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> > > > Empire Restaurant

Empire Restaurant

IndiranagarEast Bangalore    & IN 8 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 40654065, 43428000
  • 80 Feet Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 500

10 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Empire Restaurant Reviews






Bad Service.

The service is so damn bad that I don't want to say anything about the food :-x
When we visited this place last time, we had a feeling that this hotel was acquired by the government. Now you know the depth of "BAD Service" that we meant.


maymurt - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 16,2013



Having ordered their DISGUSTING Biryani twice earlier, I must have been out of my mind to actually visit the restaurant for a sit-down dinner with the wife and two kids below 10 years.

Started with the service, no-one shows up, when they do they have that dumb clueless look on their face, loud screeching noise of tables being set-up at 7.45 PM in the get the picture.

Foodwise, the Shawarma was decent since there is no other place I know of that serves real Shawarma anyway. The malabar fish curry was spicy but good.

But the shocker of the evening was when I asked for a straw for my Coke.....there was a live COCKROACH walking around inside the straw obviously surrounded by large quantities of ROACH-poop!!!

Now I know this is not Spiga or The Paul and I don't expect a fine dining experience at Empire. But a restaurant where a family dinner bill comes close to or over Rs. 1000 should at least have some basic standards of hygeine. Even for someone like me who is used to the low hygeine standards in our country, finding a live roach in the straw which I almost put in my mouth is just too much.

My son, who until then was enjoying his Shawarma, starting feeling squeamish and refused to eat any more and, needless to say, the evening was ruined.

DONT GO or order anything from this place would be my pithy advice.

Visit Date: 15-1-13 Time: 7.45 PM Group: 2 adults and 2 kids below 10


I wish there was a half star rating

There are places where you must try the food..then there are the ones where you should try at least once and then there are places like Empire which you MUST GO only if you have plans of spoiling a beautiful evening or torturing your taste-buds or pulling out your hair over a pathetic service. The only positive is the chicken Shavarma available downstairs. AVOID is all I can say.



Pathetic food

After hearing from a couple of people, I decided to try out the Lunch Buffet for Rs 134. For that unbeatable price, you could eat all you want, right? Well, the problem was the food was so bad that you can't get through the first plate. In addition, they only had chicken dishes with hardly any chicken piece in them. The biriyani was all rice. The fish had sardines and mackeral all mixed together and not properly cleaned. The sweet payasam was hot milk and ghee and boiled cashews. Worst lunch buffet ever. In addition, the service is not good at all. I'm never going there again.



Went to this outlet, looking at the sheer size and name they've earned (I"m new to the city). The lamb/goat leg or Rann as its called, looked inviting...and that's where it ended...for Rs.465 for a full leg, what we got was a half cooked piece, with masala spattered over for the sake of formality. When told, the manager/captain says, "sir, its mutton"...well thank you for bringing it to my notice. Any way, next came in their famous Hyd Chicken curry, which was good and saved the day. Service seems to be a downside and please do not order the'd much rather eat a meat flavored chewing gum :D




Empire used to be my favourite for Ghee rice, Kabab & Grill chicken. These days the service is so poor that i dont feel like going there anymore. And also the food quality has surprisingly gone down. I ask for dal i get some dal mixed with water. i ask for kababs i get blood stained pieces of kababs. i ask for grill chicken i get half cooked chicken flesh which is kinda made out of special rubber. Come on guys and on top of it you display signs saying "not happy with our service...complain" how many times do i need to complain.



Home delivery of biryani

Was craving some mutton biryani and Hotel Empire delivered it within about 20 minutes. Was good and came in a little plastic tray with all the sides and sauces.



Only big brand Name....

I had been to empire restaurant was kwoning as big brand. It was bit disappointed experience. Had requested for the 120/- n-veg thali. I was in hurry and requested them to bring it asap. It took a while to bring the thali. Veg-curry was tasteless. I could not even recognise what all veg are their in it. Non-veg item was ok but not as was expected from the big brand. It was ok as I was alone but difficult me to back with faimly or group of friend!!!


zincmetal - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 10,2010


Shitty place and dumb managers/waiters

When this restaurant opened up I went for a lunch with colleagues and ordered a non-veg Thali costing INR 120/ -, it was pretty decent food going by that experience I recommended it to my sister who was planning to give a farewell lunch to her colleagues on her last day at work. We had called up the so called manager called Rajkumar the previous day and made the booking for 35 people for lunch, he had explained to me all the items which will be part of the menu both for veg and non-veg thali, going by that my sister took her colleagues to Empire, Indiranagar and this is what happened :
1. They were lead into some roof top so called party hall which looks like some go-down they refused to take that finally were accommodated in 1st floor.
2. Although I had called up and confirmed the menu items many items were changed to cheap substitutes and worse nothing was tasty. For eg they had mentioned Ghee rice/ biryani rice with Mutton curry but gave just plain rice.
3. They has informed me that with Veg Thali a free soda will be provided similar to non-veg thali but they refused to serve that
4. Service was the worst ever experienced in Bangalore
5. Some additional side dishes were ordered like Chicken looly-pop but they didn't even come close to being what they were called except probably their shape
6. No one in the gang of 30+ finished the entire thali, most of the food was wasted as it was non-palatable.
7. When asked about the quality and taste of the food..everyone from manager to servers had nothing but dumb looks and no one is saying a word, not even an apology
8. Not even a single paisa was left as tip for their pathetic food and service
End result - My sister felt extremely hurt in choosing this place and disappointing all her colleagues, it's so disheartening that all her colleagues will remember my sister for the horrible lunch she took them to....and that will unfortunately remain teh lasting memory of hers...Such a shame Empire..roadside "Donne Biriyani" places are 1000 times better than you..
Small time restaurants in not to Hi-fi areas like Chandra layout (Deewar restaurant) and RPC Lyt( Sip and Dine) are soo much better compared to these disappointing branded restaurants


Anoop Balan - Burrp User

Anoop Balan

2 Reviews

September 13,2010


Non-vegetarian's delight!

If you've been to any of the other Empires that dot the city, you'll know what to expect on the menu. Their specialties include the grilled chicken, kerala parottas, kebabs, shawarma rolls, dosa chicken and host of other non-vegetarian delights.
You should keep away from the dishes with gravy though. They were a little bland, in my opinion.
Hardcore Empire fans would lament the the setting is un-Empire like with the glass facades, sliding doors, air conditioning and even the seating.