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Langford RoadWest Bangalore  

  • 9945099011, 41528753
  • 9B Chez Leila Apts, Moyon Villa Road, Langford Road, Bangalore
  • Cakes, Confectionery

5 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Dottedi Reviews


Thank you so much..

I had ordered a customized cake and cupcakes from Dottedi and they were simply delicious. The design was well executed and the process to order was quite simple. The packaging used was classy and adds to the whole gourmet experience. I would surely come back to try their other funky products and personalized gifts.


jmachaiah - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 18,2015


Unfavourable Experience!

Ordered online for Valentine's day cupcakes. Ordered in advance and specified cupcake flavors as well as time of delivery.
Time was specific since my husband was leaving for a late night flight, so ordered for a 11-3 pm delivery. Delivery came in at 8:45 pm and the cupcakes were red velvet and not the 'exotic flavors' I specified. I wrote a mail, voicing my disappointment and the response I received was about the fact that on V-day, they are already flooded with orders. So what? If they can't handle it, then don't commit!
Regarding the cake flavor, they said, 'the first batch with the flavors that I had specified were smashed when they were trying to deliver and so they substituted it with a costlier flavor which is red velvet.' If I wanted red velvet, I would have asked for red velvet. And if changes were to be made, should they not notify me?
Never again will I order from here, mainly due to customer service dissatisfaction!


Rakesh D - Burrp User

Rakesh D

1 Reviews

February 19,2014






Awesomeness :)

I ordered a cake for my best friend . On visiting their site, I learnt about their other services including that of Surprises and Awesome Product Line.

I ordered for a Mars and Twix cake and look wise it was good and coming to taste it was Delicious and Yummyyyyyyyyy!! too.

I'm also very touched that the smallest of details were looked into and Very well designed cakes and they have really nice gifting ideas.



At Dottedi :)

I first visited Dotted to collect a cake for my Daughter . On visiting their Studio, I learnt about their other services including that of Surprises, Events and Awesome Product Line.

The organisation is young and eager to learn and all we can say is Kudos to the team!

Did I mention that the cake didn't just look good, but tasted Delicious too? I'm also very touched that the smallest of details were looked into.


Horrible experience

I ordered a Mickey mouse clubhouse cake on March 23, 2013. I had a very bad experience with the Dottedi team. 

The first thing I noticed was the bad customer service provided by one of the associates Vidya. She was arrogant, impatient and definitely needs to take a class on how to treat her customers well.

The second thing I was not satisfied about is their payment policy. It is unreasonable to ask for the complete payment in advance especially since this was the first time I was ordering from them and have no idea how good they are. I have never come across any other baker asking for the full amount upfront. It is always half while booking and half on delivery. In this case if there is a cancellation or change of date we are not at a risk of losing the entire amount.

Still I went ahead and paid the full amount because I was made to believe that I will not be disappointed.

But I was...The cake arrived in a bad state. I had specifically asked for plastic toppers but to my shock they had supplied the sugar coated ones. The toppers broke and fell off the cake. Either the hands or the heads of all of them broke off. Why was the cake not placed in a good strong box? We asked the hotel staff for some toothpicks and somehow managed to put them back together. That is when we noticed that the colour on the toppers had not dried. It was literally dripping wet. We stained our hands in the process and it wouldn't wash off easily as well. We have ordered fondant cakes before. I am confused why the colours had not dried. All the kids are crazy about the Disney characters and just grabbed the toppers. They stained their hands and their dresses. My daughter's dress was completely ruined. What explanation should we give to the guests?

The fondant on top of the cake was full of holes when we got it, completely destroying the entire look of the cake. Must be from all the toothpicks by them trying to make the toppers stand up. We covered the cake with candles to cover up all the holes. I was so sad to see that no care went into making this cake whatsoever. The fondant was too hard and thick as well making it difficult to bite into. The chocolate cake was good but still we are extremely disappointed about the way the cake turned out. Completely ruined our mood even before the party started.

The worst part is Vidya did not even seem to care when I told her about the cake. A mere "We are sorry the cake did not meet your expectations", just won't do. The cake did not even meet the expectations of being a fondant theme cake. A little empathy would be really appreciated, after all it was the birthday cake of a 2 year old...:-(


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