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El Tablao

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 41410124, 9902336811
  • Lotus, 612/1, 4th Block, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Spanish
  • Meal for 2 - 2000

26 Reviews / 26 Ratings

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El Tablao Reviews


Nice deli meats, good potato tapas, good sangria, but just not spangled enough.
You guys could shine! You could do a lot! Come on! Do eeeet!


sendhilr - Burrp User


10 Reviews

September 10,2012


Very good

Been there on monday,good food and good ambience,good music...As it on monday we were the one to be,still the food was very good. This is our first time so our waiter recommended to take chef's selection of tapas, everybody enjoyed the collection including my son. The waiter also recommended spanish wine,which accompained very well along with the food. Overall nice experience,could recommend to take chef's colLection of tapas for the first timer and its more worth if you are group of 3 or more.



Let's go hopping for Tapas!

Of course we cant go "hopping" for tapas since we aren't in Spain. We're in namma Bengaluru :) So we did the next best thing. We decided to head out to El Tablao, the local spanish watering hole. And what a fun evening it was! First off, the ambience. A pretty picturesque old world spanish tavern feel. Very spacious with a quite a large seating area. Huge glass windows overlooking the busy street below. Quite nice. The food: Tapas galore! A huge variety to choose from and the quantities are pretty decent as well. I would certainly recommend: Piri Piri Potato wedges, Jalapeno Relleno, Roasted Lemon Chicken wings, Tortilla Espanola (Spanish omlette). The Pimento Relleno (stuffed red pepper) was just ok. One thing to note is that they have a big selection of tapas to choose from but the main course is basically just a selection of Paellas. Now while I recommend the Paella for its taste, the price is quite absurd for the quantity served. Also the menu says you have to order a minimum of 2 portions which means one order would come up to Rs.700. Not worth the price at all. Not only that, you have to place your order for the Paella atleast an hour in advance. The tapas are decently priced so if you're not too keen on a "main course" I recommend ordering a larger variety of tapas and ticking them off the menu :) Drinks: My friend tried the Sangria and did recommend it. The service: Impeccable and the waiters were quite helpful and patient (we had kids in our party. Need I say more?). All in all, a fun evening and I will certainly be visiting again.



Go for the wedges!

After a very disappointing hunt for Spanish food from Indiranagar ( Herbs & Spice, was closed on a MONDAY!! ) , we ended up in El Tablao. The decor lives up to its Spanish status. Great Ambience indeed! And what I liked most was the large amount of seating space available. Tried the mushroom croquettes and the piri piri wedges, both of which were really good. I would say the wedges were the highlight of the meal ( I know its just wedges , but they were seasoned to perfection & served with the yummiest garlic mayo I've ever had ).
Service was fine. Nothing too great on that front. Our meals were served at a reasonable time and Hot! As far as the main course is concerned, I can't really say its the best fare I've had. We opted for the Mexican items on the menu ( Not the wisest option I guess).
Overall, its a nice place to hang out with friends and family. The Menu is impressive and for that I would definitely give this place another visit!



Oh la la

The place is located in a building full of interesting restaurants but the reason we ended up here was because we wanted something light and something tapas.
It has a great variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
The food is finger licking yummy. There is an exhaustive list of wines you could order from. The desert, especially the walnut pudding with ice-cream and honey was different and very tasty. The service is good.
The only thing to beware of is the time taken for the food to be served.
The price range is average.
The ambiance is very spanish with oh-so-spain pictures framed all around and the music in the background.


Fantastically Spanish

Well... I ve been wanting to write abt this place for over a month a chance today... First of all, this place is not for the ppl u look out for 2 by 4 tomato soup, manshuri, roti & sabji :) lol.. their food is so aunthentic & traditional (the team is alway there to help u out in understanding the food style) the food tastes great.. the ambience is amazing... the interiors were personally bought from spain to get the feel... The sangria is a must try... a lil heavy on your pocket, but c;mon this is the only spanish resto u have in bangalore :) so IT IS worth every trouble you take to come to this place :) Had an amazing time here... loved the food, the ambience, the service... everything... Will surely visit here again:) cheers to this place:)



Nice Spanish Experience .....

Went for dinner with my family. The ambience is really lovely with nice spanish music.Lovely pictures and painted white doors. As it was first time experience in any european joint, we got to know the concept of Spanish dinner which is just one main course and lots of snackers so that everybody in the group tries everything. This is a great place where each dish is cooked then and there and just right.Make sure to try the Sangria and Paella which is really worth the wait. Don't forget to finish off with the Walnut pie which is yum and the best of lot for me as I am sweet freak.Prices are quiet ok compared to what I have heard of other european joints. Worth visiting, nice first time experience. Will visit soon with my family this time.


vaishalim - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 26,2011



I have visited El Tablao earlier this year with friends and had thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The last visit there has completely changed my opinion about this place.

