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> > > > Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower

Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower

MG RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 08041783344, 08041783333
  • 13th Floor,Hotel Ivory Tower,Aswati Inns Pvt Ltd., Penthouse Floors,MG Road, Bangalore
  • Continental, Indian, Thai
  • Meal for 2 - 1800

65 Reviews / 69 Ratings

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Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower Reviews







The Most Romantic Dine Out

I have been to Ebony on a date with my fiance. This restaurant is the most romantic restaurant I have ever been to. Located on the 13th floor of Barton Center, they have a inner dinning area and a outer one, I for one prefer the outer one as the view of this place is truly heavenly. You need to book your tables in advance as its always full. The staff of this place is extremely polite and friendly. I ordered Sangria's which by far is the best Sangria I have tasted. The food though is extremely delicious, we ordered Por-Pia Crab and Prawn rolls for starters, they were so delicious that we wanted to order another plate. Then we ordered Burmese Khaoswe which again was different and superb. I recommend these two dishes to everyone who visits this place. The music too is very romantic and apt with the ambiance.
If your looking to take someone special to a romantic place then Ebony is the best choice​.



Excellent Food And Ambiance!!!

This place is located on the top floor of the Barton Center near MG Road and has a indoor restaurant as well as roof top terrace seating. Since it was raining when we entered, we opted to sit inside. Had a spread of Italian pasta and Thai curries and most of what we ordered tasted yumm. The best was penne rose which we ended up ordering again and had a sumptuous fill. For all that we had the bill came to about Rs 500-600 per person but the food was really good.


Lunch Buffet Review (Jun 2013)

Highlights: 1) A great aerial view of Bangalore 2) Fast billing and Courteous service
Problems: 1) Low on authentic taste and flavor 2) Refrigerated / stale prawns.

Menu: @ Rs 420 Incl. Taxes
Veg Soup
2 Starters (Veg & Non Veg)
Veg & Non Veg Biryani
Noodles with a chinese gravy
Indian Gravy (2 Veg, 1 Non Veg)
3 Veg Salad
1 Chat
4 Sweets



Not worth it !!

A roof top feel , candle light and average food. Ebony is one of those places where service needs to buck up and a lot of efforts have to be made to improve food quality .

Starters and drink - Kakori kebabs were delicious. Beer and coke to go with it.
Mains - Friends had Indian and I repent ordering Continental. Chicken mozzarella - one of the worst Conti mains I ever had. The chicken was rubbery , pasta tasteless, mashed potato was plain salted boiled potato with no herb or butter.. Garlic bread was basic , nothing great... Indian main course tasted way better...
Desserts - Very good !!
Service - Exceptionally long but being a fully booked Friday night , they get my benefit of doubt here.
Price - Does not commensurate with the taste /quality of food.

Overall , a place where you pay for ambience more than the food. Guys , focus on food else very soon you will lose patrons because I will surely think twice before suggesting Ebony as the Friday night dinner joint.



You are going to miss your date

Costly than any similar dining option on food side. So what... Its amazing... Never seen vista and never seen ambience on 13th Floor rooftop. You know weather of bangalore...yes we call it sexy and its sexiest there. You will enjoy the best moments with your date if you have one or if you're not so fortunate like me(i was vella there with my velle friends :( ) the only thing you gonna miss is your gf/bf.


raraj74 - Burrp User


12 Reviews

November 21,2012



Got to admit - when I see & taste good food I give it top marks! Have been to this place a couple of times for just drinks & snacks as well as lunch & dinner. The Kakori kabab is probably the best I've had in Bangalore. So also with their bacon wrapped prawns. Lamb shanks were very succulent & soft on one outing & so was the mutton rizzala on another. Also their buffet is nothing to write home about - I guess its just there to cater to the office crowds around MG Road - which is why I give this place 1 star less. Otherwise the place makes for a fantastic outing esp when sitting outside on the terrace & looking out at a green Bangalore.



Great to sit on terrace

Great to sit on terrace with views over Banagalore. Genuinely sublime.


webgenius - Burrp User


8 Reviews

November 13,2012


The best roof-top experience

This is probably the best roof-top restaurant in town. Been here with my family and had a blast. The food is exceptional and the service is quick. Overall a very positive experience.

The only downside is the parking. Hope the management does something about it.


Imi In - Burrp User

Imi In

21 Reviews

September 19,2012


worst rooftop restaurant

worst roof top restaurant is pathetic,very expensive,interiors are below average,chairs n tables are very bad..nothing can beat 13th floor restaurant..
i went on a date here..i regret for not choosing 13th floor restaurant..i would never go back to this place again!!!



Reduce your prices or instead improve your service

Roof top restaurant with a good view.
Good Food.
Lasagna was superb. Probably the best I have ever had.

Over priced and quantity of food served per dish is less too.
Interior Ambience is ordinary. For a restaurant charging so highly I expected better cutlery, comfortable chairs and tables.
Service is slow.
Waiters don't know the menu well. In the main course, a wrong dish was served. (which was again replaced.)
Not enough dishes in the menu to cover all the cuisines it claims to serve American, Continental, European, French, Mediterranean, Italian Awadhi, Chettinad, Hyderabadi, Indian, Indian coastal, Mughlai, etc..... (Thats probably the worst thing I found about this place) ...
The taste and quantity of the Desserts dont justify the prices charged. And everything is chocolate desserts only.

