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> > > > Elements Heritage

Elements Heritage

Frazer TownEast Bangalore  

  • 41144148
  • No. 55, Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore
  • Awadhi, Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 800

11 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Elements Heritage Reviews






awadhi food

Heritage uff as per the name the place is look like a heritage food joint.... they serve authentic Awadhi dishes as their signature dish... Chef Rafi qureshi preparing awesome kofta biryanis in Awadhi style the whole dish(almunim) of biryani with koftas will thrown inside of tandoor with a covering of refined flour bread..... With that the biryani got its uniqueness... It was served it with the house mad tomato chutney and kheer that was yum...Apart from that they serve awesome continental soups, starters and mains also as per the taste of the local crowd… Chef shared his experience about bangaloreans eating habits... As per him Bangalore has more immigrants than any city he worked so he edited his menu and omitted some authentic dishes like TINDE KE KEBAB. It was really soft in nature and the guest assumes that it’s raw inside so he stopped the production of this… really sad story yar…
If you are looking for some authentic awadhi dished near to Frazer town area... This food joint has their door opened for you always.............
Bon apetite


Great Decor, Superb Food !

Somebody had passingly mentioned Elements Heritage to us as a good place in Frazer Town and boy am I happy we took the reco seriously !

I was mighty impressed the minute I walked in. The place is very very tastefully done. A wooden fishing boat greets you the minute you are inside which has a variety of fishes swimming.Another big bowl houses many colourful fishes in a separate place surrounded by trees,
The entire place has a wooden decor, a very rustic warm feeling envelopes the place. Insides are done like a old bunglow with wooden windows and twinkling ocher and red lamps.
Me and my friend had walked in for lunch on a Sunday afternoon as the place specializes in Awadhi,Dakhani and Malabari Cuisine and we were in for a nice Indian lunch. The place wasn't too crowded and we found ourselves a comfortable seating place outside with colourful pillows. We started our lunch with ordering drinks, I went for a Elements special (a mocktail of pineapple,litchi and orange fruit juices) and my friend ordered for a Lemon Soda. Both the drinks were to our satisfaction. The vegetarian seekh kabab was a dream. Cooked to perfection, the outer crust was brown and crumbling and the inner layers were soft and full of flavour.
For the main course, my friend ordered for a Chicken Lababdar and I went for a Bharwan Mirchi.
Both the dishes came plated with tiny mounds of rice, saffron and white and were very very delicious. The presentation of each element of the food was impeccable and very appealing.

The service was great, quick and always with a smile.

I would rate the place as a good value for money. For all that we ate, the bill was just 980/- bucks.

What could they improve : Maybe serve alcohol and play slightly better music.

Highly recommended.Would love to go back again :)



Just din't like it.

The old one is way better. Overpriced but that is just for the ambiance.



A Delightful Place to Visit

Elements heritage, is a place I frequent with my friends for its lovely food and delightful service. Having been a rather frequent visitor at Elements Eatery on Nandidurg road for the longest time, my friends and i were rather disappointed when we found out their place in frazer town was an indian one. But, we've been revived as indian food lovers after eating there, as the food is lovely. The food is influenced by coastal cuisine but isnt overtly so. The interiors are warm and they even have a live counter which is quite popular. Personally, i'm a fan of their vegetarian food and they make some yummy dal and paneer. The best part about the food is their preplated concept which makes decisions so much easier coz your dish comes with bread and rice preplated for one and is rather generous. Service is also warm and friendly. Definitely a recommended place from me.



Quick service, OK ambiance and tangy (poor) food

We heard a lot about this place and after seeing nicely decked up place from outside, we decided to pay a visit last week.

Few things that got our attention and worth mentioning were the warm welcome that we received and we were taken to our table. Service was pretty impressive and the food was also served in hardly any time. However; the person who attended to us could not really come up with any recommendations.

All the good things ended with what I mentioned above. All the food that was served that evening, including starters and main course were very tangy. There was some rice that was served which was way below average. We ended up feeling guilty wasting food because we could not handle the overdose of tangy flavoring in our food. Maybe its a one off case or maybe we should have gone for the buffet instead. Probably the story would have been different.

Overall, not a place I would recommend my friends.



Had heard a lot about this place so decided to take the long drive across the whole town to fraser road.The restaurant is located on the busy mosque road.From the outside it looks like an old bungalow renovated to give a distinct look.The ambiance is intresting with lot of wooden platform and sitouts etc.
Coming to the food ,ordered a couple of kababs which were nicely done.They do serve a nan and few accompaniments with the kababs.Tried their meatball biriyani which comes with salan,raita and a small serving of Gajar ka Halwa.The biriyani is flavourful but lacks the punch when it comes to taste.The meat balls were plenty but too small for my linking.Maybe they can have fewer big ones instead.
For deserts we ordered Khubani ka meetha .Again good, but falls short of being extraordinary.
In summary ,some work still needs to be done to improve the taste of the food served.
Definitely Recommended.


