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> > > > Ente Keralam

Ente Keralam

UlsoorEast Bangalore  

  • 08032421002
  • No. 12/1, Ulsoor Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore
  • Keralan
  • Meal for 2 - 800

34 Reviews / 35 Ratings

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Ente Keralam Reviews

NO VALUE FOR MONEY - Visit only if you are not hungry !

Surprised to see few people praising this restaurant for their food. Either that is written by the staff themselves or they haven't seen any good kerala restaurant in their life. This place is so irritating. Serves average food, that too in small quantity for a high premium price. Not at all recommended.







DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to this restaurant today , excited to enjoy the moplah food festival.
ordered the mutton biriyani and beef curry with pathiri.

the mutton biriyani was highly overpriced, bland in taste.
the beef pieces were non existent in the curry and with no taste.

this restaurant projected a delightful moplah festival cuisine and we came back having spent a good amount on some tasteless dishes.

DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







This in no way is God's Own Country...

We were a group of 10, with a prior booking for the Easter Sadiya at Ente Keralam. Ordered 9 non veg thalis, 1 veg thali and starters of Syrian Beef Curry and Prawn Fry to go with it.

The Thalis came with measly servings of the curries. Most of the dishes lacked the flavours so typical to Kerala cuisine. Priced in excess of Rs. 500/- per thali, this was a real rip off.

The only things that worked on the menu was the Syrian Beef Fry. Even the desserts were a poor imitation of traditional Kerala delicacies of Vattappam and Adha Pradamanan.

Give this restaurant a miss folks. You stand a better chance of authentic Kerala food at I and Monkey in Indiranagar or the age old mainstay "Coconut Grove" on Church Street.




I am writing this review after a wonderful dinner at Ente Keralam. They have an interesting menu and I felt the food was very good. My family thoroughly enjoyed it. Their service was great too, with the staff being courteous and swift. I would certainly recommend my friends to Ente Keralam!



Pathetic Experience with the Awfully uncouth Staff

I had been to this freaking place along with my family and in laws today for the Moplah food festival , We all were very excited to have some good Food at the so called authentic foodacity of Gods own country. The Staff is totally uncouth , expression of their face is as if they are doing some charity to you , if you wanna come eat and vacate , some unpleasant lady took us to the table and the Steward turns up and his attitude unbearable Took the order , amde us wait for like 50 odd minutes and the waiter turns up with all ice cold fish fry , stuffed Kudukka and Kalummkaya fry , I Lost my face before the Family , i bloody had told all exhilarating stuff about this hotel and the food , waiting for 50 mins to each the cold junk , I called the steward who took the order that junkie was like totally unapologetic , pathetic experience from a hotel that claims the autheticity of Gods own country , these crappers should be ashamed to proclaim so , This is the first awful experience from any hotels in Bangalore


sashni - Burrp User


70 Reviews

February 07,2013


Yumm sadya

A veggie (non keralite) hunting for good sadya in bangalore. I have tried such food earlier at Coconut grove (bad), Sanjeevanam (just ok), Kumarakom (very scaled down version) and now at Ente Keralam.
I was impressed with the quality of food but the portions were miniscule. Since i did not find any waiter attending to the table in between, i had no clue if this was limited meals or if i cud go for a refill. Only the rasam, sambar, kadi seems to be too large in proportion to any other item in the menu including the rice. The rest were more like tasters but nonetheless tasty. But yes, the meal did not make me feel bloated .. so maybe the portion size was intentional. The payasam which arrives at the fag end of the meal cud have perhaps arrived much earlier giving me an option to taste while my stomach still had some space !! I am keen to come back and try the Appams


chits82 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 04,2013


This ain't any sadhya!

This review is solely for the Onam sadhya and as I have not tasted anything else in this restaurant it would not be appropriate to judge on the other stuff.