Overall, I would suggest this restaurant only for a romantic outing.




Except view & starters nothing else is worth- Waiters need to be trained further. Food is not worth the penny


Terrible experience

Went on a date to Ebony and had the worst experience

1. the menu card is endless. Over crowded with specialites and cusinses, it was confusing

2. feeling adventerous i ordered a 'raw mango mojito' which turned out to be a sugary syrup diluted with ice. With no hint of raw mango, i returned it to the server who promptly brought back an 'improved' version topped with another 30ml of bacardi. Despite sending it back twice they could not get it right. i finally left it.

3. My husband ordered prawns which were stale and smelling.

we went back home not only disappointed with our meal but sick as well. i had an upset stomach whereas my husband broke out into hives.




Food is great. Need to improve the rest!!!

Went to Ebony tonight (a Saturday). Needless to say, reservation is a must, and so is sitting outside...
The view is great and so is the ambience, but the seating was disappointing, not worthy of a good restaurant.

The food was amazing, and portions of appetizers were much more than normal. Desserts were also great.

Service was poor, very slow, even had to remind them thrice for the bill.

Overall, a good experience, but that was mainly due to the weather. If the seating is improved, it would become an amazing place...



Good Food and even the Service was quite good

i went to ebony for my bday and luckily got a chance to sit and have dinner in the balcony that too when we didnt reserved the seats,so i am thankful to the management for this. The food was good and v enjoyed the veggie food and candle light experience was awesome,u can see almost the whole of bangalore frm the 13th floor



Keeping up the standard-update! Food poison

Went to Ebony this weekend for the buffet. I have been to Ebony several times. Excluding during the metro construction times, it was always a good experience. Their spread with continental, chinese and Indian food is a good option when you have people with different taste. God food, Good service, Good view. Must go place atleast once. Buffet costs around inr 500 per person.
Update on day after!!!

All four of us feasted are down with food poison! Unfortunate


March 19, 2012response from management at Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower:

Dear Guest,
Elation at your positive comments about our food and service, turned to consternation the next day.

My most heartfelt apologies for the discomfiture you and your family felt after dining with us. NEEDLESS TO SAY WE PRIDE OURSELVES IN ENSURING THAT WE PROCURE THE FRESHEST,FINEST AND BEST INGREDIENTS FOR OUR KITCHENS

We took it upon ourselves to CALL EACH AND EVERY GUEST WHO MADE RESERVATIONS FOR LUNCH AT EBONY ON THAT SAME DAY. THANKFULLY ,THEY ALL ARE FINE. I trust that my team is in touch with you do all t

adarshz - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 15,2012


Good food and great view!!!

Unlike other places, food is not necessarily the reason you visit Ebony.
Breathtaking view from 13th floor. The best idea would be the rooftop on a lazy Sunday noon with friends and family. One of the rare places in Bangalore for Parsi cuisines!


hpganesh - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 10,2012


Sad to see the drastic Dip in quality & Service :(

Was a fan of this place until my last visit.Totally taken aback by the drop in quality. Good ambiance. We had opted for the entertaining @ Ebony package as we were a large group and a la-carte would be a pain. As it is a kind of package similar to a buffet served on the table, the managers and the waiters literally looked at us as if we were second grade citizens! They literally denied to serve more starters. Getting one plate for a table seating 9 members and then making us wait for half an hour for another piece of the starter was insane. And to add to it, a frozen insect in the dessert. And the waiter argues it to be the silver foil ! FYI, the bill was 6668 for 9 members and i do not see even half worth it being justified! Good bye Ivory!!

And for gods sake i could see the insects legs. And i know what's the difference between a Vark Silver paper and an insect in the dessert!!


Best Kakori kebabs in town

Went there for a dinner with my wife on Wednesday evening. Ordered my favorite Kakori Kebabs along with Parsi Machchha Ni Curry and a couple of Sweet Lime Sodas... the Kebabs were out of this world as always. The fish was good but a bit spicy.. Also ordered Gulab Jamoon and found it decent.. Luckily got a seat outside with a view of the well-lit Bangalore. Nice ambiance.. will come back for sure.. Bill came to 1400 and it was an evening well spent :)


Ebony still shining bright

This place packs a punch, great food+the 13th floor bar menu :)
The portions are very generous and love the outdoor seating on a clear winter night.
I read the reviews which sing praises of the VFM lunch buffet and would love to try it out. But the a la carte menu will set you back easily 1500 Rs for two with a drink a piece.
No parking for two wheelers, though they have enough parking for cars. I tried the steak and asked for well done, was good but also slightly charred, took well done literally I guess :)
But still suggest this place and make sure you are in the balcony and not couped up inside


Definitely puts things on a high note.

Summary: Fantastic view, very tasty food, slightly on the expensive side. Highly recommended.

