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> > > > ELIM Resort

ELIM Resort

Kanakapura RoadSouth Bangalore  

  • 9900247972
  • 175, Netergere Village, Bollare Post, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore
  • Continental, Thai

5 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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ELIM Resort Reviews






Stingy Cheap ..... Openly Looting Customers

I went to Elim today as part of my company outing today .... While the resort is an average one lots of empty spaces which they should develop for some activities .... Why am I rating it 1 for this funny experience of having to pay Rs. 30/- using towel after the pool .... THAT'S CHEAP AND STINGY ..... Even the shameless guy gave me a handwritten bill when I insisted.



4/5 Only For It's Facilities And The Property

Food's Average, But All In All, A Good Place To Hang Out.

Had been here quite a long time back. Great memories. Anyways, the place is pretty good. There's ample amount of space and it's worth the money.

I would review it in the following way.

Deliciousness: 2.5/5 -- Food's not that great. Very average.

Ambience: 4/5 -- Really good place to chill and relax. Far from the city. Nice green surroundings, a swimming pool and really good facilities like table tennis, snooker, foosball(awesome fun playing this, reminds me of Joey and Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S :P) and XBOX to name a few. These facilities are free-of-charge. You can utilize them irrespective of the number of hours. Thumbs up to that because usually other resorts charge excessively!

Cleanliness: 3.75/5 -- This place was not messed up. Was maintained well.

Quality of Service: 3.75/5

Bang for Your Buck: 3.5/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

Visit again: Would love to!

I hope they improve the food quality.

P.S. - There's a bar too! ;) Priced quite decently.



Very Bad Resort

Elim is the worst management I have ever seen. No customer satisfaction, bad in food quality, no proper maintenance, rooms are in very bad condition, even other customers felt skin allergy after playing in the swimming pool. Only thing Elim is best at is getting money from customers from all the angles possible. I would not recommend ELIM to anyone. Worst resort I have ever visited. Not good for families.!



Worth more than the money they charged

Overall a very nice experience.
The facilities were well maintained and and they had lots of choices (wrt facilities) which will appeal to the old and young alike.

The most distinguishing of the facilities they provided were XBOXs with Kinect and PS3s. That is something you don't usually see in most resorts. And since it began raining while we were there, quite naturally this was what kept the junta from whining and griping :)



One of the worst resorts

Been there a week back for our team outing, there were 40 people in our group. There is virtually nothing to engage in, within an hour everyone got bored.

The place is very small, they have a garden, a pool and rain dance floor. The pool was shutdown at 5:00 PM, some of us wanted to relax in the pool, the guy curtly refused and said he would treat the water with chlorine.

The manager has a huge attitude problem, refused food to our driver even though we bought coupons for him, most resorts provide food to drivers.