As a vegetarian hailing from kerala, it is so difficult to find a decent Kerala restaurant in Bangalore.There are quite a few, but ambience is generally poor(more like a mess) and the smell of fish welcomes you. So when I heard of Ente Keralam, I thought some fine dining for Kerala food has finally arrived.

I took my family to this restaurant for Onam Sadhya considering Sadhya is fully vegetarian and I was craving to have some authentic Kerala food. What a bad decision it was!

As we had prior booking, we got a table easily. But we had to wait for half an hour for the food to finally make entry. I did not understand if it is so difficult to plate up already cooked food. Service was shoddy and intermittent and there was hardly any one interested in our table.

As someone rightly mentioned in this forum, the curries were served in drops and not even once we were asked for refills. They gave one big table spoon to serve rasam and sambhar and it was so difficult to get the watery stuff in that. The quantity they served was very less. I was just thinking why cant they put a bit more on the plate, if they dont want to serve again.It was a bit of let down and the taste was also quite average, nothing to rave about if you ever had original Onam Sadhya in Kerala.And not to mention,it was quite overpriced.

I felt the restaurant was understaffed severly as it was brimming with crowd and not not so many staff were present to serve so many customers.I think atleast on days like this, they should have more staff.

All my dreams of dining in a good Kerala restaurant without the stale smell has come crashing down. I think I will have next Onam Sadhya in Kerala only.



Ente Keralam has been my all time favourite for Kerala food – even the appams you get here are better than those at Koshy’s. That’s saying something about the reputation they have (in my eyes).
We were entertaining friends from the north with no inclination to eat any north Indian food in Blr. Kerala food seemed to be the comfy food they wanted at the end of a long day and so that’s what we had.

I’ve liked Ente Keralam for its simplicity. I wont complain on the price as the ambience is kid friendly and the establishment does mind a 5yr old’s jabbering.

We started with their version of tender coconut, Keraleeyam, which was not my ‘cup of juice’ – too much artificial sweetening sugar solution, but refreshing nonetheless. For starters, we had the squid fry and vazhapoo cutlet. The standout seemed to be the almost never ending refills of those kerala chips they kept bringing to the table.

For the main course we had kadala curry, pachakari stew, thalaserry fish curry and crab fry which the youngster wanted to try. We added idiappams and appams to mop this up. The vegetarian group enjoyed the curries but mentioned that the kadala curry was spicy hot – not something that we are used to. The fish and crab were superb with the former tasting fresh and the curry brimming with that giddy aroma of coconut oil-cooked spice.

I’d still rate this as one of the best places for Kerala food, not being from that region. There are certainly hole-in-the-wall places that could challenge them, but for a nice sit-down meal, this one wins.


Mitra MS - Burrp User

Mitra MS

2 Reviews

October 05,2012


Rats in the restaurant ..! eeks

Everything was fine and good. The vodka, the parathas, the mutton curry and prawns (fresh too). But just as I was leaving the restaurant saw a big ass the false ceiling crevice !! ....yuck -y.


anuapril64 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 04,2012


Not worth your money at all

Few days back my father had visited us and he read this article on Onam Sandhya at Ente Keralam in Times.He was all excited and wanted to treat us there. I went on to check on the reviews which was mostly poor..I however didnt pay much heed to it (Which i regret now) The food was not that great and most of it was bare minimum quantity...we waited for nearly an hour and our expectations were really high...Such a disappointment. The service was bad ...they seemed to be understaffed..Food served was so less...2 to 3 pieces of chips one drop of pickle ..I heard my father say "May be they want us to taste and then they will serve the items which we like the most" Well if only it was true....the waiters were avoiding eye contact and were looking busy..At last they served us payasam which they had boasted in the paper and that was again 3 tsp in each bowl...Dont even think of calling for second serve the waiters would have vanished ....Per meal cost was Rs525/ with the tax and vat added we paid Rs1975/- for three of us....Total waste of money and time.....