Friday night. It's time to unwind, and where better to do so than on the roof top of one of the tallest buildings on MG Road. Four of us reached this place which serves as the restaurant to the 13th Floor, a bar-cum-lounge on the thirteenth floor of Barton Centre located on MG Road (very close to the new Metro station). We had reservations, and we got ourselves an outside seating which is absolutely essential in this place. Our view was foregrounded by the new, razzly-dazzly MG Road metro station swamped by the sea of evening traffic. The rest of the panorama displayed the sleepy Bangalore with pockets of life and light here and there.

The drinks soon started pouring out - the men stuck to the local Kingfisher product (which was guzzled in happy amounts), while the lady tried out a cocktail which turned out to be blue with a green chili in it. She seemingly liked it - I would disagree with her opinion, but how does that matter. For food, we started off with Tandoori Subz Bahaar and Lahori Kabab. The former was an array of veggies - I recall broccoli, brinjal, paneer, and mushrooms - roasted to perfection post marination in some saucy oozing with spicy goodness. The Lahori kabab was minced mutton plus unrevealed tasty additions which were stuck on to a skewer and roasted off to result in a delicious delight. After we polished off the two starters, I decided I was going to stick to starters throughout the evening. Gladly the other non-vegetarian in the table acquiesced, and we ended up having the Kakori kebab and the Noori Murgh. The vegetarians ordered another round of the Tandoori Subz, and also Aloo-Bhindi. The Kakori kebab was very different from its Lahori cousin; the meat was minced very finely and was slow cooked to almost a buttery texture. The first bite of it was so in contrast to the ones I had a few minutes back that I almost felt queasy and was regretting my order. But the subsequent mouthfuls were just a delight and I would put the UP version at a higher level than the Paki one. The chicken was also fantastic; it's always commendable when one can take this tasteless bird and infuse life into it. We Indians do it well, and this place is quite good an example. I also tasted a spoonful of the aloo-bhindi, and I had to have another one. Delicious.

The final bill came to 1G per person. Expensive, but if one stuck to drinks it would've been around 60% of that. Still on the higher side, but worth it given the quality of food and view.


AvidFoodie - Burrp User


14 Reviews

September 29,2011


VFM luch buffet

Had been there for lunch buffet yesterday, at 2.30 PM. Outdoor seating is good if you want the view of the city. The view may be far better at night. Chairs and Tables are not the fancy cushion kind, just simple stone top tables and lightly cushioned metal chairs. Indoor Seating was better in this regard.

Getting started:
Only Veg soup-passable
Veg Manchurian- ok
Some Chicken Kabab- good if hot.

Kachori Chat- good
Dahi wada- not bad, wada had too much dough inside

Some basic salads were also there which I never touch :)

Main course:
Cheese & Macaroni casserole- nice
Veg Noodles- good
Some veg in sauce- ok, slightly sweet
Paneer gravy- was ok
Some dry veg subji- good
Shredded mutton in some sauce- Good
Some Fish gravy- good, fish was cooked well n gelled well with the gravy
Chicken Biryani- Very tasty for a buffet

Baked rasgulla- was ok, though regular ones are always tastier.
Pista peda- was ok, I'm not a peda person, so can't comment much on that.
Some mousse cake was also good
Tutti Fruity ice cream- Surprisingly good coz i never liked this flavour :)

We were the last customers & still the wait staff didn't hurry us up. Buffet lunch is priced @ Rs.328/person inclusive of taxes on weekdays, which is pretty decent & VFM. Would love to come back in the evenings for the view & chicken biryani.


namushna - Burrp User


7 Reviews

September 18,2011


A Restaurant with a View, food can wait

Be clear why you want to go out to Ebony. A nice cool Bangalore evening, sitting on terrace top, 13 floors above with an amazing view of city life and what you want is good time chatting with your friends, family Ebony is the right place to be. I missed out mentioning food as that is incidental and not the reason you visit Ebony. Service is fine, value pricing. You can also go for team lunches in afternoon. But that anywhere is possible. A good evening with your friend, family, date etc. and Ebony is a good choice. But trust me, 13th Floor the pub adjacent to Ebony is far far a better place to spend your evening.


Rename it as Ecstasy

Ebony is one of the best restaurants in Bangalore. The city has infinite restaurants and Ebony is one of those which is worth every penny. It is known to people as "13th Floor", Ebony provides authentic delicious food.
I had been for a Lunch Buffet at Ebony twice, with a huge gap between the two visits almost after a year. I was skeptical about going there again as many restaurants loose the taste over time. This was not the case with Ebony, the food still looks good, smells good, and tastes the best.

Even for a lunch buffet on weekends this place was full, well almost. I was there at 2 pm and there were just 2 tables empty in the restaurant.
Spread : both Veg and non veg dishes.
They serve starters and soup on the table.
Starters( chicken starter, veg starter, soup)
Soup is not that great, so doesnt matter even if you just skip it.
the main part are the dishes, non veg 3 dishes( they also had fish in Hong Kong sauce)
Veg : Panner : soft, tender, delicious and perfect gravy. Veg lajawab : was lajawab and Rajma. (The cook at Ebony some how cooks the best Gravies.)

Rice : Veg biryani and Chicken biryani.
Rotis are served on the table, please make sure you order well in advance if you are more than 8-10 people.

Desserts : We went really late for the buffet around 2 :30 pm, the desserts changed as and when each one got over, but they changed for the BETTER, from rolls to Gulab jumuns.
Ice Cream too is served.
A really good ambiance ,when you visit this place you will realise that you should be here at night with someone, or with your family.

