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> > > > Elongo's


KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 42173536
  • No. 64, 7th Block, 1st Main, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 600

3 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Elongo's Reviews


A chilled-out Mangalorean delight!

Elongo's opened about 4 months ago. The owners are the ones who own the legendary Pecos, Mojos and Stones.. places synonymous with the 'Pub culture' of Bangalore. So when I decided to check out the place, I knew I was going in for psychedelic paintings, classic rock music, traditional Mangalorean cuisine and an extremely chilled out place.
I wasn't disappointed. As you enter the round stairway to the 1st floor place, you are greeted by old painted beer bottles adorning a yellow wall and an entrance canvas of The Doors and old cassettes stuck to the wall. There is a non-smoking section at the 1st level and a smoking section a floor above with a seating extended to a brigh yellow balcony. Very fresco-like. I had an instant liking to the laid-back character of Elongo's.
We went for lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon and knew that Beer and Wine cocktails were the order of the day. So the friend ordered a chilled mug of beer while I chose Cidro - a wine cocktail of red wine, ginger, apple cider and cinnamon powder. While the beer was nice and fresh, Cidro had a distinct Ginger flavor that went well with the Shiraz and had a slight hint of Cinnamon. All in all, a very refreshing drink. The place has a variety of wine cocktails, however, the claim that they have a "notable beer list" is slightly misleading as they just had Kingfisher!
We asked the server to suggest the 'must-try starter' and he suggested we go for Chicken Dry Fry. A good blend of flavors with distinct Mangalorean characteristics of red chilies and fried onions, made the dish, quite a pub grub. We gulped it within minutes and knew we should try some Prawns. And so we went for Prawns Sukka - a very powerful and spicy dish with grated coconut and a variety of coastal flavoring. We did feel that the prawns were not very fresh but the taste of the masala, saved the dish.
At this point, may I say that the Elongo's Menu is quite comprehensive with a lot to choose from Chicken, Mutton, Squid, Prawns, Pork, Beef and Fish.. both in Curry and Dry items. There was also a separate section for Chinese, Burgers, Pasta and Steaks.
For the main course, we went for Pork Curry, Mangalore Chicken curry and Appam. As an afterthought, that came from our salivating over the Steaks, we ordered a Chicken Piccatta Steak to share.
The Chicken Piccatta Steak was gorgeous. The steak was crumb friend with a delicious Mushroom pepper sauce, lots of veggies and Rice. It definitely got cleaned up in minutes. The chicken was perfectly well-done, the gravy was thick and full of peppery aroma. And it was a BIG steak.. so we were thrilled!
The Indian main course items consisting of the gravies and Appam turned out to be slightly bland compared to the Steak. While the gravy of Pork Curry was scrumptious, the pork seemed slightly uncooked and stale. The Mangalorean Chicken curry, on the other hand was authentic with strong aromatic blend of garlic and red chilies. The Appams were perfectly cooked, soft from the center and crispy on the outside.
Happily satiated, we requested for the Dessert Menu only to find, they had none! Yes, that did dampen us a bit, but the sumptuous Steak and well-made starters made up for it. :) (I do hope they get some Desserts on the menu soon...)
Coming to the Pricing: Well, the place is definitely good on your pocket. You could easily spend a lazy Sunday afternoon here chatting with friends while Pink Floyd serenades you on the music system. A meal for two with Alcohol is easily below Rs.1000.
Service: Was quick.. the servers knew the menu and could suggest what's best there. Also, pretty flexible... when I requested for a Red wine instead of the White and they did give instead of sticking to what they have on the menu.
As for the Ambiance: Elongo's defines 'chilled-out' place and stands for what Bangalore eating-out culture is meant to be, relaxed and easy on pocket. The many psychedelic portraits of Ozzy, Jim Morrison and John Lennon adorn the bright yellow walls. The seating is well laid-out to give you enough privacy. Walk in your shorts and t-shirts and spend a few hours with chilled beer and mouth-watering starters.. makes it a worthy Bangalore Weekend Day out! For the old-timers of Bangalore or even the ones who know the culture of Bangalore Pubs, you know that Elongo's will live up to the reputation of Pecos and Stones... and create a name for itself.



Amazing Mangalorean/Goan Cusine

Finally a place in Koramangala that Mangaloreans and Goans can call home. The food here is excellent with a wide variety in meat (pork included, yum :)) and fish. The service is good, the music is soothing and relaxing. They have a nice range of drinks as well. The service is friendly. Just the place to chill out with family, friends or that special someone. Been here twice and I plan on frequenting more. Definitely worth a try :)


Nice place to chill out

This is the same place where "64" used to be located earlier. It is a nice relaxing place with options on draught beer and a good wine list. Had been to this place last week with my friend, the KF draught beer was fresh and chill. The sides were also good. The prices are light on your wallet!!
A Nice place to chill out!!