Suman L - Burrp User

Suman L

1 Reviews

September 04,2012


onam sadhayal

very bad service rude people no care attitude . tea spoon service harassed treatment i had been there on sunday september 2


sheks1807 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 03,2012


Onam Sadhya

We had been to Onam Sadhya on saturday ( 01/09/2012) and need less to say it was very very ordinary food and definitely not worth paying Rs525+ Taxes for such a pathetic,ordinary and stale food. Only thing that turned out to be good out of the 26 items !!! that they serve was erisery,chakkai payasam as all other items were very ordinary.. sambhar was like flowing water !!!! and Rasam was very ordinary and worst it was not served hot.... service poor... so pleeeeease don't get fooled by the chef's name that he has come from Trissur etc.. as local guys can cook better as these guys have just built stories to entice customers and nothing else


Skmahua - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 27,2012


Onam Sadhya sad sadder saddestl

We had been to this place to celebrate our father in laws 70th birthday. Service is poor quantity is very poor and comparatively the price is very very high. Can I put negative marking? I have no idea why they have this teaspoon size bowls and the worst part was they are never refilled. We were a group of 21 absolute mess they actually asked us to leave the table and told us that u can wait for the bill aside. I have been to many hotels with small and big groups but we were never ever treated this way.


Good ethnic Kerala Food .. A bit expensive

This is one of the best Malayalee cuisine restaurant. A bit on the expensive side, the food is really good. If you are willing to shell out some money then the taste makes up for the prices by maintaining its authenticity and fine home like taste.

The average meal for two will be Rs.400 - 600/- assuming you consumes non veg also. The ambiance is good and so is the kitchen (they have this transparent window and it looks really clean). The staff seemed a bit lazy but the food makes up for all of this.

Try this!!!


DaizyM - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 26,2012


Onam Sadhya was average

Based on the below reviews today i had my gr8 onam sadhya with my frnz(avg 450/person). The food was average and its too expensive if u compare the quantity of the food. I have a request to the management. Please make use of "Tea Spoon" to put the curries in the micro nano small bowls compared to "Table Spoon" which you are using currently. Nyway i didnt waste any food today and didn't get a chance to differentiate the side dish bcoz of the quantities provided. My final conclusion...............plz dont believe in media hype..........its an avg restaurant....................the food was not very tasty.


Authentic Awesome Mallu food !

A friend recommended me this plac,e so this was on my "must vist " lists ,discovered weekends are pretty packed . But worth the wait ! Loved the decor of the place , minimalistic yet tastefuly traditionally done! the overall ambience was nice . but felt insufficient lighting on top , I'm one of those who like to" SEE what she eats" :-) Loved tha appams with Fish moilee and mutton stew , the fresh lime soda at this place was refershingly FRESH ! liked the minty taste of it . on the whole one of the best Mallu joints in Bangalore ! a good joint to take your friends !



Good Food - Sadhya

I tried the sadhya there and it ranked above my expectiations. really fresh and very tasty & delightful experience it was it was. It was a complete spread starting form banan chips, all the various side dishes we get at kerala for a typical sadhya ( around 8 to 9 items), adding to that very good sambar,pullissery, thick curd and tasteful pepper rasam and a glass of butter milk. Also they served 3 different payasams. Its all worht for a try and i think its OKAY to pay 195+tax per head for the ambience and this sadhya.
Wish they gave an extra spoon of rice, but its limited ( fair quantity ).

Well.. they served extra glass of butter milk on request ;)



Best Kerala Cuisine in Bangalore!

My No.1 choice for tasty Kerala food that comes with a price. I love their sea food and appams. Their payasams are to die for!

Have been there on an average of twice a month. If you don't try Ente Keralam, you're missing something!



Pathetic food!

I tried the Thalassery biryani at Ente Keralam and it was atleast a day old and microwaved and served. They even served in the same plate they micorwaved the old food. May be forgot to serve in a new plate !. the biryani tastes of only onions and nothing else. It feels as if they put some rice on top of chicken masala. Guys please do not defraud your patrons. Make the food atleast in line with the ambienece that you have created and the rates you charge! Or else atleast try to fool non mallus by selling the so called mallu food!