P.S. Timings from 12 - 3 pm. And offcourse, Worth every penny.


Roof top!!!

One of the best places to have 'Good Food' in Bangalore. Especially @ the rooftop!!! A must go place for a romantic dinner with gal friend or spouse!!!


View from the top!!!

Once you are in Bangalore, this is one place you will always hear about. On the 13th floor of Barton center, it provides a great view of the MG Road and UB City. Food is good. Better to reserve a seat prior to your visit, preferably in the open area.



For the ambience

One of the few rooftop restaurants in Bangalore. Perfect for a nice dinner overlooking MG road.
Food is average and expensive. But worth it for the ambiance.


Great Ambience

I have been to this place twice and it has overwhelmed me on both the occasions.
First time I was here with my team and the second time with my family.

The best part of this restaurant is its ambience. Its on 13th Floor and gives an splendid view of Bangalore and UB city Mall. If you are on dinner then you will witness sparkling bangalore from here. Its very breezy out there and cold too.

They arrange candel light dinners also, I seen many pairs having candel light dinner when i visited this place.

To protect yourself from cold you can asks for shawls too the waitors usually provide it there.To get a terrace table you need to book in advance and reach this place at 7:30 PM or 7:45 PM.

Well talking about food they have a very good variety to choose from, ranging from Europian cusine to Indian. I had Indian food and it was good.

We were three and it costed nearly 1700 bucks. But worth.
The waitors are very prompt and soft spoken.

I rate this place a perfect date spot. Good Work Ebony.


@ buFFETs gr8

sumtimes food takes a bit of BCKseat n u njoy the company n ambience N EBONY provides the same thing...n watevr u lack is supplemntd by the FOOD.

Buffet on the weekends (tho I always believe tht BUFFETS nevr can help define the Quality of food served) but some of the servings does define in general the food quality.

Weekend @ 370 its DEFINTELY worth of ITEMS, dishes as normal which u find @ a gud place to EAT..but yes starters do need a pump up in nos. Njoy...


Superb Location

Started off with a Team lunch when i went to Ebony for the first time and then after sometime planned out for a reunion of friends and thought will make it special for them as i was meeting them after 14 Years and they were my primary school friends... I bet u, it couldn't have been better than this... The Lunch @ Ebony was just superb!!! Thanks to Cyrus the Manager :)




Determined to dine at a rooftop restaurant, I suggested to my friend that we go to Ebony. He goodnaturedly agreed and so, a little after 7 pm we took the lift to the 13th floor and presented ourselves at the reception. The suited and booted man in charge of the reception asked us if we had reservations and when we replied in the negative, very kindly looked through his extremely full book of reservations for that evening and then ushered us to a nice outside table. Happily and gratefully, we sat down and peered solemnly at the drinks and food menus. I ordered a Grey Goose with Orange Juice and my friend settled for a Peach Diaquiri. For our starter, we ordered a Hot and Spicy Beef dish. Our drinks arrived quickly and were followed very shortly after by the starter. Both of us enjoyed our drinks and simply loved the beef. We paused in between mouthfuls to tell each other repeatedly that this was the best beef dish we had ever tasted and for a few minutes, actually toyed with the idea of ordering a second plate. However, being small eaters, we knew that were we to do such a thing, we would never be able to have a main course and so reluctantly we desisted and instead, ordered our main courses - a Veg Fried Rice with Basil and the Malaysian Massaman Curry. I had ordered this at Ebony, Magrath Road and had enjoyed it so much, that I couldnt resist the chance to eat it again. My friend shared the bowl of rice and curry with me. Meal over, we ordered dessert - a New York Baked Cheese Cake with a Rum and Raisin Compote, which we split between us. We then paid the bill, peered over the wall at the city skyline, engaged each other in a debate as to whether Indiranagar was behind us or to the left and then left. All in all, the place is great - great ambience, great food, great service and a splendid view. As it was Sunday evening we got to see the Vidhana Soudha all lit up and wow, was it splendid. Comparing this place with its Magrath Road branch, this wins hands down - because of the view. Definitely a place for a relaxed meal and drink.


Team Luncheon for NY 2011

The place was great when it came to continental with a wide spread of variety however it could have have been more delicious..Desert was okay..did not try the indian food so no clue about that..however for Rs.750 per head for a buffet it was little over reasonable.



What happened?!?!

Its funny how things change, some for good and some for bad!
I had proposed my then girlfriend and my now wife in this very same place!
2 years later, when am back in the country, I thought what other place to celebrate the anniversary than here.
Call in to make a reservation for a table on the outside wing, and am told they dont take reservations after 8 pm and before 9 45pm! Really??? Then what exactly is the point of making a reservation?
It didnt make any sense when the person on the other of the phone told me that even though the tables are free outside, they dont take reservations between these times because of some intriguing policy!
Even though I dont know how has the food changed 2 years since, I for sure know the place is not really worth trying again...