We ordered a wild mushroom fricassee- what we ended up getting was a button mushroom dish, being passed off as wild mushrooms. Only upon complaining to the executive serving us, did he agree that they were button mushrooms.Similarly the baby spinach salad, had normal spinach leaves. The point being- it is ok to serve a substitute, however it is imperative that you inform the customer about the deviation when taking the order! The mackerel too was stale and the nacho chips tasted like those which you would get when you purchase a dorritos or a tortilla chips packet at your local grocer.

They did not bill us for the mushrooms and mackerel that we returned, however we did not even get a courtesy visit from the manager/chef assuring us about the food quality or even accepting their mistake on serving something different from what was mentioned in the menu.



Great Sangria and average food

The best things there seem to be Sangria, a version of potato wedges and chicken wings. Doesn't sound very Spanish :). Read on for more.

A bunch of us visited this place on a Friday a week back. The first thing that struck me was that there were only two or three tables which were occupied. Basically, before we entered, there were more staff than the customers in the restaurant at 8:00 pm on a Friday! The warning bells started ringing. Am I going to regret this experience? Well, we wanted to satisfy our culinary curiosity about spanish food so we decided to continue.

Having driven for a fair amount of time getting to Koramangala (traffic is a mess, as usual), we were eager to order. Most of the group were vegetarians so we practically ordered most of the Veg Tapas(we were hungry!), Spanish Omelet and chicken wings. We also ordered Nachos Grande and Veg Paella. Ofcourse we washed it down with two pitchers of Sangria.

The sangria was fantastic, fruity and a bit sweetish but then that is how a good sangria should be. Of all the Tapas, the biggest hits were Mushroom croquettes and patatas bravas. The chicken wings were great as well. Nachos came with puny amount of guacamole. I like my nachos will fair amount of melted cheese and generous helpings of guacamole and refried beans. Sadly, the quest for finding good nachos in Bangalore remains unfinished.

Paella was quite bland and wasn't great. Some of the other starters like Piri Piri potato wedges were OK.

Among the desserts (did I mention we were hungry), we had walnut pudding and chocolate cake and they were both good. There was perhaps a spoon or two of rum in it or may be two pitchers of sangria was making us imagine that.

The bill for 6 of us was about 1200/- per person. A pitcher of Sangria is about 1500/- and we had two so that contributed to the bill.

In summary, a decent place to drink Sangria and eat starters have good conversation with friends. However, if I was going to focus more on quality of food than Sangria and friends, then this doesn't cut it. Would I go back again, probably not because I have tried it once and food is average overall! Besides, looking at the crowd on Friday or lack thereof, it may not be around long enough for us to go again.


pretty spanish! :)

el tablao is a really nice place, good central location.. the sangria was good .. but i found the prices a little high for th eportions of food served... otherwise.. no complaints!


vivekv68 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 02,2011


A different sort of place

This place is a little different from the typical European joints. It has tried to be Spanish, it seems. The food is OK. Sangria is not good. The most interesting part is the difference sort of dishes, worth trying just to sample the variety. Worth taking a risk for a change of taste.


Rohit Nair - Burrp User

Rohit Nair

1 Reviews

September 26,2011


Not worth it!

A nicely done place, simple and dimly lit with enough space and laid out well.

The staff, very courteous and helpful with the menu as well as service.

The food however, was quite a disappointment. We started with Tapas - Stuffed Mushrooms and Pork Ribs. The mushrooms were pretty good as was the stuffing and the dip it came with. The pork ribs, were overdone and very difficult to get off the bone.
We then moved to the Sea Food Paella, which was rather bland and definitely not worth the money and time that it took. All this was washed down with a pitcher of Sangria which was not bad.