Ente Keralam it is :)

Being a fraud mallu (non mallu brought up in Cochin) i do miss coconut oily but absolutely yumm kerala food from time to time, visited the place on the impromptu suggestion of a fellow Coorgi Fish enthusiast :P

The ambience is pleasing, good mallu music in the background, Kasavau sarees and mundus swirling about and cute chinese fishing nets on the tables, we started off with Keraleeyam - a chilled tender coconut water with lime and a hint of mint, nice.

We were a group of 10 with very different interests but all enjoyed the experience. The Karimeen fry, palada prathaman and banana flower vadas were a hit :)


Visit only if you are craving for Mallu food!

If you own a car and you are a family of 4, I would suggest a drive to Kerala would be a more economical option than eat here.
Being a malayali, I have always been sceptical about eating Malayali Cuisine at a restaurant. Especially, when the restaurant charges a lot more than the actual cost of the food.

Food served at the restaurant is delectable. Especially, the Syrian Beef fry, appam, stews, etc.

On multiple occasions, I have noticed that service during the afternoon lunch is pathetic.

Food Quality - 4/5
Pricing - 1/5
Service - 1/5
Overall - 2/5


allajunaki - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 13,2011


Authentic Kerala Food, coming from a Malayali.

Let me start by correcting some of blatant inaccuracies.
Sambar is part of Keara Cuisine ( Unlike sangs1314 with "Malayali" neighbors and in-laws, I'AM from Kerala, born and brought up). Kerala sambar preparation is a bit different from Talmil, and Kannadiga preparations.
Rasam is also part of Sadhya.
Experience at the restaurant is personal. I cannot comment on that.

Now let me recount my experience.
Reception : Courteous and friendly staff guided us to our chair. We were a bit disappointed that the waiter assigned to us was not a Malayali (But a tamilian). We were worried that he may not undersand the names of the dishes. But fortuantely he did. He must have got training to pronounce all those names. He was able to understand it pretty well :)

Food :
We opted for al-a-carte, since we were not that hungry :)
Food tried was as authentic as it can get. We had Kappa and meen vattichathu, Meen curry is cold and kappa was steaming hot. This EXACTLY how we have it at Malabar region.
Kerala Parotta and Beef vartharachathu was bang on, on taste. We also ordered some Appam, however some of the appams was a bit overcooked. But that was the only fault in the entire food, and it was not even burnt, which would have ruined the whole appam.
In the end we ordered for Paladda payasam, which was one of the best, exactly like how we get served during wedding.

POINT to note : This is a proper Kerala restaurant, Not a restaurant that is watered down to cater to tastes of other people (Im looking at you Empire, Paramount and even Coconut Grove, to some extend). This is one restaurant that we will be going to often, for a long time to come.
It costed us 1500 bucks for 3 of us (Me, wife and one of our friends). Though food is a bit on expensive side, this will be one of the most authentic Kerala food, outside Kerala.


sangs1314 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 08,2011


Ente Keralam-Authentic Coconut Oiled Hair in Food

Sunday lunch at Ente Keralam began on an unpleasant note from the time I called to make a reservation. We asked for a table for four and what I got was a whole 10 minutes of let-me-see, I cant promise you....we'll see when you get-here kind of nonsense from the lady manager. I almost hung up the phone when she suddenly had a change of heart and told me she could give me a table (like she was doing me a big favor!). Since my friends were really eager to eat mallu food and I have a weakness for appams and stew we decided to give it a shot - explicitly told the lady that we would be there between 1:15pm - 1:30pm.

We reached at 1:20pm. Our presence was acknowledged by a mundu wearing chap with a smattering of disgruntled grunts. When we told him we had a reservation, he rudely snapped in an uncouth manner and told us that since our reservation was for 1:30pm, he could not give us a table right away. We realized it was no use arguing with this mundu wearing villain who seemed to be straight out of a C grade Malayalam flick.