January 25, 2011response from management at Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower:

Dear Madhatters,

Please do believe me...nothing has changed at your old favourite Ebony except for the better ! What might seem a bizzare seating policy Sir, is actually the fairest system possible under the circumstances. Our first seating is from 7:30 to 9:30 and our second seating is from 9:30 onwards. AS A RESULT NO TABLES BOOKINGS ARE ENTERTAINED BETWEEN 8:30 AND 9:30 PM. This ensures that no table is blocked endlessly for guests who cannot get here in time, possibly thanks to Bangalore's notorious traffic. If tables are phys

Amazing exp

I can go on and on describing this place and the good exp that i had here yest night.
First, we had booked a table in the outer wing, and we got a great place to start with. amazing view from the roof top and with an open air place they have made it look so romantic, kudos to them
coming to the service, very attentive staff and polite and decent to make you feel classy.
Best part is Food out here. I ordered whatever the man suggested to me according to my reqt and every single dish tastes excellent. It was a real treat for the mouth. Absolute delight
I would suggest people to come and exp the yummy food and excellent service
@management You guys rock. I would visit you again and again.


December 29, 2010response from management at Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower:

Dear Ms. Patnaik,

Thank you ever so much for your kind words and your compliments on our service. It shall make me immensly proud to ensure the staff who served you on that day are recognised for their efforts.

Let me and my team wish you a very very Happy New Year filled with many more such great dining experiences.


Anniversary Dinner

Guys, I went to this place on my first marriage anniversary i.e., 9th Dec, 2010 after asking lot of friends and reading the reviews here. Let me tell you I had an awesome experience.

The table they gave us could have been more strategically located as it was my 1st wedding anniversary and I was longing for some privacy. I gt table at the CENTRE of the outside wing but it was compensated by the beautiful view :-(

We ordered starters. Simply amazing. I am not getting the exact name but dahi ke kebab or sthg like that was awesome. Other was corn tikka which was decent.

For Main course we had Paneer Tikka Masala. Loved it. It's the only Paneer Tikka Masala I had in whole india with gravy. Truly a gastronomical delight. Tandoori roti's were soft and complimeneted the dish.

Staff was courteous and they even gave us a complimentary cake but with butter cream. All in all they did made my anniversary truly memorable.


December 29, 2010response from management at Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower:

Dear Naveen,

What a great end to a great year at EBONY your kind words of encouragement are !!!

In this our 16th year, we are ever-mindful that our patrons are our greatest assets and shall ensure that pleasurable dining experiences such as what you have enjoyed become our singular focus.

A very very Happy New Year to you and your beloved.


January 3, 2011response from management at Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower:

Hey Guys,
Wishing you a very Happy New Year as well.
Once again thanks for such a great experience. I would love to come to Ebony soon.

Cheers !!!
Naveen Vijay
Naveen VIjay

d24340 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 14,2010


Worst food experience in India

Never order a Tom Ka soup there.I ordered it with plain rice,rice came after I finished the soup.The soup was made of Paste.
This and a beer was 450 Rp.Maybe interesting to see nouveau riche Indians,but never again


December 16, 2010response from management at Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower:

Dear d24340,

I find it shocking that one of our signature dishes has received such a poor review. We pride ourselves on our thai cuisine and are not a-wannabe Thairestauarant, but areatsuarnt that has been serving Thai food for the past 11 years. My most sincere apologies to you and an open invitataion to you to please call me and give me a chance to lay out a truly memorable Thai meal for you.

Nightmare ....worst experience

Well i had heard a lot about this place and its I decided to go with my friends....v really wanted to experience the outside rooftop view of b'lore from 13th floor....but our bad luck, it started to rain heavily as soon as we reached the v were pretty disappointed...But to our luck the moment we stepped in the rain vanished and it was slightly drizzling ,at our request we were given a table outdoors/the behavior of the staff was as if they were doing a favor by doing so (irate staff)....first thing, the food is not at all as good as its price is....its absolutely overpriced...very poor hospitality....and the waiters were least bothered to serve and were busy with other people dropping in .. I laughed to my self common care for those who are already in.:P anyways felt was having loads of hopes thinking that this would resemble Zaafran Pune - but was let down ....


December 16, 2010response from management at Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower:

Dear Kranti007,
Thank you for your candid review. While I shall not make excuses for what happened during your visit to our restaurant, I shall apologize unconditional for what you term ` poor hospitality'. When it rains at Ebony, it does throw a serious spanner into our works since more that 70 percent of our seating is exposed to the elements. On a day of intermittent rain there is a lot of stress on our staff that face the brunt of the weather and hence there is normally a lot of recovery time required.. So you will not be offered a

January 13, 2011response from management at Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower:

Hi Rajesh - good to see the response ,but when it comes to comparison - i wud for sure compare Zaafran Exotica pune/Ohris banjara hyderabad- worth a place to visit again and when come s to the service as well as the pricing is concerned.The most important thing that attracts a customer is the service of the response of the staff no matter the restaurant is busy or has problems with the climate.Would for sure visit again to see if there is any change made for the review written from the customers.Had seen that with regards to Rajdhani at UB ci

Great view from the top

Been to Ebony after many many has not changed much.

Was there on a Saturday after will old friends, family and kids. Got a table outside without much difficulty and offered a great view of MG road and Bangalore around.