In all, did expect more out of this place and not really worth a second visit.


pri0770 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 11,2011


Awesome dining experience!

the entire family wanted to go out and have DIFFERENT food to celebrate a special wedding anniversary and decided to check out El tablao and its spanish food. not having had anything remotely spanish we had to blindly rely on the recommendation of the staff to order our food; who i must say were very helpful. we had a great evening with some awesome food (must try the king prawns served in sizzling garlic nd chilli oil, roasted chk wings, mushroom croquettes, potato wedges with salsa nd garlic mayo) - though the grilled pork ribs were a bit rubbery. we didnt enjoy the sausage either. the food was washed down with sangria, which was great! for dessert we had chocolate cake and icecream. one tip - please order your paella well in advance if you are really hungry as it does take time to prepare...but it definitely is worth the wait. would love to visit this outlet again with my hubby alone and have a quiet evening to ourselves!


pier39lab - Burrp User


15 Reviews

September 10,2011


This resto has some serious LOW Quantity issues.

Ok, we're a group of foodies trying to venture out into good food and restaurants, El Tablao completely disappointed us. Without second thoughts we decided to head out assuming we would be content and call it a night, alas, that just ended on the contrary! (Whole lot of smoke and mirrors!)
Ambiance is good, not great and was completely deserted (not a good sign on a friday night!). We ordered Pollo Ajillo, Nachos & Salsa & Lamb Cutlets for starters, they were not very bad but not too good either but the quantities were so little for the price you pay, it won't suffice a mouse! We were still very very hungry.
We asked the waiter for some help to decide what we could eat for main course, whatever that was of good quantity. He said Paella was good and sufficient for all of us plus the minimum order was 2 portions! (it was all BS, don't believe the waiter with a made up British Accent) That's how they cheat! He also said it's going to take them 50 mins of cooking time (instead it took an hour and a half). I don't know why we okayed that, we were thinking it was going to be worth all that waiting. When that little dish arrived he said that was 2 portions right there! It was so small, as small as a small serving pan! That left us with emotions filled with hunger and anger, that mixed really well. We and the waiter did some talking about the quantities and he realized it drove us nuts so I guess he jumped outta the back door and never saw us again until we got out.
Very Very expensive for the meager portions. Do yourself a favor and don't go there. They're just a bunch of cheats trying to make quick wealth. I almost forgot to mention, we had to leave with empty ripped pockets and get more food from another restaurant.




A delayed review on El Tablao as i visited it about a month or so back. I should say i was very eager to dine here considering there aren't any places that serve spanish food as such. I walked into a dimly lit decently done up place. No Complaints there. The music also added to the building the feeling of tasting some exotic spanish cuisine. Sadly it didn't pick up too much after that. We ordered a plate of olives to start things off. Can't go wrong with olives i quite like them. Our main course was Paellas which didnt really live up to its reputation. Be warned they do take time to be prepared so have an appetizer ready at your table to help you kill time. We ordered up some prawns which were fine. The paellas was quite ordinary; nothing spectacular about the taste of the rice or the meat. The menu card says minimum two people which got me thinking this would be large in quantity. That wasn't the case. I am not sure if the quantity were also Spanish but i doubt that one paella would suffice one hungry Indian palate. After all that the prices you pay don't make you feel any better.

Not one of the best experiences i had, maybe they need to look into some of these comments and incorporate them.



So not worth it

The food is unfairly expensive. There is nothing wrong with expensive food but the food served here lacks and taste and authenticity. The Paella that costs about 600+ bucks, and wrongly claims to serve 2 is missing the core ingredient that is saffron. The other items on the menu also miserably failed to impress me. Very small portion size for the kind of price they charge.


Very bad service with average food

I had high hopes of this place being a spanish food joint but was saddened to be there.. The service is really really bad for such a place.. The food also was average overall and definitely not good barring a few dishes..
My drink, oh God, was so pathetic...i was happy to leave it unfinished.. the only saving grace for the place was their Walnut brownie which tasted amazing!! but for the price had a very small portion..
A very bad experience overall and wouldn't want to visit this place again..


Loved it!

For pictures and more reviews, visit my blog!!

The blog turned two over the weekend (Woohoo!!) and I wanted to go somewhere fun to celebrate the occasion. After much thought and deliberation we decided to pay a visit to the new tapas bar in town. There aren't too many of these in the country (No, Zara's doesn't count) and I must admit I was a tad excited. The restaurant is spacious and decorated with tonnes of paintings ranging from the gorgeous to the outright weird.

However, we can admire art for only so long and mortifying noises from our tummies reminded us of the main reason we were there. In the meat section, we ordered the Alitas de Pollo a la Brasa con Chilli (No. 20 on the menu) which was a big hit. Chicken wings tossed in a lemon and chilli sauce: this had the right amount of tangy-sweetness to it. The accompanying garlic mayo was super and complemented the wings perfectly.