When the mundu wearing villain went back inside the restaurant, we realised that more than half the place was empty. We were about to fight our way in when the lady manager came and ushered us inside. Basically, we figured that they make the guests wait outside to create some kind of hype around the place. We were asked to go in only because another group of people were entering the restaurant, so it was their turn to wait till another lot was heading that way.

The only thing authentic about Ente Keralam is the ambiance and decor that includes traditional urulis and paras (vessels), an elephant nettipattam (handcrafted gold ornament that adorns an elephants forehead), portraits of kathakali dancers, mudras, chinese fishing nets, and old Malayalam film music.

The menu looks appetising on paper and stops right there! Each table is served a small portion of complimentary salted banana chips that were sodden and Chakkara Varatty (banana chips tossed in jaggery) that was not-so-sodden.

We started with Keraleeyam - a chilled tender coconut water based drink with coconut ganjee (pulp), mint leaves and a dash of lime. Quite refreshing.

For mains, we ordered sadhya, appam and vegetable stew. The appams were soft and fluffy, but the stew was actually sweet. While I do understand that coconut milk is mildly sweet, a stew is laced with spices to bring down the sweetness which was not done in the case on Ente Keralam. For a minute, I did wonder if I was having a Kerala meal or a Gujarati one.

Next, the sadhya - a traditional vegetarian Kerala meal/thali served on a banana leaf. The sadhya comprised of vegetable side dishes such as avial, thakkali curry, eruseri, sambar, rasam (sambar and rasam are not native to Kerala at all), pappadam, chutneys such as enji puli, curd, rice and three kinds of payasams. All the vegetable sides were very mediocre and some were sweet too. My friend mistook a yellow smooth pulp in one of the small katoris for dessert, but on tasting it, discovered that is was mashed salted moong dal! Very very unkerala!!! This I know for a fact as I have a malayali mother-in-law, malayali neighbors and friends in dozens. The icing on the cake however, is the jet black authentic kerala coconut-oiled curly strand of hair that we dug into in the dish of white rice! Yuck! The waiter apologised profusely, and even tried to make up by serving us a complimentary dessert. Also, the buttermilk that is part of the sadhya was not served at all. We had to ask for it and it was brought to the table after desserts.

We pulled up the manager and all she could say was sorry! And the best part is after we paid the bill and the change was returned, the folder with change of Rs 170 went missing from the table. The manager had actually taken it away even before we could take the change back and decide if we needed to tip the shoddy service at all!

Hospitality lessons is what the management needs to dish out to their staff. Next on is a lesson in serving authentic food from God's Own Country.

Visit recommend only if you want a serving of authentic mallu hair in your food.

Verdict 1/5 (only for the ambiance and decor)


wow kerala

Great kerala food after a long time, not the hot crass stuff served in so called authentic kerala places.
We had 2 starters, 2 main courses, about 14 breads and 2 desserts, all for under 1200. Wow
I loved the beetroot chutney served with the fritters and would have liked some dip with the yam - maybe some yogurt based one.
we went all veggie sticking to kadala curry and vegetable stew. The accompanying appams were soft and slightly sweet - great with either curry. the idiappams were ok. We had falooda and a payasam, neither of which really were to my liking - the falooda having a little more than needed synthetic syrup and the payasam literally boiled in condensed milk.
All in all, a fantastic find in the area and I will go back for the seafood next time..



One of the Best Kerala Restaurants in town

Love The place! One of the best kerala restaurants on town. Went with a group of 5 and had beef fry , Chicken biryanis, chicken curries, Appams , Kerala porotha and tender cocont icecream for desert. ALl of us loved the food and the bill came to about 1700 for 5 which we thought was pretty decent.Everything was great. Have not eaten such great malu food in bangalore anywhere else. I am a kairali regular, but the food is better than Kairali( Of course with a price tag) . Cant wait to go there again!.