Starters were limited, 1 veg and 1 non-veg. Soup was hot and refreshing.
Ebony has a great salad selection. Buffet menu was decent but the refills were not happening immediately. There were couple of other folks waiting along with me.
Desserts were excellent and best was the Lichi ice-cream. Blueberry mousse was just ok.

Beer selection was good and I was quite happy with my chilled Tuborg.

Overall food was good, service was decent and has a great view.

It would be a good option for ala carte dinner.


December 16, 2010response from management at Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower:

Thanks Ravi,

Its always great to have old friends back.

Thanks for your continued patronage !

innqubus - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 01,2010


Very Good and Perfect for candle-light dinners

Had been there with friends and really had a nice time. The service is really good. They have a plethora of Mediterranean stuff in which i tried Lasagne and Tagliatelle. many names are just exotic and difficult to remember. Do try some of their cocktails. BrahMos was very good though expensive. Ideal place for couples who wanna have a date. For others, we have 13th Floor just next to it.




Well i had heard a lot abt dis place n its i decided to go with my girlfrnd for a romantic date....v really wanted 2 experience d outside top view of b'lore....but our ill luck, it started to rain heavily as soon as v v were pretty disappointed...v were given a seat indoors....first thing, d food is not at all as good as its price is....its absolutely overpriced...very poor hospitality....n d interior was not at all dat gud 2 match d huge prices of d dishes....overall a bad experience....thumbs done from my side to dis my first n last visit 2 dat place...


Nice Place

Had been here with a friend in the afternoon. The view is very good. Would like to go again at night to enjoy it. They had only buffet that day,so didn't have many choices. I would have liked to try a few dishes a-la-carte.May be next time.But still, the food was pretty good. I was happy with the service.
All in all a good visit. Definitely worth a visit, at least for the view that it offers... Go ahead and give it a try!


suksud - Burrp User


8 Reviews

September 04,2010


nice resturant

On a lazy saturday, after watching a movie in M.G.Road, thought had to take some rest and have some nice food. So through loafing around M.G. road ran into this hotel. Nice hotel, gives nice view of M.G. road and newly being constructed metro railway track. It is a nice place to hangout.

Coming to the food, which is the main part of the resturant, did sound bit average. I dont say the food was bad. I had gone for a buffet and I love starters. Being a vegetarian, i had only one option for starter, and that was good. But i needed one more starter.

The mix of cusines was ultimate. Most of the places will have only north indian or only chineese. Here I have the option for all.
Soup did taste like a south indian sambar. I hope they do some changes into this. Then went on with rest of the stuffs. It did sound good. Coming to the deserts i liked pudding and icecream.

Anyways there was nothing which i could say outstanding but food was average. Apart from this, waiters were bad. Breads did not come on time and this made me not to order more breads.

Will i go here again? I guess yes, not for food but for the view, to have a nice hangout.


zabin7 - Burrp User


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August 23,2010


Awesome place

Its a great place to go with your loved ones. Went two times. Loved the food, more than that just loved the atmosphere. You should go out there in the chilling winter. Real fun......... And of course very romantic tooooooooooooooo

Serving may be a drawback...... but not that they are deaf..... they made my day on my frnds Bday. My frnd told me "I just love this", and that made my day. So isn't it enough?????


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July 29,2010


Gratifying european meal.

I am rather new to Bangalore, there said that before I begin with my review. I see that Ebony has a average rating on burrp, I would think that would a bit unfair on the restaurant. Starting over, "The views" that I see everyone is raving about is well... not something to write home about, its just on the 13th floor no doubt you can see a bit of Bangalore, but thats true when I go on higher floors of any tall building here. The menu is not very exhaustive in each section(they have Indian, European & South Asian) but a very well set menu. Coming to the food which I must say deserves a "very good" rating(if not excellent) we had ordered pork ribs from south asian menu as starters, which was glazed and well made.. appetising indeed. For main course we had Ebony meat platter(i got the name wrong) from european section, it was a platter of meats cooked in different styles, we had sausages, beef and a skewer of meat, this was delightful. We enjoyed the food. From the bar menu I had ordered for a mohito which i found quite pleasing(not out of world). The wine list is very limited for an multicusine restaurant, needs some work. I would go on to say that this is an excellent place for European food and a good evening, though seating can get bit cramped and maybe noisy on a weekend. The service and time for food to arrive was quite satisfactory Also i have to mention that they do charge a service charge additional to taxes don't know if this is customary in Bangalore.



Nothing to offer but the view...

The food sucks and the waiters there must be arrogant or deaf as it takes a good 10 minutes to get one's attention... If you don't mind this and don't care about the food and would want to sit out on a lazy evening and watch Bangalore go by, then this is your place .... Don't expect anything else to cherish...


May 5, 2010response from management at Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower:

Dear Hamadryad,

Extremely sorry that your impressions of our restaurant are as negative as that. Would be obliged if you could let us know when you were here and what you ordered , so that we can analyse what went wrong.

We will not presume to state that we always get it right.... we have our off days too.

I will truly appreciate a call from you to get a little more feedback.



European and Persian food cannot get better than here. I would certify the food presentation that these guys do.I had tried the persian food as well..they are well equipped in this as well.
The place has an awesome view of Bangalore which is an added advantage.
What needs a correction is the table decor.None of the table has privacy and no one can have a peaceful meal in this restaurant. No wonder the crowd here is huge..however,there should be a way to handle it.The tabled need rearrangement and I can bet this would be the best place to hv a peaceful dinner.


