis's birthday..... I was initially a bit skeptical but the experience was a revealation... The food was really nice... To anyone who goes here i'd recommend the mutton dishes... The chicken dishes were good but the mutton dishes (both starters and main course) were among the best i've had in bangalore... The service was also very good with the waiter recommending the best dishes (and he was bang on!) and even restraining us from over ordering - a first in my experience in any restaurant... The service was quick too and the food arrived amazingly fast... All in all, a great dining experience...


May 20, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Ashwin, thank you very much for choosing to dine with Panache on your sister's special day. Thank you for your encouraging comments and compliments about the food and service. Our endeavor is to ensure you have a good experience and feel the value when you walk out of the restaurant. We look forward to you visiting us again soon. We wish your sister a very happy birthday and a super year ahead :-)


Above average in every respect..

Was browsing the site for new Restaurants in Koramangala and Indiranagar area as my folks wanted to try some North Indian Food and decided to try out this differently named North Indian Restaurant..As you enter you can't help but notice the unpretentious and neat decor and multiple levels of seating. I comment on the decor because DWP is a pleasant departure from the loud and ostentatious ambiance that most North Indian/Mughlai Restaurants seem to have. We chose to seat ourselves at the upper level and thankfully no mosquitos bothered us there. We ordered a full tandoori chicken and tomato pudina shorba for starters and both were really nice with the right amount of seasoning. The tandoori chicken was demolished by the 3 of us. Main course was a regular affair of butter naan, veg pulao, a mixed vegetable dish (forgot the name) and malai chicken. Service was standard and all the dishes were nice n easy on the palate. All in all it was a hearty meal which wasn't very heavy on the pocket. I am sure I will be visiting the place soon with my friends for a lunch buffet which looked like a good 'value for money' spread.


April 15, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Foodiejojo,

Thank you for choosing to dine with us. It is nice to see your comments on the name and decor of the restaurant. Our aim is to ensure our guests are happy with the food and service while not being overwhelmed by the "interior design". Your feedback gives us a fillip to continue our good work and keep you bringing back to us. We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Average Food !!

I had been to this place on Valentines day for a candle light dinner. The starter Hara Bhara Kebab was excellent..And in the main course Parathas and Rotis were not upto the mark..And this is not excusable as the tagline of the restaurant is 'a Fine North Indian Dining Restaurant'..The curry, Palak paneer singhada was good with soft and well cooked paneer(cottage cheese). Biggest Turn-off was the Rice menu which had just 2 biryani specialties as options. Veg Biryani was average. The Dessert which was a kulfi was hard but tasted good. The service and staff was excellent. The smell of Mosquito coils was highly suffocating even though we were seated on the 1st floor with open windows.The Ambience is Nice and comfortable..


February 23, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Roopa, thank you first of all for choosing to dine with us on a special day. Thank you for the good notes about the food that you liked. On the menu, we have a choice of multiple "Pulaos" to choose from, a vegetable biriyani and two non-vegetarian biriyanis as well. I am sorry the breads did not meet your expectation. If you throw light on the shortcoming, we will ensure, the next time they meet with your approval. Just a note on the mosquito coils, we can't avoid that since we are an open air restaurant. The next time you dine with us, pl


Amazing ambience and Food

we would like to personally thank you for making our Wedding anniversary a memorable one. we really enjoyed the dinner and your hospitality...
authentic North India food
the way each menu is explained before taking the order was professional

bernaad & Jennifer


February 18, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Bernaad, it was absolutely our pleasure to have and your wife celebrate such a special occasion with us. Thank you for choosing Panache to be your "place for the evening". We wish you and Jennifer many more years of togetherness and bliss.


nice place with good food

Just Dial helped us finding this begin with I just had a quick look at the place as I just wanted some take away. Nevertheless the food was good, infact better than lot of over-hyped places in Bangalore atleast at the moment. Kurkere khumb were excellent so was the Tandoori chicken. It was succulent, juicy and the seasoning was done just right. Really enjoyed it. Murg Korma was just ok, could be better. I ordered some mutton starter as well, dont remember the name though which was quite good. The naans were very good specially that I ate thema atleast after 1/2 n hr they were made. Look forward to sit and dine there. But again I just hope that DWP doesnt loose their consistency as other Bangalore restaurants do once they form their customer base and become well known.


February 1, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Tarun, thank you very much for dining with Panache. I am glad you decided to dine-in than take away. Thank you for your feedback on the food. I will ensure that the next time you dine with us, the Murgh Korma will be better :-) We have been open only since the last 3 months, and we had a lot of our repeat guests appreciating our consistency in taste and quantity of food and our service standards. It will be our continuous endeavor to retain the same and only better it from here on despite the our growing guest list and popularity. We look

pavi77 - Burrp User


31 Reviews

January 31,2011


Nice Place

The restaurant is quite nice, the seating arrangement is good. Liked the first floor area . The food ..since they say fine dine could be better. What we liked wast the mushroom fritter, forgot the name. The malai chiken taste was good but the chicken was not soft. The butter chicken was good, and so were the rotis we had with it but again it was not stand out. Did not like the phirni we had, but liked the litchi kulfi. Overall a decent food , service was attentive and prompt. If one is in that area you can give it a try.


January 31, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Pavi77,
Thanks for all your good notes. The mushroom dish is called "Kurkure Khumb". I am sorry that the malai chicken and phirni was not to your expectation. We have already worked on your feedback. We look forward to your next visit, and impress you to promote us from an "average" rating to "good", atleast :-) Thank you for dining with Panache.


Pleasant experience

The ambience is good and the food is nice! What was great was the service. The people there took good care of us and I was impressed with this.


January 2, 2011response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Adrian, thank you very much for your comments. We look forward to seeing you dining with Panache and we will continue our endeavour of impressing you :-) Wish you a great year ahead.

rohansable - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 29,2010


Wat & why ?

If you look at the the reviews below / above, the last line is the same, the dish selected to compliment is the same, even the words are ditto to each other.

2 people / profiles created by the restaurant itself to blow their own trumpet. both reviews seem to have been written by the rest, themselves. you can read and tell for your self.

quote from the reviews "And not to forget the finger licking experience of the finest spread of north Indian kitchen. (especially the Ghosht adrak ki panje )" unqote. see it.

this is not done


December 29, 2010response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Rohansable,

I was equally shocked when i read the "copied" review of a real guest. That is a prank played by someone, for reasons best know to the person who did it. Since burrp is an open forum, anybody can write or COPY anything they want. We serve our guests with what we know best, fine food and great service. I invite you to come, dine and then review us.

December 29, 2010response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Also, to add "sudhir31jan" has been burping since Feb 05, 2009. We opened our restaurant only in November 2010.

December 31, 2010response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Thanks Aneesh. Will try it some day,

sudhir31jan - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 15,2010


One of th best for dining

The first thing that strikes you as you enter Panache is the wonderful ambiance and decor with an amazing bar scene showing the Bar man at his best.

And not to forget the finger licking experience of the finest spread of north Indian kitchen. (especially the Ghosht adrak ki panje )


December 29, 2010response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Sudhir31jan,

Request you to kindly clarify why you copied the review below and make it look like we have created profiles and posting it ourselves.

peedarp21 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 15,2010


One must dine with panache to know...

The first thing that strikes you as you enter Panache is the wonderful ambiance and decor with an amazing bar scene showing the Bar man at his best.

And not to forget the finger licking experience of the finest spread of north Indian kitchen. (especially the Ghosht adrak ki panje )

And last but not the least the excellent service.


December 15, 2010response from management at Dine With...Panache:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for your feedback. We look forward to seeing you dining with us more often and try our other delicacies too.