Nalla Keralam

Summary: Fantastic Keralite food, great service and interesting ethnic decor. Reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

Literally meaning ‘My Kerala’, this delightful restaurant lies on Ulsoor road less than a couple of kilometers from MG Road. As HB and I reached the entrance, hungry after the small jaunt from our home, we were greeted and showed in by a person attired in a cotton shirt and veshti. The interior was quite tastefully designed. On the wall close to the entrance was hung the large, golden, triangular ornamental sheet which decorates the trunks of elephants in processions and festivals; the other walls contained photographs of Chinese fishing nets (a sketch of which forms the logo of this restaurant), and wooden models of chundan vellum (snake boats) - the famous boats of the Malabar coast. The restaurant was still pretty empty, the clock showing only a few minutes past noon indicating we were well before lunchtime. Three servers hurried to our service, one of them was to be our interpreter who proved to be the most delightful server I have met so far. For instance, when we enquired about the sparsity of the crowd, he replied, “The crowd is like a tsunami, sir. It is unpredictable and when it comes it washes us all over.” Making his point, he left us with two menus to study.

I wish I had taken photographs of the menu card (book, more appropriately). Each page had a blown up photograph of an Indian spice, apart from the extensive array of Keralite delicacies. Since we wanted to taste all of them, both HB and I ordered the Kerala Sadya which is basically a thali containing samplers of various vegetarian dishes. Along with the sadya, we also ordered two ‘add-ons’, dishes from the main menu of which a sampler could be tasted (at a reduced price). This is a marvelous idea, and I wish other restaurants who serve thalis did the same. I ordered the erachi olathiathu, a Syrian beef preparation, and HB ordered the quintessential appam and vegetable stew. We also ordered fresh coconut water which arrived almost instantly; a green coconut, which had been refrigerated for extra refreshment, sliced at the top with a straw thrust in.

The coconut plant is the kalpataru of the Malayalis. They use the thatchy leaves to make roofs of huts, the stem to make trusses and window frames, the husk to make coir, they are blessed to drink the water of the coconut and the milky goodness inside, they cook exclusively in coconut oil which they also use to nourish their rich, dark, beautiful hair, and they use coconut in almost every dish possible. Our sadya arrived on a steel plate over which a banana leaf was placed. There were five items in little katoris. There was thoran, a mixture of beans and carrots sauteed with grated coconuts; olan, white pumpkin stewed in coconut milk; kootu curry, a spicy preparation of Bengal gram with tomatoes and coconuts, avial, a dry mixed vegetable medley in a coconut paste (quite different from the Tamilian avail), and kalan, a tangy paste made of coconut and raw mangoes. All this was served with three mouthwatering accompaniments - ginger-jaggery chutney, lime pickle, and coconut chutney, a fluffy papadum, a bowl of nei pazhappu, dal slathered in ghee, and a bowl of homemade yogurt. (Our server was good enough to explain all these dishes to us, otherwise we wouldn’t have known these names.) Each and every dish was superb, and the combination was just fantastic. As I finished up the thoran and was working on the olan, another katori of thoran appeared. The server said “Every dish is as much as you want”; perhaps he had heard my appreciation for the thoran which I voiced to HB.

If you thought (I am sure you didn’t) that the above was it, you would be mistaken. Soon enough, there came huge bowls of rice with mor kozhamba, a buttermilk preparation spiced with curry leaves, mustard and asafetida, sambar, and rasam. Both of us were amazed at the quantity of rice, and we asked the waiter to take one bowl away. In fact, we didn’t finish even the one bowl that was meant for one of us. If there is a suggestion I would make to these people is to reduce the quantities - if there are people eating that much for a meal, well they either should be marathoners or should just stop eating so much. Around this time, I got the dry beef preparation, which was very delicious - small chunks of beef sauteed with curry leaves and mustard, served with raw onions. HB also got the appam and stew which was also fantastic (but by now this was to be expected). To refresh ourselves we were also served buttermilk which was spiked with curry leaves, ginger, and green chillies - the latter was a mild surprise as normally buttermilk is meant to soothe the palate.