May 5, 2010response from management at Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower:

Dear Sohni,

Thank you very much for your comments on our European and Parsi food.

I am happy to tell you that Ebony is embarking on a massive renovation of our reataurant later this month. Hopefully you will like the new look of the place as well as approve of our new table placements which will be done keeping feedback such as your in mind

Team Ebony

Not my type

My guess is that not many reviews are needed for this well-known restaurant. However, with experience, I've learnt that many multi cuisine restaurants mess up over and over again with trying to serve too much, without really being upto the mark.

I am a foodie. Big time. But I'm partial to continental and European cuisine and favour restaurants who serve me the same. So when my date said he'd take me to Ebony, he lured me into it by the whole 'Conti food' aspect.

Well, I'm not here to argue on the ambience. It's excellent. Incredibly romantic. And you get a breathtaking view of Bangalore from up here. And well, that's that. I'm a complete cocktail lover, and was unimpressed by the limited selection of cocktails that they did have. So I made the big mistake of asking the bartender to make me one which wasn't on the menu (he readily agreed to, by the way).

So my Chocolate Martini was the worst thing I'd had my entire life, and the follow up Mojito was, well, um, let's not go there. So yes, the food. I tried the Pasta Alfredo, which was way below par. And so cheesy it made me want to throw up mid way.

My date, however, ventured into Indian cuisine, and ordered Nans and Butter Chicken, which, to my surprise, I enjoyed. We then tried the Mudaliyar Pepper Prawns, which were quite a delight. My guess is their Indian cuisine is their strength, and popular for the same.

Service was extremely slow, and yes, they pay more attention to the foreigners here.The bill came upto Rs.1700 with drinks, which was okay. Try it for mediocre Indian cuisine, And for a unique dining experience in Bangalore.


May 5, 2010response from management at Ebony, Hotel Ivory Tower:

Dear Lilmissfoodie,

Thank you for your forthright review. May I just say that WE CAN DO BETTER.

Yes, we are 16 years old and yes we are a pretty well known restaurant, but more importantly, YES ...Even we can sometimes get it wrong !

I personally do think our European menu is our strength and would like you to give us a chance to redeem ourselves....with a better Chocolate Martini as well !!!

In fact we are so proud of our Euro-Conti food that we have opened

Average Buffet

The Men in the office wanted to please and make all the women on the floor happy! The best way, they thought was to take us out for a nice lunch in a nice place!
Ebony was the place on the 13th floor of Barton Center, a big corner of the dining room was booked and that section was completely dedicated to the big gang of ours.

Luckily, they did not book the space in the outdoor section as its really HOT in Bangalore offlate during afternoons though the view from the 13th floor was spectacular.

After reaching the place, I quickly took a thorough look at the menu and realized there were no starters. When asked we were told, starters are available only during the weekends when the buffets are priced higher. The soup was served on the table (there was only one soup and it was veg)

Next section was of salads and some chaat. Kachori chaat with sweet dahi was good and the rest were average. After this was the main course. Rotis with 2 veg curries and 2 non-veg curries. These were also average. After this was rice with Dal Makhni. Dal was good.

In the dessert section, there were Peda, Caramel custard and Ice-cream. Though I avoided all of it, my colleagues mentioned there was nothing that I missed.

Overall, it was an average meal for Rs.222 per head.


malpilu - Burrp User


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February 23,2010


Great Location

Greate place to sit and enjoy the bangalore night. Food was good. Did not like the service. Always ask for seat in the balcony facing MG road. the parade ground looks just fabulous from there.


Mixed Opinions

Went to this place 3 times..
Lunch buffet is decent enough and not so expensive as well..
But dinner menu should be chosen very particularly.
Dint like the food 1st time at all..was hopeless and it ruined the lovely terrace view which is what the restaurant is all about..Service is not all that great..The waiters do give an annoying stare sometimes instead of minding their own business.
As long as you know what to order in a Afghani and Italian cuisine you will love the place..
Definitely worth a visit with your partner..The view is just romantic..Alcohol selection was decent though i dint try that day.
Slightly on the costlier side but totally worth it for the awesome view of MG road u get.


Good Buffet

We went to Ebony on Saturday for lunch buffet. I was a little disappointed with the starters as they didn't have many choices. Salad and main course was good and had good mix of Chinese, Continental and Indian.
Not many options in dessert though.. jus fruits, ice cream and phirni. But, overall its good value for money.


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December 05,2009



We went there expecting a lot..But oh no no...a total disappoinmnt..I mean if you get good food..n good service you certainly dont mind paying for it. But the cost didnt at all justify d food. It was just too ordinary. The service not at all good. If you are served non-veg, you are atlst informed..but d waiter just came n served chicken starters e1 to veges ...c'mon dis is not how it goes. The food was not all all presentable...The hospitality was nothin..So all in all...just any avg restaurant..n certainly not for d price dat u will b charged!