Foodie2012 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 18,2011


Loved it

We were a group of 4 adults, 2 kids. 2 adults (Parents) were pure vegetarian, and my FIL is a 'No onion no garlic' person. My husband, I and both kids are hard core Non-veg when we eat we were a pretty eclectic group:-D

We decided to go here after my neighbour had been to this place. She assured me they have good veg options, too, which was very important for us. As soon as we reached the place, we were offered valet parking, which was helpful, as it can be pretty crowded in this area.

The waiters were very attentive and escorted us to the buffet area. As I was not too sure of the Veg options here, we opted for a-la- carte. The buffet area is unique in the sense that the food is cooked right before your eyes and served over the counter! I found the decor and the seating comfortable and stylish. I am sure it must look pretty impressive at night.

We elected to sit outdoors as the kids love open areas. The owner of the place, Mr.Asif came over and helped us with our order, making suggestions on both the veg and non-veg dishes.

The Murg Shorba comes in a copper cup with an accompanying portion of semiya / idiappam.
It was all a shorba should be, full of flavour and aroma. For starters, we ordered a Lucknowi vegetarian kebab for our parents. This veg kebab dipped in semiya and fried, served with a dip was excellent. The Malabari Prawns recommended by Mr.Asif was SUPERB!!

The veg course was Baingan Khatta and Dal accompanied by Kulchas and 2 portions of rice – plain and flavoured. Excellent Value for Money!

The kids shared a Murg Biryani, served with cucumber raita, Baingan salan and Kheer. !! Lots of chicken pieces and not too greasy rice made it perfect.

My husband and I ordered a Lababdar Murg which comes with Kulchas (one can opt for Roti or Nan too). Mr.Asif thoughtfully asked us not to order separately as we may find it too much (“Let’s not waste food. If you feel that you need more, you can order later and we can serve you quickly” is what he said!) We enjoyed each dish thoroughly with no left-overs. It did leave us with little room for desserts. So we ordered 1 small portion of Phirni and a Suleimani Chai. The Phirni portion is quite rich, served cool (not cold) and you really need a sweet tooth to finish it. Loved the chai, too :)

The bill was below 1800. We were very happy with the service, too.

I would definitely recommend this place for large family/friend groups and also for couples.

Mr Asif told us about his Steak place in Nandidurg Road, and that is next on my list of places to visit!



What an experience

i went for my bday treat to elements yesterday and i absolutely LOVED the experience. This place was recommended by a friend of mine. With great hesitance, i accepted the recommendation, worrying about my budget, but my fear was baseless after my great experience.
The ambience was royale yet you get the feel of a backyard party. We chose the ala carte. The friendly service team explained to us about the pre plated concept (which is new in town). A little difficult to understand, but once understood, it was a great hit with me and my friends.
The food is plated enough for one (actually too much for one) i.e., if you order a gravy, you get the accomplices suitable for that dish on the house.
The variety of starters is quite a range. WE enjoyed everything that we ordered (i.e., achari, shafiya, malabar prawns and my personal fav - tandoori aloo, gobi pineapple. The desserts section was rather a very homely affair. With qubani ka meetha, and phirni, leaving a desire-for-more feeling.
It seems the owners of this place chose the culinary journey from persia to the malabar region. With home style cooking, this place is definitely different from the regular mughlai cuisine that's available in our town.



acidrain88 - Burrp User


25 Reviews

February 27,2011


5 star experience

last night we went for dinner and it was a unique experience in bangalore. It is a like a sushi counter but instead it has chicken,vegetables,fish,prawns etc cooked in front of us and served then and there .So we sit around a live counter and the seats are around 15 per counter so its enough for a party. The staff is extremely helpful . They had given us coconut cooler as a drink which was really nice especially since i ve never liked coconut. Food was brilliant.The decor is filled with fountains and the terrace has these lanterns hanging on top which luks v pretty. All in all the experience was gud and i wud definately recommend it.


devpav - Burrp User


12 Reviews

January 28,2011


If going in a group, opt for the Buffet

The al-la-carte options are sad.
If you are a soup/ sorba lover, what you get here will break your heart.
A small goblet of sorba with some steamed rice semia is what you will get.
Very limited options as most menu items are 'cater to one person' orders.
You can still mix-match and share by ordering a few items, but its not how we Indians are usually accustomed to order and share food, when we go out in a dining group.
The coconut water based mock-tail drink is neat.
Desserts leave you with a lot more to desired

But a good place to spend an evening in a small but ambient atmosphere


Foodiethon - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 25,2010


Just OK

We went to this place with a lot of expectations!. The Ambience is great. But the menu is very limited. Apparently the older elements had great sizzlers and steaks so a friend says and expecting that we went for a lunch to this place. We were surprised to see a complete change in the Menu.
The Starters were good. The Main course has a small problem. When you order a get 2 rotis, and two bowls of rice with it. This is a problem when you go in a group and ideally you would want some variety. I think they will need to change this very soon.
We ordered the Shahi Tukda for dessert. And I would give that 2/5 It can be much much better. They were stingy with that rabdi on it!