When we were done, the servers took away our banana-leaf-adorned plates and brought us finger bowls. Normally this signals the end of the meal, and time to pay up and leave. Not at this sadya. As we wiped our hands and gave contended looks at each other, the server showed up with two sets of three bowls containing Malayali payasams. Once again, we sent back one set, and merely tasted the three payasams - one made of wheat, one made of just milk, and one with jaggery. These I list in increasing order of sweetness from cloying, mind numbing to heart palpitating. Next time, I’ll ask them to skip the sweets for me - I still need to numb my tongue for Indian sweetness. Nonetheless, this lunch of ours was a King’s meal and Enté Keralam will see us coming back for more.


Taste Kerala @ exhorbitant prices

We decided to visit this restaurant after reading the reviews but not impressed at all. It all started with me calling up for reservation when they said that you can just chip in, but on reaching the restaurant, we were asked for the booking....******....had to wait for 15-20 minutes before they called us in. We sat @ the table for nearly 10 min without anyone attending...then came empty glasses...another 5 min....came water....another 5 min.....came the had lost our appetite by now.....the menu had all the keralian dishes but were priced exhorbitantly.......we decided to go for the onam special meal.....but guess waiter yet ......waiter...waiter...where r u??........another 5 min.....gave the order...phewwwwwwwwwwwww....tired by now.....
another 10 min.....the meals were served......we asked for all the side dishes again and that took another 10 min....ohhh man...wht r these guys upto!!!!!!.....the dishes tasted good....but the service......pathetic and miserable....sorry guys who had written great reviews on this restaurant...but this was my worst service experience ever in a restaurant......and when this happens when u r ready to kill urself for really hits rock bottom.


Good Keralan Cusine

Before I give a full blown review, I must tell you that you need to make prior reservations here beforehand. Else you may end up waiting for a long time.

Ambiance: Very good. You are greeted by soft music and a very courteous receptionist in the foyer. The light colored walls, white marbled floors, and the ceremonial lamp in the middle of the floor form a very pleasing ambiance. The seating area is very neatly arranged with enough distance between two tables. The seating is arranged in a manner so that you can have a family dinner or you can have your own private space. You have the option of sitting on couches or normal cushion backed chairs. You can learn a brief history of the Chinese fishing nets which are so widely used in Kerala. What's more, there's an actual small wooden prototype of the Chinese fishing net kept on each of the tables.

Service: The wait staff are quite efficient in attending to you and are patient enough to wait till you have made your decision as to what you are going to have. Kudos to the staff for their knowledge about the kind of food that they serve. A lot of restaurants I have been to have no idea about what kind of food they serve and behave like deer caught in the headlights when we ask for any recommendations from them. The staff is quick to serve you with the complimentary starters while you wait for the main course to arrive, which by the way, is served quite promptly too.

Food: As I mentioned earlier, you start off with complimentary snacks offered by the restaurant management. These are the famous banana chips of Kerala. You get the spicy version and the sweet, jaggery coated version. They quite good and we ended up having second helpings of the same (one helping is not big enough for a single person let alone four very hungry people). We ordered meat fry, fried seer fish, and kappa (Tapioca) with fish curry (you have to order the kappa and fish curry separately). I, being a fan of fish food, decided to concentrate on the fish dishes. The fish was fried to the right degree, was not stale, and very tasty. I had never had kappa before (though Wikipedia tells me that it's the same ingredient that is used to make sabudana khichdi and sabudana wada - two Maharashtrian delicacies), and hence it was a wonderful experience. The fish curry was not too spicy, but not bland either and tasted terrific with the kappa. A single dish of fish curry and kappa is enough for two people. The seer fried fish was almost worth its price. One of the biggest disappointment was that they did not have mutta-appam (a variation of the normal appam where the centre inflated portion is made of fried egg, sunny side up). The dessert compartment was also a bit shallow. There were a couple of Kerala specialties (payasams), but nothing to talk about except those. Overall the bill for the dinner for four came up to around Rs. 1300 (approx 320-330 per person). So if you are craving for some good Keralan food, then I would definitely recommend this place. I would give it 3.5/5



ente Experience

i called them up @ 1pm on sunday to ask how to reach restaurant.. they provided me with the detail but when i reached they said you should reserve and waiting period is 30 min. they could have told this when i called for directions.