Good location but avoid Wednesday Afternoons

I happened to go there today ie Wednesday afternoon. The place is good and the view is awesome. The food was good too. Reasonably priced lunch buffet @ 222 per person. Only hitch was that they had too many kitty parties and so there was a lot of noise and chaos. I guess they have offered Wednesday lunches for Kitty Parties so make sure you avoid that. All in all a good experience except for the cacophony.



Good food, and you pay extra for the view

The place is located on 13th Floor at barton centre on MG Road.

The restaurant is divided into two section. Indoor section, which is very crowded. And outdoor section, which is better. The USP of the restaurant is the view of bangalore you get from the outdoor section.

Ambience in the indoor section is okay. The service is little snooty, as many other burrpers have commented. The service is sometimes hurried or sloppy depending on, if there is a crowd waiting.

The food and drinks are good. The pricing is on the higher side.

Overall, I would recommend this place only if
- You get a reservation for outdoor seating.
- You are planning a romantic evening.



bad experience!

I have been to this place some 3-4 times now....first time it was lovely with the amazing view and dim lights...
buffet is just ok here with not so many starters and very few desserts..
but yesterday was a complete disaster when i went here for dinner wid my fren to celebrate his b'day....we somehow got a place inside (probably cuz we dint have a reservation even though the place looked kinda empty)...the waiters were so ill mannered. they left without taking the whole order and came back only after 10mins that too when we called them!! the drinks and the presentation, everything was so sub-standard...the food was also nt so good...
so im never going back here again n wudnt recommend this place 2 anyone!



Mixed feelings on Ebony

I've been to Ebony twice. The first time the service and food were average. The second time the service and food were below average. So, would I recommend others to go to Ebony? Maybe...only if they are the type of people who would appreciate a truly beautiful view and didn't care much about anything else.

The menu has many options- indian, asian, and continental so I'm sure anybody would find something that they would enjoy. However, since we had such a lousy experience this latest time I'm very hesitant to recommend.

First of all, the waiter was indifferent and unhelpful. When I asked what the restaurant's specialty was he practically rolled his eyes at me. Excuse me, I'm a guest- don't give me that attitude!

Then the Indian food was just not as good as last time we were there and my husband had major stomach problems afterwards.

Lastly it took us 30 minutes from when we asked for the check until we left. Plus they tried to overcharge us for 3 bottles of water instead of 1.

Can't say that I will be back again.


Decent PLace

The place is decent place to grab lunch buffet, though the menu is not too great, but the 13th floor bar is a nice place for a chilled beer.


Great view, Good food

Possibly one of the best places in Bangalore to grab a chilled beer on a lazy sunday afternoon! I prefer the a la carte over the buffet. The food is great! Might need to make a reservation if you're going for dinner.



Excellent ambience for romantic dinner

I took my wife here for our dinner on our anniversary and she loved it.
The place is great, in terms of ambience and the food rocks!
I've been there twice and both the times i've been seated on open-air part of the restaurant.
Dinner for two cost me about 900+ (including a drink).
Be sure to make reservations on weekends.


romantic dinner place

The place where you can get rid of the stress and have a nice dinner with a pleasant roof top open air ambience...the place where one should go with his/her partner to spend really a good time...the place which gives u a memorable picture in ur mind so that u can cherish ur memories later...i just live this place for its ambience and feels great when u r on the top of the city i.e on 13th floor,with cool wind blowing...dinner for 2 costed me some 800 bugs without drinks...


Warm winter afternoons

This is a place to go for a decent lunch on a warm winter noon.. good view, good food.. not very expensive... good to go with families or couples.. Space is sometimes a problem.. Never hurts to make reservations


their only USP is the view..

this is a place one must go to only if ur out to impress a date with ur good looks and the view the place has to offer,and seeing how namma bengalooru is going from bad to worse it 'aint even an option anymore..had gone there for the lunch buffet and man was the food sad..apart from the fact that they didnt have many options they had a stale dish on the buffet which was ignored by the management even after being complained about..maybe pea n tomato curry is meant to taste bitter n smell like something the cat dragged in..the only high point was the dessert which was bread pudding and kheer..for 250/- per head its not worth the trouble or the ruined appetite..



Good Food

The food is good and a decent place, we had a team lunch buffet. Nice Veg and Non Veg dishes...



One of the best in blore

I went there for dinner. I booked the outside table in advance.
it was really good. The view from outside id owesome. The best place for a romantic dinner.
Food is good. Service also nice.


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September 04,2007


Spectacular Setting but ok food

The restaurant is on the 13th floor overlooking the entire city. If you sit and eat on the patio, you'll simply love it. I went there for a lunch buffet on a weekday and found the found to be just above average. But you gotta go to check out the ambience ... Perhaps being able to pick the dishes in the dinner may make it better.


Fun@13th floor

This is one restuarant that brings memories of the 22nd floor restaurant on PUB.
Its got one of the best locations any restaurant could ask for.the 13th floor of barton center is just too good a place to be and add to that the rich food, the different varieties of dishes and a glass of cold beer, and you have an awesome place on the cards!!!
The View from the top is just awesome provided you get an outside table. and at night, this place just comes alive, with bangalore's night life buzzing a 100feet below. Enjoy the meal.
A meal for two would put you down by around 1000rs for a 5 course meal.
Do try the deserts!!