The Borcheta de Pollo um Pimicentos y Cebolla (No. 21) was distinctly Indian: the spices, the texture, even the look (upon first glance we were convinced it was paneer skewers). Don't get me wrong, it tasted good but just left us wishing we had ordered something more exotic than chicken tikka.

On the veggie side, we ordered the Tosta de Pan con Berenjenas (No. 37): Bread topped with a spice aubergine sauce, olives and generous servings of cheese. The distinct taste of spicy aubergine was quite unlike anything I've had before and I definitely recommend this dish.

We also ordered the Paella de Verduras (No. 35): a small veggie paella. This Valencian rice dish was filled with veggies and spices with strong overtones of saffron. It reminded me a little of khichdi and evoked a similar warm and wholesome feeling. The much vaunted soccarat (toasted rice at the bottom of the pan) was missing though. If you want to have paella for your main course, then you need to order 40 mins in advance.

Since we were too hungry to wait that long, we decided to give the Mexican menu a shot and ordered the Fajitas, Quesadillas and the Nacho Grande. The former two were pretty similar (yes, the veggies in the fajitas were straight out of the oven and the quesadillas had a loooot of cheese but other than that,the wraps and the stuffing, was pretty similar). I recommend the qusadillas over the fajitas. The accompanying sour cream was yummy.

The Nachos were very good but it definitely doesn't fill the tummy. And relatively speaking, it was overpriced.

Stuffed, but unwilling to leave without dessert we decided to split one: the baked apple with cinnamon and sangria compote and served with ice cream. To say that we devoured it would be an understatement. Yes, it was that good and yes, we are that piggy.

Somewhere along the way, we also ordered some great sangria: fruity, light and the perfect complement to all that Spanish/Mexican fare.

Service was quick and non-intrusive. The loo was clean and even had hand lotion to boot (always a plus in my books).

El Tablao is a great find. If you want to have a relaxed meal with your friends and catch up over some interesting fare, then head here. Whether El Tablao will survive the rat race that is the Bangalore dining scene remains to be seen but here's to hoping it does.

Pricing: Rs. 300-400 per person.



Terrible service, bad food

Restaurants serving Spanish food are not too many in Bangalore and hence we ventured into this place after booking a table. While the table was ready, we were stranded right in front of the restaurant for 30 mins as there is no parking anywhere in the vicinity and they dont have a valet!

Our friends who had reached earlier had ordered 2 tapas - a potato based croquette and the pork sausages. On our arrival we ordered a bottle of wine, a fresh lime and 2 more tapas. The drinks were served fairly fast but the first 2 tapas came in after 35 mins. We were hoping that the next 2 would reach in about 10 mins as it would have been approximately 45 mins since we ordered, only to be surprised that one of them came after 1 hr 20 mins!!!! This was after repeated reminders.

We were terribly disappointed with the service as the waiters were not apologetic for the delay.

As for the first 2 tapas were concerned - again a huge disappointment. The sausages almost gave me a tennis elbow as I couldnt dig my fork into them and the croquettes tasted terrible.

A BIG THUMBS DOWN for this place.



Reading some of the reviews below, I was skeptical of visiting this place. However decided to try this place, when my boss recommended me to El Tablao.

Since it was a weekday, it was hardly crowded and liked the ambience of the place. Despite one of us visiting this place once earlier, we decided to go by the Owner's recommendation.

We ordered 8 different types of tapas and we liked every tapas we ordered. The staff were courteous & we were constantly being checked upon for any assistance / orders.

Icing on the cake was the Legendary Paella, which I have watched in various food shows, looks different than wat was served. However, we liked it too. We were constantly told what portion to order and how many people can eat it etc... so we did not waste even any dips, as we had ordered for the right quantity.

I would recommend Foodies to this place, who have an appetite towards different cusines and food being served with Garlic and Olive Oil. Also would strongly ask to be guided by the Staff, wrt what to order. That certainly helped us.

I would certainly return to this place often now.


Miserable experience

We went to this restaurant last week for dinner. Had calamari for starters and chicken fajitas for main course. Along with this, we had 3 glasses of wine each.

The calamaris were horrible - overcooked and oily. The fajitas were average. On the whole, not value for money.

This was not the worst part of the deal - we all fell violently sick after the dinner. One of us threw up after reaching home and continued to do so several times over. The others had bad stomach upsets. It took more than a day to recover. So would never go back to that place. Must be the hygiene factor, probably they dont wash salads properly. This is not what we expect from a restaurant of this standard.


Big disappointment for Vegetarians! Awful Service!