after waiting more then 30 min outside they asked us to select the menu and order before we sat on the table..
after we selected few items and went to table later on.
the person who attended us came and told you should order all at once and no more orders will be taken.
i had ordered seer fish fry it was priced @ 190 .. it was small and not properly cooked.
chicken deep friy.. it was awfull, it was like road side kaba shop ... not taste but just deep fried and dark in colour.
Sadhya Meal -- it was worst kerala meal i ever had ... i had been many times with my kerala friends to mess, the mess meal is far better.
Appam - was just like dosa, rosted outside and lot of sweet taste.. i have eaten else where which was soft and tasty... this was just another .

overall i would say bad experience... i would never again visit.

i tired to ask for something else and the waiter told me KOT is closed and i dont know what that is and we had to leave.....


Gyerala it is!!

For a person, who is not a great fan of coconut or coconut based food and for someone who presumed that Kerala food meant fish or Kadala curry, Ente Keralam was a surprise and a pleasant one. The restaurant welcomed me with its spacious, elegant and old style ambience with a typical Onam lamp decorating the centre of the waiting lobby. The well dressed hosts and hostesses were courteous and the food was delectable. The banana flower cutlets were the highlight, so was the spiced herbal tea. The drinks were served right and the quantity sufficed. I recommend Ente Keralam to all!



Good Kerala Fair!!!

Comfortable ambience. Typical lunch-time Office-goers rush! So, reserve before you go, to avoid waiting. Ordered Veg thaali with chicken fry.Nice! Chicken was well marinated & well-cooked. quality of meat is real good. Karimeen pollichathu isn't as good as U get in Karimeen kalla in Kottayam...but nevertheless,it was good. Alleppey fish curry stood out for its taste & quality of fish. Went well with Idiyappam! Service is fast & good...not the overpowering & nosy kind. Great place!!! Worth multiple visits to tast the entire menu...which is worth doing!!!


gompi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 14,2011



The items I have tasted at Ente Keralam (except chicken fried) were excellent. This includes banana flower cutlets (the beet root sauce was fantastic), kappa (the best I have tasted so far), meen vattichathu (good) and chicken stew (better than home-cooked). Thali, ordered by my husband was also very good. I am looking forward to relish some of the other items in the menu. I must say this is the best malayali food I tasted so far in a restruant other than the grand hotel in Cochin.
More comments after tasting some more items in the menu.


riaskitchen - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 03,2011


Kappa Meen Curry

Ente Keralam serves a mean steamed tapioca and fish curry to go with it. This dish is rare to find at a restaurant and that too so well cooked. Another favourite of ours is the Allepey fish curry with appams. For starters , try the beef cutlets which are amazing. The staff is well informed and very helpful with suggestions and meal combinations.
Our favourite restuarant so far to take our friends and family visiting from outside Bangalore, I'm already looking forward to my next meal there.



The right flavours!

I had been hearing about this for a while and decided to take my parents to it yesterday.

The restaurant is on the ground floor, under Benjarong, and there is valet parking. As you enter, you get a sense of quiet and graciousness. All good!

We started off with a plate of banana flower cutlets (4 pieces came), which were very nice, but we could not discern a taste different from, say, an aloo one; and buttermilk, which was sublime! And finally, we had a simple dinner of appams, meen moilee and vegetable stew. Gorgeous, spiced herbal teas wrapped up the dinner, which was all lovely flavours and light on the stomach!

We did not have desserts and the dinner cost us (3) Rs 850.