Visited this place recently with lot of expectations! Big disappointment for vegetarians like me and I STROGNLY felt the price paid for the food/experience was not worth it! Why are they so miser about Salsa (after all, tomatoes and onions do not cost Rs.100/kg anymore!)... Salsa, mayonise, sour cream and guacamole was served in too little quantities (just 2 tea-spoons) and waiters gave a second "look" when we asked for more. Vegetarian Payella was horrible! And virtually no service... the waiter would dump the stuff on the table and had to serve ourselves! Will not go back to this restaurant ever!



BAD food, decent service

My opinion is quite contrary to the ones already mentioned, but I am not biased. I just had a bad experience there. The wine cocktail (Sangria) was pretty good. But the food was just ordinary to begin with. We ordered something with sausages and the portion size was so small that we rather have not ordered it. We then ordered nachos which was just BAD. Apparently the cheese used was wrong (from my expert companion there). Next I ordered pork ribs... oh man!!!!!!!!! that was the worst!!! the meat was like rubber!!!!!!! We complained about the same and the good part is that he didn't charge us for the same. The owner is friendly, but didn't bother asking us what was wrong with the pork we'd ordered.


Some excellent food, very good service

Departing from our last year of sticking to the tried and tested, we tried the new kid on the [Koramangala] block - El Tablao.

Our experience with the phone reservation was the beginning of a god experience. The owner himself answered the call and he was polite, friendly, cultured, knowledgeable, caring and very helpful. We walked in at around 9:00 PM, but the place was rather empty.

The ambiance and decor was quite good - done in warm tones of orange and brown. The place was clean, neat and seemed a cut above the rest of the "Mexican" places we've been to around India.

The owner ushered us in with a warmth and friendliness that we've seen at just 2 other restaurants in Bangalore. Throughout the meal, our experience with the service was outstanding, mostly from the owner. The rest of the staff were not unfriendly, but didn't exude the charm and personableness of the owner.

We'd done our research and asked for a pitcher of Sangria. I'm not a Sangria person, but the rest of my part of 6 seemed to enjoy it immensely. The prices were rather steep for the quantity - an experience we uncovered throughout the meal.

The starters of prawns and mushrooms were so good that we ordered them thrice. The lamb chops were not good at all and seemed to lack flavour and softness. The rest of the starters and the main course were above average.

Overall, the place rates 4 stars instead of 5 because of the value for money (prices too high for the quantities) and the taste of some of the food.

I'd probably go back there again to try other stuff, but I wish they'd keep prices more reasonable.



muy buena!!!!

WOW - is all I could say the minute we stepped in for dinner on a Friday night! A very tastefully done up place, that seems apt and fitting to the theme of the restaurant. So with scoring major points and feasting our eyes, we decided to scan the menu and check out the food to see if it lives up to the decor of the place.
We ordered a couple of Sangrias, and a started off with pan con tomate ( spanish version of a bruschetta perhaps) and for our tapas we orderered- chuletas cordero (lamp chops), paella verduras ( a small veggie version), tortilla espanola (spanish omlet), Berenjenas - eggplant dish.
the highlight of these dishes that we ordered has got to be the lamb chops and spanish omlet - the lamp chops were melt in your mouth soft and seasoned to perfection, same with the spanich omlet - nice and fluffy.
A bit disappointed with the paella - I agree that we ordered the veggie version, but still it was lacking in flavor and the punch associated with the dish. The same was hte case with the eggplant dish - I was expecting a lot more flavor and spice, however it was bland and the eggplant skin was very "plastic" in texture.

On the whole, it was a great experience, the Sangrias were perfect! However, I would request to pay attention to some of the signature Spanish dishes and need to take utmost care to bring in the perfection. I would like to be back here again to check out some more of the meat dishes!
The price without any dessert was about 1200 Rs, which was not bad for a dinner inluding a couple of Sangrias!!!!! Will be back with a bigger group, so we can try a lot more!!! refreshing addition to the dining scene in Koramangala!!!


A little bit of Spain

Went today for lunch with my family. The ambience is really lovely lots of pictures and painted white doors gives the place a very Spanish feeling. The food is delicious and its clear that each dish is prepared right then and there. This is a great place for a languid meal where each dish is cooked just right. Do make sure to try the Sangria and Paella which is really worth the wait. If there was one suggestion I can make is for them to provide something light to nibble on while we wait for the food. Also must mention the desserts the black forest cake is really the genuine stuff and not just a chocolate cake stuffed with cherries. Its mid range price wise ( cheaper than the very expensive places but much more than the darshinis) but a good spanish meal awaits.